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rose hopkins Mar 8
Mother,aunt,we're all of these
Lover,nanny,friend and foe
Each different face,we're all of those
But in the end
At the heart of it
At the point that is
The crux of it
We shine our light
'Cos we exist.
For international women's day.
If I were a wise old fool
Or a duck out of luck
Would I count my money
by thimble or by a dumping truck

I'm glad I have no such problems
I broke the rules and bank
I own a four cornered mansion
On every street with steeply sloping banks

I have no problems eating
I mark every foodline on a map
I own stock in Salvation Army
I bought off this persuasive chap

I worry not for tomorrow
Today is good enough for me
I've been told I have no future
So say the fortune tellers that is all they see

Oh well , oh whale , oh wail
It doesn't matter me
Time now for a free lunch
Then in your alley I will surely go to ***
rose hopkins Feb 16
A warm cwtch
A safe place
A smiling face.
rose hopkins Feb 15
Blinded by arrogance
You hold the key
What kind of impudence
Ignores the plea
For fairness.
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