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Feb 6 · 146
Medicated Meditation
Perdue Poems Feb 6
Relax it seems I never do
Though meditating I heard helps
Perhaps another Xanax will
Help me with my meditation
Perdue Poems Jan 31
We laid on green dragon fur
Upon his raised back
Hands locked tight in bond
The black papered sky, with eyes white
Gazed into our black pooled pupils
Wondering if eyes as humans have,
So poor, could see love as she did

Would I give my eyes for yours
Lady of the night and stars?
How often do I question love
When it arrives at my door
Perhaps I don't believe that love should come
So freely for me

Turning on the dragon's back
His thin green hair brushes against my cheek
My eyes break from space
Gazing at the man I'm laid beside

I cannot see his love before me
There is no light from his chest
I see no aura floating near
Nor blemish on his unmarked skin

He rolls and gazes lock
In the eyes of stars I saw eternal light
But his eyes show me endless love
I know I need no stars for eyes
I see your love for me
For your love shines clear in your gaze
and plainly I can see
Perdue Poems Jan 30
With pendulum footsteps, I walked the splitting wood
My last splinters of security, death withheld my own
I'm the board beneath me, lone
I too bent under men's self-deemed mighty steps
creaking subdued words as they atop me roamed
And in my final march, I find no roaring lion nor passion's flame
Only fear I knew in life born from lions tamed

Little know about Death, but I see Him, know
He is my reflection in the pool below
We are the fore bringers of our own demise
For Death's wrappings take from us, His muse
Will we not live, and let Death take from nothing?
But living not is living still
And too stills Death's reflection pool

Now at the end of my wooden plank
And the mountain range of waves lap at me to hold
I no longer see reflections
But I still feel the fear
With a swing, I fell forward, soar!
And as the icy grip brushed my warm flesh
Fear I felt no more
Oct 2019 · 56
We Fix What We Broke
Perdue Poems Oct 2019
When will we take the rocks
From caves
We’ve been hiding in
And fix our spending (change)

And where do we take the water
From rivers
We’ve been floating on
And fix our dying (thirst)

And why do we wait to take the trees
From forests
We’ve been living in
And fix our writing (pencils)

And how can we take the sand grains
From beaches
We’ve been sleeping on
And fix our broken (windowpane)

The rocks, water, trees, and grains
From which we came
Cannot fix
our spending, our dying, our writing, our broken
We fix what we broke
And leave our homes among
The rocks, water, trees, and grains
At peace
Sep 2019 · 152
Perdue Poems Sep 2019
The first time I flew
I marveled at the sky
Blue and orange and red
The second time I flew again and read
The amazing magazines of Flight 18
Sep 2019 · 153
Heavy Eyes
Perdue Poems Sep 2019
A path completed to a routine
It seemed there would be no blunder
I rode like before’s before
With great success
Until I slipped into the valley creek
Falling off the bridge
The day her eyes were watching
It was not my eyes that sank
But her’s that weighed heavy
Impressing the impressive on me
Eyes add weight I did not know
The weight of another soul
One is tough for me
Two’s another load
Sep 2019 · 107
My Second Mask
Perdue Poems Sep 2019
I opened my closet door and fingered through my masks
"Which one should I wear today" I wondered by myself
"Today is Susan's birthday, perhaps a happy face"
"Though John just lost his game, perhaps a sad one as well"
"And Tonya's mom is nervous, perhaps some empathy"
As I looked upon my masks to wear, all seemed quite fitting
I removed the mask I wore below, the mask of apathy
as I slowly peeled back this fleshy molded face
a salty barren field revealed its proper place
as true features themselves emerged
amuck with tears unnoticed
by myself
Sep 2019 · 106
Pardon my Tongue
Perdue Poems Sep 2019
"oh goodness me"
"oh sorry"
"excuse me"
"gosh **** weeds"
"yikers bees!"

my tongue how you censor me
around my Christian society

but how I wish I could say

Sep 2019 · 136
Red Cotton Shawl
Perdue Poems Sep 2019
I rubbed my red shawl raw with soap
Pure white cotton was my hope
My red shawl remains
Sep 2019 · 912
Wisdom's Tale
Perdue Poems Sep 2019
Wallowing Wisdom stood widowed
with none to carry her bags across the busied road
heavy were Wisdom's bags, and wide was the street
who would want to carry widowed Wisdom's load
For Wisdom was old and Wisdom was slow
who would help the widow
Many ran by Wisdom not noticing her bags
their eyes were sharply focused on the sidewalk ahead
some passed Wisdom by without a second glance
others stared in pity but left for better circumstance
a few did stop to heave Wisdom's bags
only to feel their suffering arms dropped them in the road

In certain happenstance, there appeared another woman divine
who's eyes shined, her beautiful smile wide
many clamored to her side
pondering the name of radiant light
"Happiness" said she, many approved
a fitting name for a fitted love
the throng extended down the road
helping with her bags
how light were they!
Hearts yearned for Happiness
adored around the world
for she was ever-lovely
emptied pockets paid
what a wonderful commodity
The Happiness Company

Widowed Wisdom stood alone with heavy bags in hands of old
on she walked alone and dragged her bags of gold
Wallowing widowed Wisdom wept and cried in anguish
her screams ripped through busy streets
on middle road, she lay fallen on her knees
wishing she may have her company
but too many forget
too many ignore
wailing Wisdom
on the road's floor
Sep 2019 · 141
Filter for your Eyes
Perdue Poems Sep 2019
How do you filter your eyes?

a phone and screen filter easy
a button push to hide the unsightly
tap and your bubble grows
Surely our eyes cannot be filtered though
our eyes are eyes that see unwanted glimpses
of gruesome vile images

Perhaps our eyes have no filter

but we filter subconsciously
for who wants to see
that man on the street
that car on the road
both who we know
sit and plead
but tricksters they may be
until one day we see
no one in need

Our brain filters for our eyes
so we may see all the blue skies
and any cloud that may block our view
can be hidden for our plane of blue

What clouds your eyes
for your blue skies
Aug 2019 · 150
Flowery Tender Kiss
Perdue Poems Aug 2019
There's no passion in my yearning
There's no joy but great desire
My lips want a simple kiss

Whose hand will take my soul away
He's dressed in black and his hand holds my cheek
My eyes will meet his coals

His face is near so close to mine
His warm breath, like spring, flowers my face
My eyes close to midnight

My rosy cheeks have grown lilies
And his lips have pressed on mine
Our lips feel so warm

All my troubles I leave behind
I take his hand in mine
Death and I: together
Aug 2019 · 280
Cold River: Old Heart
Perdue Poems Aug 2019
Thrown into the ice river
Blinded and screaming
To the end we rush
We've no control
Over the currents whose icy waters
Brush our soul
When waterfall's rise
When our bones have cracked
And our muscles dried
Our eyes see the land
We brushed aside
And we cry
For we never took the time
To love the beauty of the river
Jul 2019 · 180
Slow Rise
Perdue Poems Jul 2019
Slow's the sun's rise
To skies
To bring light to eyes
Who's shadows
Blinded understanding
Jul 2019 · 429
Morning Still
Perdue Poems Jul 2019
The sun in morning sits
Not to peak soon
Yet dawn is past
I've waken from slumber
And cheer the rising sun
Wanting sun's noon
Unknowing at set
I will wish
For my dawn back
Perdue Poems Jul 2019
I curse the mind's divine plan
as I lay in valley's low
gazing upon myself a god
and a perfect smile aglow

whilst I toil in my misery
my soul tied with stones
my statue's likeness stands above
revolted at his lesser clone

Look at how he humbly gloats
His skin golden perfection
A mind more clear than unstained glass
A body crafted in circumspection

but though I pull my nails
with a revised renewed edition
with every labored detail
capturing perfection

this tortuous image
calms my heart
stabbing it with hope
for a better start

and I hear whispers in my valley
selling nectars of complacency
spinning truths from fantasy
of how I too one day may be

but as my hands try to summit
the hill soars ever higher
and my mind it pities me below
Remaining on my pyre

and my blood steams
and irrational rashes grow
as I come to realize
I'll forever remain below
Jul 2019 · 181
Two Men and Two Peas
Perdue Poems Jul 2019
two men were told
the key to life
was balance

the first man gathered
and tried to balance
all his property

but found the endless stream
of material things
a balancing impossibility

the second man gathered
took and sold
all but two peas

and found balancing
his two peas
was an absolute certainty
Jul 2019 · 136
Share the Post
Perdue Poems Jul 2019
around the post they skip
with rope in hand
growing tight
with smiles delight
but smiles falter
their skipping stops
their post was not to share
they tugged their ropes
tied to the post
and ripped themselves in half
Jun 2019 · 113
Surface Water
Perdue Poems Jun 2019
Afloat upon the greatest pond
I do drift my hands
And let the ripples play

The sigh of waves resting upon the grainy beach
Echoes in the meadow woods
And time ceases for a day

But on that lake's surface I am unaware
Of ripples found beneath
My lovely little pond

The fearsome jaws, the fearsome muscles
Of mechanical nature
Below abounds

And ripping currents
With heavy traffic
Bide their time below

But I float above the nashing teeth
And water rivers too
Drifting slowly on the pond's surface
Above the torrent below
May 2019 · 80
A Pile Ignored
Perdue Poems May 2019
I watch the leaves
from Autumn trees
trickle at my feet

the pile grows
and there is no show
of winds or tools to blow

the leaves away
so they stay
collecting everyday

until I disappear
underneath, nothing near
to me except Autumn fear

I thought dear Fate
would not wait
I'd arrive pearly gates

yet the Autumn leaves
that surround me
left me be

to wait with guilt
in the pile I've built
for eternity
May 2019 · 801
Perdue Poems May 2019
I once swam in the sun
felt fire roll across my side, down my skin
like hot kisses in summer
warming cheeks to grin
I dove deep
yet the heat
bitter sweet
burned me
I still swim in the rays of stars
but the burn still hurts
and reminds me
to stay afloat upon the surface
and never swim too deep
Perdue Poems May 2019
A collection of voices fill the air
Soft and loud always there
A sound of comfort, a warm blanket
I watch tucked in place
With cold glass pressed on my skin
My warmth I feel from the love I observe
A fly on the wall
In love with their world
But detached from their world
The light bounces between their eyes when their tongues
Take turns moving fast and slow soft and loud
An orchestra moving between cacophonous noise
A blend of thundering bass
Soft flutes and piercing piccolos
But amongst those scattered notes
A beautiful sound a harmonious pitch
Drifting like a ghost between planes
Appearing and disappearing like the brush of wind on wintered branches
Moments where a common humanity touches kindred souls
To produce a genuine moment among weathered conversations
Moments I observe and let my cheeks tug
a faint crescent upon a face accustomed to frowns.
How I relish those moments
I wish to join their symphony
To play a trumpet, a violin
To produce noise in a beautiful dance
Yet a dance is fluid
One step in one moment
A fly cannot participate in orchestras
I don't know the notes
I cannot fade into sound as it condenses to mist
I can only observe and sit in silence on the wall
Watching the crescendo of nature's display
How I've fallen for you
How I long for you
How I love you
May 2019 · 825
Creative Control
Perdue Poems May 2019
be careful,
                   you wouldn't want too s
                                                               ­     o
                                                          ­        r
                                       d         e  specially fo
                                          e                   ­         r  
much structure i    s                                       you
     i    p    r   a   t                                                    t
       m   o   t   n                                                      h
        ­    p           d
                a                                           to be  creative
                    r           n                                       o
                       i           e                                     n
                         t           e                                   t
                            i          d                       ­          r
                             v          e                                o
                   ­           e           d                               ll
                                                              ­              e
                                                 ­                            d
Edit: for trouble reading: be careful, you wouldnt want to slip or slide much structure is important, imperative, and needed especially for youth to be controlled. Read only the regular parts: be careful, you wouldnt want too much structure especially for you to be creative.
Apr 2019 · 172
The Force of Attraction
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
am I magnetized?
that I am so drawn to you
am I the moon?
Wishing to ever be in your orbit

I know of gravity
yet this new attraction
seems to draw me close to you
when I'm 10 thousand years away
Apr 2019 · 176
A new world in a kiss
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
a light touch
sends the world stumbling into a field of butterflies
a soft kiss
leaves the world to die
Apr 2019 · 201
We forget the path of Trees
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
How many of humankind
think ourselves seeds growing in the dirt
certain showers will pour praise from the heavens
"nurture us, provide for us, acknowledge us !" we demand
yet we seem to forget the work of the seed in the land
so tough, so hard, so determined is the seed
that it breaks the barriers set in dirt
but do we?
do we work?
or do we sit in the Earth
questioning why the sun hasn't shined upon our face
wondering when dirt will push up our pedestal to the surface
I don't know if it's very obvious, but the poem itself is supposed to look like a tree! Hope you enjoyed
Apr 2019 · 296
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
a i  l  a  w e  o  
l  t  l  y  b  h  h
t  c  t  d  t   r  a
e  i  l   e  e  h  e
r  u  c  p  I  h o
o  i  h  s  t  c  e
n  g  p e n  r  t
u  a  v i  r  c  e        
Apr 2019 · 377
Loving Rivers Flow
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
Let poetry guide my rivers
So they may flow
Straight to your heart
Apr 2019 · 1.1k
Within My Soul
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
to what shall I write on an empty day
when skies are grey
when I feel no play
within my soul
to whom can I write ink on pages
in dark ages
while rage is
within my soul
to when will I write stories of old
when all is told
when I feel mold
within my soul
Oh! Why should I write about inside emotions
disturb unchecked notions
and increase commotion
within my soul

do I dare defy my mind's pristine palace?
with challenging concepts
with wild words
to shake the foundations
within my soul
do I wish to write words true?
or explore ideas new
or release the twisted tortures
trapped deep
within my soul
do I hope for exultations?
congrats and celebrations?
for words wandering in my mind
while words lost weep
within my soul
do I do or do I die
do I tell truths or do I tell lies
do I hide or do I show
the words I know
within my soul

All I wish to see
is some melody
pour upon the pages
while the pitcher in my heart
remains unpoured
within my soul
All I wish to do
is draft divine brews
with ingredients inquired
from the world around
rather than pieces profound
within my soul
All I wish to be
is a virtuoso visionary
whose name is heard around
the world tenfold
while the true tenderness remains
within my soul
All I say I misconstrue
to bury what I knew
could never leak upon the papers
of the world
and keep my paper heart locked
within my soul

But if my pen's ink
came not from where I think
but from my chest where my heart beats
and the words I write
came not from nature's daylight
or from words announced from other's lips
but from wells
within my soul
might I find
though not celebrations
perhaps personal thanks
and reconciliation
for myself
and frustrations found
within my soul
Write what's real
Apr 2019 · 119
Walk to You
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
though I trudge through mountains
and walk through deserts
though my feet are tired
and my soul hurts
nothing will stop me from walking
back to you
Apr 2019 · 650
Creamy Tulips
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
I've tasted cream
I've tasted milk
I've felt cotton
I've felt silk
Yet nothing was as rich
Nor ever quite so velvet
As my tulips on yours
To make me feel angelic
Apr 2019 · 190
Sharp Roses
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
Into roses
Expecting petals
But found
Apr 2019 · 367
Love Returns
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
Though plunged in dark
I await the return
With doves and larks
Of the rising sun
Apr 2019 · 230
Seasonal Birds
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
Two birds in lovely willow lay
In shining spring
with sun do play
Never parted

Two birds in lovely willow lay
In shimmering summer
Though sun does weigh
Never parted

Two birds in lovely willow lay
In amber autumn
A colored display
Never parted

Two birds in lovely willow lay
In whispering winter
A field of white and grey
Never parted
Apr 2019 · 251
True Beauty
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
Beautiful buds bloom in sunlight
under constant care and comfort
in darkened, deprived depths, do some buds bloom
ever exquisite, ever more lovely
than the surface-level, flimsy flirty flowers
whose roots grown go grazing
but barely below the Earth
True beauty is not skin deep
Apr 2019 · 175
Lake of Tears
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
Should all the tears
of all the world
be gathered into one pool
to share equally
I should think
would take their own tears
and go
You are not alone in your tears.
Apr 2019 · 379
Take Away
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
take me softly as you please
take me roughly as you need
take me break me but when you leave
leave a piece left for me
Apr 2019 · 94
Not Quite Silent
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
Take me somewhere
where soft-dropped pins
make the loudest sounds
Apr 2019 · 324
The River
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
see the people rivers
    look how they flow         
             from place to place                          
            do you think they know            
                             the winding path they follow  
                                      like water in a brook
                    passing over every bend
every rock and every hook    
     do they know the traveled path                              
more than any babbling creek              
                          or are they like the grains of sand          
                                               flowing in the river weak  
                               are people in the people river         
                                       like little drops of rain                                       
                       or are they like the river                                        
every one the same
Apr 2019 · 259
Pleads of the Heart
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
beat goes my heart
in my caged chest


beatbeat goes my heart
sparks become inferno
my tongue aflame
calls your name


beatbeatbeat goes my heart
pink roses on your cheeks
a scarlet tulip below your nose
silky soft and sweet


beatbeatbeatbeat goes my heart
my unlocked passion roaring
as my cheeks I feel are growing
red upon my face

love me
Apr 2019 · 1.7k
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
My head is filled with black-striped bees
Bizzing and buzzing as they please
The world's a thund'ring 'fall
Roaring its loud call
Life's a tornado
Then I see
Apr 2019 · 287
Joy at the end of the Hill
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
Green blue
Soft brown
Pearl white
Apr 2019 · 180
Love dance
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
A feeling
Buh-boom buh-boom

A dance
One two one two
Apr 2019 · 460
Simple Silence
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
Simple Silence of the night
How in you I delight
When life has ceased and nature lay
Awaiting news of morning day
I sit and wait in absent light
Wanting you, most marv’lous sight

For when dawn arrives
To awake our lives
We rise and shatter silence
Oft not with words but acts of violence
Yet in this quiet, no crime is wrought
And the world is calm, deep in thought

I sit in silence, like a glassy sea
Upon the waves of tranquility
In this moment, all alone
I am present, I am home
But then I start and stir with fright
A blissful face now doused in white

Simple Silence of the night
How in you I delight
Yet in your presence I forgot
Of all my loved ones dear to heart
So simple silence of the night
To you I bid goodnight
Apr 2019 · 193
Breaking Free
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
Oh! The seas of negativity
Snickers, stares, and sneers
Lost and drowned, no opportunity
Trapped within our jeers

And (Look!) we swim and find our way
Confused when they get left behind
Worked twice as hard for no delay
Dismissed outright with (Never mind!)

Oh! Our eyes of pity stare
There with care, but not their friend
They not seen, only the chair
Proud to show the hand we lend

Yet they ignore those smirking eyes and brush those pity eyes
And proud they stand, work times ten: Knowing themselves the wise
Apr 2019 · 408
A Hole in the Woods
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
I was walking through the wood
On a pleasant sunny day
when I came across a hollow
Dug deep and in my way
I peered deep into its depths
As far as I could see
Yet the chasm was as dark as coal
And stretched to eternity

I decidedly moved closer
To this unplumbed murky hole
But felt my sole slip on the Earth
Into the depths untold
I felt myself grow panicked
As the light began to fade
I began to brace for impact
I held my breath and prayed

And yet to my surprise
I never seemed to hit the floor
But kept falling on and on
Now and evermore
I’ve grown to love the dark
My eyes have grown adjusted
My heart is filled with hate
For the world that I once trusted

Yet on pleasant sunny days
I can still make out the sun
Shining deep into my cave
Where light there should be none
And I feel my eyes start to tear
Why, I’ll never know
But perhaps I miss the woods above
While I remain Below
Apr 2019 · 837
An Embrace
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
An embrace, an existence
A warmth transcending heat
A warmth that tickles, a warmth that glows
That causes hearts to weep

A broken heart can be mended
By such a true embrace
A blackened soul lit aflame
With passion in its place

Cold tears, hot tears
stream down my cheek
Yet never had I been embraced
and had my knees go weak

The sun has a warm and brilliant face
And She heats our Mother daily
Yet I would yet trade ten thousand suns
For one sincere embrace
Apr 2019 · 263
Deadly Whispers
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
Whispers fill the air
They fall on straining ears
Who want to hear the reds and blues
Of those who are not there

Smirking with delight
They draw close and near
Looking at the figure lone
Their snickers left in night

Crafting yet smiling
They turn and greet their (friend)
Loner, who is statue still
Is warmed by their lying

but unknown to the figure lone
His friend had drawn his blade
And left it in his back
For everyone to see.
Apr 2019 · 287
I sit beneath the Willow
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
I sit beneath the willow
As all my thoughts run free
Skipping through the meadow
Of true tranquility

I sit beneath the willow
As winds begin to blow
I feel the stumble of my thoughts
Into the valley's low

I sit beneath the willow
As rains begin to pour
I hear the gurgle of my thoughts
Till thoughts I think no more

A cloudy sky is all I see
A mind of dull torpidity
I sit beneath the willow
I sit beneath the willow
Apr 2019 · 629
Take Me to that Quiet Place
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
Take me to that quiet place
Take me to that quiet place
away from functions of the day
Both mindless work and child’s play
Oh! Heart and Mind both loudly say
Take me to that quiet place

Wishing for that quiet place
Wishing for that quiet place
Timeless hours stretch the night
Twilight filled with bright moonlight
Oh! I wish for life’s alight
For silence of that quiet place

Behold at last! That quiet place
Behold at last that quiet place
Silent air leaves soothing ear
A beating heart most scarcely here
Light descends and I call dear
Take me to that quiet place.
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