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A discarded cloak, a painted mask,
Thrown carelessly upon the embers,
I looked away, and I didn’t ask,
The axe forgets what the tree remembers,
A line was spoken, so out of place,
Breaking the silence that should of stayed,
A movement forward, to see your face,
Entangled emotions, poorly played,
Tears of sorrow, but of little use,
Are glistening on the bonds untied,
The rope I threw became a noose,
Wrapped about the words you lied,

Janet Doyle Jan 7
The highwayman came riding and he knocked upon my door,
And how my eyes did brighten, I’d not seen his kind before,
Returning from adventure, his blue eyes twinkled so,
His golden hair was sparkling, his rapier sat low,
The evening sun was setting, brightest crimson was the sky,
I knew that his quick hello would soon be a goodbye,
For his smile was full of mischief as I opened up that door,
And his slim form slid right past me tracking mud upon the floor,
The stories he was telling made my spirit lift and fly,
Then the sorrow that came after as he bowed his head to cry,
For friends he’d lost and failures just as many as the wins,
And how there is no telling if the adventure ever ends,
The highwayman left riding as I closed the heavy door,
And I just can’t shake the feeling, I won’t see his kind no more.

Janet Doyle Jan 6
A touch of somber,
I’d like to lose,
A melancholy,
I didn’t choose,
A whisper of pain,
Just barely said,
Momentary doubt,
And constant dread,
Rejection festers,
Betrayal stings,
When lies like acid,
Destruction brings,
The Tower falling,
Exhaustion, pain,
Exchanging my hope,
For winter’s rain.

Janet Doyle Dec 2022
And storms may come, obscure the day,
The sky to weep it’s bitter tears,
Though darkness reigns, there is a way,
A hope that’s found within the fears,
A winding path, through gnarled trees,
With thorns and brambles catching skin,
A horizon lost on blackened seas,
And waves that hit who dares to swim,
The darkest night will show the stars,
They’re shining brighter from the black,
As does a soul riddled with scars,
There never was a turning back.

Janet Doyle Dec 2022
An echo in forever,
Illusions shattered on the ground,
And I will wait for never,
Somewhere nowhere to be found,
A mirror reflecting backwards,
There’s a smile that will not fade,
A clock that don’t move forward,
Blinding sunshine in the shade,
True freedom is in losing,
Laughing at both wants and needs,
Accepting in the choosing,
If I’m planting graves or seeds,
You should follow me and lead me,
In the lies you find what’s true,
The darkness is where we can see,
All the light of me and you.

Janet Doyle Dec 2022
There comes a cold December when the snow covers the ground,
It softens all the edges and it mutes all of the sound,
I shiver in my jacket and I think of sunset skies,
When the birds were singing sweetly and color of your eyes,

There’s a fire that’s burning somewhere and it warms the winter’s night,
While the wind blows past the window,
clouds obscure the pale moonlight,

And there’s blankets full of comfort lying softly in a pile,
Somewhere, somehow, I will get there to remain a little while,
While the snow gets ever deeper and the cold seems here to stay,
Though it be a cold December we can chase the cold away.

Janet Doyle Jul 2022
I feel the water through my fingers,
I chase serenity and peace,
And what I wanted how it lingers,
A dream forgotten, doesn’t cease.
Though the catacombs were winding,
The water still came rushing in,
And the guideposts I was finding,
Hadn’t shown me how to swim,
Getting deeper, fear of drowning,
Emotions swirling in the dark,
Only seconds, downward counting,
In the wet there is no spark,
With the night sky up above me,
The forest air I thought I’d found,
A cavern’s ceiling, I blink to see,
And a past of tombs, all around,
Another turn, though convoluted,
I’m quite at home, here in the black,
Thunder roaring, lightning muted,
Twisting, bending, going back,
When the moon rose, light in darkness,
I break the surface, gasp the air,
And swim for shore, follow madness,
The land is burning in despair.

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