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  May 2020 Reindeer
Thomas W Case
In a dream,
I see the raven
fly into the night;
his dark song beckoning
from his beak.
Shiny black wings promise
but to where?

I watch as the
pair of doves bellow
their songs of love
and with a rush of
angels wings
fly heavenward.

I hear the
bluebirds and
sparrows little hum of
hope fade softly into
the afternoon sun,
and I wonder,
what does it all mean?

Then I see them, and
many other kinds of
birds, with beautiful bright
Parakeets and parrots,
eagles and herons...even
a dodo and they are
all rotting in cages.
Some of the cages are
others are closed,
but all the birds are
lying on their sides,
sad dead eyes,
staring blankly,
finished and flightless.
and I get it.
  May 2020 Reindeer
Mrs Timetable
If I leave
Do I go left
If leaves leave
Are there any left
I left with the leaves
I followed them right
I wanted to know where
They go
When they leave
But I got lost
The leaves left too fast
Leaves have to leave
Naked after fall
Never leave chasing leaves
Unless you know the way
The trees will re-leaf
New dressings in spring
What a relief
Playing with leaves 🍁 looking at our beautiful trees
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