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Autumn awaits and the warmth of home
becomes ever more precious.
As the turning wheel presses ever onward,
the nights will draw in,
and i find i need to settle among
love and happiness
more than ever.
absence of light


churning black clouds
your wicked flowers

being watered with biting
drops of rain



we are overfed!
On a cool autumn
I like to spend
in the cemetery hanging
with the ghosts of
because I'm a penny
Ballad of Big Nothing - Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield
While losing a sense of inevitable discovery,
and wandering from the galactic ambiance;
I paint a portrait along with the waning stars,
which guide me into a cosmic trance.

White light pierces the hectic scramble,
of planets divulging their intimate secrets;
And asteroids crash into the sea of silence,
where an unworthy moon reveals its regrets.

Calming the chaos within this mystical space,
bringing forward a myriad of sins not forgiven;
The sun delights in a showering of angelic force,
which commands the light of day to enliven.

Clear eyed yet wondering how all this matters,
when the rain and wind can disrupt the visions;
Of celestial peace which appears to scatter about,
the revelations rising from fear and delusions.
Get back in your cage, Dorothy
Let nature observe
Let sharks encircle
Let random impulses
Bring toe-curling raptures
Upon your dreamy imprisonment

Tin, this cage
In which you dwell
Straw, this sky
From which it fell
The only road out of your anxiety
Requires swallowing a pill
As big as the heart of a lion

You want so desperately to leave
Just click your heels
And repeat three times
"There's no place like home"
Then floor it
When the light turns yellow
She reads the flaxen paper on her wall,
sees its patterns,
touches them.

They project her confusion in cold chamber light.

Stained hands,
convoluted heartbeat,
she creeps into the wall's design.

"Hysteria every time she opens her mouth," said the doctor.
"Rest will cure her."

She is nostrum,
and not permitted
to participate in her own diagnosis.

A man decides how she is allowed to perceive
and speak about the world around her.

Next time you're alone, look quickly at the wallpaper.

Look for the patterns and lines and faces on the wall.

Look, if you can, for her, visible only
out of the corner of your eye...

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