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Yenson Feb 12
White thieves, Extortionists and Gangsters
declare me a grass for standing up to them
they said they were going to ruin and destroy me
I refused to be intimidated
Do your worst I replied I've done nothing wrong
Now I'm jobless and a pariah
isolated, harassed and hounded
made untouchable like a *****
they tell me gleefully
A criminal grass will be killed
A non criminal Grass will be made to **** himself
They said they'll make my life hell
We will wreck your mind with terrors and nightmares
make you a void of nothing but emotional pain and sorrow
each and every hour of each and every day
No help or support, no progress no joy
Just absolute miseries till you top yourself
We rule this manor they said, we have connections
No one will dare come to your aid or rescue
We are the gods and goddesses in this Nation
If anyone help you they become like you
we can find secrets to make offers they daren't refuse
We know the pedos, the secret thieves and the adulterers
We know the sins they all hide from their neighbours
from the Preachers to the Politicians to the man on the Square
And if by chance we can't find any dirt, we'll make it up
and cake you in mud like a Michelangelo's David
and make it stick, like we do with you, innocent stainless man
Your days are numbers, just go top yourself
In dire straits, alone and without support anywhere
No I say, I am not frighten of you ad stand in truth
I know and have someone more powerful than you all
He is called GOD.....come do your worst......
Yenson Feb 11
Stop trying to engulf me in your open septic wounds
desist from washing your tears with my eyes
cease exchanging your mouthpieces for words not mine
don't share my vision with your nightmares

Stop inviting me to your carnivals of clowns and fools
restrain from writing your dirges using my name
abstain  running your hatred in my fields and meadows
cry shy of using my absolution for your redemption

Stop faking my honest heart to deceive your ******
disallow my contemplation in your depravities
bar your cowardice's as they ****** defeat from victory
extinguish your mediocrity at the expense of your insignificance
Yenson Feb 11
You have been analysed
verified and classified
contextualized and indexed
you are superfluous and inconsequential
the only danger you pose is to yourselves
because you habitually re-ingest the toxins you emit
animals lick their wounds to anesthetize and heal
some reptiles shed their skins to regrow and mature
some like some lizards even loose tails and limbs that regrow
but you display simpleton kamikaze characteristics
in fear you emit odious poisons copiously
some frogs are known to do this
but unlike them you ingest yours
and re-swallow them again so
thus your innards are rotten and toxic
and you're dying internally
mercifully you're unaware
dying spooks
dying ghosts
Yenson Feb 9
Then they look within themselves
and could find nothing of what I am
and even more nothing of who I am
but saw so much of what they could never be
and in great sorrow and defeated anger
and in boiling envy and belittling jealousy
trapped empty minds filled with rancorous angst
how they vent in riotous self loathing at best-est
insignificant in beings they crave attention
seeking to register somehow to make their day
for within they suffer and lack so much
in essence of non-importance without status
other than those mired in cheap resentments
of those that shine and they could never be
those that unwittingly remind them
they are little lots with little graces
their bane to hide in cowardly shame
I stand as a lion and watch sheeps a-baaing
ahhh.­...poor white sheep..baa baa sheep
Feb 9 · 34
The Volga boat men
Yenson Feb 9
I was a humble man
quietly plodding on flying below the radar
No air or graces or do you know who I am
then they sent me darkness and started the trial
and made me acknowledge what a brilliant and gifted man I am
Beneath every cloud I found the silver lining
and realized that stars dazzle brilliantly
against the black-drop of darkness' sins
And the whites of illuminated days
hide **** atrocious lies and secrets
for diseased dirt and ills hide homely
in translucent spotless hues and pores
The practiced timeless cons of ages
by ageless con merchants
Yenson Feb 9
Witless and gullible
unambitious and narrow minded

Raised in common land by common minds
chained in us and them from birth to grave

Doubts ingrained in feeble brains where self-worth a-missing
in compare and contrast the ill-equipped in judgement dire

Aspiration is a sin only committed by the bores and level headers
in one track groove their lives meander in doubts roller-coasters

Core-less and spine-less in a valueless belief system hinged on doubts
the march of sheep on leads rally down the Blame game collectives

Ingesting the doubtless-es of the absolute doubtful charlatanism
alien to selves and introspection never in contemplation they roll

In vainglorious sham they ***** the doubts of their ******* minds
in blind vision our dear ignoramuses think we all ingest their doubts
The law of diminishing returns states that: – "If an increasing amounts of a variable factor are applied to a fixed quantity of other factors per unit of time, the increments in total output will first increase but beyond some point, it begins to decline".
Feb 8 · 97
Rare mushroom.....
Yenson Feb 8
Had always wondered

why there was never any complaints

in hot sweaty foam its was tightest clinches

racing heartbeats, sweet surrender and flushed smiles

shared joys in warming embraces and touching afterglow

in real affinity we had climbed, floated past fire and reached clouds

Many had never been there, never soared and feel it like they do now

I can see why the snow-drips will haul icy barbs and pale resentments

thorough-bred stallion beyond compare powered by that Arab moor

Nothing beats the best each and every time

Never, ever a single complaint just joy

any wonder you make the lessers

sick with envy and complex hate
move it.....
Yenson Feb 8
They rave over the rock stars
and over the actors and actresses
They rave over men who drive at breakneck speeds
and over those that kick ***** and women who bare all
They rave over Leaders who ****** women and children
and those that get in a ring and hit each others heads to pulp
and they rave over me who did nothing but saw nothing to rave about......
Sages in wisdom states, They are stark raving mad, its all there to see
loss of insight is a major ingredient of insanity, where is clarity or sensible reasoning among-st raving nutters in celebration of absurdity
Yenson Feb 6
With cumberband minds
force-fed at loonies lavish farye
they craved drama inglorious
oh! how they toiled and rucked
buzzing network and false gossips
placing and planting, plotting air
bent scribes with insipid triggers
nonsensical rhymes with no reasoning
seeds of doubts numpties are relaying
as if all stated has automatic entry and impact
too ignorant, they are simple and transparent
while being self-possessed, matured and wise
lifts you far from the maddening crowd
mind control by mindless cons and trolls
asinine moves by ***** movers
aroused hysteria of hysterical duds
dripping wet with anticipation
they awaited Drama
haha the schmucks
All They got is
I'm Done...
Psychological violence by malignant narcissists can include verbal and emotional abuse, toxic projection, stonewalling, sabotage, smear campaigns, triangulation along with a plethora of other forms of coercion and control. This is imposed by people who lacks empathy, are inadequate and unbalanced, demonstrates an excessive sense of entitlement and engages in interpersonal exploitation to meet their own needs at the expense of the right of others.
They want to  erode and diminish Your sense of self, you are relentlessly stalked, harassed and bullied by sicko abusers. this is a set-up for covert and insidious ****** of your psyche and sense of safety in the world. Mad racists, deranged sicko gangsters, stinking cheap common thieves and your militants ideologues simpletons loonies seeking relevance, the suckers are so transparent. The ******* keystone mafia  have to discredit, intimidate, terrorize, gag and gas-light to cover their crime, shame and inadequacies. You can't FOOL everyone, people are seeing you for what you are!!!
Yenson Feb 5
Our Democracy recognizes
Freedom, Liberty, Equality and Diversity
Except if you happen to be a Prince of Colour
who is respectable, intelligent, wise, wholesome
charming, industrious, polite, engaging and adequate
who had the gall to stand up to racist thieves and Gangsters
trying to blackmail him and extort Money from him to keep silent
about what these Reprobates consider to be his privileged status
Our Democracy reserve the right
to declare such a person 'Persona non Gratis'
and therefore to commence a direct Action attack
fronted by our Socialist friends, assorted crooks and scums
fooled and coerced members of the public, wasters and lowlife
Such a person will be hounded and harassed, intimidated, bullied
isolated and gang-stalked and subjected to Red-baiting indefinitely.
This is a Revolution to protect our comrade racists and Thieves crimes
Because as born Oppressors with rich History
having claimed the right of Masters of the whole wide world
and plundered *****, looted and annexed all over the seven Seas
and spread, divisions, discord, intrigue, chicanery, envy and jealousy
we can arbitrary decide said coloured Prince is to be denied all Rights
We condemn said person as a greedy parasite and the thieves victims
This said person is also a traitor to other people of colour as he is
not a semi-skilled, half educated, Uncle Tom or a gang-member
Satire on Diversity and Socialism...
Yenson Feb 4
Evil Doers Never Thinks Well Of Anyone


They See Others In Their Own


Hazrath Imaam Ali
Feb 4 · 32
We own this city.....
Yenson Feb 4
Bespoke embroidered trimmings of white laces
the haughty malice of shunned tattered petticoats
flounced in tempestuous rage the fear of exposure
glimpses of shaming pox and stinking boils underneath
for the soft fleece snow must glint pristine and picturesque
the spotless carpet over the quagmire of mucky dirt beneath

Murderous intentions tailored by dire skilled crafts
exacting measurements truncated to be fitted as a kipper
in mills and ivory towers damasks and brocade in silk and satin
laid down, trampled, stained distressed and ripped into sackcloth
in honeyed voices painted faces murdered fabrics in deceitful ways
in white petticoats embattled none gets a peak past the décolletage

Perchance molls find honour in stark dishonour
for when purity and innocence was lost and nakedness sin
the tale spoke that leaves turned covers and Eve blazed trails
the forked tongues of serpents ring out all lands here and yonder
remember He that spake the truth was strung up on Roman wood
what chance have you Kaffir daring to reject and expose the malignant tumors of the Pearls of Lucifer in Janet Reger's petticoats
Feb 2 · 33
Na na na na....
Yenson Feb 2
He has shown he is better than them all
and oh! how that pained and shamed them all
they crawled in all shape and sizes to the wrecking ball
the lynching tree at Montgomery tree expecting to see the fall
goons, hoods, goats and sheep are still waiting with brains so small
in bravery and dignity he poured scorn and left their heads in squalls
Yenson Feb 2
hangs jacketed and small
erratic and unattractive
difficult to wake and tires easily
hirsute and untidy in wiry facade
nestling against mushy spongy white prop
weak, ineffectual, lazy and unimaginative
quick firing tool of tools hanging loose in useless repose
most walk away rather than engage this dissatisfying goon
always spotted in pharmacies asking for some blue pills
Feb 2 · 20
Not on my watch......
Yenson Feb 2
Fear is for others
as clarity abhors shadows
and the unstained conscience
keeps counsel with doves and talents
what is to fear but fear itself who I know, fears me
Feb 2 · 27
Organic Love.....
Yenson Feb 2
My kind of love

is not propped up in neon lights

wears camouflage fatigues and draws battle lines

for its in worth combined that our love is worthy

it concurs that with hearts real and true

the only power necessary

is the ecstatic pull

that compels our


in worthy



Yenson Feb 1
The Dolphin
velvety smooth
elegantly sculptured
big and strong
exquisitely passionate
rhythmic in motion
great stamina
amazing Technic
discerning and gentle
nothing compares
simply the best...............
Yenson Feb 1
T'is the age of the Sheikhs of Bugsdud
resplendent on magic carpet of delusions
how in understated shabby chick these dodgers
hide their short daggers and shun the soaps
once a week is quite enough thanks thee very much
these brave warriors in hooded flairs down in Oz
nurse great resentment like you wouldn't know

Inherent in genes unknown hang shortcomings
by twenty and three the automatic stiffener is gone
in floppy dangling grace they find no led or vroom
thus ensures the quest for the magic blue bullets
while they run and hide from the last dance of day
those that manage the lift give it all up after two minutes
proclaiming better quick than never at all don't you say

There amongst are fetching hues of wood in splendor
hard teaks upping measure for measure longingly ripe
show fielded flowers and see furrows lovingly ploughed
and cries of joy rings out from rafters as every nooks imbue
and crimson flushes tell tales of time well spent in woods
leaving them tall sheikhs fuming and cursing all bothered
reveling in spiteful envy engrossed in dreadful hatred its war

Now add to tinder a renowned Prince of repute à la carte
a charger in wit and wisdom charming beyond compare
a Regent in gold with a sparkling sword like no other around
here comes a recipe for disaster a living nightmare in sheikdom
this esteemed arab dares prances around on the mount of olives
call out the sheikhs with the short daggers open Pandora's box
stop this ***** at all cost, summon all from the Red seafarers

This is no tale for Rome do not quote me rhyme or reason
for its been said that here Prince turned down ivory vessels
dared to answer back our charlatan Tax Collectors an knaves
worst of all he carries a sword unsurpassed and proves capable
charges are greed for owning such a sword incomparable to ours
and greed for not sharing even a touch or a look to those ivories
his fate is henceforth sealed, that sword shall not be polished again

to be continued....
Jan 30 · 103
dystopia agaga......
Yenson Jan 30
The Disturbed want to disturb my mind

My mind says,

" look what they are doing......

they've really lost the plot............

Hey! its a shame they are so really disturbed "

"Better let them be for for there's nothing we can do

They're are in a State of constant arousal "

"Yes! I replied, we know for certainty they are disturbed

Lets remain polite and just look away.........

its not nice watching others suffering while we are unable to help! "

But why are we not disturbed ?, my mind inquired

" Well, if we are, they wouldn't be trying to disturb us "

Lets be thankful..........
Yenson Jan 28
How can those without honour and integrity

comprehend what honour and Integrity are

How do you tell the mindless about reasoning

when the capacity to reason is missing in dense fog

How do you enthuse about honesty to wrongdoers

when chicanery an illegality is passed from father to son

why aim for the road less traveled than the yawning Freeway

Can birds fly without wings or rivers flow without water

will a kite soar without winds or the mindless do noble things

methinks not for strangers in paradise only see a Flower garden

the lesson of life is we need Idiots to showcase Genius
Jan 28 · 36
Its all hush-hush....
Yenson Jan 28
The Studio Head said

its a new initiative by the Republicans

get the Disadvantaged writing soap scripts

those that can put words together in sentences

look. I know its ha ha nonsense by nonsense ha ha

just useless fantasies from one-track unimaginative minds

its never gonna air neither does it have any bearings to reality

but it keeps these immature juveniles busy and off the **** streets

makes the facking schmucks feel important and hides their


its an escape valve for their insanity and we know we have them in


The Studio Head said

its an initiative called ' Giving a Dog a Bone '

the Heads know how to manipulate the disadvantaged

just brain wash the suckers, make them feel part of something

give them a unifying assignment, tell them they can have power

But whatever you do, do not laugh in front of them or make them

realize they are fools on fools errands, that is our secret, keep it
the theory of power
Yenson Jan 27
The DOUBTS of racist thieves and Extortioners
are Nothing but the DUMB doubts
of racist thieves and Extortioners
piping hot turds from lepers
shamed sub-human jivers
screeching dud ghosts
trying to anesthetize
pained open sores
hurting like hell
hoods' turmoil
gangster *******
hoods' fantasists
tools, knobs and
Jan 26 · 28
And so it is....
Yenson Jan 26
And in your Glory dear Lord

you bestowed on your humble servant

the Light that shine forth reaching hearts and minds

that otherwise have no defined purposes other than align with evil

And in wondrous ways you showed them a beacon

anointed noble edifice of blood and flesh

who by being stirred their torments

lance their pains and miseries

troubled and restless are they

disgraced and shamed they recoil

snarling and gnashing their fangs

spitting venom and aberrations

sliding in gore and disfavor

the victims of victims

languishing in white fire

And in your Divine Glory

Your humble servant

praises You
Jan 22 · 34
Vendetta vigilantes...
Yenson Jan 22
Hey, so you are unfulfilled
your life ain't so good
your are ******* and you know it
lack so much and never feeling any good
problems and bad choices plague your ways
insecure and lacking confidence in bodies and minds
deeply unhappy inside and outside leftside and rightside

Hey, so you're sick in the head
deranged inadequate s you go for displacement
look for another to dump on to cause you've got to share
your pain and your miseries cause it makes you feel better
your acts in proportion to your degree of inner turmoil and pain
the fit you seek to  maim an *******, the sane you seek to drive insane
its  their faults that you are just tools with little minds and no talents

Hey! so your white fences has no gloss
lets blame the neighbours for theirs is shinning mahogany
tear it down and stain the wood cause yours can never be like theirs
its always the faults of those that work and strife to better their lives
while you drink pints, make bad choices  then seek victims to blame
its the Jews, its the Tories, its those successful Asians that to blame
So you go displacing your grieves, projecting your **** on blameless others
A story of out times and why the Northerners and most people now saw blue instead of red..
Jan 22 · 19
Yenson Jan 22
" my loss is my gain for I sold out to nobody"
Yenson Jan 20
This regal mind of the Ace, this scared soul,

This Charisma of majestic hue, this heart of Grace,

This other Adam, This man Tower,

This fortress built by Nature for herself

Against infection and the dogs of war,

This happy breed of a man, this unique world,

This precious stone set in the golden sea,

Which serves it in the office of a wall un-vanquished

Or as a moat defensive to a house,

Against the envy of less happier knaves and vagabonds,--

This blessed pilot, this salt of the earth, this gem,

this Diamond Prince unsurpassed......
The measure of a ma's character is what he would do if he knew he never would be found out...Thomas Macaulay.
Only the ******, the disgraced, the Cowards and thieves hide in shadows, and they know why....
Yenson Jan 20
Maybe you missed this first time round
maybe minds were disengaged and delusions rules
maybe you hear No for Yes and Yes for No
Maybe you're just mindless and you imagine others are too
so read again the remembrance of things past
Nothing has changed...

Yeah! it goes as it goes
it is as it is
sing my songs in the market square
and write your fables as sages and scribes
open my soul with blunt sabres and dance in split blood
give me names and titles tied in rags and camphor *****
laugh gaily and follow the trails to the guillotine awaiting
I take the blame though blameless for these sins
but know that an innocent sacrifice begets retribution
as malice cuts in gashing gores and words drip with hemlock
my hue of coal only but readily attracts the flaming fire angst
thus take this blood and if it be my end I will require no blindfold
but permit me a word dear foes
Please know
None here has been a friend
no one held out a hand or a few kind words
see from my eyes how a blameless man is cursed
and held in rack and ruins
see how he called out to a neighbor posing as a friend
hear me, see my plight for I am forlorn and foreign to all this
only to be mocked and insulted
only to be shouted down and betrayed
all these from one shown  nothing but kindness and care
So be my days be extended, be my time reconsidered
in torrential rains or warming radiant sunshine
Please know I say now earnestly open and true
you may write  infinite words
and plant a forest of seeds
swing it here and fling it there
twirl and twist and spin in endless revolves
take it as you may - I hitherto declare in full senses and sanity
I have no friends for none but none had the heart and grace
and to that I reached for in hurting throes
tossed me garbage and sought with aplomb to belittle me
hence, for as dishonorable as it may be
there's no forgiveness in this heart of mine
for that friend that never was
for a deeper cut is yet to be found
So be it the gallows or live another day
I am done,
I am done
I am done.........
Jan 19 · 22
Aye, by the noo....
Yenson Jan 19
The shameless comes to blow their horns
and dud jocks in Brandy vapour extol hot air
lowlifes from highlands pulling putrid thorns
for thistles and barbs in drunken heads has no flair
running from the busies hiding in mainland by the noos
on burns night the soot will still hang high unfazed by lies
the black and tan and all know you all and whats in your lair
the shameless held in contempt has no draw and still lives in dire
An old shanty song by sailors and vagabond of old when they've had too much to drink and are missing home....
Jan 19 · 23
War child......
Yenson Jan 19
Shallow is my mind
shallow are my thoughts
so shallow are my speech and my sight
I'd never walked down dusty dried paths
carrying a slate and chalk to learn in village shack
never had a whack from mallam for not learning my lines
never played under the moonlight as the owls hoot and swoop
never ran away in fright as the hunters with charms and cutlasses
walk through barbs and thickets carrying bush games on shoulders
never seen dead bodies laying bloated by the streams when flooded
never had my belly hungry looking for nuts locusts as mama cries

Shallow is my mind
shallow are my thoughts and ways
I drink the freshest milk and eat hot or cold
my life is dandy as I am handy with all my comforts
so i can sit in bliss and think about love and making out
I can get on my computer and write nonsense all day long
with no depth to me my vacuous mind has time to trawl crazily
I have it all yet I cannot see anything for there are nothing in me
fakers are all around me even my friends come easy and go so easy
I know physical love for that is all I see as my Pa left and Ma is busy with number three
oh hate envy and jealousy lives in me its all my mind can deal with
Yenson Jan 19
When you put pigs in charge of Democracy
you get pigswill and muck!!
playing ***** chess
and eating bacon butties
unaware of the irony
enough said!!.....

Within the dialogues of Plato, the founding father of Greek Philosophy – Socrates – is portrayed as hugely pessimistic about the whole business of democracy. In his Book Six of The Republic, Plato describes Socrates falling into conversation with a character called Adeimantus and trying to get him to see the flaws of democracy by comparing a society to a ship. If you were heading out on a journey by sea, asks Socrates, who would you ideally want deciding who was in charge of the vessel? Just anyone or people educated in the rules and demands of seafaring? The latter of course, says Adeimantus, so why then, responds Socrates, do we keep thinking that any old person should be fit to judge who should be a ruler of a country?

Socrates’s point is that voting in an election is a skill, not a random intuition. And like any skill, it needs to be taught systematically to people. Letting the citizenry vote without an education is as irresponsible as putting them in charge of a trireme sailing to Samos in a storm. Socrates was to have first hand, catastrophic experience of the foolishness of voters.

In 399 BC, the philosopher was put on trial on ******* up charges of corrupting the youth of Athens. A jury of 500 Athenians was invited to weigh up the case and decided by a narrow margin that the philosopher was guilty. He was put to death by hemlock in a process which is, for thinking people, every bit as tragic as Jesus’s condemnation has been for Christians.

Crucially, Socrates was not elitist in the normal sense. He didn’t believe that a narrow few should only ever vote. He did, however, insist that only those who had thought about issues rationally and deeply should be let near a vote. We have forgotten this distinction between an intellectual democracy and a democracy by birthright. We have given the vote to all without connecting it to that of wisdom. And Socrates knew exactly where that would lead: to a system the Greeks feared above all, demagoguery.
painful experience of demagogues,  forgotten all about Socrates’s salient warnings against democracy. We have preferred to think of democracy as an unambiguous good – rather than a process that is only ever as effective as the education system that surrounds it. As a result, we have elected many crooks and clowns, wasters and dumb anarchists, and very few trained, educated, erudite and wise leaders
Yenson Jan 12
Please come mind my business

and while doing that you can manage my life too

its obviously because I am important enough for you

to have the time and neglect your own affairs on my behalf

but sad to see that I cannot reciprocate for you mean nothing to me

truth be told you really not important to have my attention or time

Your time is not my time

and we do not dance to the same tunes

to see scars where there are no wounds is to drink ****

and call it water because your inclination sees usefulness in waste

so trying to sing my song in your voices is lacerating your throats

for the heir apparent owns the seal while Pretenders draws swords

So please come mind my business

for feral dogs knows no marked boundaries

and the jesters swears to the heaven they rule a kingdom

its even been known a strutting **** laid claim to laying an egg

but on my ground you have neither the wisdom or guile to roost

so all you can do is drink mead and fire water and grunt with pigs
Jan 12 · 38
Yenson Jan 12
" They matter little for they are little things"
Jan 12 · 17
They can't reason....
Yenson Jan 12
Hey! you plastics
look around you and see the bars holding you in
you are all imprisoned, in your different cells serving time
your ignorance imprison you leaving you vacant and vacuous
your lack of confidence jails you in envy and cloying jealousy
your insecurities and lack of self-assurance has locked you in
your immaturity and narrow-mindedness jails you in stupidity alley
you mediocrity and insignificance jails you in a life less ordinary
your immorality and lack of humanity jails you in rage and pains
your weakness and cowardice jails you in talent-less emptiness
In jail you have to quickly join a gang
to find protection because if you don't you get picked on
by the other sub-humans and animals like you
I see you all for all you are for its so apparent
a bunch of pathetic miscreants and reprobates
talent-less imbeciles and mentally undeveloped *****
looking for somebody to pick on
to make your jail-time more bearable
to vent on and project your miseries onto
You have my commiseration jail-birds
you have my sympathy
but I ain't useless and sick
like you locked up in anguish
surrounded by fear in prison codes
ruled by your controllers and Dons
I am enlightened and free
You are dumb prisoners
and in chains and brain-cuffs
made by you for you
your minds locked up
and the keys thrown
Yenson Jan 11
The gangsters says
they were going to **** me up
I informed them earnestly I am straight
Oh! do not worry, our best operatives are female
I will need condoms I insisted I always play safe I said
They replied that I am stupid and don't know what I'm in for
Hey! says I, I am not a ******. I know all about ******* and more

They said I was a ******* idiot
I replied that hey! I wasn't being ****** up yet
and as for idiot or idiotic, I wasn't trying to be like them
Yenson Jan 11
Because it was all made up

I could see the joins, the nuts and *****-heads everywhere

This is not for me, I believe in absolute quality

shoddy workmanship means shoddy workers

I should go to Coventry than buy into all that......
Yenson Jan 6
At least you are already checked
by your ignorance and damaged personality
Never to be no more than a simpleton in revolt
riling against imagined elitist frothing your inadequacies
at every twist and turn of your cattle herded lives in nanny state

So you're tall - wow, bravo for free state milk
So you're not black - wow, bravo for happenstance
So you have friends - wow, bravo for belonging in a gang
( too weak to be strong and positive and say I ain't gonna be a bully )
So you have lover - here today gone tomorrow, you just use eachother

See what you are, nothing but sheep
fed, herded and bedded and held in groupthink
your minds erased and fed poison turned into haters
if you matter, they won't use you as mere pawns to man the lines
they will train you to walk with kings and reach high to make high
**** I don't have time for: 1. Your ****. 2. Crazy ****. 3. *******. 4. Stupid ****. 5. Fake ****. 6. **** that has nothing to do with me.
Jan 6 · 24
Your draw..buster!
Yenson Jan 6
We do deluxe sets of invisible amour-piercing arrows
and sell magnificent paintings all in white see-thru ink
Our renowned Authors offer absorbing fictions on blank pages
and our brave fearless warriors fight courageously on keyboards
We stand tall with compact and miniaturized tools you hardly feel
the fast draw, trigger happy wham bang thank you ma'am mediocrity
of the West
Yenson Jan 6
I gave them 'wonder' to drink

they are still drinking it in copious amount

drunk and befuddled they scatter around in shadows

singing made up songs of victory in disgrace and contempt

as they trip over and over again they wonder around in wonder

madness not known to the maddened its the sane that are bad an mad
Yenson Jan 5
The Eastern Thieves joyously mandated
it will cost you an arm and a leg you'll see
cherish your pint of blood till you're bloated
come take barrels and drink till you all find peace

Whitewashing in praise of depravity foul
they founded nature versus nurture in tarry song
alchemy of crude vagabond twinned with dense mob unfurl
a lamb to slaughter seasoned with lies and duplicity all day long

Decades and decades and decades they roasted
**** tomorrow, today even yesterday in fancy urban myths
in retro villainy wears a crown and justice is a flush dirtily busted
look for salt of the earth to keep the grass trying to expose our tryst

I do no evil and fear no evil for truth is truth
proxy vigilantes in the pay of gangsters and extortioners
show your mafia of shame around, cook intimidation in your filth
in honor I stand before man and God, to criminals I am of foreigners  

I will stand against you.......
Jan 2 · 49
Hip to be square...
Yenson Jan 2
" You may shave all the lustrous mane
off a lion
but please do not mistake it for a large panther "
Yenson Jan 2
In sonorous disquiet they ***** their soliloquy
them hawkers and runts of the poorhouses seeking a buck
deluded nits dreamily bent that all needed is repetition for a guy
howling to a gilded head holding nay but trifling contempt for muck

pattering for puttering the dance of simpletons
speaking languages they misunderstand as ants are unvoiced
yet they grind organs to the wedding march of strangers in Bulletins
town criers heralding fantasies of cowards with bravado's unnoticed

Who will thus address the parading morons
and dare declare if realness and truth lives in hearts corner
no edits doth bars a courtesy fare thee for none sees a den of lions
hysteria of village idiots now misses sanity but is one for mourners
Yenson Jan 2
So get this.....
Its not like the're minds there
education and literacy excuse me, what's that?
can't wait till sixteen when they all ******* schools

Its not like there are grand aspirations
hey who cares, there's always the Dole or Shelf-stacking
just make enough for **** and the pub with my mates

Its not like they crave knowledge
who wants to know about Climate change or what
I ain't no scientist or ruddy philosopher or Doctor

Its not like they want independence and travel
No chance, we don't stray far from our roots
Majorca is enough, don't wanna learn bout other cultures
what history, what travelling experience, what world views!

Its not like they crave maturity
Hey, my pa and mum aren't even adults why should I be
I don't see any adults behaving like adults round me
we all muck around together, I tell my parents off all the time

Its not like we are not useful
we gang up and give those ladida elitist and Tory toffs hell
that's what we like doing, why should they be better than us
we harass them, stir things up, give them grief all day long

That's what the local Socialist Leader says it clever
he teaches us about Democracy, says we must hate them
for they stop us having more Welfare money and free things

Its not like they know any better
Adults, youths, child and baby, nothing really changes
we are born and bred here, we are loyal to our roots and birthrights
We will stir and stir and stir till we are Red in our faces, Simple!!
Jan 2 · 29
Tiny minds...
Yenson Jan 2
If I am broken
then you are ground into minuscule atoms
and it does make sense
since you are imbalance mentally and socially
you are always atoms undergoing radioactive decay
to help you achieve the lowest possible energy state
To do this, you weak distressed atoms will emit radiation
So in your weak pathetic states
all you do is emit radiation
your odious toxic radiation
I'll chose broken to being
poisonous dusts
Jan 1 · 33
No tears.....
Yenson Jan 1
" Remember when you peel onions
the eyes that cry are YOURS "
Yenson Jan 1
You cannot have the best
because you all know nothing compares
You know you do not possess qualities required
so like the fox and sour grapes you cast aspersions
Singing of the greatest love with Mr and Mrs Make-do
whilst both of you know its all just a matter of convenience
Just to be seen to have and be like all those other settlers around
make out like your lives are brilliant and you are living the dream
When in actual fact you hate your self and your sad poxy existence
You talk of friends, your great social lives partying and having fun
deep down you know the're all fake and you all just use each other
You are weak, insecure, fearful and under-confident but you hide it
and poke fun at others trying to get it in first before you're sussed
You have secrets that torments you so you invade others privacy
looking for dirt just to seek refuge from your fears and pains
You are neither bright or smart and you know it too well
But pretending is your game as you point fingers away
calling others names and trying to bring them down
You are yellow belly cowards hiding in sick shame
on Twitter and social media you rant and troll
You are talent-less and cannot be the best
at anything but bullying and picking
We know you and your game
You are Mr and Ms Nobody
Never can be the Best
you don't have
the qualities
it takes
Dec 2019 · 85
they just look.....
Yenson Dec 2019
To see you have to know how to look
to look you have to know what to see
Yenson Dec 2019
She served loyally from day one

played her part so much like a true pro

drank thirstily like all the hemlock in the urn

meted and screamed out the drill right through

earned with gusto her union stripes worn on her arm

they used her in infantile subterfuge like a pliant dough

ain't no fool in the desert of snow this stooge is sharp and warm

i'll count free shekels its survival and advantages to ease the rough

play the fools for fools for I know them well and I'll get what I want

did common sense say in Rome do as the Romans till you get enough
Dec 2019 · 33
You dig...?
Yenson Dec 2019
" Only distinguished idiots use blunt tools to slice rawhide "
Dec 2019 · 52
the one and only.....
Yenson Dec 2019
To be fair, for sure the chasm is wide
in grace, in minds, in style, in reach or breeding
in their lowness, their mediocrity they all does fall
alas weak semi skilled and verbose ghosts regressives
tardy simpletons baring wonky teeth in urban revolution
brain dead mistakes reared on State-welfare snarling anarchy

Moi in enlightened grace and rarified sublimity
in esteemed value with qualities noble above mundane
barely two score years ago spooks were jiving affirmative Action
lower glass ceiling, give handicaps, at least make pretend equality
da urban bros are lagging behind, stop genocide of men-dem minds
empty rhetoric of the Ali Gs and Enimen clones faking cred la Street

Come look at me, come fight with me
I don't fit your stereotyping or tick boxes of rastas
enlightened, educated, privileged, sophisticated, well-bred
challenges all your dour senses, the one with the mind unbleached of noble birth and impeccable hereditary I frighten the hell outta hankies
the inferior cadavers hound, harass, sabotage and troll in jealous envy

Yeah, I am the giant you have to tie down
The one with the mostest, the stuff of your nightmares
so fight for your right to be backward and gloriously ignorant
lie, discredit,  misinform and dis-inform for this one knows more
makes your inferiority complexes scream in odious pain an frenzy
why wouldn't you all do what you do and miscall it red revolution
Yenson Dec 2019
the ill-laden words are insignificant

t'is writers minds and souls that begets judgement

woes trundles forth from woeful inherent in maligned hearts

those basket cases with basket-full of inner miseries their wares

festering minds in festering vents projecting **** malaise


the galls of un-hued yet a-washed with stains shame murky deeds

sinners in the woodpiles setting flames to timbers and Oaks

their woes bellowing in cloudy white smoke-screens

spouting un-poetry of Armageddon happenstance

from minds where fear pain worthlessness

trashes primal cowards hiding their woes

as they crawl in judgement of those

in brilliance and Light
The most malicious god is the god of the counted chicken. — David Mitchell
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