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It feels adventurous to walk a trail,
Lest we forget the ones who blazed it,
Go this way and all is well,
Envious of, who first appraised it,

Freedom found in a world anew,
Blessed they that walked in silence,
Those society could not subdue,
Who made a life by sheer defiance,

We follow now, so thankful for,
Discovered beauty they chose to share,
But leave the trail, to go explore,
And sometimes be the one to dare,

Janet Doyle Sep 9
The sun is shining brightly,
and I feel the urge to go,
But there’s something in the shadows,
that I just have to know,
This pull of dual worlds splitting,
that the brightness seeks to clean,
But I know the pain of darkness,
for my heart lies in between,
And I am being called to,
God’s good ray of light,
Even as my soul is seeking,
for the comfort of the night,

Janet Doyle Sep 8
I think that it’s the questions,
Some innocently ask,
That cause me such turmoil,
I falter at the task,
The problem is the answer,
Is often rather dark,
So then I try to lighten,
Though tend to miss the mark,
Too vaguely do I tell it,
And it never really sets,
But the closer I get to truthful,
The more uncomfortable it gets,
I struggle with a balance,
To tell the truth and lie,
Cause no one likes the answers,
That cause beliefs to go awry,
It’s compartmentalized compassion,
Just for situations, pre-explained,
Have replaced real human empathy,
For the many types of pain,
And I think it’s true of many,
What you see isn’t what you get,
And that really is a topic,
Society chooses to forget.

Janet Doyle Sep 5
The cold it creeps into you,
And it will slow you down,
It numbs your heart,
And withers your soul,
And turns your mind around,

Chilled fingers twining inward,
Creates ice along your spine,
It blinds your eyes,
And freezes your ears,
Til the cold is all you can find,

And a life of unending winter,
Growing frost bitten and old,
Or time and again,
You can step in the flame,
And never let yourself get cold.  

Janet Doyle Aug 28
Freedom, the long forgotten dream,          
Do you remember?
Shining in the morning, just a distant gleam,
What was it that you wanted,
And are you as you seem?

Is it you that lost it, careless in your ways,
Or was it everyone
A sacrifice freely given, to make for better days,
Was it worth it?
And are we better off now, here in this modern haze?

What is the price of freedom, dream though it may be?
Security and comfort,
That is the question isn’t it? so now we start to see,
Subtly it happens,
We lose our dreams of freedom, and join society.

But is that the way it is, or just what we’ve been told?
Who made those rules,
Do we have to sell our freedom, for another person’s gold?
Society gives no security,  and it’s gilt is chipped and old.

But the world is much the same, as when we turned our eyes,
There are still the forests, rivers, deserts, seas, and skies,
That freedoms just forgotten, and maybe plagued with lies.

Don’t we all still see it, in the morning light?
Don’t we all still feel it, as evening turns to night?
Don’t let freedom be forgotten, it’s not to sell for comfort,
It is our human right.

J. Doyle
Janet Doyle Aug 26
I’m taking this emotion,
And putting it right here,
Be it feelings or a notion,
It’s better over there,
Less inside to cause commotion,
Less pain and thoughts and care,
My mind in constant motion,
So much to see and hear,
To save from an explosion,
And lead me through despair,
My voice my own promotion,
My heart ripped out to share,
My mindfulness devotion,
My soul much more aware.

Janet Doyle Aug 25
Life is waiting,
When I’m unsure,
I can’t decide,
What life is for,
I am tired,
I wait for night,
I cannot sleep,
I wait for light,
Waiting, waiting,
I think that I,
Am waiting for,
My turn to die,
But someday soon,
I’ll find inside,
Maybe tomorrow,
I can decide,
For now I’m waiting,
Don’t know what for,
But I need some time,
And then some more.

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