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  Mar 28 Maddy
Krista Delle Femine
I want to be his medicine
I want to heal his soul
I want to bring him peace
Like he has never known
I want to bring him chaos, too
I want to bring it all
Give him pain and comfort
With my wild call
He sits on perches
Preening, playing,
Perfect to view
He wants for nothing
So what’s a hen to do?
He does not sing or caw or call
He thinks he’s already said it all
And frankly he could stay silent
And still be worth the time
Quiet bird
He may be free
When his cage is only imaginary
Maddy Mar 28
Baby Gray Dove was searching for food and gave up.
Spread her wings and flew way up high
How I wished I could have joined her
It's damp and about to shower for hours
The Oldies about the Rain fill my head as I continue walking
There will be a rainbow at some point with our Father saying Hi from way up above
Another Rain song

Maddy Mar 23
It's raining.
It's pouring.
The ark might have to get here.
There's a pigeon furiously flapping her wings on someone's roof.
Maybe a signal or cry for help?
After a few minutes of struggle, another bird joins her.
Flies up and calms her down.
They fly away and the drama ends on a very rainy day

Maddy Mar 17
No matter what it was
Or is it , that it reached you in ways you never expected.
It capttured your heart,soul,amd mind
Many likes between someday and today.
Enjoy your journey every moment and as much as possible,
Was it speaking to you?

Maddy Mar 16
Are priorities set in stone?
Are they malleable?
Are there three sides to facts and truth?
Are beliefs sacred or have they lost their meaning on desert or sacred air?
Can we learn from yesterday?
Undersfand and accept today.
Be ready for tomorrow.
Enabling is awful.
Supporting any enabler is unacceptable no matter their station in life
The impact on your life is beyond measure
Hstory continues to teach us
Common sense is still alive and well
Remain educated and never stop learning
While you are at it, pick up a book,magazine,or newspaper
Go to the library
It remains to be seen

Maddy Mar 13
Not a  political message
Find a place in your heart and soul to do good
Contribute funds or time
Quit complaining
If you have been down on tbe floor
Get up as best you can
The Naysayer doomsday folks stay clear
Not a Pollyanna
Not Mickey Mouse
Remain Positive

Maddy Mar 13
Used to walk in Harmony
Melody has changed
Lyrics have a far different meaning
The chorus means what it used to but somehow you forgot the words that you sang at the top of your lungs
Still friends but the Music has changed
It is sad but moving forward time has gone away
You are lost in a shuffle where we had yesterday
Not sure ahout today or tomorrow
You are here and there
Yet far away
The Music has changed not the memories
The Journey continues but not sure  of us because the Music has changed as the friendshilp is stuck in another time and place

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