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Feb 2 · 51
Who let the birds out
Caw Caw
Who let the
Birds out
Today was such
A grand day
Even though it
Was cold
Watching the birds
Warmed my
Very soul
Such a majestic
Glorious feeling
As the sun
Peeked between
The barren trees
A baby cardinal
With an ego
Repeating her song
To hear across
The gray colored
The noisy flapping
Of a heron's wing
Loud and proud
Leaving a bold song
To echo across
The shadowy lake
The sweet sound
Of a Robin
A symphony of
Some Repetitious
While other sounds
Honk and shriek
Birds everywhere
Enjoying the moment
Of now
Rejoicing in flight
And sound
Oh how grand
To be an
Uninvited guest
To this wonderful
Display of nature
I shall pass this
Hoping for a
Feb 2 · 134
Words are powerful
Strong and forceful
Gentle and free
Can uplift
Or tear down
Hinder or help
Shatter one's  being
Word for word
Build a kingdom
Out of love
Feb 1 · 59
Poetry in motion
Poetry in motion
Words dressed up
Played down
Dancing across
Toilet paper double ply
Chalked sidewalks
And ghetto walls
Sewer plates
And bus seats
Train terminals
.Church benches
Bathroom stalls
Everyone needs an
Encore of words
To touch or heal
To make one
Whole again
Or put a smile
Upon one's face
A.laugh or two
Perhaps even a tear
A collection of
One's thoughts
A collection of
Whatever the case
Words are
Poetry in motion
Feb 1 · 1.5k
I am not a starving artist
I have been well nourished
By the sound and seasoned
Crumbs from
The words and music
Paintings and dancers
Athletes and doctors
Parents and teachers
Students and others
Now to savor and
Feb 1 · 87
Camera or Pen
A photographer takes to
Field. Camera in hand
Ready to capture
The right moment
A poet takes to
Field pen and paper in hand
Ready to capture
The right moment
A click of the camera
A click of the pen
Both will have a story
To tell
One in picture
The other one
In words
The end result
Will be visualized or
Both viewed from
The  Heart
Feb 1 · 40
Cold winter morn
The  cold wind slapped me
In the face
And brought me
To my senses
Such activity in
The early morning
Two unexpected gulls
Just enjoying the sky
Dancing over the lake
Taking a bow
Dipping in the
Cold water
For curtain closes
A baby cardinal
Calling in the sky
One two three testing
Her vocal chords
And the resounding
Of birds
Answering her call
Dark purples and grays
Line the sky
And  the movement
Of the lake quickens
Stillness all around
Peace overflowing
I'm no longer cold
Nature has warmed
My heart
Feb 1 · 37
One more breath
I take a breath
And breathe in
The morning sound
Of geese honking
With their peers
Watching wet snow
Melting on the ground
I listen as morning
Conversation begins
And hot tea
With milk of course
Awakens me
Won't think of the
News announcing
More dead bodies
And crying souls
And wondering
Why it's so
Hard to put on
A mask
And keep the
Nor wonder about
The future
Instead I'll say
A silent prayer
For all lives lost
Through hate
And sickness
And natural causes
And love
And resolve to
Lead a Life
Good enough
For one more breath
Jan 30 · 257
Thank You
If you need to name
A Higher Power
Just look up
At the sky
The sun will
Warm your heart
The moon will
Wink at you
If you feel alone
The stars will
Lighten your Heart
And in the moment
You can just
Call out
Thank You
Jan 30 · 301
Moon is  chillin
As the stars
Dance away
The night
Planets are spinning
Fairy dust circling
The air
Sandman's on duty
Is that a cow
I see
Jan 30 · 79
Man in the moon
The moon shines brightly
Yes there's a man in the moon
Reflecting on snow
Jan 28 · 31
Who needs a Unicorn
Children dress up
Like unicorns
Write about them
Dream about them
Draw picture upon
Color and paint
Perhaps as an
We can connect
With our
Inner child
And search for
A unicorn

Jan 28 · 31
Snowy surprise
Pale pinks and lavenders
In the snowy evening sky
Leaving shadows of
On the.snow covered
Jan 28 · 197
Dandelion sky
Full of awesomeness to grasp
But too high to reach
Jan 26 · 17
Oh the sound of geese
I'm intoxicated by
The sound of geese
Flying over a sky
Of grey
Honking loud and
Echoing their happiness
Throughout the universe
I'm entranced by
The formation of geese
Now forming a vee
The freedom.they have
The grace they share
In flight
I'm grateful for the
Sound and flight
The movement I feel
As they pass over
My head
And leave me
In awe
As I wondrously
Stare at.
The sky
I watched the geese fly overhead this
Morning. It is such an awesome feeling.
To be alive and experience nature.
Jan 26 · 83
Dry Eyes
Perhaps that is why
I have something called dry eye
All the tears were shed
Jan 25 · 58
Mornin rain
Sitting by the window
Collecting my thoughts
How little they
May seem
I feel something stir
Within and without
Its not the sound
Of words
Churning through
My head
But rather
The tip.toeing.of
Across the window
Jan 24 · 74
Golden Pen
Yesterday I inherited
All the gold in
The world
I was given your
Poetry and stories
From.years gone by
How those ragged
Edges.of journals
Crinkled through
My now calloused
Tears started to blot
Some of the carefully
Chosen words
From experiencing
Pain and love
Laughter and tears
The should of 's and
Could of 's
Reminders of the past
As siblings
The success and failures
Of your diabetic journey
Your funny stories
Those that happened
Those that did not
Stories to make you
Laugh or cry
The reminders of
What was
Rekindled in my very
Reading one of
Your stories
Reminded me
How blest and honored
I was to have had
A  brother
Like you
Jan 24 · 24
Mr. Moon
Mr. Moon where were
Brightly you shone
Till you disappeared
Between a shadowy
Time stood still
For a millionth of
A second
Then you appeared
Once again
Amidst the stars
Where does the moon go behind
the clouds
Jan 23 · 156
Such power in
The senses quicken
The feeling of
As winged bird
And ducks gracefully
Glide on the rippling water
Crisp crunchy leaves
Leaving a smoky
Scent behind
Fresh scented pine
Amidst the trees
The caw  caw of
A crow
Enjoying morning
Such a miracle to
Between a mask covered
Mornin walks. Such a new and different
Miracle to be held each day.
Yesterdays have come
And gone
Yesterday I read some
Of your stories
And poems
You wrote even
If you didn't
Feel well
Oh to have
Talked to you
What you wrote
What you felt
I could only
Reply with
Tear filled eyes
As you looked
Down from Heaven
Was that God I heard
Or was it thunder
Yesterday I reread some of my brother's
Poetry. Ohh how I miss him
Jan 20 · 58
Just Breathe
Today some will breathe
A new breath in
And others
Anew breathe out
Breathe in
Breathe out
Breathe in a new day
Of fresh beginnings
And possibilities
Look all around
Under rocks where
Insects hide
And up above
Where stars twinkle
In the Night
At the water
That ripples at
The breath of wind
At trees with
Open arms
And people to
Even those we
Don't even know
And as we breathe
Our last
May it be filled
Only with
Blessed memories
And hopefully surrounded
By those we love
If that isn't possible
May love be
As we prepare
For the
Journey ahead
Jan 19 · 363

For me this is how it looks..a blank where nothing is accomplished..well maybe...
Jan 18 · 304
It's bleak outside
Drawing me inside
While I wait
For a clearing
Jan 16 · 140
If I lay
Still in
The darkness
Of night
I can hear the
Rhythmic sound
Of the clock
I time in
My mind
The tic after the
Last tock
The soothing
Sound of
Singing in
The wind
Even the
Churning of
My stomach
Making rounds
The yapping of
A dog far
The street
Stillness fills
The air
And an angel's
Waiting to.
Be heard
Jan 16 · 36
Snowy morning
The wind was sharp
Rattling against
The windows
Temperatures dropped
As I went to bed
With grass of green
When I awoke
To bitter cold
And  frosty windows
I sipped hot chocolate
And looked at the
White covered ground
Jan 16 · 70
Heart felt message
I tried to send
You a message
From candy.hearts
Instead they melted
In my mouth
And not your heart
Just had some candy hearts. This poem
Wasn't meant for anyone in particular.
Just sent it out there.
Jan 15 · 250
Let it snow
Snow brushes off
Your navy blue coat
Leaving a wet
Surface behind
The black dog
Shaking off snow
Dripping ***** puddles
On the floor
Your shiny brown
With white covered specks
Makes you look
Momentarily old
Till you towel dry the
White and wet hair
Let it snow let it snow
Let it snow
Jan 15 · 72
Footprints in the snow
Freshly made footprints
On snow covered ground
The heavier the boot
The deeper the print
Some prints with
Slanted lines
And chiseled holes
Others with
Tic tac toe
Some footmarks
Plopped  deep into
The snow
Tracks from birds
Paw prints
Small prints
Of tiny animals
Scurrying by
An Angel print
Not far away
Reminding me
I'm not far
From home
Jan 15 · 201
Mini cotton *****
Quickly falling from the sky
Covering the ground
Jan 12 · 39
I look out the
Window of my soul
There i see you
Freezing in the.cold
Tattered blankets nearby
While others join
Line for food
Some women grabbing
Another ice pack
For the bruises to
Go Away
For some the food
From.yesterday's trash a good dinner
Empty pockets
Another day without
A dollar
A baby lying
By the trash
And a bony dog
Sniffing their remains
Sniffing their remains
Perhaps I should
Open the door
Of my heart
And go outside
And do something
Jan 12 · 84
When the Son comes out
Bitter cold will go away
And a rose will bloom
Jan 12 · 73
Bitter Cold
You threw bitter cold
At my trembling heart
My mind was too frozen
To reply
Just saw two people walking outside in the cold.  This poem came to mind. This is not related to anything I have experienced.
My ideas only come from what I have seen read or heard.
Jan 12 · 69
Sing me a lullaby
Sing me a lullaby
So I can sleep
Away pain
Carrying me gently
To the land
Of Nod
Where I can
lay in a field of daisies
Under a Harvest moon
And quiet is all
Except for the
Occasional tick tock
Of the clock
Sing me a lullaby
So I can
Go to sleep
And hope there
Is magic near
To ward off demons
Sing me a lullaby
In a whispering
Close the door softly
As you leave
To go home
Jan 11 · 509
Frozen Words
Caught in a snowstorm
A blizzard of words
Going through
My mind
Find the nearest
Grab in my freezing
And begin to write
On a clean
Slate of snow
Jan 11 · 167
Perhaps this time
I'm Sinking fast
Into the pool
Of no return
Perhaps this time
I can write
The words
Jan 11 · 37
Feverishly i write
In the moon
Of night
Word upon word
Pile upon pile
Of wasted
Crumpled words
I ask you to critique them
You thought they
Words of love
Meant only
For you
When all it was
Was a poem
Jan 8 · 40
Yesterday the lights
From Santa's reindeer
Twinkled in the
Grey morning light
Today as I pass by
The reindeer is gone
Till another year
Sometimes. I feel
Like my lights
And other times
They are dim
I should dispel
Any darkness
And let the
Light shine in
Jan 8 · 145
Morning Breath
There is  such a calm
In walking early winter chill
Everything seems frozen
In time
The rippling lake
Of su.mer seems to have stilled
The chatteiring.of
Birds flying by
Leaves the sky
But it is
There's a mystical
That permeates the air
Jan 6 · 36
Walking on thin ice
Blue heron on
Icy lake
Walking on thin water
Passerby says
Made me think
How often I
Walk on thin water
The difference
The heron
Stayed for a few moments
And gracefully
Flew away
I on the other hand
Walk on thin ice
And fall in
With baggage
I carry
Jan 5 · 76
Ten Count
You said you
Counted fifty geese
When I was happy
I had counted ten
Jan 4 · 158
So Much
There is so
Much i want
To say to you
So ill say it
On paper
Jan 4 · 42
All I did was stare
When you quickly walked by me
And left me alone
Jan 4 · 827
Silence is


When no words
Are spoken
Jan 4 · 46
Words in my various readings
So poetically I speak
In words of silence
Like the quiet sound
Of snow
Whispering her lullaby
Softly touching the ground
And silent fingers
Imprinted.upon the hand
That others might hear
Cooing sounds of baby
Discovering their toes
The whistling wind
Outside the frost stained glass
And the sound of soft sweet
Lips that can only come
From a mother's love
A father's  love as he kisses
A whistling kettle
Gentle slurps from tea
Angel dust all.around
To keep this moment
Of silence
Jan 4 · 37
Mom's Song
I hear my mom sing
As she makes dinner for us
How I miss her song
Jan 3 · 53
Three Kings
What gift will I bring
To a king lying in hay
The gift of myself
The  wise men brought gifts to Jesus. Got me thinking what would I bring to our King
Lying in a bed of hay
Jan 3 · 31
So sad
You lived alone
You died alone
Jan 2 · 59
Bleak Thoughts
This dreary kind of day
Blurs my mind
With unsettling
Unlike a camera
I cannot focus
Or capture
What is before
I shall walk away
And wait for
The light
Jan 2 · 77
Ready to watch
You get ready
To fish
Is the glory
In the catch
Of the fish
Or the getting ready
Jan 2 · 1.1k
Brought me back
Couldn't wait to see you
Then when I did
I wondered why
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