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6h · 22
Yenson 6h
When the lion sleeps
it does not dream about sheep
it leaves that to the butchers
after-all a lion does not need a knife
to hunt for his dinner
Yenson 6h
we are open and expressive
we fight and argue with each other
but our blood is one
and our union reigns
in the way you can never understand
Yenson 15h
With low self esteems
and all the inevitable insecurities
that thus accompanied
coupled with low intelligence
their world views, thoughts and opinions
must have to be negative, tainted, erroneous
ignorant, malicious, belligerent and hollow
its not only a Natural thing its actually scientific fact as well
So they have to stay hidden
always on the defensive, always belligerent, forever cowered
in cowardice
projecting their fears, insecurities and inadequacies
the lost and miserable in miseries seeking company
oh, how they suffer for their art
yet it wouldn't set them free
prisoners of closed minds
the shamed in denial
Yenson 1d
And they woke
and showered in
hot lies and deceits
then dried themselves
with delusions and fantasies
let's go rule they all dribbled blindly
each carrying their own Emperor's new coat
as they wait for pink elephants and pigs that fly
Yenson 2d
The whole thing is a con trick. But what is interesting is why so few adults exist in our societies willing to stand up to it.

THERE is an ugly intolerance in the air. It is sometimes called “cancel culture”, but that doesn’t quite catch the whole horrible trend.

This trend insists that everyone has to think the same thing. We all have to say the same thing. And this trend has zero tolerance for, let alone delight in, the fact that people think differently from each other.

Instead it insists we all conform to one narrow view of everything. It is a wretched, life-limiting vision. And it must be opposed. By people from every side of the political aisle, and none.

A classic example of the trend emerged this week with the launch of GB News. This new news and current affairs channel includes a host of famous broadcasting names, including former BBC grand inquisitor Andrew Neil.

It has said that it is going to challenge the BBC status quo and give more diversity to UK broadcasting. But it had not broadcast even a minute of programming before the cancel mob came for it.

Activist groups decided to portray the channel as “divisive”. Because some of those on the platform have said that they would like to end “cancel culture”, these groups pretended that the channel was somehow extreme.

The channel has said it won’t follow the boring, left-wing group-think of so much media. So the activists pretended it was “far-right”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

But “truth” is not something  the woke activists care about. As a result, they decided to make the most outrageous claims possible about the channel. And they then decided to pick off the advertisers one at a time. Hoping in the process to destroy the channel’s business model.

It is the same technique that has been tried in recent years on a number of newspapers and other media in this country. Target the revenue and you can hope to close them down completely, or at least change the editorial decisions.

Before you know it, we don’t have a free Press, but a Press dictated by mobs. Mobs carefully directed by sinister and unaccountable groups with a deeply political agenda of their own.

Such people have already chalked up some successes against GB News. Within hours of the channel starting to broadcast, the cancel mob were taking notes. They then started the  campaign against every company that had advertised on the new channel.

Outrageous claims
The Swedish furniture company Ikea was among the first to agree to withdraw its advertising on the channel. The retailer said  the new channel is not in sync with its “humanistic values”.

Who knew, as they were struggling to assemble an Ikea flatpack, that the whole thing was based on “humanistic values”? I’ve felt a lot of things when struggling with their wretched furniture. But “humanism” has never been one of them.

At least Ikea has quickly seen sense. Yesterday it reversed its ad ban, saying it was “too soon to make an informed decision” and adding “it was not our intention to polarise our customers or others. A decision on our future approach will be taken in due course.”

One of the other advertisers to buckle under this stupid pressure is a cider company called Kopparberg. Person- ally I’ve never been able to stomach cider of any kind, so Kopparberg wasn’t on my radar. It  certainly is now, after the company claimed that its adverts had run on GB News “without our knowledge”.

A post on the company’s social media account  said: “Kopparberg is a drink for everyone and we have immediately suspended our ads from this channel pending further review of its content.”

What is this *******? “Kopparberg is a drink for everyone”. Really? Is it a drink for children? Probably. Is it a drink for grown-ups who like a decent pint? Clearly not. But is it a drink exclusively for people who think exactly like whichever woke idiot  put out that statement? Definitely. So not “everyone” then.

Just look at that level of sanctimony. It’s a ***** company, for goodness sake. Yet here it is preaching away about “further reviews” and much more. Who does it think it is?

The truth is that the whole thing is a classic woke mob attack. The mode of operating is now clear. It makes a set of outrageous claims against a political target. It then megaphones those claims and asks anyone at all connected with the target how on earth they can live with themselves.

So people are tarred by association with an imaginary enemy. Normal, mainstream opinion gets repackaged as “far-right” or some similar nonsense  then companies and others are asked how they can bear to be associated with such toxic views.

The whole thing is a con trick. But what is interesting is why so few adults exist in our societies willing to stand up to it

3d · 24
The Interview
Yenson 3d
So how are you.......

Great, you know my default stance,
“Do not look for happiness outside yourself. The awakened seek happiness inside.”

Some say you're numb.......

Not at all, you see
" As a bee gathering nectar does not harm or disturb the colour and fragrance of the flower; so do the wise move through the world".

What about this thing about you suffering and being in pain......

Well, they are un-pleasantries and grossly ill-thoughts actions from
others and off-course. depleted finances but
" It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.

so what about Love.......

I tell you an interesting piece
A man asked a wise sage, I want love. The sage replied, first remove the 'I' that's ego. Then remove 'want' that's desire. See, now you're left with only 'Love'.
I have always had love and I remain most grateful and Blessed for that

Ok, if you say so. What about things of the flesh........

Hahaha, that's easy, remember
'Man does not live by bread alone' but “When I'm good, I'm very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better. ” hahaha

Are you lonely.....

Put quite truthfully and simply
“If you're lonely when you're alone, you're in bad company.”

So are you a strong person....

Balanced, I'd say, you see
“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

So what about this 'Broken hearted' business......

Yes, about thirty-two years ago, but thankfully I healed. You see
its about
“In the end these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you live? How deeply did you let go?”

Are you haunted by anything.....

Yes, a forever image, my loving father, who will walk randomly
past me and would always reach out and either pat me on the shoulder or ruffle my hair and call out my name like it was a precious word. Yeah those times and images visit me quite often.
He was the best of men and set such wonderful examples.

Thank you for taking time to talk to us.....

My pleasure, thank you
Yenson 3d
Please Note:

Excitable unruly animals
prone to nibbling, scratching and tantrums
always courting attention and gets irritated when ignored

Please feed sparingly
Tends to be gluttonous and consumes excessively
Also obsessive and prone to focusing on singular interest

Interesting Fact:
these animals are pack creatures so always hang in groups
and gangs. Culturally they are herd-type in behaviour and
tend to copy each others behavioural actions. They are simple
though can be trained to perform complex exercises and have
auditory ability. mentally they are mostly at base level and
are governed by their nature which in the main is emotionally
immature though their appetite for carnality, self-abuse, over-
indulgences pointless actions and violence can be extreme.
Though basic on must levels they live in quite an evolved and
complex societal communities

please enjoy observing and interacting with them if you so please
but feed them sparingly and at chosen times put them on a fast ( Do not feed at all ) for a number of days at any given time. They live to be fed but only become exceedingly excitable, incoherent and grossly belligerent when they have food.
5d · 31
My son......
Yenson 5d
My two fathers would say
Now! that is a man and a real Prince
their fathers say lots of things
some say nothing at all
because they are mostly not around
some cry and shake their heads
a lot say, God help us
but never could any of their fathers say
Now! that is a man and a real Prince
Yenson 5d
I don't pick friends for their usefulness
i don't do superficial things
I don't find solace in others
I don't share myself to belong
I can survive, live or exist
I will always know my ways in my way
5d · 14
who are you.....
Yenson 5d
And God taught me
the magnanimous derivatives
from being able to bestow utter contempt
to such deserving candidates.
such a rare privilege
and best of all
to never ever feel
threatened and inadequate
so as to drag and besmirch
anyone to make myself
feel valid or noted
such a rare privilege
to be the one others envy
and also be the man
you will emulate and respect
is a special kind of self-worth
such a rare privilege
such a rare rare privilege
Yenson 5d
we welcome all representatives of slaves
now our cotton fields have become mechanised
but we still need them to toil
and do all the things too low for us
but those born to ermine and silver
with lineages distinguished
are not to be condoned
they are too well bred to be of manual use
and won't kowtow and take instructions
they will not know their places
and will start proving they are better than us
they are not uncle Tom material
So we either show these types the door
break them down bit by bit till they learn their place
Only us can have any power or authority
and we decide how they live
and how far they reach
its as simple as that
we will steal your lawful property
and make you apologise to us
and kiss our feet
we rule ok.....
we can do wrong and be right, we can flip and twist anything. we wreck without the slightest pang of conscience or remorse.  know your place and hold your tongue or get cancelled, erased and wreck. What abolition, what freedom and liberty, what egalitarian society, I guess you still believe in Santa Claus and little green men, Silly ***!
Yenson 5d
The fevered comedians of Armageddon
with burning heads
and ragged in Damnation tuxedos
and twisted serpentine ball gowns
are all roasting at Hell's Comedic Club
drinking bubbling hot blood Perignon
as they nibble on steaming hot ****
its 'open mic' evening
and devilish jokes are bellowing from their *****
off course
they always speak through their *******
they are rolling around and crying hysterically
there is no peace for the troubled
'Comrades, comrades,' farts out one of them
with reddened face and sizzling bacon smell emitting all around
Comrades, do you know what the biggest joke is?'
I'll tell you
' Do you all realize we still actually on Earth
and look at how we are still suffering for our Art'
Even louder groaning and wailing swept round the room
' Is that why they call us Red devils!' piped a lone sad voice
6d · 16
he-he haha.....
Yenson 6d
I am better placed
so sorry you are not
I'm happy to help you vent
and release your bitterness 'n frustrations
but don't let it consume you so much or else
you'll be even more bitter and limited than you are already!
cheer is for living...not cursing your luck and hating the rich
but feel free to throw stones from your glass houses
Yenson 6d
Minimise me
isn't that what you do
to all the others
come give me the brains
of the unwashed
come make my mind to
function like your sheep minds
but if you can comprehend a little
that the best way
to trick fools
is to let the fools think they are tricking you
wow! ...the doubts created by imbeciles should
sign post the actions of those wiser
that's really the way things work
come talk respect
after you set up disrespect
so I can follow your example
and go stab someone
how clever we all are
It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.
Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.
Lord Byron
Yenson 7d
the worst of humanity
arrived in  unfeathered hues
eyes shimmering like quarry pebbles
snarls carrying teeth brown and broken
with long sticks firing thunders and death

the villagers ran like does
but blood ran and fear froze flights
the mad ghosts plucked them like ripe pawpaw
to chain them as cargoes for export to cotton fields
take the strong and able teach the rest to worship ghosts

fetch us two nubile virgins
one for the bed and the other a foot stool
loot all those gold and bronze artefacts and symbols
bring their rulers and elders to bow and wash our blades
show them that unfettered power and guile has no conscience

we are gods and goddesses
we rule the waves and on land we own it all
and to exploit and brainwash we call on the God of Rome
as we pray to gold silver diamonds and every treasures we see
dare protest or resist the might and power of the soulless slayers

we have plundered and looted
***** despoil incarcerated and divided
now we seize their minds use them as we've always done
our working and serving Punches and Judys on our sunken soil
And God help that one that kept his mind and dared to refuse to represent as a slave
It was in the mid-1930s, and Fred was 15. He was out at work one day when a posse of white men turned up at the family home. Where was the boy, they demanded. A little white girl had been pushed off a porch and her father, incensed by such disrespect, had decided it was Fred who did it and had to pay, even though the girl swore it was someone else.

When the men were told that Fred wasn’t there, they left a message. Tell the boy we’ll be back for him tonight.

There was no doubt what they meant. Fred’s father knew, as all black townsfolk in Gadsden knew, what had happened to Bunk Richardson.

The 28-year-old had been seized a few years back by a local mob of white men in relation to the ****** of a white woman in which he had played no part. They took him to a railroad bridge over the Coosa river on the edge of town and flung him over, leaving him hanging from a rope for several days for all to see.

Fearful that the same fate awaited him, Fred Croft fled. His father told him to leave town as darkness fell and never come back. And he never did.

At the age of 15 Uncle Fred fled north, never to return.
7d · 33
Do it now....
Yenson 7d
Do your worse
write is cheap
even cheaper than words
on white line by white noises
Yenson 7d
In dips and forms
they seek themselves from others
flinging images of translucent frames
catching reflections mired in vagaries aflame
and hollow whimsical aggregations dusted and booted
such as surround themselves with compeers to court verdicts
whence in whole its the unspoken that beholds the accessories
in show though the allies of bling's dangle fugazi in blinding poses
and sway in possessed rhythms to the chanted cymbals of gilded lies
never in reckoning the wisest counsels should live and come from within.........
Yenson 7d
I wished us to be similar
another who will stand up for what is right
outspoken against injustice and unfairness
strong in the defence of equalities
confident with no belligerency
holding a brilliant mind that yet knows how to laugh
keeping it real amongst the unwise
and herding with grace and kindness
and worthy enough to own errors
and mindful and deep enough to make amends
alas I soon realized we are oh so different
not alike at all
I was so wrong
I presumed wrongly, it was just a fanciful assumption
with no basis in reality as I was to discover
so please accept my apologies for I was wrong
we are not similar at all
it was just a whimsical wish that we are alike
we do not need the  Town Criers
to tell all and sundry
that we couldn't be more different
than fire and water
so Tell all the gangs at Misguided Republican Street
That I will no longer be there
Yenson Jun 14
I wished us to be similar
another who will stand up for what is right
outspoken against injustice and unfairness
strong in the defence of equalities
confident with no belligerency
holding a brilliant mind that yet knows how to laugh
keeping it real amongst the unwise
and herding with grace and kindness
and worthy enough to own errors
and mindful and deep enough to make amends
alas I soon realized we are oh so different
not alike at all
I was so wrong
I presumed wrongly, it was just a fanciful assumption
with no basis in reality as I was to discover
so please accept my apologies for I was wrong
we are not similar at all
it was just a whimsical wish that we are alike
we do not need the  Town Criers
to tell all and sundry
that we couldn't be more different
than fire and water
so Tell all the gangs at Misguided Republican Street
That I will no longer be there
Yenson Jun 13
Have they manned their stations
I would imagine so...
Have they been busy
I wouldn't know, can't be arsed checking....
Have they maintained the Tradition of Negative Oracles
I suppose so, that's all they are capable of.....
Are they hungry yet
I'm sure they are starving, haven't been fed for a while......
Do they know their duties
They should, they are born into that class.........
Do we pay them
No, but they die to be like us and have what we have........
Are they short of breeding, sensibilities and basic decorum's
That goes without saying, born cheap, bred cheap, do cheap.....
Well, they should know we deserve twenty-four seven attention
We are Royalty
we expect them to carter to us at all times
we are not to be without the public attentions
we have Divine Rights, they don't
and if they are always full of envy, jealousy and anger they should
take it up with The Almighty God.
Can they hear me
Avidly. HRH....they are already frothing at the mouths.........
Oh, they do that all the time, they are dribbling simpletons
Yenson Jun 10
Boo boo booo boooo booooo.....
won't stop booing
can't stop booing
we are the booing crowd
that' what we do
boo booo boooo booooo......

figure it out
if we could do better
or be better
do you think
we'll be here booing
it is what it is
Boo boo booo boooo booooo.....
Yenson Jun 9
Again and again we go wittering and faffing
about the place
posing and posturing like those plastic dummies
at the arcade
wasting delusions built on illusions fabricated
in glossy white lies
we knew he was a quiet decent man that kept
pretty much to himself
a steady blameless character with no stains
or secrets hidden
we thought removing the wife would have
finished him off
then just lean on him enough to drive him
running to his origins
we are crooks and gangsters and we know
how to silence pain-in-the-*****
we are mobbing him and harassing the hell
outta the bloke
we have isolated him and assassinated his character
and crucified the **** outta him
some plonkers saying they are driving him paranoid
you need fear to induce psychosis
or guilt's, insecurities, inadequacies or a lack of self-belief
or confidence to induce paranoia
****** man is a walking saint, we had to create the smears
and lay it on thick, yet Teflon still smiling
we nave done more then enough that would have
made ten men take their lives
we cannot and must not agree that a clear and blameless
conscience holds no guilt or worries
why is it always us crooks, liars, **** and narcissistic
psychos that's always suffering
always the pathetic sados doing all the ***** nasty work
life's not ****** fair......ahhaaaaaa
Yenson Jun 9
Daring the glares of realities
attuned to the unspoken melodies
vibrant in gracious touches of One and Only
there gives no need to disarm
or grieve shield and a ribboned lance
as there before you they fide the clouds
speaking the words of the winds
carrying blue dye to paint the skies
plucking airless promises
for tomorrows and sails for now and yonder
and the floaters float on clouds
then the rain came
the rain came
why did they not see and why did they not think
that clouds turn into rains
cloudy wisdom leaves heads in the cloud
perchance more should dare the glares of realities
Yenson Jun 6
Landed language in loss-ridden mouths
bloated words forged into snipers bullets
arrows and barbs tipped in venom
the worn armouries' of the wounded krest'yane

but words are words made to be discern
what good a ****** firing dud buck shots
are craven heathens expected to pen sermons
will a bent arrow hold a true flight to its targets

as one knows the clarity of water from mead
the sane sees the wheat from the dulling chaffs
as the mind true in spirit and soul holds allegiance
needing no theologians to smite the olid words of banshees
Jun 6 · 386
Yenson Jun 6
But I always know

their lots are harder than mine

so in grace and gratitude I thrive

for many have first world problems

that dehumanizes them and eats their souls

the best things in life are free

inner beauty wears no mask
Yenson Jun 5
The troubadours have long gone senile
the wandering minstrels lost
in an epoch maze of Daliesque confusion
the tainted sirens wail and groan on tossing grids
battering plots and curses in bile purses
to the lame and the beggars
the mermaids are stranded on burning rocks
the Town criers rings a bell with no rung
and yells weeks old news now stale
the whisperers are trading iniquities and grovelling
with the ferryman for more time
a black foreboding cloud covers them all
they all breath fear in a a breeze of pervading fear
they see themselves and see nothing
they have been conquered by themselves
their winter is with them
yet the sun is shining and the skies are blue
from whence and nowhere a lone voice thrills
'look within yourselves...look within yourselves
Yenson Jun 5
I have never lived in that house
yet they keep knocking every minute
insisting this is where I live
imagining they see me in there
yet I stand in my own house
and wave to them
yet they go to that house
yelling morn noon and night
that I am there
its obvious they aren't looking for me
they just want to shout and scream
its a self-flagellation thing
they are *****
Yenson Jun 4
The Karens and their eunuchs
all hail in unholy communion in shallow crypts
incanting the ethos of their graceless union
Thou shalt not live with Truth

From the Hopeless Hospice of Dumb minds
the Red ***** toss deader ideas
and escape to join the craven march
of Limeys preaching for their birth rights

The Fagin's Alchemist dost announced
that yonder Moor has taken our riches
Toy town is awakened the Reds are on keystone duties
flying monkeys everywhere hunting for alchemists' fools gold

We shall do his head in and **** him up
Karens  ****** of deceits and bitter angsts all frothing in slime
baying mudslingers with deadly aims in frenzied *******
in wanton throes they relive memories of the thrusts of Moor's sword

Tis the season of deer stalking and the Fools Ball
madness has freely poured all a heady toxic brew so drink till drunk
the pale oracle sees broken heart pain suffering and a broken Moor
we all wonder why the Managers of the Top three English footy Teams are all Foreigners
A satire about Covid written from a hospital bed by a dear friend. She was just recovering from  Anesthetics when she wrote this, she assures me its all about a dream she had while under.
Yenson Jun 3
Yes, they are living their best years
playing Fantasy Island and Blind man Buff
for in a white world all is white
and if it isn't
you just erase it off
and insert what you like
that's the best bit
that's them
living their best lives
Yenson Jun 2
There is indeed no logic to madness
a man that can't even stand a faint moustache
on ladies
and retches at a crew-cut on a feminine head
is indeed the type
that would turn gay
yes! there is indeed no logic to madness
and the plainest common sense
has been murdered on common grounds
Police say there are too many guilty suspects
its not worth the efforts to investigate
why dignify stupidity
Yenson Jun 2
If I ever doubt the level of excellence
then me and myself would not be I

born and bred to forge and smelt adversity
not for adversity to forge me

my title removes me from common fields
where the serfs dig and sow seeds

they toil to harvest hand to empty mouths
rueing their lot in reflection of my golden sheen

cry cry freedom to your noisy shamans in red rags
go lay with your mothers who abides your stunted hoes

your acrid incantations removes no bark from the oak
in its shade you can wash your rags and hide your nakedness

some were made to run with tigers
some are born to be led and told how to be and what to do
Yenson Jun 1
And they run from realities
the same way they run their superficial lives
they know nothing and everything
and as they run from themselves
they slam into themselves
only to see nothing
only to find something
they were never masters
only messengers
of the Un-Thinkers and Ignorance
in days and nights in white satin
Yenson Jun 1
Its a win win situation
the iniquitous people stealers' children
in shame and disgrace
were forced to stop their trades in people
but alas could not stop
stealing plundering looting and ******
in all kinds of disingenuous ways
so there comes I
calling out our contemporary pale thieves
stop it says I unbridled
you morally bankrupt unjust miscreants
why is decency and fairness
such strangers to you odious despicable crooks
they did not like it one bit
to lie steal con and cheat is in their blood and genes
they had to void and discredit me
they launched their organised gangster stalking campaign
designed to open the gates of hell on earth to their victim
the boasted with seething threats
your life will be made so miserable you will wish for death
I have not died yet
but now others know and see how wicked evil and corrupt
these slave traders' children are
but what is so pleasing to me is that they now have to play nice
friendly and inclusive
to all ebonies brown and others that they discriminated against
to bring them on side and use them as useful idiots
through clenched teeth the peoples' stealer call it SOLIDARITY
but that's okay for it makes life easier for these minorities  previously oppressed
the repugnant peoples' stealers children are being moulded and conditioned
it must be painful and galling to them but they have been compromised
its a win win situation.....n'est-ce pas -
this is a satire about Covid 19....hahaha
Yenson May 29
They are the thieves, rogues and liars
they are the ones with the unrestful consciences
they are the guilty ones unable to relax and feel untroubled
they are the morally bankrupt lowlife scums full of guilty secrets
they are the ones who are weak cowardly shameless sad characters
they are the pathetic fearful ignominious degenerates always on the defensive
they are trapped in lies, deceits, chicaneries, darkness and searing disgrace
they have it all to do and they've been doing it all but how do you
make an innocent blameless someone
take the guilt for crimes not committed and odious deeds not done
the truth is like a lion, you do not have to defend it, let it loose, it will
defend itself
So the disgraced racist white thieves and gangsters shiver in fear every day
Yenson May 29
Yes, tell me,
go on, tell me
tell me how you will feel
how will you feel going through
your whole life
knowing you belong to this class
this class known as the lower class

Yes, go on
tell me how you'll feel
imagine from day one
you're already in the lower class
tell me, how is that right
how does it make you feel
already classified and you've done nowt

so listen. mate
I am going to hate if I want
I am going to be nasty to those
not in my lower class
I will call them names and try
to heap miseries on them
what's good for the goose is good for the gander

Now those ones
of the Aristocracies
they are finished, its total assaults
how dare them having the best of it all
no, no, no we are not taking it any more
imagine, they even have larger *****
I will sit on their heads morning noon and night
(I'm female, I think I shall enjoy that, actually)
Down with royalty
I honestly can think of a million better things to do than write silly poems...
Yenson May 29
Hail the demos of runts proffers turds
from their houses of commoners and plebs
flaying their ripe dumps at Wasteminister Parliament
the oiks and oinks are full of it in endless struggles with poos
Fagins and unison ******* an giving oiks golden showers
the great unwashed carry their excrements to poetry class as floaters
to them it makes ****** sense because floaters rhymes with plonkers
who constipated on fish chips 'n vinegar are hallucination revolution
and are plopping pale faeces with red faces in left an left with runny motions and momentums
hahaha....hahaha......hahaha....can some identify the analogy and references in this satirical poem. it was written in 1968 about space exploration and imperialist who steal diamonds and loot all over our planet  yet point fingers and falsely label others greedy....
Yenson May 27
broke the egg
to whisk the yoke
only to see the yokes
are round their feeble necks
in the egg laid a gem like no other
more luminous than the rarest pearl
a star diamond with myriad faces of glitters
too precious for necks with yokes of common strife's
for tis' wise to cook for dinner the goose that lays golden eggs
for what is gold to the weighted yokes that's family heirloom for them
Yenson May 27
No boughs or brambles
strickens or stirs on reflective calm
neither do flippant washes or dense ripples
sway in windless surges on the calmness crystal flow
in translucent clarity starry light cuts from the deep to surface
always the Halleluiah chorus to the dusk and dawn of enlightenment

Foreboding tales in ragged tones
fevered pitches soaked from devoured galled pitchers
tis anthem profane of spooks an song less featherless birds
mourning arid lives and cloaking dressed maelstroms on purity
the sea sails  in a life well tempered away from debris and flotsams
the swirls of squalls thunders onerously and in the deep the centre holds
Yenson May 24
He is a sweet loving clever and kind
bona fide Prince
full of wisdom dignity and integrity
warm charming and witty and such
a passionate ardent love, unselfish
gentle and generous
calm sensible smooth and slick yet
brave tough courageous and smart

He is a real life Prince

and has an army of Haters

he said with that cheeky grin on
his ever smooth shining face.....

Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you
Thanks for making me the center of your attention.

Dear Haters,

I have so much more
for you to be mad at.

Just be patient.

H: Having
A: Anger
T: Towards
E: Everyone
R: Reaching
S: Success

Don’t try to win over the haters; you are not a ******* whisperer.
– Scott Stratten

Haters don’t hate you. They hate themselves because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be.
– Nicki Minaj

Hate hurts the hater more’n the hated.
– Madeleine L’Engle

A lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

You hate me, but you are still watching. **** you are a fan.

Don’t like me? F*ck off. Problem solved.
No matter where you are in your life, there will always be people that are jealous and try to talk you down  “Why haters hate,” you may ask. Even if you are a nice person, you are still going to pick up haters somewhere. Whichever reason it is, it’s not your fault. And most of the time, haters hate because they are not happy with themselves. Those who are highly satisfied with their life, relationship and career won’t have the time and energy to hate. if you have haters, you are probably doing something right. Hate comes with fame. When you are rising above, irritating those inadequate, weak untalented impoverished and under-privileged nobodies.
Yenson May 24
Poor Majority
poor majority indeed
in more ways than one
who live in Lewis Carroll wonderland
the majority poor white rabbits live in the rabbit hole
Alice Macafferty and her family were thieving white rabbits
they were also friends with some Mad Hatters also called Red Hatters
and together in their Rabbit holes in crazy unlit wonderland
they saw a black Prince happy and nice and that irked them
look at him smiling so much like the Cheshire cat
this Prince definitely has an  abundance of milk
and cream and things which we don't have
we are the majority and should have
the majority of everything says us
yes we do have a majority
of one important thing
We are the maddest
stupidest weakest
hateful nastiest
white rabbits
in wonder
Yenson May 23
“You are a slow learner, Winston."
"How can I help it? How can I help but see what is in front of my eyes? Two and two are four."
"Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane.”
― George Orwell, 1984

Ever wonder why the herds are herds
why disgraceful immaturity reigns amongst so called adults
why supposedly grown men sit in cars or stand around to do some drama
why utter stupidity is not recognised as such
and why shepples or the mob believe everything they are told
without questioning

There's your answer above
they are all sane balanced wholesome and absolutely intelligent people
in sound minds and capable of sound positive judgements
Yenson May 23
I have read the book
a thousand times and more
inside out back to front and then again
I sat and passed the test
I was a 'summa *** laude'
I graduated and moved on
broadened my horizon
I look back and see them
struggling with the same book
day in day out morning noon and night
can't help feeling sorry for them
their struggles are ongoing
they are bottom class
and by the looks of things
they never seem to get anything right
they just repeat and repeat and repeat
confirming that some never learn
and will never know how Void
relates to Diminishing Returns
or how sound morality relates
to neurosis and psychosis
or how balance relates to imbalance
or on a final esoteric level
God is the final and true Arbiter
and He has already dealt with the
revolution of Lucifer and his demons
Yenson May 22
Like rampant moss
trials the pavements of Bashirs
rancid with lies poisons aspersions
conjectures misinformation and disinformation
white washed walls offering refractions to hued stooges
unfit for purpose but always the bred fodders to take the fall

and it went to plan
in year eighty eight when love betrayed
it was to be cut off the head and that body falls
only to realize some minds are so small they offered nowt
that pillar graced solid foundation even when shaken and stirred
some bring more to table while some merely came to dance and eat

the moss Bashirs grew
chalky soil knows no guilt rhythms'
back to the Black Ball casting operation
a hapless innocent made a stooge drip fed in group think
the party turns Dating Agency and minds readers in fake romance
Slave Traders becomes Big Brother and all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed—

Did they not say in Dystopia
“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”
“Never again will you be capable of ordinary human feeling. Everything will be dead inside you. Never again will you be capable of love, or friendship, or joy of living, or laughter, or curiosity, or courage, or integrity. You will be hollow. We shall squeeze you empty, and then we shall fill you with ourselves.”
Yenson May 22
And we blitzed sophistication
with simplification
but only us notice the difference
in our sufferance
though not in the idiocies of our stupefaction
for simpletons do not consider selves introspections
and in our constant reality of discontents and marginalization
we can but find solace in our illusions fantasies and ripe delusions
with simple minds living simple lives we embrace our simplifications
May 21 · 41
Bear alone....
Yenson May 21
I deliberately left it in that state for you
muck for mucks
its epitomises the total disregard  I have for you
after all I'm not charging an Entrance fee
since you're all not worth a dime
I've even stopped being amazed
by the sheer stupidity
of it all
go on
make yourselves believe all your fantasies
Yenson May 21
So I said to Harry
I'm sorry they drove you away
I do understand the strain on you mental health
had you spoken to me before
I would have wised you up a bit

you know the Hoi polloi
are a different breed altogether
fights, blood, gore and all things nasty and wicked
are inherent in them, its in their genes

without the wars
where they tore each others to pieces
( shame we Royals gave them peace and order )
without the slave trades which satiated their barbarisms
with little mines and farming to cave them
and keep them in serfdom
and the darkies they used to bushwhack now driving Porsches
and wealthier than them

So you see Harry old chum
our Natives have gone totally soft in the head crazy
now grounded and given peace and relative comfort
but with their recessive genes, inherent bloodlust and sadism
the animals have turned on us Royals
they are now biting the hands that feeds them
they can't help it, the madness is in their blood

maybe  you should tell your granny
to tell her Ministers to start a great war somewhere
( ok, just joking, but )
these mad natives are restless and its our Royal blood
they now hanker after  
I'm so sorry they are giving you and darl Meghan such a hard time
chin up old chap, listen I just laugh and tease them somewhat rotten
the silly little oinks, they should go eat cakes..hahaha.....
Yenson May 21
Fools find no pleasure in understanding
but delight in airing their own opinions
A fool does not delight in understanding,
But only in revealing his own mind
as dusts reveals flights of vacuous winds

So if in his mind he finds the pleasure
of his measure is his desired treasure
let him air his opinions in spadesful
for sooner or later his chickens will come
home to roost likewise as their fellow birdbrain

Some say tis better for a fool to keep quiet
and seem like a wise sage in contemplation
than air opinions confirming one is
indeed a fool in foolish tomfoolery
attention seekers are but attention seekers
and despite all done
will still not fill the voids in their lives
May 21 · 22
altered emptiness....
Yenson May 21 deprived
so needy of attention
and a nod of acknowledgement
and at the slightest hint of perceived notice
its a thumbs up from him or a thumbs up from her
the neglected ****** of social media live another day
Yenson May 21
Here's the common-or-garden philosophy
boiling hot from
The Tea Leave Fell Off the Back of a Lorry University
lets wipe out that one on contract
alter that sterling personality
then fill it as we want like a puppet on a string

Here's the reality
we fool and brainwash all the sodding masses
these plonkers  buy the fables we tell'em
just make'em into puppets
arrange them into drama and tell them its power and control
yes, its control al' rite for we are controlling the dopes

I tell yer, this is advance con from experts
at The Tea Leave Fell Off the Back of a Lorry University
give the mug masses a dossier of false data
we've been doing this for long, the mugs never ask for proofs
tell'em fools its psyche war-fare
make it fancy-like and say its Neuro-linguistic programming
these dumb puppets will never know they are being conned

We aren't called liars and fantasists for nothing
we make it up as we go along and the punters buy into it
they#ve been brained and blindsided
they eat outta our hands
we control them like the puppets they are, the mugs
they are being used as cheap puppet harassers and silly pests
in their heads the mugs think they are working class heroes
in solidarity and power control of elite

in reality they are stupid mugs
being used to hound and harass the innocent man
well, he dared to challenge us thieves and gangsters
so he's a grass and the contract is out on the bloomin' ****
we are from The Tea Leave Fell Off the Back of a Lorry University
and we are gonna teach him the lessons of his life
do not stand up to gangsters, we are dangerous
May 20 · 30
shallow waters.....
Yenson May 20
in the delta of ignorance
the tributaries run backwards
to the ponds where fools with small rods
loyally compensates their shortcomings in foggy mists
and in the limiting breeze of white haze they rue their cowardice
for in shallow depths they are born and in shallow depth they stay
the stickleback tiddlers in mucky ponds yapping at dolphin in royal grace
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