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Mar 29
Have a time of your life, this is your timeline)
Theres nothing new under the sun, said Emperor Haile Selasi's ancestor, The wise king Solomon the star of King David
In this kingdom of galaxies, life is not a rehearsal
For some mistakes theres no reversal
And pain is universal like the weather
(You have to be robin' hood, coz you have been robbed of your princehood of your dynasty),
(Thats just dynamics of life, dynamite comes in small packages)
Be at peace that you gonna get a piece of devine dividends
Coz the world is far from innocence
As above as below
Let thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
The creator judges us for sin
We the people judge each other for crimes against each other
(Rise in peace in Sudan)
Be at peace like a monk coz he finds his from deep inside,
Connecting to spirituality tranquility beyond infinity
Do you think you can find sanity in insanity of confusion
Love is the law, unconditionally
Love thy neighbour even though they dont love you back
And dont get cheeky, turn the other chick
And just salam alaykum , halleluJah to Allah
Charity begins at home , even if they treat you like a charity case, on your case
Im not even gonna mention friends,
(Coz theres many different kinds,
Theres natural,  theres unnatural
An enemy of my enemy is my friend and a friend of my friend is my friend)

...We rebirth, also through baptismal
So when you go through baptismal of fire ,
Just more fire like a Rastafari
And let the inferno el nino deep inside erupt like a flood of lava
And scorch to ashes the demons in the depths of your deepest darkness
And rise like a Caterpillar of  a phoenix-dragon breathing fire
Dont take externalities to heart, (exhale)
But usher it like through the red sea, dont let it burn like Usher
Gold is converted through heat
And pressure makes diamonds
Dont reach for the body ,reach for the soul as that is the true being
As we are not in battle with flesh and blood but with evil , spiritually lurking from the shadows, in search to devour and destroy
Keep calm and steel-still in silence
Seek wisdom
Written by
Masibulele Ntsepo  30/M/Lusikisiki, South Africa
(30/M/Lusikisiki, South Africa)   
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