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Yenson 19h
Which one of you
has the wherewithal
to find somewhere quiet
and go within to break your trance
and reclaim your minds and your heads
are you enough to see how you have been played
tuned into a frenzied wayward ditty
dulled into colic twang belchers
strummed in hapless reefs
plucked duds on frets
orchestration of vapid
bums in *** encore
you've been played
arranged scored
in *** notes
they groove
in derision
yet know
Yenson 1d
Rimani! Riposati accanto a me.

Non te ne andare.

Io ti veglierò. Io ti proteggerò.

Ti pentirai di tutto fuorchè d’essere venuto a me, liberamente, fieramente.

Ti amo. Non ** nessun pensiero che non sia tuo;

non ** nel sangue nessun desiderio che non sia per te.

Lo sai. Non vedo nella mia vita altro compagno, non vedo altra gioia.


Riposati. Non temere di nulla.

Dormi stanotte sul mio cuore…
Yenson 1d
So little old me won first prize
at an intercollegiate Literary Competition
it was quite a big deal
and I was the bee's knee for quite a while
shortly after there's me at a Girls College
attending a Fun and Social Evening
a live Band was dishing the tunes
***** teenagers were raging with hormones
I was sorted
my sweetheart's sister was at the school
my sweetheart could not attend
but I was to be chaperoned so that's that
anyway halfway into the evening
I'm outside the hall cooling down
up came this rather fetching girl
my chaperon was throwing shapes to James Brown
whose Papa has got a brand new bag ( whatever for) I wonder
anyways the fetching girl sidled up
who are you, she ventured
well if you must know, do you know who won the Literary 1st prize, I asked
of course I do, she replied instantly
and if you must know he happens to be my boyfriend, she added
before I could close my wide opened mouth
she told me my name
I gulped
yes, she smiled
we've been dating for quite some time
actually we were at the Cinema last Saturday
oh he's such a darling and so clever and cute too
do you know him she continued as she pointed to the College badge on my blazer
he's from your College
Oh yes, I know him very well, I replied, while wondering
what is this!
what's your name, she continued, I'm seeing him tomorrow, I'll tell him I met you, and ask if he knows you
So have you done the did with him I asked, now feeling mischievous
This ***** flashed me a knowing look, loads of time but don't tell anyone, she replied huskily
What! screams I
ssshhush, loudly whispered her
Then it happened
footsteps clattered hurriedly out of the hall
my chaperon had had enough of James brown and his Papa's bag
and remembered her duty
she yelled my name and asked what I was doing
I will never forget the look on Miss *****, my imaginary 'girlfriend's' face
have you ever seen surprise horror and floor-open-up-and-swallow
me-up-please, all on a face before, I did that evening.
Miss ***** flashed a last look at my smiling face and beat a hasty retreat
as chaperon dragged me back in, in a firm wristlock.

This story came to mind because later in adult life, I was to discover I have loads of clones doing or having done things I know
nothing about. I will not be surprised if one of them is an ageing
broken hearted silver fox in love with a black yellow sunflower who is now withered yet a battalion of flying monkeys have devoted their lives to preventing this clone and the orange or pink or yellow or grey or black or muslim or whatever colour sunflower,
who they say is now withered, ever meeting. Its a strange world!
Women tell tales, and knowingly or unknowingly it can sometimes have devasting consequences. People have died, been killed, damaged because of malicious or flippant tongues.
1d · 23
oh bad thee...
Yenson 1d
Whispering ghosts find their voices
in empty heads
and connect with those fighting their demons
not beyond the pale
fear begets fear in the embrace waiting perdition
where none is unseen
the toils of gasping spectres labours in chilled cold fires
where penance is the lives they live
the catcher waits for they who twist and shout in the shadows
Yenson 3d
from as long as I can remember
I laugh a lot
I laugh every day
I love seeing others laugh too
Today I heard someone say
I think when we laugh as human beings
that's when we're our most authentic selves
that's why real laugh is so ugly
its not filtered in any way
just pure unadulterated joy
hearing this
I understood a bit more about myself
and why laughter comes so readily with me
its that authenticity of mine
that unfiltered essence
that realness that abhors superficiality
the fakery that society imposes on us
the pettiness of humans
the fear that strangles and gives complexes
the poison of ignorance that blinds
the cancerous hate internalized that later becomes malignant
I am me as I am
positive unfiltered and quick to laugh
its probably why I shine from within
for even on my own
I'm still laughing
the prize of being
3d · 30
my wet harem....
Yenson 3d
The trick is to heighten your fixations
we already know who's got me in their heads
I am your addiction
you will work double for your fixes
I am keeping you  
on your pink trotters
cause I know
you are hooked and will come again
and again
you need me to read you
I play with your attention
cause you can't help yourselves
I make you come
again and again
Yenson 4d
The one-track minds
wheels along in gratuitous
selves mockery
kitted out in ignorance gears
in delusions and self-loathing
blissfully unaware
our riders of the storms
our alleged rain-makers
our pitch-forks prodders
our rotten fruits tossers
our witch hunters poodles
our home-grown Debbie Downers
our mongrels of psyche warfare
who are all very mindlessly involved
in their senseless struggles
and dumbly believe
that another is thus occupied as well
but hey no emotional investment
no hiking or honking on roads never travelled
why see me as a passenger
or think I'll react to vistas unknown
as told by dimwits in selves mockeries
I have no ride or die
I lead
others go on flights of fancy
Yenson 4d
Let's just laugh
I have been laughing for quite a while
see the bigger picture
and the absurdity of the Human condition
will tickle you no end

The Takers point
filled with loot they scream parasite
that innocent is a tick
and the neighbour that burgles is a saint
comrades be red or dead

Power to the people
our one sided story is our full gist
and distortion is clarity
for you have to divide to rule the mass
they need hate for motivation

The god of the God squad
approves bullying racism and Partisanism
you smile and stab in the back
and preach love your neighbour as yourself
its all in this bible we carry

Have you got all day
to hear about ridicule's ridiculousness
how wrong is right when white
and dramatized relations with scripted lines
becomes haunted lines to wreck

Let's just laugh
I have been laughing for quite a while
see the bigger picture
and the absurdity of the Human condition
will tickle you no end
Yenson 6d
As you come so you go
as you sow so you so so
you get nothing for nothing
old money is old money
because it has brains
to make so so people do so so things
so  as you come so you go
you are all so so mad
your papa did not leave you millions
isn't your life a *****
born ****** to inherit bitchiness
know why you're so so sore
in such so so ways
Do you want your catastrophe tickled.....haha....wait I've got to go take food from another child's mouth, you can go do some stealing again, I don't do theft.
Yenson 6d
We teach the teachers
as we see the fears
their paradise lost
their nightmare a reality

The cotton fields are gone
clouds vapid power
now pulling rabbits
out of hats in penny arcades

Sick minds need company
malignancy is all they offer
in defence of their evaporation
their days long gone
living in the catacomb of deceits
foam lives in sleight
the ivory towers have changed hands
Yenson 7d
The poor girl said
I so sorry, but I'm afraid they may turn against me, please understand

The near brownies said
please forgive, they will start picking on us if we don't go along and do as ordered

The Preachers says
we have to be as them, we are cultists and already marginalized, if we didn't they'll isolate us more and it helps our recruitment

The weak and insecure said
this is a no brainer mate
for once we get the opportunity to feel relevant and play the fool without the usual disapprovals

The reluctant ones say
we feel oppressed and bad but they are coercing us daily and we just don't have a choice

So their moral compass compromised, their free-will imprisoned
their integrity abused and disrespected, their brains washed, their dignity rubbished, their minds poisoned and internally they are stressed, uncomfortable and feel enslaved. They have been dehumanized because their Narcissistic masters decides so...

Anyone who remembers watching the Wizard of Oz as a child will probably remember how horrifying the Wicked Witch of the West’s flying monkeys were. These monkeys were sent by the witch to do her ***** work, and the phrase has since become synonymous with people who end up doing the ***** work of a narcissist.

Flying monkeys get caught up in a narcissist’s plan — often to damage the life of another person. The narcissist may use their flying monkeys as piggy in the middle, carrying information from party to party. The flying monkey may use gaslighting tactics, open aggression, and guilt-tripping in order to make another person feel bad and weak, whilst shoring up the narcissist. And they’re often involved in pleading the case of the narcissist. Narcissists love having flying monkey, as it makes them feel important and means they can appear to be above the people below them who are caught up in the messy parts of the drama.

Some of the reasons people become flying monkeys include:

Self-preservation and protection.
Forming an alliance with the person perceived as like us or our organisation is one reason people adopt this role. Telling tales, spreading misinformation, and using gaslighting techniques against anyone who dares to question the narcissist might just mean you get to keep your job and don’t find yourself on the receiving end of narcissistic rage.

Rescuing the narcissistic "victim."
If you tend to fall into a rescuing role, you may feel compelled to jump to the defence of the narcissist who blames everyone and everything for whatever is going wrong in their life. Sticking up for the narcissist meets your inbuilt need to feel valued and needed because of your rescuer role.

A loss of sense of self.
Some flying monkeys are so browbeaten by the narcissist that they have far less capacity than otherwise might be expected when it comes to knowing right from wrong. They may have experienced years of emotional abuse at the hands of the narcissist and have lost a sense of self and independent decision-making along the way.

Loving the drama.
Some flying monkeys really thrive on the drama. When you’re involved with a narcissist, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll be involved in a few dramas along the way. What can beat the adrenaline of being caught up in lies, secrecy, and deception?

Being a narcissist.
Flying monkeys often have strong narcissistic traits themselves, including a desire for attention, a lack of empathy, and a desire to bully and manipulate others. They may be involved in a work, or other situation in which they know that their best opportunity to fulfill their narcissistic desires comes from allying themselves with a more powerful narcissists.

Being used by a narcissist to take care of some of the least desirable aspects of their business is always going to place you in a compromised, stressful environment and you should ensure that you have the appropriate support in place when you choose to change your role.
Yenson 7d
There its emblazed
in Pantheon worthy Almanacs
that without fear or favour and in justly endeavours
alongside peers I girded my *****
and earned my laurels

Ask in The Bodleian
and the hallowed halls of scholars
have sat with scribes drinking from wells of learning
in well spent I burnt midnight oil
my gown et rolls earned

At the Trade Exchange
my worth and flair remunerated
from dawn I upped with the larks to make hay
held my own amongst equals
in service and toil

Need no reminding
of halcyon days at the Lyceum
of wine women and songs in work hard play hard
all done in sublime grace and style
keeping a wise head on

Cupid will testify
I have loved and been loved
met dusk and dawn in truly hot passions and kisses
touched hearts in honest emotions
with blissful memories till ever

Go to the voices of past
you will find no harm done by me
where and when I could I helped my fellow humans
in compassion in deeds I'll give
if they are happy I am too

I can stand before my God
eternally grateful and blessed
I claim no perfection but know I did best with what He gave
and if all is ruined and destroyed in evil fate
I know His Will be done
mortal actions never deceive the gods
Jun 22 · 17
And why not....
Yenson Jun 22
Where is the eye of the storm
when the frenzied swoop of listless air has no eyes

Who has seen a banshee scream
when its borne out of the excitable imagination of lore

So in the pitter patter of rainfalls
hear not rhythms but water droplets crashing in minuscule

Such is not bird's eye view
the wingless in vainglorious pretensions they see as soaring birds

The darkness of an unlit chamber
is  far from the darkness of the cloying night in all its blackest glory

So what do we think we really know
when we see through feet and dress others in the hate of our tattered rags and threadbare souls

On the left side of leftovers we swim against the tides and fish on dry golden sands
Yenson Jun 20
In the village
they say they are doing a clockwork orange
whatever that means
only they know

I imagine its an
orange clock and its in their vacant heads
but they said it controls
what I do not know

See mugs faffing
they say nihilism is the now vogue in town
they have power to control
foam control is a thing

So its all tick talks
and demobbed slave traders in revivals
tying me kangaroo down
a crown for a mind

So if all this makes sense to you
join the party of the revolutionary harridans
for the protection of Thieves
it makes no sense to me

But I laugh and laugh
as I watch brains and minds being washed white
and puppets dangled on chains
its clockwork orange time
Yenson Jun 19
To faff and **** and sneak and snort
To jive and jib and shove and slime
To drone and discredit and simmer with envy
To parade inadequacy and promote idiocies
To be blinded and witless and rage in inferiority
To be snivelling cowards and trailer trash bullies
To be weak gutless retards in deluded role-change campaign
All swamped twitching and burping in vermillion pond life
reflecting the haze of their dystopian stalking canals
Yenson Jun 19
Some buffoon held wide open the chiffon
inviting glimpses
into their dim shallows of superficialities
where precious semblances sits without
real substances
and spurious heads and nouveau chancers
display shining blings of their family silver
dumbly expecting
envy and recognition for alloy coated turds
from showroom of callow indistinguishable
the semblance
that lacks the sublimity of grace worth flair
the incongruous gardener in top hat and tails
and therein the absurdity
of values of breeding intelligence and purpose
You can take the hicks out of Texas, but you can't
take the Texas out of the hicks
I am not Texan or a hick and cannot envy or compare with them
Yenson Jun 17
What good am I
if my mind sees through
the eyes of thieves and knaves
and my words
are fashioned from malice
so as to say
I lie with vagabonds and sleep
with flea dogs
these are my brothers
tell me do
What good am I

absit invidia
Yenson Jun 17
We've got to do this
we find no chances and have no choice
we know too well our places
for in your sublime completeness
and born privileges
you outshine us in each and every way
we have to make you feel small disadvantaged
disappointed and helpless
like we feel all the timethat gladdens us
and make us  feel we're even
the trouble is we know we are small for real
and you are not
and that just makes us feel even smaller
mad angry discontent angst-ridden and more vengeful
in case you don't know
we're suffering here
suffering in suffering
what type of double whammy is that
I just think Oliver Cromwell had the right idea...all this psyche war nonsense and shadow boxing is tedious for us ordinary muckers. Ahhh............
Jun 17 · 24
after yesterday.....
Yenson Jun 17
Coke addled fixation
barren time overload
time to pick on noire

write scholastic diss
panacea for cancer

malignant fear visits
the troubled erudite
now a pale shadow

my pen my rush
another line of prose
another line on the table
its a daily habit

where's that bankcard
Yenson Jun 16
Hear the sonorous whimpers of faded dragons
groaning the last breath gasps of fallen might
and from extinct inglorious days
hear now the bitter last hurrays' of the ******
in acrimony they wail like a coeliac new born
tis the dampened pained roars of wounded beasts
tis the infused grumblings of cantankerous old codgers
tis the frustrated drivels of angst ridden underachievers
tis the mad morbid utterances of daggle of caged psychopaths
tis the snivelling moronic backchats of a hackle of prized cowards
tis pent-up furies and irate emotional disparages of unsatisfied wives
tis the hot latent lamentations of morose taciturn misery-guts
tis the narcissistic forage of the despoiled academician
whose diseased beast within syringed narco-fixes
in the noises of  hallowed codswallops
tis the dumb mutterings of idiots
tis the inane jabbering runts
tis the anodyne venting
of ghouls and ghosts
the wailing noises
of cultists coerced
and chained in
Jun 16 · 24
Yenson Jun 16
Self appointed gods indebted to Faust
salving weeping wounds in blood lust
greater retribution awaits
as sure as every new dawn
tis easy to do
but God makes and unmakes
Jun 15 · 45
As yet untitled.....
Yenson Jun 15
Have a chillax
do take seats on yon Yew benches
so Messrs Tolpuddle and collectives
though some say a fitting label should be Narcissists-r-us
I say nothing
but pray do tell us what's your problem
methinks to inquire
what exactly are we all trying to prove
is it perchance
that you have enough members to count cows udders
or maybe show us
that despite all your advancing years
you all have still not vacated the kindergarten playground
for you've all been having tantrums and apoplexies
sporting red faces
smearing mud and bullying cause someone
has what you haven't got
or should we just know
you all are merely compensating for feeble small horns
for you see storms in teacups
and at once you're mind-readers then chess grandmasters
then marriage brokers who also moonlights as cockblockers
you scream equal rights for all yet deny the rights of another
its obvious you all crave attention
and you are aggrieved to the point of senselessness
its the twenty first century now
we've all grown up and put away childish things
so please excuse me if I state
this don't impress me much and I'm not interested
kidadults is not a thing
maturity dignity integrity peace love justice and fair play are
some people need to do some serious growing up
just saying
Jun 14 · 22
Gambit lines........
Yenson Jun 14
As the pond swirls
we see in bland whimsical
the elaborations of the in-elaborates
firing fires with wet incendiaries
incinerating powerlessness in twisted embers

as if we do not stand afar
and thanklessly give them lighters
for puffed up in broken unity for bargains
tis better to let them dance on water
we will talk for them to speak in bitten reverse

who takes busyness from bees
the bush telegrams incites blinds galore
possum plays a blinder in dummy runs for fun
giving dogs bone to gnaw and share
the divested devil you see sees you not but himself
Jun 14 · 40
Yenson Jun 14
Its easy to read interesting worthy pieces
once you clear out the *******
more bad than Bard
Yenson Jun 14
So we think in dislocated words
snippets plucked in byway happenstance
and these are isolated as triggers by street dons
and decreed we are thus ruled by such precedents therein

And so therefore the assertion
that one and one makes five if repeated enough
example black resonates honeyed fairness accordingly
and wilting flower is now the buzzword for merchants ivory

Our cowpat errands of invalidation
deluding art by numbers and clockwork oranges
begets our dilution of empiricisms in Pavlov's theory
Goebbels says repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it

So why blame us for the fools
after all Goebbels says that if you repeat a lie often enough
it becomes the truth, our useful idiots are happily convinced
fifteen minutes of fame and a chance to claim you are amongst rulers
oh! yes people
I've danced with a man, who's danced with a girl, who's danced with the Prince of Wales
Yenson Jun 13
Go play with the petty minds of your ilk's
where snowflakes drip
and pennies short of farthings marry tool
boxes with blunt edges
waving neon signs of induced paranoia
and coloured seeds in brine
for in their market place of trading places
its for sale at gun point
after all Chrissie Capone sold the copyright
and the blueprint of
planting seeds of staining and discolouration
as they do in prisons
to prey on and bully and intimidate victims
tap on the demoralising skits
and make yourselves puppies on chained leads
but alas not all are brainless
You can fool some of the people all of the time,
and all of the people
some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the
people all of the time.
do majority decide how long a piece of string is
ye simple buyers of neon jives
Yenson Jun 12
That's kept them quiet now
but I have to **** them back from fantasizing
ok enough already
come back
haters have to hate
not daydreaming about the place
however nice it may feel you have a job to do
but remember the tales though
that passion
that always ready to give it good
yeah, yeah yeah.... I am amazing ain't I
Yenson Jun 12
Don't lie it hasn't crossed your mind
its obvious you dwell on it all the time
and your fantasies paint such visions
as you pretend and feint that's not so
to have such ravishing hulk on you
that heat and vibrant passion raging
as you helplessly surrender & succumb  
driving in with the revved engine throbbing
as the pistons powers through your garden path
you're hot and trembling as this juggernaut
make it way pounding valley and shaking hills
you know you've been truly well run over
you are a living ghost with La petite mort
look into that hidden place in your mind
all this and more lurks in there no doubt
its like a big princely chocolate
and just as yummy enticing and sweet
its naughty and enchanting
and you just can't leave it alone
and that's why you do all you do
and you hope others do not find out
but I know and you know I know
Yenson Jun 12
long long ago
we were all heathens and hicks together
but while your fathers preferred to chew stalks
and gnaw raw bones
one would stand and declare
there's more to life than grunting about or sitting on our *****
that one took the lead and shook things up
till they all saw what a royal heathen we have here
so on and on it went
and kingdoms were made and thrones led the way
shedding sense blood sweat and valour for greater good
while your fathers shrink into the background merely doing as told
as they chewed stalks and gnarled on bones
who wants to carry long staffs and big lances
when with our small sticks we can ravish maidens and drink meads
it came to the days
when peace reigned and all eat and grew fat and prosperous
the red mist descend to light fires in envy and ignorance
our leaders are greedy and parasitic
why do they have more than we do
so as your fathers and forefathers and fore fore fore fathers did
you once again chew gum and eat fish and chips
and disrespect your women and use small sticks to make babies
blaming royals and leaders for your lacks of sense guts or chutzpa
and in silly blinding red indulgent mists
you gabble war and revolution  
my father and forefathers and fore fore fore fathers
were not sitting on their ***** chewing stalks gnawing on bones
we already now you're inherent stalkers
with big mouths short sticks and little else
Yenson Jun 12
You think integrity
is something to do with a computer and dirt
you think white noise
means jabbering any ******* loudly and persistently
you're right about that
but do you know that when the unfiltered witnesses
accepts you're just sick and useless
as they see your pathetic demeaning disgraceful antics
they certainly do not mean
you're sound and use less of whatever drives your grossness
I bet you do
but do you know what someone without any integrity means
its certainly not a computer component with no grit on it
Jun 11 · 34
here flunkies
Yenson Jun 11
The fetch an carry
are busy
fetching and carrying
Yenson Jun 10
Its all rearguard action
struck in quagmire of latent thickness
heads lost in pale vacuity
dumdum bullets ricocheting off the impregnable
deserters galore at the frontlines
inept ideas and plans come and go
desperation and frustrations abound
street life street war street lepers
their trump card is the propaganda machinery
oh! how they toil morning noon and night
churning out misinformation and disinformation
from the ridiculous to the even more ridiculous
Lord Haw-Haw eat your heart out
you are nothing compered to our band of liars
its not over till the fat lady sings
its all sound bites and furious nonsense
the inherent acidic constituents of wet salts
that neither graces nor enhances
and mostly buried in caves and crannies
Yenson Jun 10
yeah! be proud that
that's what you reduced to
puny shadows cloaked in deceit
demeaned to petty battles
swamped in indulgent cowardice
your tamed now aware
and in closed rooms they snigger
they were mites already
we always knew
they are blood suckers coveters
who fume and rage
our home grown backstabbers
who talk a good game
and live others to do the work
they the contemptible
God save our island
our Emperor's coat has worn thin
Yenson Jun 10
I just feel profound pity

for all these pathetic damaged souls

who in our woke so called affluent society

are so bereft damaged deranged and morose

that their daily mission is trying to share their miseries

or engage in acts and misdeeds they think cause another pain

a healthy wholesome mind thrives in general bliss and positivism

for its only thus that we flourish and grow in fair noble ideals

buttress in peace pure joy and happiness unblemished

the damaged souls are angst and discontent

lacking in the midst of opportunities

felled by woe and poisoned minds

mired in toxic choices

strangled by envy

solely disgraced



Yenson Jun 10
O 'captain, my captain
at the helm you steer sublime
in squall you hold steadfast unflinching
through the tsunami you rook your slants to roll
and in the flippancies of ragged sails and howling storms
you find the lull that soothes the vicious whispers of the tempests

O 'captain, my captain
with steady hands emboldened
you glide cantankerous waves with ease
telling Poseidon Neptune you chart this map
for in the longitude of courage the latitude of reason holds
and the laps if the gods do sway to the sanity of mist less horizon

O 'captain, my captain
below the dank and heaving decks
deckhands and maddened old salts hallucinates
in mutinous madness they gabble shanties of revolution
below deck minds see wrecks bones and journeys of no return
some mutter cap'n sleeps with the figurehead mermaid at the bow

O 'captain, my captain
unbowed you sail at bow unsurpassed
in the rip roaring rough waters you excel
in the calmness of a fair wind you exemplify bravery
a captain of all seasons from the equator to heating the Attic
where snow look like humans but crumble an melt in the sunlight
Yenson Jun 8
The real strong confident woman
is not one blowing as the winds blow
following the crowds screaming unison
compensating insecurities in dramatic displays

The real strong confident woman
bright intelligent assured and composed
holds 'say as you like but I have & own my mind
and its not for batter to populist whims or dictates

The real strong confident woman
is not for sham to gain approval & recognition
or in hock to prevailing tides and cheap power plays
true strength errs and atoned as true victory is owned

The real strong confident woman
seeks not to be dressed as darling of the hordes
but a life force able to think & go against the grain
wise in the knowing that a strong man is merely an equal

The real strong confident woman
has no time to play games or toss the dice
for to own yourself is to trust your essence and vision
and be able to dance heartily to the beats of your own drum

By Rachel Burchfield
Published 3 Days Ago
We didn’t see any public interaction this weekend between Prince Charles and daughter-in-law Meghan Markle, but apparently the Prince of Wales has a secret nickname for the Duchess of Sussex, The Daily Express reports—and it’s quite touching.

But we have to say, also a bit unexpected: The nickname, says a commentator, is “Tungsten.”

Before you scratch your head as to a.) why Charles calls Meghan an element on the periodic table and b.) why it’s touching, let Christine-Marie Liwag Dixon of The List explain why it’s a “pretty neat compliment” and harkens back to Meghan’s “resilient nature.”

“Meghan Markle hasn’t had an easy time of it since joining the royal family,” she said. “Not only has the press hounded her relentless, but she has also said that she felt less than at home in the royal family. The royal family may not have approved of Meghan and Harry stepping down as senior royals, despite them doing so to escape an environment that was clearly not good for their mental health. However, it seems that Prince Charles had a lot of respect for Meghan’s resilient nature. This was evident in the secret nickname he reportedly had for her: ‘Tungsten.’”

The reason why, Liwag Dixon said, was explained by royal correspondent Russell Myers, who said Charles “nicknamed her after the metal as she is ‘tough and unbending.’”

“Tungsten is the strongest naturally occurring metal in the planet,” Liwag Dixon said. “That makes this a pretty neat compliment, all things considered.”

Though Prince Harry and his father have had tension over the years, Charles and Meghan’s relationship has been known to be solid, culminating with Charles walking Meghan partially down the aisle at her 2018 wedding to his younger son.

By doing this, “Charles is literally welcoming Meghan into the royal family in such a kind way,” said Mail on Sunday royal editor Emily Andrews. “It’s [also] such a touching moment between father and son.”
who cares about 'sirs' and cheap respect, who wants a stepford partner or an unequal wife who you have to tutor, who want a ******* but the ***** Johnnies in Blighty, who needs a token wife or loves on the colour of eyes or whether the hair is raven black, what idiotic old man decides grey hair is a deal breaker. what wise man does not know that true beauty is both inside and out and a real strong woman, bold honest sincere kind loyal considered and real is the truest and best partner ever. Harry is a very lucky man....
Jun 8 · 28
Take a pew....
Yenson Jun 8
Hey plebs
if you think Prince Andrew
is sitting in sorrow and suffering
that's merely the ignorant perceptions of small minds
the Prince is thanking his lucky stars and totally at ease
having all his creature comforts and glorious free time
no more having to feign interest in what the plebs are doing
or shaking hands and grinning with the unwashed
listening to their inane prattles as they faff about
always hungry for attention as if they matter
anyway to hell with them muses the prince
they can keep their useless adulations
like its the Royals fault they get star struck
mummy says they are silly and I should just keep a low profile
the Prince thinks they can kiss his fine derrière
he's on the vacation of a lifetime
and overjoyed he doesn't
have to smell these dogs anymore
and they can snap growl yap and whine as much as they like
its what they do..... n'est-ce pas ?
Jun 8 · 19
Yenson Jun 8
How many disguises does a fool need to change a light bulb
Answer: Uncountable, because he/she can't see in the dark
Yenson Jun 8
And their understanding of psychology
leaves them psychologically impaired
and naturally unbeknown to them
their psyche warfare is a battle
of their id's entangled with
perturbed baseless hubris
thus illiterate narcissists
in neurotic arousals
do Quixotic skits
in self depreciating maladroit
baptised in ignorance at the
altar of prurient malfeasant
afflicted with sad self-abuse
the empty vessels who make
the most odious vacuous noises
Yenson Jun 7
in criminal's hock

slaving restless ghosts

reverberating themed dirges

from floored mutiny of flawed pocus

shackled in the dire mire of  vapid witlessness

in their majority of woes they find their majority of woes

fickle feeble nonentities wallowing in the obscenities of puerile haze

scatter-brains find futile guiles in hicks' dud armouries

our graceless ephemerals twist in hyperboles

indentured Sisyphus' controlled

toiling at replicating alike

blinded by jealousies

in prisoned minds
Yenson Jun 6
I govern my emotions
and quite categorically can see
I govern yours too
as you try to languish
in your version
of me
you categorically know and see
you cannot second
that emotion
for alchemy's gold bears no carat
a tweet is not a symphony
and you are not
my father's son
I am
and your emotions cowers
lurches and venerates
back to front
you are all
but forestalled shadows
borrowing shades
to free yourselves
from yourselves
Yenson Jun 5
And oh! what a jolly laugh we have
tis ever so amusing
the dumb gaggle of lifeless unwashed
with roasted heads
presenting their one read and try-again
versions of events
our dear apostles of cockney tea-leaves
led by Macafferty Capone
who stated we are going to eff him
and put lice in his head
go forth she ordered and do his head in
oh how we laugh
as first class scums and feeble dumdum
unwashed and semi-illiterates
troop out with fervour and dedications
in the poetry campaign
of a-holes with psychedelic delusions
and triple Fs in grammar
and so we have the debacle of bozos
retards and the worthless
pitting non-wits with a Rhodes scholar
who also happens
by providence and sublime endeavour
to be a philosopher
and a brilliant refined and shinning Prince
Oh wow, tis ever so amusing
And hahaha, what a jolly laugh we have
More grease to unwashed elbows, methinks, they are doing their best but their chains too tethered and it holds them back though some have congenital dullards syndrome. Viva the psychics...hahaha . Wonder when they are going to do the beheading at the Tower bit....hahaha
Yenson Jun 4
The East End Posse
they called themselves
I call them Chris, Joanne, Kelly and Tom
my bad luck they moved next door
twice a year the husband would be home from prison
a spate of house burglaries would happen
then husband returns to prison
my bad luck I had no criminal tendencies
my wife and I worked and kept our noses clean
my bad luck I was too decent to play
when lonely Chris and two teenage girls made moves to play
rejected, they said I thought I was better than them
my bad luck I was kind enough to keep lending them money
and giving them food, even though they never paid back the money
but how can you watch your neighbour starve  
my bad luck they now wanted hundreds cause I have affluent relatives
so its now my fault and I am greedy for refusing to be blackmailed
so its my fault when they started bullying my wife and I
so its my fault when they said they were going to rob us and they did
and its definitely my fault for standing up to gangsters
and saying I was going to organize a petition against them
they said when we finish with you, you will wish you're dead
they said it only takes one apple to rot a barrel
they said give a dog a bad name and hang him
they said we will mark you, label you and hound you to your grave
they said character assassination, public humiliation, we ruin your life
they said this is our manor
and we are without honour
and we are East-enders and we are going to end you
Yenson Jun 4
And from go you fight ***** twice over and ever
your trodden paws bleeds
Faceless aerated heads devouring masters voice
hunger guts your anger
Your inheritance a pittance soured in benevolence
mining salty dusts names
In foggy minds prancing in brawns breathing fire
asphyxiating blanched soot
venerating your helium orbs of vainglorious putsch

And so you fight ***** from your bequeathed dirt
the inglorious sermons
from your indistinguishable linages from the pits
Your tuneless despair
rings from your eunuchs shrews and your Fagins'
You spew irascible ditties
posturing legless from your cabals of marked cards
the yesterday's Bolsheviks
Always dysfunctional bridesmaids never the brides
Yenson Jun 2
The devil takes his cuts
surveying all with his piercing white eyes
digging all probing all

Sick of Divine Grace
Satan's in green shaded eyes pained with envy
he's for coveting all  

Lucifer in red shades
showtime for merciless malicious destruction
lets go drink blood

Moloch Father of Lies
needs no dark shades for trillions and one spades
seek ready employment

Yes serpent woos the wife
and hangs an innocent man for speaking the truth
its all been done before

So Old Nick's in bed with you
you speak nihilism and slander with your master
and repay good with evil

Archfiend, has no friends
you are his to misuse torment deride and burn
you have sold your souls

You lie you've seen a leech
yet you and your master and his infernal army
are the leeches and you know

In your sins you apportion blame
in darkness you try to undo God's work and glory
vengeance is mine says the Lord
You brood of vipers, how can you who are evil say anything good? For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

For God will bring every deed into judgment,
    including every hidden thing,
    whether it is good or evil.
Yenson May 31
The idea came in a flash
or so it seemed
see how from rays filled morns
to dusky fetching nightfall's
there are hordes cursed to see nowt
but the bad and woeful sides of life
with minds that claims gutters as homes

Entertaining in cesspits
bathing in slurries and muds
like mud larks and swine's
the first class losers of our times
entombed in the cacophony of gain less disarray
the dead minds of the mindless
resurrected in the damaged and afflicted
hoping with *****'s staffs and cloth in cowards rags
baying negativities and woebegone
from here to kingdom gone

So the idea came in a flash
its the age herds and lemmings
drinking at the Serengeti of neurotics
so lets create an instagram account
welcoming lepers and basement moaners
come ye cowards and sados
narcissists and sadists needed
loonies slack jawed dribblers and tin heads
soap-dodgers and undatables all welcome
this is your nirvana
your ancestorial sewage disposal bin
Losers will hate
Yenson May 30
So I'm richer than you

Yeah, but you didn't rule a whole Nation
and anyway I'm also a multi-millionaire

But Dad, aren't you a Socialist

Shush sonny, don't even go there
do I look like some envy-ridden
under-achieving, psychopathic
semi-illiterate blinded idiot to you

but Dad I could swear you said you are

No, no, no I am a centrist, you know
the sensible ones, the Realist, we drink champagne
and shop at Harrods and make wealth, and yes we
do tax the rich but also show them how to avoid
paying too much, we are not politicians for nothing

hey Dad, what about all those millions of poor people
thought you are working class and have these peoples

Listen sonny, I am nothing of the sort, how dare you
I am middle-class, went to Oxford, practised Law,
worked hard, aspired, have great leadership qualities
and I amcharming and personable, working class my Rolex  

Listen, let me tell you, those mugs are cannon fodders, they
beg to be led and told what to do, they cannot think for themselves
its a sad fact of life but true. They actually enjoy being mediocre
and blaming everybody else for their self destructive lives.
If your mother and I had let you grow amongst them you wouldn't
be the millionaire you are today.

Dad, do you think they will start harassing me and giving me grief
everywhere, calling me posh and intimidating me.

No son. they wouldn't dare, they are all cowards and really easy
to brainwash and manipulate. I've done that for years, they never wise up. Just make sure you buy your rounds at the pub and call them mate.

Dad, I don't go to the pub, I go to Nobu or The Ivy!

It’s an unfortunate fact of birth, forever being referred to as the son of former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

But perhaps Euan Blair’s latest achievement rather takes the edge off: by ignoring his famous father’s education policy, the 38-year-old is now not only three times richer than his dad, with an estimated fortune of £160m compared to his father’s reported £44m, but now also owns a grander house. By quite a way.

According to reports, the Yale graduate and former Morgan Stanley banker has just bought and moved into a £22m, five-storey townhouse in west London, featuring an “iceberg basement” with a swimming pool, 50-foot reception room and a lift for his fleet of expensive cars. The palatial seven-bedroom pad is reportedly more than double the value of his father’s £10m London pad.
In his maiden speech in the House of Commons on 6 July 1983, Blair stated, "I am a socialist not through reading a textbook that has caught my intellectual fancy, nor through unthinking tradition, but because I believe that, at its best, socialism corresponds most closely to an existence that is both rational and moral ...
May 30 · 24
Forgive them Lord.....
Yenson May 30
He said
Let there be Light
and there was Light
They said
What light
we see no Light
He replied
Look its all around
in your hearts and souls
They replied
we have no hearts or souls
He said
then you live in Darkness
They replied in unison
it doesn't bother us
are New Age and doing our bit
to save the planet
have you seen the Energy bills lately
and anyway its all your fault
you said you created us all equally
then you made some people richer
and some kings and royalty
with wealth and privileges
how is that democratic
And He smiled
'Oh ye of little minds'
Yenson May 28
And once upon nothing
these are the days when we wear our chains proud
and our grapevines oozes
the most proficient untruths and falsehoods
and we are dramatized in frenzied nonsensical
glorified in puppetry
consumed in the artistry of our masters
who deftly lays the plotlines and pulls the strings
as we eat the salted power
of esprit de corps marinated in manipulation and delusions
ours is not to question why
we move with the motion of our chains
turbo charged by our basic instincts
fueled by our limitations and ignorance
our puppet masters ignite us and we come alive
this is techno power
this is salt power
but perhaps with time
we will be humans
with our own minds
plain real ordinary humans with hearts and soul
capable of making our own decisions
is that not what real power is about
for esprit de corps is a patterned umbrella for indentured servants
May 27 · 40
get smart....
Yenson May 27
They say familiarity breeds contempt
I say No
familiarity breeds intimacy
and intimacy can easily lead to Canal knowledge
which in my books
mean that sort of knowledge
can be easily dumped into the nearest canal
do you see my point
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