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  Dec 2020 CZ
a  beauty so alluring
that blue black whipped cream
a different feeling
every time it feels like a new dream
a silent smile
making me feel light
oh sky! what a beautiful night
those constellations ,the big bright moon, glowing stars...each and every time I see I can't take my eyes away from them
  Dec 2020 CZ
standing in
a desert with
train tracks in
front of me
a train
with windows
facing me, and
doors facing
the oasis across
the tracks.

as if i was
meant to see
the passengers
playing Parcheesi
& preparing
to walk
the lush
green grass
and drink
icy cool
where i
can't reach

- - -

i'm burning
in the heat
& my stomach
is churning
the sand
i swallowed
down my
sandpaper throat.

i missed
a train that
everyone i
has boarded
& i can't
get on a train
that won't

i don't know
why i didn't
buy a ticket
i never
knew about.

and now,
it's too

how did
everyone else
to stand
in line?

why am i
the only one
who isn't
on this train?

i want
to join

praying for
a reprieve.

how i long
for the
cool scented breeze
under the
tall palm trees
where they are.
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