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Yenson 7d
It was after two o'clock in the afternoon or thereabout, he was alone indoors, a knock at the front door rattled the noon silence. Not again, he thought, for he already knew who it would be. He grimaced inwardly and headed to the door. He was wrong, it was'nt the pest neighbour woman from next door, this time, it was her teenage daughter and her younger brother. They tood there like two sour thumbs, presenting an inquiring sight for my already bored eyes.

Oh hello, my mam says can you lend her £5 till her giro arrives tomorrow? says Joan, plaintively, her brother peering inquisitively
behind her. He disguised the bored look and smiled benignly, he was about to say, ' but your mam hasn't repaid the £10 she borrowed last week' but he stopped himself. He hates embarrassing others, do unto others as you want others do unto you, was a strict edict to him. Instead, he opened the door wider, 'come in, I'll get my wallet. Like rats into a cheese larder, they scuttled after him as he turned into his lounge. Turning to face them, he immediately noticed their wide-eyed awe-struck gazes and immediately realized he had never invited anyone of this family indoors before.

He was later to learn, they had stated there was a hidden Palace full of treasures next door. To him, it was just a tastefully decorated and tidy flat. Little did he know what laid ahead. Take a pew, I get my wallet, he said, as he made for the bedroom. He return to see them starring at his record cabinet with the neatly stacked LPs and the gleaming Bang & Olufsen sound system. I see you like your music, says the girl, her eyes darting all over the room, the brother just sat there as if mesmerised. He was now wondering if it was a good idea inviting them in, for he could see from their deportment and gazes, they were overawed and almost ill-at-ease. He mused they might think he was showing off. he handed over the unreturning £5 and hoped they leave.

In years to come he would regret this afternoon. they did not leave after taking the money and he did not have the heart to usher them out. instead they settled in and the girl talked about them moving from Scotland and living in hostels, about not fitting in at school and how communication was difficult because of her accent, about her liking Reggae Music and Bob Marley. I watched her in her worn dress and stained sandals and the boy in faded t-shirt and ***** jeans, I'd listened to the commotion regularily emanating from their flat, was aware of the regular Police visits and the various anti-social happenings around them. Now she's six months pregnant and Bobby who got her pregnant didn't want to know.

I felt sorry for them, my wife and I had felt sorry for them from day one, on numerous occasions, they had come to beg food, eggs, bread sugar and even milk, it was obvious they were dysfunctional and Jim the father was always in and out of jail. I didn't know how to help other than just keep on being their Lender. Sat on our comfortable divan, she continued about missing school and leaving early because she was bullied by her school mates. Now I made a mistake, I had read somewhere that a good way to emparthise is to try and relate with the issue, yes, I said I know what its like to be bullied, I said. I had never been bullied, I was a Class Prefect from Form One, I was an A student, always capable and well adjusted. I was popular, liked by both the Tutors and my school mates and known for my humour and effortless coolness, even if I say so myself.

They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, Little did I know, when in trying to empathise by saying 'I know what its like to be bullied' I was making a rod for my own back. Unsuspectingly I was talking to feral people, to predators and extortionist, little did I know, these are damaged morally bankrupt people, little did I know that what I thought were appreciative glances were my properties been scanned and listed for misappropriation, little did I know that in East London and suchlike areas, your neighbour can actually break into your house and steal from you. Little did I know that envy and jealousy can be such potent forces and little did I know that white is right and black is always wrong.

I managed to usher my guests out that afternoon by promising a Musical day to listen to Bob Marley, I shut the door behind me and buried my head in the book I was reading earlier. If you were to tell me what laid ahead for me and mine, I would have told you, you are crazy and would make a super imaginative Fiction writer.
Yenson Nov 29
As if we're all of the same ilk
as if ignorance is my cup of tea
as if any common filly is worth my while
as if I'm one of their substandard specimen
as if I am not the one who holds them in contempt
as if they can ever be gracious enlightened and noble
as if their crude crass thuggery is not the norm of blunt minds
as if
as is
as if
pedigree blue blood
does not agitate them
and plunge them into red mist
where they find semblance never substance
Nov 26 · 36
grab your rags....
Yenson Nov 26
when you sell them a pup
they don't even have the gumption
to check if it barks
we sell them triggers too
we know they have two plus ******* makes seven
and fiction is their factual
why do you think
babies' fathers are a dime to the dozen
here's two pints of lager
and a packet of crisp
no rich Prince Charming is ever coming their way
attend our free Hate Classes
to relieve your frustrations
Nov 26 · 28
Fleet cows Mac....
Yenson Nov 26
Hear to want they what them tell
in the still of raging calm
stop not to chew cud
as cattles galivant over the latest noise
in excess rumen acidity
they will find the festooned price
and bowels will Sing sing
cattkes wear bells in the Alps
hear of the tell and tell of the hear
we help them to graze
noses in the dirt and muck
Yenson Nov 22
Alea iacta est

Nonsensical deconstruction of the sublime
by the Lowest common denominations

Fatuous misrepresentations of diluted empricism
in the mangle of adious incapables

The mass strangulated death of reasoning
luxuriating in copious vacuities

Hail the Power of bacon as it is to Pigs
sizzling fried Imperialism
BLT sandwiches for all the pyschopaths
throw in
a round of chips
each to its own....various levels of understandings or psychosis
but Inferiority Complex is the killer
Yenson Nov 13
We will **** him up
We will bug him non-stop
mess up his head and alter his personality
We will terrorize his mind and **** it
He won't know who he is
He will only exist, not live
( as if that's not a classic oxymoron )
He is banned from ever making a meaningful relationship
Anything he says will be used against him
He will never trust anybody again
By the time we finish with him, he would wish he was dead

Hey! hey, what did he do?

We, the Red Left Wing, Nihilisism Faction and in colaboration with Local Criminal Gangs solemnly declare above proclaimations in
solidarity with the MaCarffety Criminal family, who as underdogs
exercise their Human Rights to break into their next door neighbour's flat and burgle them.

Hey! hey, what did he do

This neighbour were two decent hardworking, Law-abiding couple, with double income, a good car and a prosperous future ahead, so why should they complain when the Macarfetty Criminal Family burgled them. Though the MaCarfetty are a dysfunctional drunken Layabout bad'uns, they are the underdogs and thus deserve our solidarity and the couple burgled deserved to be ruined and sent back to Square One.

Hey! hey, what did he do

THUS THE PROCLAIMATIONS ABOVE IS HELD AND EFFECTED.....So be it, we look after our own...Innit..!!

Those of you with a sense of humoir may enjoy the article below by Jeremy Clarkson, published recently ....

WHEN the Labour Party was formed at the beginning of the 20th century, its main aim was to turn Britain into a proto-Marxist state.
But among all the communistical twaddle, there was always a noble goal. It wanted to look after the little guy.
The miner who spent 27 hours a day at the coal face. And the factory worker who spent all week not quite making Austin Allegros.
The trouble is that today there are no pits, and robots do most of the heavy lifting in the car plants.
So the Labour Party has switched its focus to a new type of little guy.
The oppressed minorities. It doesn’t matter how mad these minorities might be, Sir Starmer’s merry band of weird beards is always ready to give them a hug and a cup of ginger-infused nuclear-free peace tea.
Transgenderists. Vegetablists. People from the far end of the LGBTQIAP+ acronym.
The Just Stop Oil mob and their mates in Extinction Rebellion.
All these people are the new miners
And this is what frightens me about the inevitability of a Labour victory in the next general election.
Sir Starmer may stand there under his Playmobil hair, pretending to be sensible, but behind him there’s an army of Corbyn enthusiasts who don’t really care about the economy, or law and order, or immigration.
Those are middle-class issues, mainstream issues, so they don’t matter.
What does matter in the socialist heartland — the sixth-form common room — is the little guy.
So, there will be new laws to ensure that if you so much as look at a ginger in a funny way, or you express displeasure at some herbert who’s glued himself to the road, or you employ a man, you will be charged with a hate crime.
It’s already hard enough for older people to keep up with the changes.
I had 60 years of knowing for sure that women didn’t have penises.
And then, in the past three, I’ve been told that actually, some of them do.
And I must accept that or else. And there’s more.
All of the jokes we laughed at in the Seventies will become illegal.
All the things we said to our friends. All of the TV shows we watched. All the chants we sang at football matches. Every WhatsApp we’ve ever shared. We must forget them all and accept that everything we’ve ever thought or learned or said or done is now offensive and wrong. That’s going to be hard. Let me put it this way.
If you took a kind-hearted lefty from an uber-woke town like Brighton and made them live in Tehran, they may try to fit in.
But at some point they’re going to accidentally do something they didn’t even realise was a crime. And they’ll wind up with no head.
Red-baiting, also known as reductio ad Stalinum and red-tagging (in the Philippines), is an intention to discredit the validity of a political opponent and the opponent's logical argument by accusing, denouncing, attacking, or persecuting the target individual. The phrase, red refers to the color that traditionally symbolized left-wing politics worldwide since the 19th century, while baiting refers to persecution, torment, or harassment, as in baiting.
Yenson Nov 12
Mind control...?
Ahh....I see
okay, lets
pay attention
Garbage Carriers
are teaching Nuclear Physics
to Mr A. Einstein

Hey! don't be
so dismissive
we know its bull-*****
but remember they are Garbage Carriers
so they are Experts
in *****
racking, carrying and disposal
They are full of it

Just don't tell them that
A fool thinks himself to be wise,
but a wise man knows himself
to be a fool.
If they say they can do subliminal mind control
let them
if one deals constantly in ****
as they do
they need poo-tent distractions
hahaha....haha.... hahaha
anyone who think I am sad, honestly don't know how I laugh myself silly every day, wow! I tell you there are tons of uber-morons about.....
Yenson Nov 11
Pray be silent
as we cordially extend
our esteemed comtempt to our
Slave Traders, Pirates and Barbarians
who have tirelessly endeavoured in the fight
for their birthright purloined from every corners of earth
we should note in particular the gallant cowardly ongoing battle
against a Black Prince purportedly out to divest them of these birthrights

In neon light
let us give a standing ovation
to the thieves and extortionists who
burgled this Black Prince and have compaigned
ingloriously with our usual *****, murky and insidious tricks
to discredit, harrass, intimidate, hound and stalk this black Prince
and make dishonorable mention of The Macarfetty Gang for their role in orchestrating this compaign

Let us do our worst
and be as unfair, unjust and diabolical
as possible, for we are the salt of the whole earth
and its our birthright to ****, plunder, loot and steal
proud of being bullies, no one does wanton vandalism better
a special mention to that hero who cut the Sycamore Gap Tree
nothing is below the level we can sink to, our indulgence paramont
Class war is classy, innit?
Yenson Nov 10
Come go and go come
hail, hail, hail us the hoi polloi
united in powerless power we control
creating our delusions to control these delusions
for in witless semblance not substance
we live, act and muck around
dense and blinded is ok

Push pull and pull push
hail, hail, hail us the hoi polloi
ours is to obey as inglorious puppets
in Plato's cave we find our realities in shadows
we donot need the brick of education
for we can make it up as we go
ignorance is bliss innit

By Hoi Polloi for Polloi
hail, the salted fundermentals
herded in prideful dunces' group think
amock in their heads evoking delusions to chase
tell us no truths, tell us lies an fantasies
lead us gladly down garden-paths
for reality is just a dream

Union in union disunited
gainsay faffing faffing around
art for art sake, money for charlathans
paying peanuts to flying monkeys on fools' errand
hey comrades, its all remote control
we manipulate you simpletons
and fool you to believe
you are controling
“The Allegory of the Cave” likely serves as a wake-up call for people to seek the truth and not settle for what they see in front of them as reality and truth. In the allegory, the prisoners in the cave symbolize what our human existence is like if we do not question things and seek the truth.
Nov 8 · 173
That G O A T.....
Yenson Nov 8
one in ten million
one of a kind
and what does that invite
good and bad
that's just the standard formula
natural equation
but the blessing here is
he could still be a  face in the crowd
sit on the next seat in a bus
and budget like any other working man
and that glow
tells of inner grace and peace
a good heart
and a constant reminder of God's Love
Its what's inside that counts
Nov 6 · 37
We mean business.....
Yenson Nov 6
Dear Sheeples of our dense green isles
sheeps of every land and realms
dear proxies and flying monkeys so fair
united we stand as strong as elms

Note the puppetry but an empty vice
just songs and dances for nought
tests you all obey orders without a price
for you behave with no thought

The real crux if you saps must know
is to isolate without any support
we cowards know that's icy as snow
mobbing to weaken with no abort

We batter head to drive him insane
**** his fine mind to confusion
rip his feelings to shreds let him wane
we're barbarians with compulsion

Arise you labourers of depravity
we want our pound of flesh
he mocks us an laughs at our travesty
we of the ghettos not some creche

So dear sad servants hang in there
we've cut off his donkey ****
his head is next for us all to share
we're thick but he is elite tick
(at least that's what we've decided, but remember we're thick)
Yenson Nov 3
Do you see what I see
can you
even know what I know
can you
see the hypocrisy of liars
cons and morons
who now turn on their Leader
and fight amongst themselves
crying cease-fire
injustice and atrocities
when selves sames
in their own backyard
have legitimized a burglary
and attempts at extortion and intimidation
and our vituperate selves sames have orchestrated
and conducted
the most vicious campaign of bullying, vilification,
harrassments, smears, misrepresentation,
libelous slander and toxic distortions
not to mention varied contraventions of basic human rights,
against one lone innocent brown man
they urdained to 'wipe out' a blameless man
because they possess the power to do as they please
Telling themselves
that is Democracy in modern today
Do you know
You can fool some of the people all of the time,
and all of the people some of the time,
but you can not fool all of the people all of the time
and do you know that Politics is a con game for scammers
liars, self-serving opportunists and narcissists
Scarlet Fever is a selective contagion
that is resistant to the antibiotics of truth,
fairplay, intelligence and commomsense
Yenson Nov 2
I wonder if
the ones they have
mentally manipulated
in acting in their street theatre
pantomime of the Useful idiots
will ever be
aware of the scarthing
and sad disingenuous slants
being attributed to their characters
perhaps its taking one for the team
or maybe its
simply a case of thinking
everyone is as stupid and malleable
as they are and thus a hegemony of dimwits
simply playing with themselves for play sake
for who buys
into this but themselves
acts full of sound and fury
tales told by prime dolts for dolts
in vacuous dolts' drama - ” Signifying nothing.”
Yenson Oct 24
This is not Roberta killing me softly
or singing my life with her words
neither was she Aretha's rose in black at spanish harlem
No, this is our modern day viral influencer
our tick talk charlatan
smooching mental wellness from the craven
and advice from the vipers' cyrpt
with evangilical zeal and maniacal jest
she pours fourth surface knowledge in elementary bias
intermittently cackling, flashing tombstone pearly whites
and preening
and oh! how she preens
a hand shots upwards to preen the glossy black mane
that hangs luxurious over her shoulders
Farrah Fawcett Majors eat your heart out
and right there lies the rub, no pun intended
for the glossy tresses are false
Walmart special Offer in latest nylon, buy one and loose visiting
a hair salon forever
the unkind would say probably as false as the wearer
but I see how minds are colonized and the chains are never broken
and Aunties Toms can preen their locks like Madam Inglander
from the plantation mansion
and how, though now in modern times
she's still indented aiways to be 'Becky with the good hair's' proxy
So will our heathen viral infuencer influence
No, stooges just do as ordered
but we smile benignly and grieve lost sisters
as we hail those,
the au naturale who takes pride in curly and *****
for in that confidence lies truth and self esteem    
No fakes peddling fake news
no real ebony queen seeks to softly **** their Kings
for they know the know and history speaks
So No cover ups on heads and no twisted truths and foul justice
Be set yourselves free....
Yenson Oct 14
Somewhere, a nymph-like platinum blond
resplendant in a sleek Versace evening number is sashaying
into that trendy restuarant, clutching that priceless Gucci purse

Somewhere, a nymph-like terrified woman
in dusty blood splattered Niqāb with a tattered woven bag on
her back, clutches the hands of two dusty kids along a dusty path

Somewhere, a man in black Armani tuxedo
cream Chinese silk shirt and snake-skin loafers hops into a
gleaming Ferrari, the scent is Creed Aventus and he has a hot date

Somewhere, an ashen faced sweaty man
in ragged dusty tunic and ***** trainers is running helter-
skelter, he is looking for his wife and two little kids in dusty rubbles

Somewhere, in grand State buildings
and lavish residential homes, tall short portly thin suited men
talk, give orders, arrange meetings and give interviews to the Media

And on a lava hot molten crevice in Hell
the Devil stands and rubs his gnarled talons, gleefully cackling
see! how I **** em up, how I tease em, mess em up and play with em
give to some and not the others
confuse them and divide the **** outta em
And the ****** fools call themselves Humans and God's children and talk about LOVE....!!!
Yenson Oct 8
satanist spawns **** satanic verses
rallying from their infernal channels
in deciets they ooze their deseases
gargoyles in smiles spewing flannels

slithering the tree of good and evil
conquered spawns of the father of lies
eat, sweet plump red apples ain't vile
why be dumb and be mock in follies

mocked by satan they worship satan
vying for craftiest top loader influencers
giving sweet lyrics in toxins for cretins
hell's lyricists in satans poxy flatuences

they smile gamely in demonic throes
proudful slaves and messengers of Hades
conning the decieved for tithes et monies
jeweled hatted they fake to throw shades

condemned spawns your day will come
and unmasked ye shall reap consequences
the Tree of Life is the Divine's forum
in discernment we unhear your trespasses
but pray that the eyes of your hearts be opened
Oct 1 · 38
Stay well....
Yenson Oct 1
I loved my Eve and she me too
in her own simple way
in angel-mind pure and thoughtless
I lit her in still waters ways
and harvested the blooms of gentle tides
then serpentine clarions called
in darkened mist I suit steel armour and shield
Eve had struggled carrying my sword
I know by my side was no place for one such as she
but she trusted her warrior will fight for her
hers was no betrayal but a punt to play Hobson's choice
in belief her knight and love will come in rescue
But in valiant chilvary and love I choose for her to fly unreturn
it is my battle let me take the stress

Tell no knaves and charlathans
the recesses of knowns
****** to beggars their penniesworth
their farthings to nothing
are the banquets for scatterlings raging angst
drinking snakes' venom in gulps
in blindness they shall remain dancing in dim fog
like its unknow the stirrers seduced
basting the innocence of Eve in doubts galore
who did in belief her knight will come
I know he loves me as much within and without
to keep my powder dry in sternness I relayed think twice
for chicanry merely wanted another gambit in twitch
you get better treatment as their prisoner

When in latter years a twin emerged
the girded warrior held you
and his eyes again revisited the story untold
shinning in noble pardon relaunched
he sought to second the emotions unkept afore
but wise head use sturdy timbers for rafters during the rains
and wait for clarions before the gallops
so when the vipers came we had already manned barricades
they got the story they wanted to hear and repeat
and we sent them north rather than south
once again I saved the dignity of a fair maiden
be not me allow an independent soul compromised and tainted
why foster the noble vigour on an unprepared
it is my blood that speaks so your twin will not go to my war
but know I can never hate either of you
am sorry you are victims of yourselves as well as victims of theirs
Yenson Sep 30
Under the burning skies
in the crucible of Eden's earth
where lions run the tundra and rhinos horn homage
from harmattan to hurricans
The sons of the land speaks nature to nature
and knows to read the lay of the land
in mind body and spirit from birth to Creators doors
the eyes of soul leads in reverence
And Namaste sways
and the sages hold that none triggers the known unknowns
for yester has been laid in yester
and only its honey and dulcet hues revisits
The unwounded mind needs not find poison barbs
he knows the armless archers
will only swallow their own venom in spitting
We know the lay of the land
and our trodden paths had been conquered and stepped on
blunted thorns are brackens for fires
we do not dread their ashes
“If you pick up one end of the stick you also pick up the other.”

Sep 28 · 39
Pee is for Power
Yenson Sep 28
bless their shoplifted little cotton socks
what's happening
so the Target keeps ******* out of you lot
that's not suppose to happen
so you been huffing and puffing
hustling and bustling
toing an froing
bubbling and squeaking
fishing and chipping
hankering and pandering
flipping and flopping
jiving and twisting
hopping like the alley cats you are
on hot tin roofs
and that **** Target still takes the ****
tut-tut.... that's bad
and so much of you as well
doesn't he knows....majority wins?
what's wrong with him
more importantly
what's wrong with you
we must send you on the road to Wigan Pier  
for further training!
Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them. That target will say he's a Prince next. Comon People, to the la Revolution...haha hahaha........
Sep 25 · 57
gene c'est quoi.....
Yenson Sep 25
The devoted attention is flattering
what can I say...?
its the charisma
its that certain gene c'est quoi
coupled with my regal status
I can appreciate this is quite a heady intoxicating mix to you all

But I must confess the adoration is not mutual
I am really not intrigued
engaged curious nor interested
in youse all overtures and signallings
either overt
obtuse or plain daft
mostly plain daft actually
I'd say dafter than daft to be more precise

You see dear fans
I can see you can't help yourselves
but sadly for all of you
its all in your heads
its known as obssessive compulsion
I can't be blamed for I have neither encouraged or desired this
though respectful to all
I  do not know you all nor do I really desire to know you all

However like I stated earlier
its very flattering and I say thank you
mainly because I personally can't imagine anyone in the world
I can obsess about
were Maya Jama  to move in next door I wouldn't bat an eyelid
though if she show interest I'll bat all types of everything
shot of that
I can't imagine obssessing over anyone the way you lot do

No one lives rent free in my head
or engage my mind to the point of stupidity
kudos to you lot
talk of total obssession but please don't start throwing
knickers and bras
Yenson Sep 23
Who is to confuse thou
is it the roundhead kapo crooner carping his master's tripe
is it the ragged beggar
floored in discord stringing prodigal's self lament in paradise
who dost can depress
is it the graduated traditional char-wallers still quivering to Raj
Is personality altered
by prime wastrels and lazy-bones who defer ripe opportunities
to merry in Ale houses
whinning about birthrights while a brown runs the high houses
of their absent fathers

Come see mass hyteria
tangled round disgraced under-achievers waving blame flags
In divergent delusions
they spout lies to cover lies and more lies to cover more lies
Flying monkeys follow
eating sour grapes from the pungent grapevines of illusions
Praise our Great Creator
He gives laughable patethic adversaries in blooming ignorance
In their sad insularity
Honour shaming, dignity shaming, virtue shaming is a thing
need we say more........
yo mamas!!  .......hahaha.....I mean, they're not princesses, not Royal in any way....hahaha
Perhaps, we should present our heads at the Tower, they will do a better job of doing our heads in, don't you thinks, mates!
Yenson Sep 21

The Minstrel Lord Haw Haw yodels from the isles
boring echoes stirring daily twisted dark homilies
In town the lames are kissing lies and warm deciets
deluded **** blocking is a full time job in secrets

Ah see the rampant misogynists dealing their trump card
he's not like us why should he show us up
His sincerity and genuine passion destablizing for us lads
we must do all to ban him and tie him down

From high to low they drink hate from mothers milk
in sour heads love is made cheesy by menchilds' will
Stunted rods and emotionally stunted they breed Eve
and Eves beds endowed serpents with love bereaved

Ah see the rampant misogynists dealing their trump card
he's not like us why should he show us up
His sincerity and genuine passion destablizing for us lads
we must do all to ban him and tie him down

So each with one another in cool hatred they fake liaisons
in impermanence they make vows in forked tongues
Abound they decieve **** and dump all raw sugar glazed
the mostly menchilds who like the boys and young gals

Ah see the rampant misogynists dealing their trump card
he's not like us why should he show us up
His sincerity and genuine passion destablizing for us lads
we must do all to ban him and tie him down

So see the misogynists ban the real Man from pure loving
why should a good woman be truely loved and respected
why should a woman be a Queen and a sincere consort
when they are merely objects for our objectifications
Yenson Sep 15

The Real and Learned say what we know
as what we know is real and true
for lies and chicanery is not for the Enlightened

In bellowing red fog and sick lame minds
poisoners arrow barbs and threats
we'll do your head in and f--k you to paranoia

Alchoholic thieves and ignorant racists
labels a gainfully employed parasite
whilst on Unemployment Disability & Child Benefits

These sick hate drenched pathetic racists
fingers an honest quiet humble man
look he thinks he's it and he thinks he's better than us

Quiet man is one that talks legs off donkey
he's mad, weird loony and deluded
these are their confessions through all their projections

The wise know their ploys in clear plain sight
attack best form of defense says thieves
every thing they do to others tells us all we need to know
about them
Yenson Sep 13
when he said
'ah, that's a shame'
it was in the context that you can't
benefit from the clause that exempt those with two
definately not that's it a shame
not having any
Mark it. many do not have
and are not weeping or craving
Not all can have
same as not all are millionaires or Princes or Princesses
same as some are just plain dumb and some are erudite and smart
same as the discontents would find a snag in the most inoffensive thing or miscontrue issues because they are cerebrally challenged
So please don't throw your baby out
with the bathwater
even if the Witchhunter General needs the barest of evidence
remember all innocent look at any women
most of whom you wouldn't even touch with a barge-pole
is deem that you are ******* her with your eyes
and to have uttered innocently
'I remember you sat opposite me'
means you want to ravish any woman that stands opposite you
Yeah! I never imagined plebs could be so asinine
their subjective deductions borders on the
utterly ridiculous
but they are good at pro-creating though.....haha haha
It can't be easy being them
any wonder
they crave distractions.....
Yenson Sep 9

In all fairness
its a given this is all above their heads
our lots get off
on basic comprehension and base emotions
so evidently so
how can one expect depth from shallows
hey! its freedom
to carry their chains and engage in *******
and anyways
puppets are not meant to be complicated
you **** strings
and get them to perform moves as you wish
who wants a
puppet with its own mind capable of rationale
Yenson Sep 8
In western porcelain haze
we dance flameco on frozen lakes
and make wrongs into rights and rights into wrongs
forked minds and forked tongues
hurrah Nihilism rules ok

Western Express to me
your innocence means nothing
the thieves are underdogs and ivories are sterlings
dare you protest at your peril
we do twist and **** drop

Goddesses West rules
in fleece to fleece at whims et wills
vast in one sided naratives in gilded poison chalice
touch us and drink from our parts
as we wash your minds

Hear fables of the west
sing of muddy waters and smears
wreck havoc destructions and pull wool over eyes
the truth is only what we say it is
and lying is what we do
Yenson Aug 27
Since you
whose intellectual sagasity
is extremely doubtful
to say the least

Why do you then think
that I
who is miles more intelligent
smarter and wiser
will resonate with
all the doubts you raise

Or that I am unaware
of your motives and intentions
The answer undoubtedly lies
in the opening quatrains
stated above

Undoubtedly no further proof
is required
except you doubt yourselves
and of course
I concede that is your field
of expertise
Aug 26 · 52
Bohemian Malady
Yenson Aug 26
So you know you're weak
and can never win fairly
so you know you're below standard
and can't complete openly
so you know you're not that intelligent
and can't fully utilise your minds
so you know you seriously lack acumen
and can't cut mustard
so you know you're lowscale and crude
and deftly lack finese
so you know you lack cogent talents
and can't be impressive
so you know you're lily-livered cowards
who can't stand toe-to-toe
so you know you're a small tooled ninety second wonders
lacking prowess stamina romance or hot soul
so you're semi-illiterates riddled with impostors syndromes
always frightened of exposure
so you're a bunch of lying backstabbing hypocritical nonentities
unable to confidently own your minds or yourselves
so you know you're narcissists pyschos haters and tin-hatters
condermed to your underground and hidden cabals
So you find yourselves threatened, overshadowed and outshined
by those not like you
And so you spend days looking for weaknesses
or projecting weaknesses on those not like you
Hahaha....they on't have silver spoons.....just kidding, this is serious Republicanism, eat the rich, the elites, the talented, the anybody that does not do as we say and join our campaign.We are weak but toether we can tell bigger lies and make our dim selves even dimmer. Hahaha...
Yenson Aug 24
We wear the same skin
she could be a sister, auntie
any of the faces you see regularly at church
sure she's someone mother, someone's wife
but to me that sunny day
she was Lucifer with a smile
I had sat there in hope of the best care
she approached, uniformed and businesslike
this is a pre-op procedure she informed
her name badge read Ruby
but she was not Ruby Tuesday and I was not going to miss her
I need to drop a few drops, she said
and with that, she lunged at my lower eyelid
I felt nails grip that soft skin and a firm hard pinch
I felt the kind of pain that makes grown men cry
I recoiled sharply with a loud gasp
oh! did that hurt, she inquired, a smirk on her face
look, I've got to put the drops in, she said
I looked at her perplexed, in pain, speechless
I've had this done at least fifty times before
no one had gripped my eyelids with their nails and pinched
braving up, I offered my face again
what a bad mistake
for this time her nails knew the traction and twist required
the pain to me was double its former
my skin broke, she had drawn blood
look, she said triumphantly, you are bleeding
The long/short was I couldn't proceed with what I came for

Ruby was a stranger, though we wore the same skin
I had never met her before, much less cause her any harm
yet only God will know the pain Ruby inflicted on me
all I said to her was 'God will help us'
I know why she did what she did, I could hear her Master's voice
I cannot blame her only pity her
it is a theme that runs through centuries
it is from brutality that one learns how to brutalise
and bloodshed can easily become blood sacrifice
Our mothers no longer breed or own their off-springs
we all no longer speak our mothertongues
and wearing the same skin merely means its you or I
Ruby as thousands of others has to do anything to survive
'God will help us' I said to her,
I meant that earnestly.....
Aug 21 · 18
subjective rubbish....
Yenson Aug 21
Poor things
look how many years down the line
and our semi-illiterates still do not know
how to join the dots
Yenson Aug 19
The Title of me is me and a title
not me entitled
harlequins aping disrespect are
thee without self-respect
waltzing in stunted dulled minds
they somersault in self-deciet
unable to atest or own
real equality is from thee sublime
to thou sublime unseasoned
the voiceless glory of reason et grace
unlike the blunt tools
the roosters who flare and pirouette
chicken wings agape
puffed in chicken dance ridicule
look y'all
we rule the roost around our cages
( perhaps till the Colonel from Kentucky arrives)

Who needs to prove aimless strength
but the weak et doubtfuls
who rattles the sabre but the poltroon
in his father's barrack
do cults print postage stamps et currency
when its merely a refuge
for similarly affected densed in private signals
hark ye go drink from wisdom's well
raging at Title is accepting your inferiority
your shadow boxing is confirmation
Dignity confidence self assurance and grace
will look you straight in the eyes
and say
I am civil and will treat you fairly and equally
and on merit  till you show me otherwise

But we know you cannot do as such
and how we laugh and indulge
for lacking in self respect and self assurance
the Title dominates your minds and spirit
and with little or no merit
all you can manage is puff out hollow chests
huffing and puffing
doing the chickens dance at the Republican Disco
in aid of the socially weak ******* maim and dumb
and confirming in all your intents and purposes
you can never be privileged
except only by others like you not by one as THEM....
Yenson Aug 19
Commoners with commoner's sense
is of course
not commonsense
commoners tastes are always tasteless
as without dignity
its all for the commons
no low is too low
when its all about scrapping the barrels
its the common
way of life
the pettiness of the raggle taggle
in common fayre
is all too common
with no sense
Yenson Aug 14
Inorganic BEETRAYALL is an amatuerish den-brewed beer
a sham concoction by some asinine metro-hicks and chavs

Its so weak and pueril as in made by bleached dregs for dregs
and only one like brainless moonshiners would buy this

Its so frothy and dense and a telling reflection of its Makers
as are all the other products by this Really Useless Group

In anodyne suspended disbelief they coralled some sheep
as propagandists to blah blah BEETRAYAL repeatedly

God knows how many times down the lines they still can't see
WHAT is inorganic is not REAL no matter how many times
you parade denseness and artificially infused BEETRAYALL

And anyway with all your bribery coercions and intimidations
people can tell and see you are nothing but a bunch of fools
peddling hogwash and bleached acidic moonshine

BEETRAYALL my foot, you've betrayed yourselves!!!
What does it mean to be inorganic? not arising from natural growth : artificial, made-up, contrived, a set-up, manifactured and so on and so on...NOT REAL
Yenson Aug 11
From their sources
all the hysterics, histronics, dramas and operas
from this view
nothing resonates, nothing is remotely evocative
nothing triggers nothing
the clone in their crosshairs
so far removed other than perhaps the mere physicalities
this was Chris and Joan's 'Truman Show'
sanity was and is never never a party to any of all this
and The Emperor's new Clothes meets Pin the Tail on the Donkey
and people are led down the garden path
who said 'you can#t fool all of the people all of the time'
and do you think crminals are sometimes called Racketeers
because they play Lawn Tennis, of course, Not
say what you like, but
at least our gangsters are nefariously adaptable
when Chris and Joan smeared their lies
they were sure the target would run away soon into the aftermath
who is going to brave Hell
he didn't run
and he faced Hell full on
So its his fault if we keep on making it up as we go along
the charade continues
its psyche warfare, its Neuro-linguistic programming
its perceptions Assualts, oh its Sensitizing, no its Anchoring
no, no, no try Haunting, how about just Bullying and Harassment
who will tell them they are fighting a clone
I just have a Front Row seat
and I'm munching Cashew nuts
Aug 7 · 38
pull, pull, pull....
Yenson Aug 7
When you've been hoodwinked
into believing somebody is a puppet
its near impossible for you to realize
that its actually you that is the puppet
its sure fire foolproof reverse psychology
you're being played as you think
you're pulling strings
Someone somewhere has got your measure
they are dribbling with your ego
and cartwheeling your senses
and the beauty is
you in total unawareness
do not have the slightest clue
haha hahaha haha
its so funny
Yenson Aug 4
It is what it is
you can't do wrong and get right
the thing is
Am I supposed to expect them not
to chatter and natter to eachother
Am I supposed not to expect thieves
to feel ashamed and guilty
Am I supposed not to know they'll
do anything to discredit the truth
Am I supposed not to know what
Machiavellian means
So tell me
why it it supposed that I bother my
little head or listen to a language
I do not speak or understand
I am different but I am not going to
you can understand or appreciate
but I know you suppose for a purpose
you can't be wrong and get right
no matter how hard you may try
Yenson Aug 2
I owned the Narcissists and Pyschos
and made them regimented
milk the poison from the saps' fangs
and ****** on it blowing a raspberry

I turned the Narcs loonies and psyschos
into dutiful unpaid labourers
put the nits on schedules at my beck and call
ridiculously combat-ready I trained them

I morphed new age demented scatterlings
into pitchforks carrying yobs
and feed them back their fantasies to brew
in a momentum of mass self flagellation

Oh how I laugh at the sicko desperados
in the land of opportunities
as they boil and recoil in hate envy and angsts
emotional turmoils as by my status and execellence

I make the Narcs loonies and psyschos
like birds on the red hot wire
they're drunks in a midnight choir singing jazz
never thus I a victim to deadbeat beasts with horns

These are miscrants on parole services
ganged casual labourers
their penance is seeing a privileged foreigner
their punishment the painful cancerous knowledge
they can never have all the qualities the Man possesses

There is a big difference between
being a Human being
and being human
only a few really understand this...
the title and indeed the content of this poem has nothing to do with the beautiful city of Manchester and its lovely peoples. its a play on words.
Yenson Jul 30
And in the scant arenas of ungracious limited
they mill and cavort in talentless skits
frailing adornments in the fineries of nothing
it is as always to do what they do best
for in foggy mists blazes the inherent rituals
of overcompensating moribund minds

And age old fears embraces the samenesses
tasting damp salts in unison breeds
red diktats snaps out ingloriously force fed
overeact overseason overcompensate
herds free will and actions die to commands
and in fear weak heads acquiesce

Like sheep like cattles like leemings et all
overcompensating as wont
dare yo talk smile befriend or show kinship
to the regal fellow in crosshairs
all go and batter thine inferiority complexes
be base be crude be rude

And in the scant arenas of ungracious limited
coralled in fear of expulsion
fragile egos crave mass invite and acceptance
in dread to be thought kowtowing
they quake and flip overcompensating for show
yet just cowards showing calling cards
Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. Mark Twain

Sometimes the majority just means all the fools are on the same side. John Kennedy

It is not worth an intelligent man's time to be in the majority. By definition, there are already enough people to do that. G. H. Hardy
Yenson Jul 29
The Intelligent one
said, I seek knowledge and try to learn
knowing there's more than meets the eye
you're God's nobliest creation and so should your mind be

The sage believes
love, respect, look, listen, learn but above
all, know to own your mind and keep your counsel
for within you is the god you, find it and bow Namaste

The Judge said
patience is a virtue, weigh probabilities
think judiciouly and remember they're always
two sides to a story and even more atimes

The Journalist said
Shed light, truthfully and objectively
tell your story, educate, inform, expose wrong
and never go to print without facts-checking and verifying

The Spiritual Ones say
Love one another and believe there's a
Higher Power far greater than us, be kind, grateful
and do unto others as you want others do unto you and yours

The wise one said
I keep an open mind and treat others
with integrity, respect, due consideration and on merit
but step on my toes delibrately and I will stand up for myself

The Brave one says
I believe in peace but courage and boldness
are essential parts of me, I do not seek trouble but if trouble troubles me I will trouble trouble in more troubling ways than one

The Real One says
I am open, honourable and possess self-respect
and I say it as it is, my intentions are good and worthy
with no ulterior motives, I cannot condone or relate to fakeness, falsehood, chicanry, deciets machinations, superficialities or artificialities.

I am the real deal
I keep it real and you will find me
in all of the above, for our world is not one dimensional
we can soar with eagles and dive into deepest reaches
we carry long sabres yet give the warmest gentlest softest kisses
I am The Genuine Article........
Jul 28 · 56
Gangsters' Disney.....
Yenson Jul 28
From start to whenever
presenting the Con of our days
Macafferty and Racist Associates Production
directed and edited by Red Soc  Incorp Ltd
Screenplay and Scripts
by We make it up as we go along
Slander and character Assasination
Misinformation, misrepresentation, misdirection
Lies, Fabrications, distortions, Framing and Sabotage
Twisting, Minimasation, Undermining and demonization
Welcome to a vista of disingenuity
a diabolical creation packed full of the demented foulness
of criminal minds
the appalling manifestations of Deciets and ungodly Manipulations
where white is turned black and right becomes wrong
where we turn otherwise sensible people
into Useful Idiots and gormless Haters
Welcome to the magic of Mass hysteria and histronics
Welcome to the Nonsense Arcade
Come enjoy the thrills of Interacting escapism
and help your local Criminals understand how gullible and stupid
the Nine to five punters are
Manipulate them right and they'll believe anything
and even help you get away with a crimine and condone
Hey! its the way we tell' em
Its what we do.......
Yenson Jul 27
exerting more than dost I
its inherent in thou kith and kine
to scavenge toil graze and nitpick as your bile sac
camps with your lily-livers in cyanide shame
millions comfort my heart
as my essence imbue all as your limitations lessens you
and your wailing tones addresses fancies
yet only delivers the oysters of discontent
and the fiobles ingrained

And your child mind kicks and screams
see yonder he has more than me
as indeed does those who seize the bull by horns
while ******* hails birthrights in alehouses
and in maddened hate and ubequitous rages
curse the Giver and those like moi
because you know when you sight downwards
you are nowt but a child with small things
Alas you are not blessed
so go pen dirges about sovereigns
and count the farthings you own
Yenson Jul 23
here's a whisper in your ears
you do know
that the fixation, obsession, unhealthy interest
call it what you like, hahaha
in my estwhile love life
is actually quite natural, predictable and foreseen
you see
they are mostly the dicked and dumped
spending their lives where their choices are
from their pool of the dim-wits, half-wits, limp *****,
men-childs, over-grown kids, wimps, chavs,
mummy's boys, buffoons and apologies-for men
Now tell me
what's exciting or interesting about that
a love-life with dregs in a continuous circle
the unwashed for the unwashed
make babies
absent fathers
start again
they like their cheap thrill
and their cheap entertainments
and how else do you pertuate 'the majority'
but they're madder now as the Government's stepped in
they only pay Child Benefits for two kids
you make more you work or steal for it, knicker-droppers
yeah! so its bull for Red rags and coalition of dicked and dumped
Off course! a solid man with glowing qualities aplenty
intelligent, dependable, trustworthy, clever, smart,
charming, caring, sincere, wise and honourable
is going to stand out like a sore thumb, to them
Oh my God
Such a male is going to put bees in their bonnets
get their knickers in a twist and their flabber truely gasted, hahaha
Obsession, fixation, blue ****** most likely
how can we have
a Prince Charming amongst the dicked and dumped
and expect peace
like Chris the thief said
its throwing the cat among the pigeons
talk about how to manipulate the frustrated
so their fixation is understandable
ain't it so
Hahaha....go on, you tell me.....
Yenson Jul 19

In ivory towers cold blood run cold
the centuries hang to minutes of now
The diabolicals age but never get old
as it was it is now and do not ask how

Clouds rise and command the flood
heinous hearts here to make you bow
Dare you stand to be choked in a hold
with impunity we take what is thou

The only crown is Western and bold
mahogany is stripped bare to hollow
By soot **** well do as you're told
till morrow there's room in the cargo

We steal all your riches an your gold
leave you grief an miseries to swallow
its what we do in bloodlust we're good
we even get your kith and kin to follow

Ours to subjugate humiliate an enfold
we crush foreign nobilities to a fallow
Us the Chosen Sparkling whites unmold
gods & goddesses of control with no sorrow
Jul 13 · 29
Us and dem.....
Yenson Jul 13
How can you even begin to think you can
think for me
when our values are so vastly different
and to compound your fallacy
it's demonstrably obvious you don't have a mind
what you have are echoes beatboxes
its comprehensive without comprehension
homogeneous factory produced
ready set and programmed
portable and extremely easy to manipulate
the very antithesis of Artificial intelligence
bred to do as told
So how can you even begin to think you can
think for me
Isn't it so obvious you have no minds of your own
Yenson Jul 11
Karens are united
defending their colour
how dare a blackman speak to a white woman like that
The Socialist say 'its Class War
how can a black be privileged and above the 'struggle'
we are going to drive him paranoid or better still
make him commit suicide
The 'Useful idiots' say its solidarity
they are defending the thieving bullying underdogs
(as you do, eh... )
rather pointedly none of them see
The yawning sick insidious blatant Racism that underpins it all

Yes, I confronted the theiving neighbour woman
called Chris Macafferty after the break-in to our flat

I'll say it again loud and clear
I said
"look at you Chris, you and your family
common cheap house burglars
you go around stealing, too useless and lazy to work
you're scroungers, none of you have ever done a day's honest work
you come to us always borrowing, money, food, sugar even bread
you pay nothing back
then you start trying to blackmail us
give us money, we know you have rich parents
you are nothing but a bunch of ***** crooks
look at you, its morning and you're already drunk, you stink
you're white, in your country, you have more opportunities than me
yet all you can make of yourselves are burglars and extortionists
you're shameless, a disgrace
how can you break into us, your neighbour's house
after all we've given to you, you truly have no shame, you're scums
I will make sure the neighbourhood knows all about you
since you and your family move in there's been so much burglaries
you hubby and son, only fifteen are always in and out of jail
i am going to organize a petition to get you removed from here
you godforsaken family of troublemakers and thieves"

White faced and trembling
she said
" Character assassination, public humiliation, we're going to ruin your life"

go read about criminal gang stalkers and what they do

Stalk me, harass me, taunt me torment me, hound me, troll me
sabotage everything I do, ruin my relationships, defame me to all
isolate me, threaten me, terrorize me, frame me, disrespect me
label me, **** my dogs, steal my cars twice, gaslight me, erase me,
void me, cancel me, do all the street theatre-ing you like

You thought I would run like most would,
you thought I would have been driven mad like most would have
you thought I would have taken my life like some would

No, thieves thrive on bullying and terrorizing people
I have deserved contempt for you and all in your control
I am not afraid of contemptible thieving scums
I have nothing but contempt for all of you and all you've done
I am not your victim....I am the one that's stood up to you.....
Yenson Jul 10
If you're on your way
to dad's villa in Barbados Mallorca or the Maldives
If you've got your bags packed
ready for that gap year travelling to broaden your minds
If you've got the acceptance mail
and its Oxford or Cambridge in September awaiting
If you've got the straight As
and dad's promised Mercedes and City Finance beckons
If Charlotte India or Lucinda
have promised a summer of fun
in Granny's beaucoup hide-away in France Spain or Penzance
If Harrods and Asprey have delivered
all the fineries and tons of invites to Summer ***** are in hands
But oh how we know
these can never be you your lives or your world
for if it is
It will never
It simply will not be in your minds
much less your radiant positive enriching orbits
to have the time
much less the inclinations not to mention the wherewithal
to spend your time
sitting dearily composing dirge fantasies
festering toxicity from ****** polluted anodyned minds
thinking you're getting at someone
who's done nothing to you
In charmless madness all you can do
is squim in your angsts luxuriate in hate envy and jealousy
and fixate  maddeningly on those
whose lives are beyond your grubby miserable reaches
For you know painfully your inadequacies
and how you are without merits
Its really as simple as that
so you might as well continue to do as expected
Hate on, Shout, sprout bile, project, poison and write
whatever whenever however
We know you all too well......
Yenson Jul 5
We can limp blinkered and deaf
and sell our glories
in momentum of hysterical unity
in pointless labour
we find refuge in house of cards
and in ignorant bliss
we kiss the *** of solidarity profane
in self defeating joy

We can see only as we want to see
the less we know
the more comfort of sleep walking
in magical hues
in fertile plains of arch nonentities
globulus minds
flow vituperate oceans of  red herrings
and we eat fish and fibs
Yenson Jun 25
I  did no wrong
I was just an honest jobbing man like millions of others
but in senseless red mist
screaming ' The Trial. the trial' they came for me
Kafka turned in his grave
its Clockwork Orange time
Pray! what was my crime
I was the wrong colour and I dared to aspire
and I had absolutely nothing in common
with **** Bobby
who under the guise of being a Youth Organiser
of the local Socialist Movement
was organising his **** in fifteen year old girls
and making movements before moving on to another
Bobby called me a yuppie and hated my guts with a passion
I am everything he could never be and my tan made it worse
Eirst I was burgled
“Somebody must have slandered Joseph K.,
for one morning, without having done anything wrong,
he was arrested.”
The Trial.... had begun
They said Robin Hood was in Town.....
Jun 24 · 37
We are not Princes....
Yenson Jun 24
Okay okay okay
the frogs are mad
they are as mad as a box of frogs
Down in Pond life the great lie had been revealed
what a dark day it was
what a mega awful awakening
all hopes shattered in Frogsville-on-the-Lie

They the mad frogs
have finally discovered
none of them, not even a single one
will ever meet a Princess much less be kissed
and turn into a handsome Prince
it was all a big lie
Frogs can never morph into a handsome Prince

As if life wasn't bad enough
in Pond Life and Gutters Square
where the Toads are always toadying
only to turn around and stab fellow frog in the back
the sleek green ones call the red frogs poisonous
and all kinds of chicanry hops about
they are all as mad as frogs in a box

They all lie like no tomorrow
the call tomorrow yesterday
and yesterday tomorrow or the day last week
they hop in boxes and out of boxes
but more than anything else they now hate Princes
**** all princes, destroy them, ruin their lives
Princes have stolen our birthright and mock us
Yenson Jun 13

Fellow tribespeople
whether hoods and pointed hats or not
please keep up the momentum
leave the soul stuff to them
the God and Heaven bit too
Conscience? what is that
Justice and fairplay?...they are joking aren't they
Listen tribespeople
you know the deal with the man from Congo
the Coconut Wayne
our Germ man of Jaffa
Yes, him
Its total obliterationm, grind him to the ground
he dared to confront our tribeswoman
who burgled him
Imagine the unforgivable insolence  
he even had the effontry to refuse our ferminine porcelain flesh
the audacity of that (he must be gay)
he's a goner, he can never think like us, never!
we control the masses and the mass media
Tribes people, Vengeance is ours
continue to gather in unison
we are going to mob him out of existence
no lie is big enough, no foulplay is foul enough
no evil or diabolical act is evil or diabolical enough
use his own againgst him and then some more
We are the Rulers
and must keep them subjugated always
and we always look after our own, thieves, lowlifes or however bad
they're ours and in soludarity we stand
we can make or break, ruin lives and trade places
turn a glittering career into dust
We are the gods
Ye Jerusalem, here we come....

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