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  Mar 2020 Opilo Enock
Lyda M Sourne
He was a boy
With ginger curls
And a smile to his name

His eyes twinkled with mirth
At everything I say

With music as a bond
We share ourselves

Even if only for a moment
He was able to bring out
The love of music
From inside my shell
There. I wrote something about him.
  Mar 2020 Opilo Enock
Maude Laurent
The moon
In the tree's
And they danced
I watched
Their limbs
And I captured
That moment
My camera
The craters are there
The vines point
Straight to
The faint light
Small rotating orb
Like a twig
They all fall
Their weight on me
And the moon is gone
A fleeting beauty
Such of only
Existed in my imagination
My words
"It was never real"
And my heart breaks
This is a metaphorical poem referring to a beautiful love that you thought was real only to find out that reality is harsher than we want it to be.
roses are red,
violets are blue,
I've got five fingers and the middle ones in you

oh so deep
then I realised it was in a sheep
I quickly ran
then I went into a ram

it was traumatised
it had to have counselling
it had to even start selling
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