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Jan 1 · 55
She walked into
The cold winter day
Saw ice snapping
Off frozen branches
On hearing them
Crackle to the
She realized she
Wasn't far behind
Jan 1 · 49
Happy New Year
Whether masked
Or not
We cannot hide
May our true selves
As we navigate
The year ahead
Our hands continue
To pen
Our hearts full
Of the beauty
Of Life
And may we
Just breathe
Jan 1 · 55
The lava in
My soul
Ready to erupt
Cannot be contained
Any longer
Like lightning bugs
In a jar
Dimly blinking
In a jar
Until their lights
Went out
Jan 1 · 54
Happy New Year
For the New Year

I wish you..

A pen of ink
That never
Stops flowing
Paper in abundance
A trashcan nearby
A dictionary.and thesaurus
And poetry nearby
A clear head
To focus
Memories soft
And warm
Experiences to write
New people to meet
And places to go
And love continuing
To grow
And when you go
To bed at night
Know you are loved
From above

A warm wish to you
And yours
Happy New Year
Dec 2020 · 56
A cup of
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
My life floats before me
On A foamy cloudy cream
Where heated hands
Carress a cup
Big blobs of settling cream
Remind me of my
Should haves could haves
Would haves
As I shake the cup
Around for a new display
I see tiny droplets
Are those my tears
Dec 2020 · 107
Rain is a feeling
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
The rain Falling on
Top of my head
With each cold
Reminding me
Of days gone by
Washed away
With tears
And happiness
The need for
And staying
Warm and dry
From puddles
Surrounding me
Though raindrops may
Fall gently
Tip tapping on the window
With a melodious sound
It can also be frightening
As you await the bus
And puddles
As big as a lake
Splash you like a monsoon
Rain like friends
Can come down
And pounce on
Your feelings
Or can calm
You with gentle
Do I want
Rain Rain go away
Or Rain Rain  stay
Dec 2020 · 67
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
I really need
To put
My pencil
And go to sleep
So goodnight my someone
Dec 2020 · 72
Nightmare calling
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Jumping from my sleep
Is that really you again
The one I don't know
Dec 2020 · 34
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Nightmare oh nightmare
Why. Are you toying with me
Nowhere else to go
Dec 2020 · 269
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Continuing dreams
Awaken me from my sleep
Did that just happen
Dec 2020 · 39
Bewitching Hour
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
It's  that bewitching
When the world
Is sleeping
And i awake
The bats in
My belfry
Set lose
No telling where
This time
Only to come
Back and haunt
The same time
Dec 2020 · 29
A Song For You
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
I don't  have the
Words I want to
So.I'll.put them
In a song
With the chorus
Sorrow and
Happiness and
A chorus so strong
You will want
To sing
Dec 2020 · 93
Snow time
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Sky is silver white
The temperature is dropping
Looks like snow to me
Dec 2020 · 30
New Year
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
May all of you from.
Hp family
Who are hurting
From mishaps and mistakes
Sadness. Grief
Mental.physical anguish
Loneliness breakups
Ups and downs
Sickness and pain
Self loathing
And more loneliness
May balm from the caring
Hp family from
All over the world
Heal you
And cover you
With a love
You have
Never felt before
When you feel most desolate
Read a poem
In fact
Several poems
And know
That you
And you alone
Are loved
A very special love
For the coming year
A blest new year
Dec 2020 · 41
Bleak Day
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
It's  that kinda
Bleak dreary
Winter day
No leaves stirring
No one in sight
Only words to
Accompany the
Long eerie day
Sun not in sight
Of the concrete grey sky
Only a feeling
Of morose
Perhaps tomorrow will
Dawn with sunlight
And hope
For today a
Sad tune
To sing
With a melancholy
Dec 2020 · 34
Christmas music box
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
I like listening
To my Christmas
Music boxes
.But I  like walking
Turning the key
The song that
Is playing
The shaped figurines
I can hold
In my hand
A song.plays
Reminding me Christmas
Is almost here
And so are
My memories
Oh sweet memories
Of Christmas past
Dec 2020 · 66
Christmas sounds
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
My music box out
Tinkling sounds of Christmas play
As I turn the key
Dec 2020 · 48
Sounds of Christmas
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
I like the sound
Of my Christmas
Music boxes
Of various
Shapes and sounds
I wind them
Up each Christmas
But just enough
Twists and turns
So that I can
Rewind and play
Again and again
And store the today's
For next year
Dec 2020 · 38
Writer's Block
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
My writer's block
Chiseled in my
Waiting for the
Write words to say
To place upon paper
My heart is full
Of aches and pains
Pleasures and sorrows
Happiness and sadness
My brain.yearns
For words
To write and say
My hand awaits
My pen.waiting
With caution
Be still my heart
Be still
Dec 2020 · 62
Feelings run deep
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Sadness is all.around
From early morning news
To nightly news
Yet in some
Deep hidden corner
Happiness is shared
Where no one .broadcasts
Dec 2020 · 69
On Angels Wings
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Just for a minute
Open up my soul to you
And let me soar high
Dec 2020 · 336
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Dreams appear to me
Like mist lifting
From the lake
I can't see too
Far ahead
I reach out
Yet there is nothing
To grasp at
How can i.retain
What I can't see
Or touch
My feet steady
On the ground
As reality hits the floor
Dec 2020 · 55
You and You and You
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
I think of
You and you and you
Memories.we all
From days gone by
You a friend from high school
While you a friend
From work
You who betrayed me
You who made
Promises you
Never kept
You who I laughed
And cried with
But now you
Are gone
And you
Are gone
And you
Are gone
Silver and gold
Though our friendships
Have rusted with time
Our memories live
Dec 2020 · 31
A Friend
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
A friend just called me
We talked poetry and such
Just so much to share
Dec 2020 · 251
Frozen Lake
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
The lake is frozen
Some of the geese are standing
Testing their webbed feet
Dec 2020 · 51
Dec 2020 · 44
Cold thoughts
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
It's so cold out there
Need a fire to
Warm me up
A hot cup
Of chocolate
Would do
So. would a cozy sweater
As these thoughts
Ramble through
My head
I..see a man
On a cold bench
Without a coat
Holes in his pants
With shoes to match
An empty bottle
Near by
I no longer
Or need to feel
What I need is
A cover
To spread
Some warmth.
Dec 2020 · 28
Hp family
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Hp family sponge
Soaking in all the sadness
Sending out much love
Dec 2020 · 35
Time To
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Time to work
Earn my keep
Time to play
Find my inner self
Time to eat
Savor the goodness
Of Nature's bounty
Time to pray
For stillness within
Time to sing
Feel good songs
Make you cry songs
Don't know the
Words songs
Time to read
To laugh and startle
And cry
Time to take trash out
Count the stars
Time to relax
Time to be
Time to go
To bed
And give thanks
Time to
Good night
Dec 2020 · 80
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Just thinking of when
Life seemed so much easier
Are those moments gone
Dec 2020 · 42
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Why do we wait
Until its too late
To actually stoop
And pick up
A flower and
See if you are
Loved or not
And while your 'e
Pick up a leave
And touch the veins
Smell the grass
Touch the early morning
Feel the purring
Of a cat
Actually enjoy sitting
And watching
Shapes disappearing
In your coffee
Or cuddling your
For a warm sip
Of tea
Giving yourself permission
To fill a tub
With bubbles
Curl up and
Read a book
Listen to snap krackle
Pop from
Your cereal
Listen to jazz or opera
Crunching celery
Or carrots
Eating a cookie
Without the guilt
Taking time to
Pen to a
Long lost friend
Or write a poem
A story a lie
What will it take
Before it's
Too late
Dec 2020 · 41
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
A cold morn
A Lifeless morn
No geese around
Or Squirrels
No noise
Not even the
Or a tinkling
Almost too quiet
Guess i'll.turn.some
Music on
Dec 2020 · 62
It's Raining
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
The purple sky
Lit up
As a bolt of
Tap danced across
The threatening sky
Buckets of rain
Poured from
The ominous sky
Making puddles
Of water
To form
On the ground
Dec 2020 · 45
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
The cold is here
To stay
At least for
A little while
Time to grab out
My unfinished books
Books I treasure
Those begun stopped
Literary books to
Read over
Some not even
Big books
Small books
Healthy books
Religious books
Which book will
I choose
Sometimes i read
Two at a time
Just have to
Who is who
This reminds me
Time to pick
Up a book
Dec 2020 · 86
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Quiet all around
Guess I'll grab paper and pen
Make some real noise
Dec 2020 · 42
Farewell to thee
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Farewell to thee
My life
My poetry is
All I have
Bury me with
My thoughts
And sing to me
My poetry
Scatter my words
All around
Amidst the ashes
Dec 2020 · 93
Hello poetry family
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Just follow that star
And see where it may lead YOU
A New Life enfolds

Hello.poetry family
Rich poor
Known unknown
Happy sad
Sick healthy
Believer non believer
Young old

At this moment in time ...
May you have light
That leads you
Out of darkness

Hope you feel loved today
Like you never felt before

Merry.Christmas to you
Dec 2020 · 335
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Son so full
Of warmth
Waking me early
Warming my heart
You are my constant
Behind the clouds
You peek
Checking me out
While I am checking
You out
Dec 2020 · 53
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Funny how silly
Little things bother you
Like whether an
E is put in your name
Or your first and middle name
Never spelt out
Do people actually
Read what you
Write for your
Maybe it sounds silly
But my name
Was spelt that way
For a special reason
And that I hold dearly
Received my new healt card. They can't
even spell my name correctly. As do drs. Pharmacists even friends co workers it does bother me do people look at what I take the time to print down. Just sayin
Dec 2020 · 40
An Imaginary Friend
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
You were so good  to me
When no one else was
You took me for who i was
Though it wasn't much
You laughed at my
When others just stared
And guided me
When there was no
Light to follow
Saying it would
Be okay
When you knew
It was not
Drying up tears
Picking me up
Again and again
You never let me down
But then
You never were
Dec 2020 · 122
Your Voice
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
How soft was your voice
Never angry or too loud
Voice of an angel
Dec 2020 · 50
Give Me
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Don't give me your
Artistic mood
Your starry night
Your sunflowers
Don't give me your
Artistic song
Your lady sings the blues
Your song sung blue
Don't  give me your
Death Valley Days
Your Lone Ranger
Rather give me
Your heart
Of gold
And golden smile
Your laughter
And tears
Your kingdom
For a horse
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Rainbow rays of
Waking me up
For a new day
A new slate
Washed clean from
Tears of night
Remainders on pillow
Thinking of you
The joy you brought
Into my heart
The laughter we shared
Rehearsing lines for
Plays you and I
Shared together
Money for bus fare
To the hospital
For visits and check ups
Secrets we shared
And kept inside
A hanky when needed
Your love for laughter
Your strength when
I was weak
Christmas time.
Any time
Stirs up memories
Of you
I thank you
From here below
To send to you
I place my Angel
On the tree
And you my angel
In my heart

Merry Christmas
Dec 2020 · 71
A Special Friend
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
You are dear to me
Always there before I call
How lucky I am
Dec 2020 · 36
A New Day
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
A new day
Has begun
A clean slate
From washed away tears
Freshness awakens
The staleness of
Has quietly disappeared
Along with painful
Gathered are the treasures
From of old
To brighten
The day
Celebrate each day
As a passing gift
With hopes for a
New tomorrow
Dec 2020 · 66
Time to go to sleep
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
It's  dark
Time to go
To sleep
Let the demons
And Angels appear
Don't cover up
Your sorrow or regrets
Your sadness and fears
Let the Angels cover you
In warmth
Sent from above
Close your eyes
Get some sleep
And know that
Some how
You are loved
Dec 2020 · 45
Ode Lament
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Had feelings just once
Shared all the good and the bad
Never will do that again
Dec 2020 · 37
Mad by choice
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Mad Hatter
The world's
Gone mad
Mad scientist
    Why can't we be

"I'm so Happy
Happy Birthday
Happy as  a Lark

So easy to be Mad
Or Happy

But in the end...
You decide
What and how
To be
Dec 2020 · 154
Winter Chill
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Feel the cold
Tickling my spine
Winter chill
See the curling
Circles from
My breath
Winter chill
Taste the cold
Like a melted
Ice cube in my mouth
Winter chill
Smell.that unexplainable
Smell in air
Winter chill
Touch the frost
On.window panes
Winter chill
Feel see taste smell touch
Winter chill
Winter is a
Whisper away
Dec 2020 · 82
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
The geese are honking
They are having so much fun
Party is over
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