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Fernweh Sep 2018
I frequently wonder if you feel the way I do,
this newfound awareness that I can't explain.
Like missing something I never possessed.
I often ask myself if what I felt was real
And I wonder whether you feel it too?

Do you just let your feelings marinate
or wait for them to fade away like memories do?
But there's the problem you see!
Escaping is usually easy for me,
but I can't seem to escape you.

You remain in my thoughts, a steady presence.
Somedays like a bag of bricks weighing me down,
making me miserable, not saying a word,
letting the silence pass.
On other days, I carry you like a fragile piece of glass.
In my palms I hold it, hoping I don't lose or break it
because your memory is all I have...for now
and what a beautiful memory it is!

All need,though, is a sign from you
And I will know for sure...yes! it was real! that you felt it too!

But reality is a mystery you see, just like you
And our story, shy, waiting to be explored, just like me.

— The End —