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Bombs go off in Gaza,
and here on the east coast,
the friendships I have nurtured for several years
are blown away in the air like ashes…

The earth is nebulated in a nightmare
flames of despair and anger,
consume the oxygen of hope…
And now, depleted,
my heart sunk in mourning,
I am thinking of words that I will say to my son
so that he can continue to believe
in the good of people.

#middleeastconflict #war #israelpalestineconflict
 Apr 2022 Yenson
Joe Marcello
With cancel culture and the banning of words
Free speech is being put in its place
When comedians can no longer make a joke
Now that's a real slap in the face
 Dec 2021 Yenson
Lalaouna Amina
When cruelty tends to be necessity
Man conspires with insanity
scenes from everyday life
 Dec 2020 Yenson
Ken Pepiton
Commitment to 2021 use of the augmented com-unication ifity tools
 Nov 2020 Yenson
Eshwara Prasad
that which thrives by lies dies by lies.
 Oct 2020 Yenson
Lida Dela
 Oct 2020 Yenson
Lida Dela
Find your light,
To have
your dignity.
 Oct 2020 Yenson
Poetic justice
Freedom of speech,
Gives us the
freedom to teach,
As long as we can get past
The political leach,
We need to open people's eyes,
There are many to reach,
But it's all pointless,
If we don't live,
by the words that we preach.
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