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Mia Mcdaniel Jan 7
I love you
I don’t mean I love you
I mean the Adrenaline that rush up my spin at the thought of your smile
The joy of your smile that makes me smile
The smile drawn across my face
The smile that sit in my eyes though the sun rises and sets south
A speck of your voice that sounds like music in my ears
The way you look at me and smile like your the happiest man on earth
How you are you when you drive me crazy, and make me happy
The way your hands wrap around my waist as you hug me
How you got patience of the world with me
The wya you express yourself like a blooming rose
Though I don’t love Your looks though your hotter than the sun that sets in autumn night
Though I don’t love the things you give me but the thought and love you put in
Though I don’t love the things you do for me but your kindness and efforts
I love you for who you are not for what you have, will have or what you give me.
Mia Mcdaniel Jan 6
He tells me how my eyes flicker in the sunlight
How my straight hair flow in the air
The way my dress fit skin tight
The perfection of my curves
How I stop his breath as I pass by
Hey he way my smile becomes his dreams
How my brown eyes are puddle of honey
Though the more I stare in the mirror the clear I see
How my eyes cannot compare to the shine of stars
How I wish my hair would curl though it was styled
The way I’m disgusted of my body
How I wish I had thin legs, flat belly though I was a model
The way I hid every time I pass by him
Wishing he would never see my ugliness
Oh I wish I can hide the smile that shows the ugly teeth’s
So ugly it cry’s every time someone cracks a joke
Sorry that my brown eyes cannot compare to blue eyes
Though he says I’m pretty my eyes see nothing but ugly
They say” beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
Mia Mcdaniel Jan 5
Radio plays *** sound
I hear let me pull your dress down
Though I was taught roses, candles, dinner dates
But the boy next door talks let me blow her out
The boy in high says her jeans are tighter
Though I was taught sweet compliments... but group of men talks how his girl moves
My innocents leave like melting butter
I question myself as a girl is this what I’m for?
for ***** words that comes out of a mans tongue to slander me?
For them to debate whether I’m pretty or not with their judge mental minds....
My parents never told me the reality as a female
What are we to them..objects?
Though Cardi B is no good example
I don’t belong to anyone I say
I say I belong to me, myself and I
Mia Mcdaniel Jan 5
Can sorry bring back the life we had
Can sorry repair our trust
Can sorry repair my shattered heart
Can sorry make my pain go away
Can sorry repair our love
Can sorry bring back the dead
Can sorry stop the words from bleeding
Can sorry reverse time
Can sorry stop time
HOW can you say sorry
Can sorry take back the words you threw
Does sorry stop the painful tears
Does sorry make me hate you less
Does that disgusting word change anything
Does sorry make you love, make you happy
Can sorry change what you did
HOW could you
Can your words change anything
If sorry helped we wouldn’t have police officers
Mia Mcdaniel Jan 5
They come and go
The lie and tell the truth
As I learned to never trust
Trust in words someone says
But the eyes never lie
Eyes come and go though they never lie
Her eyes show the pain she hides
Her eyes show the troubles
Her eyes show the lie she tells
Her eyes show her true color
His words may say the sky is green but his eyes says blue
The eyes never lie
Mia Mcdaniel Jan 5
How do I do this.....
How do I leave....
How do I say goodbye.....
How do I leave not knowing if you’ll be here when I come back....
How do I say goodbye knowing this might be my last time....
How do I walk out the door knowing this might be the last time I see your smile....
How do I do this.....
How do I not shed a tear....
How do I not break.....
How do I leave without my heart breaking
How do I leave without crying a river....
How do I do this knowing you might forget me....
Even though this is all for you how do I do this....
Even if you might not remember me...
Even if I cry..
Even if I break like glass...
Even if I walkout....
Even if I sacrifice everything this is for your future....
Mia Mcdaniel Dec 2020
I ran pass a place before dawn...
A place in the back of my head like a Width of memory blowing in the wind like a rotten leaf
A leaf that sadly fallen from autumn tree
A lead once was on a tree branch knowing eventually it will fall
A leaf that wish it can say “thank you next” like a song in the breeze
Though it brings nothing but “photograph” of seasons
Seasons of tears that leaves nothing but sad memories
A leaf that sits in a shower if rain to hide it’s painful tears
A leaf that has fallen down stream
A stream of photographs
Photographs which was taken in good intentions
Photographs of first sprouts
Photographs of buds that bloom in spring
Photographs of blossoms that fruits as bees buzz
Photographs that leaves you nothing
Nothing but a stream of pain
A stream that hurts to swim in
A stream that once tore you apart
A stream that is now nothing but a rotten leaf in the wind that blows in the back of my mind.
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