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Mar 29
As i rise from the ashes,
I dust myself off the dust of the ashes
Although im the son of the soil
And so shall i return like the soil i am
My journey's wit trying not to wither away
I may trip and fall on this trip of ego
I have to still stand and proceed
This i have to do for my seed
Noone knows to what extent life is continuous
So arise the need to always be victorious
To an extent  have become vicious,
Although not to victimise victims
The vices i employ from advices hath maketh me devise malicious advances
Anticipating the day i will be flying high like birds of prey such as the Phoenix
Still i have to be patient as the Sphinx
Take time with every step to step out of the paradigms of pyramids and theorems
Pharaohs are my ancestry,
Dynasties is my accendence,
The world is my kingdom
My baptismal of fire has given me rite of passage to the throne
Lust, greed, evil, in my empire i do not condone
For like a mason i have built myself to be the temple of the creator.
By power of the creator,
By advocacy of ancestors,
By my discipline
Written by
Masibulele Ntsepo  30/M/Lusikisiki, South Africa
(30/M/Lusikisiki, South Africa)   
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