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Just a tweak of perspective,
I somehow have to find,
And maybe looking upside down,
Will help untangle or unwind,
For a solution must be somewhere,
And if I delve into my mind,
If I sift through all the clutter,
And remove what makes me blind,
There! There before me,
Or maybe it’s behind,
Is the path that I’m not seeing,
A way eluding, undefined,
But once I can just glimpse it,
Then, then I’ll be inclined,
To follow it to hell and back,
Through pain and lessons, intertwined.

Janet Doyle Aug 3
I want to climb mountains!
To experience everything this great world has to offer!
I want my legs to quake with exhaustion,
My body to become the stuff of steel!
Sweat to fall from me like a waterfall in springtime,
And my lungs to gasp for breath as a drowning man’s last hope.
I want towering pinnacles that plummet into the blackest depths,
Mountain tops where only me and the eagles dare go,
And the ancient valleys that the river has carved throughout all eternity,
I want freezing rain that turns to blizzards,
And the sweltering heat of hell itself,
Because this is life my friends!
This is why we were born.

JDoyle (this isn’t really poetry, but it’s heartfelt)
Janet Doyle Jul 31
Time and again was history lost,
For a tyrant will reign at any cost,
Our books destroyed,
and minds subdued,
Or heroes slandered,
and spirits abused,
But hope, like life will find a way,
A light will shine, there’ll be a new day,
And hidden, kept hidden,
safely away,
Once thought destroyed,
forever to stay,
The wisdom that our ancestors knew,
They kept it for us, and never withdrew,
But waited, they waited,
through the long night,
To be revealed,
when the timing was right.
Fear not the darkness, just use it well,
And when the sun rises, there’ll be a new tale.

Janet Doyle Jul 26
The sun came up this morning, in a sky of pink, yellow and red,
I pulled my blankets up to my chin and snuggled all warm in my bed,
The sky of sapphire brightened, on a warm and glorious day,
I lay in a soft pile of comfort and I dreamed all the morning away,
When noon arrived in it’s vibrance, with sounds of the world outside,
I shut my eyes up tight to the light, and found I could sleep if I tried,
Now the day it so does linger, with such beauty and splendor to see,
I wake and I stretch and I smile at today, and thank it for letting me be.

Janet Doyle Jul 21
The wind it calls me, come along, to the lands that wait anew,
The mountain thrums and beckons to me, see the peaks I’ve made for you,
The sea it whispers then it roars, leave the world behind, askew,
My heart to pound and soul to go, tempered always by today,
To return and wait again, as again I’m called away,
As my heart aches from the beating  and my soul screams for release,
Away, away, from lands I know, not every soul desires peace,
But banners bright and shining mail, and clashing swords that seek the heart,
Or gunsmoke thick and cannon’s roar,
And charges brave as lives depart,
Pirate flags on winds of change above a rocking deck of gore,
Flying crafts take to the skies, and seek frontiers, forevermore,
Dystopia, a chance to fight, as society does fray,
And all the while, my restless soul, leads me once again, away.

Janet Doyle Jul 20
Turn the world around,
And make it new for me,
Sing without a sound,
And tell me what could be,
For all is lost and found,
And promises I see,
Your eyes that so confound,
Though still I will agree,
For wonders yet abound,
You set my spirit free.

Janet Doyle Jul 16
I could say it’s the freedom,
With no one to tell me no,
And I love when I’m deciding,
Just where and when to go,

I might say it’s the quiet,
Of silence all around,
No voice to mar the beauty,
Of time without a sound,

I’ll add it’s the adventure,
When all I have is me,
There’s really nothing like it,
The wonders that I see,

But the time I spend alone,
Is when my soul can rest,
And really it’s the company,
It’s when I like me best.

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