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Example Jul 2019
How it’s advised in a relationship to not tell lies,
you tend to think those things you keep is to prevent from hurting
but its to cover up as you cheat,
its more selfish on your part
you keep braking my heart,
the truth is much more deserving,
its quit terrible some of the things you've  done,
some are good, some are bad, some made me happy, sad and mad, some are embarrassing and some you’d wish you never had,
how you try to cover it all up,
but lie after lie you'll just get caught up,  
there are those things that you tend to forget
not important to remember it,
now that might be many things you've done,
most all bad i hope you had fun,
if it was something in the past you'd like to keep
hidden but that never last,
and it will become draining you'll see
but you started the lie
it wasn't me,
how our relationship became nothing
just another lie
Example Jun 2019
To the one up above
whomever it is,
I'm coming to U with a big favor to ask for forgiveness for my life's misbehavior,
to make it clear and to ask for forgiveness for my sins,
with all honesty and certainty,
To be given the chance in a next life
To make it right,
since in this lifetime i must have turned left instead of right,
went down a path everyone would dread,
it started of fun at first
but as i got further
my world started to burst,
along with those around me like a very bad curse,
turning upside down & and all around,
like a funhouse with all the bad "CLOWNS",
all the choices "I" have made,
i take full responsibility for these mistakes i Carrie everyday,  
realizing and came to my senses,
with a conclusion in which it stands,
how i became the example of the one's life of regrets and consequences from living as i am,
I turned down the wrong path and it hit me hard,
my existence became real i became lifes example of how easy it is to end up here,
how turning left instead of right,
can be the worst decision of your life
so here I stand i became who i am,
the example of how life will be if you live as I am,
to show the consequences of what youll become,
but once again doesn't excuse me for what I've done wrong,
that's why I'm asking for forgiveness for the bad choices that I've lived,
To be reincarnated so my next life can begin,

— The End —