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Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
One more for the road
Thoughts are traveling  through my head
Stop it's time for bed
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Quiet all around
Guess I'll grab paper and pen
Make some real noise
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
Just stepped in
A glob of mud
Leaving my grey shoes
Stepped in
A teachers lounge
Leaving my sad heart
Warm with sun
Stepped into Church
With an open heart
Leaving with an
Imprint of love
Walked into.a
Grocery store
Leaving a masked
Hope when  I leave
This world
I'll leave. God's
Love behind
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
You were my past
And into my present
And gone in
My future
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Grasshoppers jumping
All around
Birds soaring overhead
Bikers saying
To the left
Lake is dancing
Speckled in diamonds
Leaves are falling
Joggers softly
Running past
Dogs strutting
And me thankful
To be alive
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Read between the lines
Verticals horizontals
That can't  be expressed
The ups and downs
The all arounds
When you finish
Handle with care
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
It's  that bewitching
When the world
Is sleeping
And i awake
The bats in
My belfry
Set lose
No telling where
This time
Only to come
Back and haunt
The same time
Mary Anne Norton Jun 2020
They wake me at morn
Singing a new day is here
Life awakens me.
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
Saw a Jay today
Showing off
Flitting from.tree
To tree
A woodpecker near by
Making decisions
For a wholesome tree
Robin's singing
Crows joining
In chorus
A wondrous show
For so early
In the morning
I think I'll stay
Awhile longer
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Birds singing this
Morning in the
Early a m
Waking me from
A dream that
Needed to finish
But perhaps that
Was a wake up call
To rescue me
From a nightmare
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Somehow it gets
Crowded inside
With all the words
Left unsaid
How can I
What I can't
And yet
The words may
Pile up
Until they no
Longer serve
Any purpose
Words can't be
They need to be
And carefully
Oh so carefully
And gently
Placed into
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Words can be crushing
Enough to burn your being
Ashes on the ground
You threw bitter cold
At my trembling heart
My mind was too frozen
To reply
Just saw two people walking outside in the cold.  This poem came to mind. This is not related to anything I have experienced.
My ideas only come from what I have seen read or heard.
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Finding your scarves
A bittersweet treasure
For me
I say a prayer
Gently caressing
Each one
Memories burning in
My heart
Each one tells
A story
Small white dots
On irish green background
For st. Patrick's Day
Christmas time and
Visits at the hospital
To see my brother
Dark purples and blues
Floral pattern
Made just for
Rainy days
Deep purples and blues
Warm for winter chill
Light pinks and blues
Soft gainst your face
Hiding a breeze
Or two
Red flowers not
Too bold
For Valentines
And special days
You looked so
Pretty in
What ever you chose
Because of your
Beauty inside
How I miss seeing
These on your
Knowing that you
Are in Heaven
But with these
Scarves so
Wonderfully worn
You touched so
Many on earth
I touch them now
And think of you
And smile and
Say thank you
Just found a small collection
Of my Mom's scarves and let tears and memories flow
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
Black wooly worm
Dark and fuzzy
Where are you
Running off to
Do you hold secrets
Like words stuck
In a thought
On the run
Ready to hide
Till completion
Go on your
Merry ol' way
While mine are
Just beginning
It's bleak outside
Drawing me inside
While I wait
For a clearing
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
It's  that kinda
Bleak dreary
Winter day
No leaves stirring
No one in sight
Only words to
Accompany the
Long eerie day
Sun not in sight
Of the concrete grey sky
Only a feeling
Of morose
Perhaps tomorrow will
Dawn with sunlight
And hope
For today a
Sad tune
To sing
With a melancholy
This dreary kind of day
Blurs my mind
With unsettling
Unlike a camera
I cannot focus
Or capture
What is before
I shall walk away
And wait for
The light
Mary Anne Norton Jul 2020
Tic Toc Tic Toc my clock
Rhythmically flows
Lud Thud Lud Thud
My heart beats
As I lay in bed wondering
In this pandemic
Will.I stay wakeful
In Kronos Time
Or breathe with another
Chance to change
Whatever time it is
I need to value the
Time I have
Appreciate all that
Has been given me
And thank the Lord

Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Time to take a break
From the busy world of ours
Just sit and be still
Mary Anne Norton Aug 2020
Kittens and puppies
Chasing each other around
We should join the dance
Life gets too busy
And we forget how to play
Let's join in for now
Mary Anne Norton Jul 2020
I can tell by your breath
Where you've been
Your coffee breath
From morning
With cheerios to follow
Fritos for snack
Spearmint leaves for fun
Save your breath for words
Words to charm me
Loving words
Words i don't understand
But can look up
Whisper past me
Let me guess
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
Broken heart
Broken dishes
Queasy stomach
Long held tears
Bed of roses
Hurtful thorns
Your reality
Has become
My reality
Idea from television show
She walked into
The cold winter day
Saw ice snapping
Off frozen branches
On hearing them
Crackle to the
She realized she
Wasn't far behind
Mary Anne Norton Aug 2020
My friend promised
Me a dog
Waiting inside for scratches
That never came
No soft yelps
Or pittering of paws
My friend never came
neither did the dog 🐕
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
He taught you to fish
Laugh out loud
Learn lines for
The play
Have fun
Enjoy Life
How to tell
The bigger tale
Give him
His shot
How to just be
And you
You.gave him
One of
Your kidney's
Couldn't wait to see you
Then when I did
I wondered why
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
Build a bear
Build a poem
Stuff with cotton
Suff with words
Put a stitch
Here and there
Place your words
Give it thought
Give it love
Give it blessings
From above
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Drenched in tears
You came into
My unsuspecting life
Wrapped you in
A blanket of warmth
To dry bullied
Tears away
And bandage up
Long ago wounds
It might not
Be a permanent solution
But for now
You are safe
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
You took the
Key to my
And left me
With buried
My paper
And pen
A photographer takes to
Field. Camera in hand
Ready to capture
The right moment
A poet takes to
Field pen and paper in hand
Ready to capture
The right moment
A click of the camera
A click of the pen
Both will have a story
To tell
One in picture
The other one
In words
The end result
Will be visualized or
Both viewed from
The  Heart
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
How hard to see him
Blending in the brown bushes
Oh to camouflage
Mary Anne Norton Aug 2020
That peanutbutter sandwich
Looks so good
Oodles of nuts and crunch
Seeping out of homemade bread
A glass of cold milk
To wash it down
Celery sticks and carrots
Green as grass
Orange as the sun
A Shiny red apple
Looks like it's been polished
And ready to bite
Napkins for sticky fingers
And juicy hands
You said you would share
I didn't have to ask
You already made it
Just for me
Let's eat our sandwich together
Drinking our milk
Crunching our veggies together
Letting the juice
Drip down from our chin
Wipe off our hands
And share our time together
This is dedicated to my Mom for all
The loving care She put into making a simple sandwich out of love with carrots and celery on the side with an apple and
milk for the six of us Thank you Mom
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
You.had no teeth
Yet your smile
Shone like a
Crescent moon
No eyes youhad
But you saw
With your.heart
But your soul
Was full of
No ears to hear
But you heard
From within
Raggedy clothes
Strewn about
Yet you were clothed
In beauty
Not understood
By all
A work of
Carved from
The Master's
Bleeding hands
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
curling in my lap
Motor sounds growing louder
Happily purring
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Toiling over spinning
A fragile web
Second to second
Lacey thread
Waiting its  victim
Who will be next
Will it be
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
My  chameleon friend
What are you like today
Icy blue like your blouse
Red hot temper
Like your hair
Green with envy
Yellow like a chicken
Afraid to try something
New today
Warm shades of blue
Matching your eyes
Ready to share
Your dreams
Oranges of laughter
Or black shades
Of sorrow
Give me a hint
So I can come
My fair weathered
The thought came out of nowhere
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
Leaves to crunch on
Revisiting Mother Goose
And Tales Grimm
Hopscotch and
Double Dutch
Dodge ball
Skip a rock
Kick the can
Make a silly face
And sing a silly Song
Marbles and jacks
Blowing bubbles
Super ball
And slime
Rekindle the child
Within you
Before it's too
And you forget
The happiness
Once within you
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
I like listening
To my Christmas
Music boxes
.But I  like walking
Turning the key
The song that
Is playing
The shaped figurines
I can hold
In my hand
A song.plays
Reminding me Christmas
Is almost here
And so are
My memories
Oh sweet memories
Of Christmas past
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
My music box out
Tinkling sounds of Christmas play
As I turn the key
Mary Anne Norton Aug 2020
Clicking a summer morning
ALLEUIA chorus
A melancholy sound
Fills the air
As summer draws to
A close
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
Road closed
Store closed
Door closed
Heart closed
Come back for
Opening day
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
It's  getting cold out
Flags are dancing in the breeze
Time for my jacket
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
It's so cold out there
Need a fire to
Warm me up
A hot cup
Of chocolate
Would do
So. would a cozy sweater
As these thoughts
Ramble through
My head
I..see a man
On a cold bench
Without a coat
Holes in his pants
With shoes to match
An empty bottle
Near by
I no longer
Or need to feel
What I need is
A cover
To spread
Some warmth.
The  cold wind slapped me
In the face
And brought me
To my senses
Such activity in
The early morning
Two unexpected gulls
Just enjoying the sky
Dancing over the lake
Taking a bow
Dipping in the
Cold water
For curtain closes
A baby cardinal
Calling in the sky
One two three testing
Her vocal chords
And the resounding
Of birds
Answering her call
Dark purples and grays
Line the sky
And  the movement
Of the lake quickens
Stillness all around
Peace overflowing
I'm no longer cold
Nature has warmed
My heart
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
A squirrel gathering
Nuts for the
Winter ahead
I collect my thoughts
Ready to store
Till summer comes
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
We knew he had
Just left the cafeteria
Leaving the students
To finish
their breakfast
You didn't  see him
Only the scent
Left behind
Some recognized the
Scent from their
Others  from the
Department stores
It became a guessing
One volunteered to
Follow their nose
To find him
Sometimes if we
Got there
Early  enough he
Would tell us
What he wore
We had one
Sniffing him
Down the hall
Those days are
Gone he
Went to another
A New guy came
And with him
A new smell
But this was
Talc from
Baby's  fresh skin
Now he is
But the.memory
Of cologne
Lingers behind
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
The sound of the white birds
Soaring by
Calling to me
With each
Come fly with us
Do you see us
Or overcome with
Heavy burdens
Are tears flowing
From pain
Or hearts beating
With sorrow
Dive into the
Fresh water
And cool your
Burning heart
Cleanse yourself
And drink
Of Life
Come follow
And let your
Heart take flight
At park today.24 beautiful.white birds
Flying and diving into the water.Such a calming sight to see..Made sure I took
the time to really watch and take in
Mary Anne Norton May 2020
Nothing is coming
It's all a *** of empty
Spooky how that goes
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
Heard songs from the past
Songs of demonstrations
Marching hearts peaceful
With a message of love
Of hope oneness
Ironically what was being
Strongly sung then
Still continues today
"Where have all
The flowers gone
When will we ever learn"
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