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Yenson 11h
When you put pigs in charge of Democracy
you get pigswill and muck!!
playing ***** chess
and eating bacon butties
unaware of the irony
enough said!!.....

Within the dialogues of Plato, the founding father of Greek Philosophy – Socrates – is portrayed as hugely pessimistic about the whole business of democracy. In his Book Six of The Republic, Plato describes Socrates falling into conversation with a character called Adeimantus and trying to get him to see the flaws of democracy by comparing a society to a ship. If you were heading out on a journey by sea, asks Socrates, who would you ideally want deciding who was in charge of the vessel? Just anyone or people educated in the rules and demands of seafaring? The latter of course, says Adeimantus, so why then, responds Socrates, do we keep thinking that any old person should be fit to judge who should be a ruler of a country?

Socrates’s point is that voting in an election is a skill, not a random intuition. And like any skill, it needs to be taught systematically to people. Letting the citizenry vote without an education is as irresponsible as putting them in charge of a trireme sailing to Samos in a storm. Socrates was to have first hand, catastrophic experience of the foolishness of voters.

In 399 BC, the philosopher was put on trial on ******* up charges of corrupting the youth of Athens. A jury of 500 Athenians was invited to weigh up the case and decided by a narrow margin that the philosopher was guilty. He was put to death by hemlock in a process which is, for thinking people, every bit as tragic as Jesus’s condemnation has been for Christians.

Crucially, Socrates was not elitist in the normal sense. He didn’t believe that a narrow few should only ever vote. He did, however, insist that only those who had thought about issues rationally and deeply should be let near a vote. We have forgotten this distinction between an intellectual democracy and a democracy by birthright. We have given the vote to all without connecting it to that of wisdom. And Socrates knew exactly where that would lead: to a system the Greeks feared above all, demagoguery.
painful experience of demagogues,  forgotten all about Socrates’s salient warnings against democracy. We have preferred to think of democracy as an unambiguous good – rather than a process that is only ever as effective as the education system that surrounds it. As a result, we have elected many crooks and clowns, wasters and dumb anarchists, and very few trained, educated, erudite and wise leaders
Yenson 6d
Please come mind my business

and while doing that you can manage my life too

its obviously because I am important enough for you

to have the time and neglect your own affairs on my behalf

but sad to see that I cannot reciprocate for you mean nothing to me

truth be told you really not important to have my attention or time

Your time is not my time

and we do not dance to the same tunes

to see scars where there are no wounds is to drink ****

and call it water because your inclination sees usefulness in waste

so trying to sing my song in your voices is lacerating your throats

for the heir apparent owns the seal while Pretenders draws swords

So please come mind my business

for feral dogs knows no marked boundaries

and the jesters swears to the heaven they rule a kingdom

its even been known a strutting **** laid claim to laying an egg

but on my ground you have neither the wisdom or guile to roost

so all you can do is drink mead and fire water and grunt with pigs
7d · 33
Yenson 7d
" They matter little for they are little things"
Yenson 7d
Hey! you plastics
look around you and see the bars holding you in
you are all imprisoned, in your different cells serving time
your ignorance imprison you leaving you vacant and vacuous
your lack of confidence jails you in envy and cloying jealousy
your insecurities and lack of self-assurance has locked you in
your immaturity and narrow-mindedness jails you in stupidity alley
you mediocrity and insignificance jails you in a life less ordinary
your immorality and lack of humanity jails you in rage and pains
your weakness and cowardice jails you in talent-less emptiness
In jail you have to quickly join a gang
to find protection because if you don't you get picked on
by the other sub-humans and animals like you
I see you all for all you are for its so apparent
a bunch of pathetic miscreants and reprobates
talent-less imbeciles and mentally undeveloped *****
looking for somebody to pick on
to make your jail-time more bearable
to vent on and project your miseries onto
You have my commiseration jail-birds
you have my sympathy
but I ain't useless and sick
like you locked up in anguish
surrounded by fear in prison codes
ruled by your controllers and Dons
I am enlightened and free
You are dumb prisoners
and in chains and brain-cuffs
made by you for you
your minds locked up
and the keys thrown
Yenson 7d
The gangsters says
they were going to **** me up
I informed them earnestly I am straight
Oh! do not worry, our best operatives are female
I will need condoms I insisted I always play safe I said
They replied that I am stupid and don't know what I'm in for
Hey! says I, I am not a ******. I know all about ******* and more

They said I was a ******* idiot
I replied that hey! I wasn't being ****** up yet
and as for idiot or idiotic, I wasn't trying to be like them
Yenson Jan 11
Because it was all made up

I could see the joins, the nuts and *****-heads everywhere

This is not for me, I believe in absolute quality

shoddy workmanship means shoddy workers

I should go to Coventry than buy into all that......
Yenson Jan 6
At least you are already checked
by your ignorance and damaged personality
Never to be no more than a simpleton in revolt
riling against imagined elitist frothing your inadequacies
at every twist and turn of your cattle herded lives in nanny state

So you're tall - wow, bravo for free state milk
So you're not black - wow, bravo for happenstance
So you have friends - wow, bravo for belonging in a gang
( too weak to be strong and positive and say I ain't gonna be a bully )
So you have lover - here today gone tomorrow, you just use eachother

See what you are, nothing but sheep
fed, herded and bedded and held in groupthink
your minds erased and fed poison turned into haters
if you matter, they won't use you as mere pawns to man the lines
they will train you to walk with kings and reach high to make high
**** I don't have time for: 1. Your ****. 2. Crazy ****. 3. *******. 4. Stupid ****. 5. Fake ****. 6. **** that has nothing to do with me.
Jan 6 · 26
Your draw..buster!
Yenson Jan 6
We do deluxe sets of invisible amour-piercing arrows
and sell magnificent paintings all in white see-thru ink
Our renowned Authors offer absorbing fictions on blank pages
and our brave fearless warriors fight courageously on keyboards
We stand tall with compact and miniaturized tools you hardly feel
the fast draw, trigger happy wham bang thank you ma'am mediocrity
of the West
Yenson Jan 6
I gave them 'wonder' to drink

they are still drinking it in copious amount

drunk and befuddled they scatter around in shadows

singing made up songs of victory in disgrace and contempt

as they trip over and over again they wonder around in wonder

madness not known to the maddened its the sane that are bad an mad
Yenson Jan 5
The Eastern Thieves joyously mandated
it will cost you an arm and a leg you'll see
cherish your pint of blood till you're bloated
come take barrels and drink till you all find peace

Whitewashing in praise of depravity foul
they founded nature versus nurture in tarry song
alchemy of crude vagabond twinned with dense mob unfurl
a lamb to slaughter seasoned with lies and duplicity all day long

Decades and decades and decades they roasted
**** tomorrow, today even yesterday in fancy urban myths
in retro villainy wears a crown and justice is a flush dirtily busted
look for salt of the earth to keep the grass trying to expose our tryst

I do no evil and fear no evil for truth is truth
proxy vigilantes in the pay of gangsters and extortioners
show your mafia of shame around, cook intimidation in your filth
in honor I stand before man and God, to criminals I am of foreigners  

I will stand against you.......
Jan 2 · 48
Hip to be square...
Yenson Jan 2
" You may shave all the lustrous mane
off a lion
but please do not mistake it for a large panther "
Yenson Jan 2
In sonorous disquiet they ***** their soliloquy
them hawkers and runts of the poorhouses seeking a buck
deluded nits dreamily bent that all needed is repetition for a guy
howling to a gilded head holding nay but trifling contempt for muck

pattering for puttering the dance of simpletons
speaking languages they misunderstand as ants are unvoiced
yet they grind organs to the wedding march of strangers in Bulletins
town criers heralding fantasies of cowards with bravado's unnoticed

Who will thus address the parading morons
and dare declare if realness and truth lives in hearts corner
no edits doth bars a courtesy fare thee for none sees a den of lions
hysteria of village idiots now misses sanity but is one for mourners
Yenson Jan 2
So get this.....
Its not like the're minds there
education and literacy excuse me, what's that?
can't wait till sixteen when they all ******* schools

Its not like there are grand aspirations
hey who cares, there's always the Dole or Shelf-stacking
just make enough for **** and the pub with my mates

Its not like they crave knowledge
who wants to know about Climate change or what
I ain't no scientist or ruddy philosopher or Doctor

Its not like they want independence and travel
No chance, we don't stray far from our roots
Majorca is enough, don't wanna learn bout other cultures
what history, what travelling experience, what world views!

Its not like they crave maturity
Hey, my pa and mum aren't even adults why should I be
I don't see any adults behaving like adults round me
we all muck around together, I tell my parents off all the time

Its not like we are not useful
we gang up and give those ladida elitist and Tory toffs hell
that's what we like doing, why should they be better than us
we harass them, stir things up, give them grief all day long

That's what the local Socialist Leader says it clever
he teaches us about Democracy, says we must hate them
for they stop us having more Welfare money and free things

Its not like they know any better
Adults, youths, child and baby, nothing really changes
we are born and bred here, we are loyal to our roots and birthrights
We will stir and stir and stir till we are Red in our faces, Simple!!
Jan 2 · 26
Tiny minds...
Yenson Jan 2
If I am broken
then you are ground into minuscule atoms
and it does make sense
since you are imbalance mentally and socially
you are always atoms undergoing radioactive decay
to help you achieve the lowest possible energy state
To do this, you weak distressed atoms will emit radiation
So in your weak pathetic states
all you do is emit radiation
your odious toxic radiation
I'll chose broken to being
poisonous dusts
Jan 1 · 31
No tears.....
Yenson Jan 1
" Remember when you peel onions
the eyes that cry are YOURS "
Yenson Jan 1
You cannot have the best
because you all know nothing compares
You know you do not possess qualities required
so like the fox and sour grapes you cast aspersions
Singing of the greatest love with Mr and Mrs Make-do
whilst both of you know its all just a matter of convenience
Just to be seen to have and be like all those other settlers around
make out like your lives are brilliant and you are living the dream
When in actual fact you hate your self and your sad poxy existence
You talk of friends, your great social lives partying and having fun
deep down you know the're all fake and you all just use each other
You are weak, insecure, fearful and under-confident but you hide it
and poke fun at others trying to get it in first before you're sussed
You have secrets that torments you so you invade others privacy
looking for dirt just to seek refuge from your fears and pains
You are neither bright or smart and you know it too well
But pretending is your game as you point fingers away
calling others names and trying to bring them down
You are yellow belly cowards hiding in sick shame
on Twitter and social media you rant and troll
You are talent-less and cannot be the best
at anything but bullying and picking
We know you and your game
You are Mr and Ms Nobody
Never can be the Best
you don't have
the qualities
it takes
Dec 2019 · 82
they just look.....
Yenson Dec 2019
To see you have to know how to look
to look you have to know what to see
Yenson Dec 2019
She served loyally from day one

played her part so much like a true pro

drank thirstily like all the hemlock in the urn

meted and screamed out the drill right through

earned with gusto her union stripes worn on her arm

they used her in infantile subterfuge like a pliant dough

ain't no fool in the desert of snow this stooge is sharp and warm

i'll count free shekels its survival and advantages to ease the rough

play the fools for fools for I know them well and I'll get what I want

did common sense say in Rome do as the Romans till you get enough
Dec 2019 · 29
You dig...?
Yenson Dec 2019
" Only distinguished idiots use blunt tools to slice rawhide "
Dec 2019 · 56
the one and only.....
Yenson Dec 2019
To be fair, for sure the chasm is wide
in grace, in minds, in style, in reach or breeding
in their lowness, their mediocrity they all does fall
alas weak semi skilled and verbose ghosts regressives
tardy simpletons baring wonky teeth in urban revolution
brain dead mistakes reared on State-welfare snarling anarchy

Moi in enlightened grace and rarified sublimity
in esteemed value with qualities noble above mundane
barely two score years ago spooks were jiving affirmative Action
lower glass ceiling, give handicaps, at least make pretend equality
da urban bros are lagging behind, stop genocide of men-dem minds
empty rhetoric of the Ali Gs and Enimen clones faking cred la Street

Come look at me, come fight with me
I don't fit your stereotyping or tick boxes of rastas
enlightened, educated, privileged, sophisticated, well-bred
challenges all your dour senses, the one with the mind unbleached of noble birth and impeccable hereditary I frighten the hell outta hankies
the inferior cadavers hound, harass, sabotage and troll in jealous envy

Yeah, I am the giant you have to tie down
The one with the mostest, the stuff of your nightmares
so fight for your right to be backward and gloriously ignorant
lie, discredit,  misinform and dis-inform for this one knows more
makes your inferiority complexes scream in odious pain an frenzy
why wouldn't you all do what you do and miscall it red revolution
Yenson Dec 2019
the ill-laden words are insignificant

t'is writers minds and souls that begets judgement

woes trundles forth from woeful inherent in maligned hearts

those basket cases with basket-full of inner miseries their wares

festering minds in festering vents projecting **** malaise


the galls of un-hued yet a-washed with stains shame murky deeds

sinners in the woodpiles setting flames to timbers and Oaks

their woes bellowing in cloudy white smoke-screens

spouting un-poetry of Armageddon happenstance

from minds where fear pain worthlessness

trashes primal cowards hiding their woes

as they crawl in judgement of those

in brilliance and Light
The most malicious god is the god of the counted chicken. — David Mitchell
Dec 2019 · 175
Yenson Dec 2019
Discussions in profanities
was never my thing
Yenson Dec 2019
I gave their guns back to them
with all the bullets taken out and no firing pins
they started pulling dude triggers and making shooting actions
bang, bang, bang, you're dead they continually shouted in full voice
what can you say or do but hold your sides laughing at sheer idiocy
mind, these are supposed to be civilized aware and woke people
but caught up in group-think and hysteria of herd-mentality
sensibilities had long evaporated leaving delusions
its the clock work minds of fire, shoot, shoot
click, click, no firing pins, no bullets
don't matter, don't matter
bang, bang, you're dead
bang, you're dead
you're dead
bang, bang
haha ha
hahaha  hahah hahaha
bang bang, you're dead
bang ,bang, bang, bang
I'mo  laughing my *** off
Yenson Dec 2019
Character...defines us
teeming out there
millions of characters
they are xeroxed copies
the certified true print
not the original copy
the Real Deal........
Yenson Dec 2019
They watched so much
they lost sight of it all

They chatter so much
that chatter shattered into blige

They made things up so avidly
now they've become artificial living in artificiality

But worry not for them because caged minds
do not see the bars for in their artificial world
the bars are power drills to freedom and autonomy

Micro-chipped people
please return to your disreputable abodes
and you can bell your cats as you wish...
Dec 2019 · 66
The many say NO.....
Yenson Dec 2019
If I did not have a mind

brilliantly forged in humanities

capable of discernment in rights and wrongs

to appease the Creator's noble design and uphold my worth

would I be the swamp flotsam in a momentum roguish and wild

carrying the addled ***** mud of past stagnation and clogged


enveloped in debris of insane ideologies long shamed and


flogged by millions out of the house of reasons cowering in bile

naked in the shattering wake of rejections by miners and sons

mothers, wives sisters and daughters who saw the light

in strives and honest endeavours they gained by sweat

communities grown in neighborly love not hate

heed the wastrels and money for nothings

entrenched in blame games and deceits

selling raw hate and dividing people

with their self-serving con masters

liars, wide boys, haters and fakers

In towns flogging dud wares

hogging delusional cures


stinking red snake oil

Nobody buys it

these days
Dec 2019 · 159
Jolly good chaps......
Yenson Dec 2019
It may work with your lot

those wiped and made in your image

those grown as another urban minority

your indentured populace picking up after you

those lost in your lust and Gomorrah offerings

them brain washed drones missing cores and identities

For the son of sons of the land born blessed in fore-father's land

time tells the sane that you on the ground are ineffective and dull

just shams putting on a show for the benefit of your empty crowds

your underbelly exposed and your rabbit seen hidden all in your

tattered moth eaten flat caps

******* magicians milking applause from bribed bored audience

the irrelevances begging relevance in insignificant faded arid


your days are over, your time long past, a powerless nothings now

riddled with jealousy and envy, fearful of talents and distinction

nothing but an international joke, the eccentric ones  with good

humour, deceptive, sadistic, ***** bad lovers.

Good at playing with themselves, leading exporters of play toys

Jingoistic Major Toms go do something useful, go drink your cha

Terrorism isn't your game stick to Cricket and play it fairly

if you  can,

get that black one to bowl them all out for you.

Your task is pointless, tell your comrades to stop stealing from


ain't you big and matured enough to do what is right

I haven't taken anything from you, I don't fear you

I know what and who I am

Colonialism ended years ago, my mind is not your mind

we don't think alike
Dec 2019 · 35
News at None clean......
Yenson Dec 2019
Does History not tell the tales

of countless  talented strong Colossus'

who shake the falseness and shallow foundations of cadavers

and drive the searing torch of Truth into the innards of spawns

in hooded robes and hanging serpentine tongues ****** the earth

Is malice, invalidation and the circus mirrors of distortion and lies

your be all and end all weapon of choice as was your shamed kith
and kin

does blood on your hands re-write history on white pages in red stinking ink

while your septic saliva in Judas kisses glosses your heartless souls

in brown earth you meet your demise for your colorless crimes

at the banquet of history you sit with ***** hands and mouths full

your menu shows your diet of worms and slime in mud aspic

glazed glass eyes know they were never the first created

mere hybrids the sum of imperfections inherent

as with all your scribes duly mislead and fool

the Real God does not wear white robes

you do not know the Real God

You and all yours will answer

claim your ***** earth

your fates await

History knows
Neo-destroyers, they ***** the world, they buggered Africa, they shafted me, they are ****** you, your children, your minds and your lives. Sit there and enjoy your ignorance in entitled privileges oh Glass-eyed Rulers. **** is never white...!!!
Yenson Dec 2019
CHRIS and a Family...the local area crook family
heard I was an African Prince
Confronted me and said I was rich and should't be living
on a Council Estate, said I was privileged and thereby a parasite
I said Africa princes are merely ceremonial, no riches
They said I had to pay money to them to keep this a secret
I said No No No No

They said come when my wife is out and you can have fun
with Chris and daughters as Husband was always in jail
just bring the ***** and a little present now and again
I said No No No No
they said I think I am better than them, think I was beong high
and mighty
They said I was doomed
I said do your worst, I have done nothing wrong
They said when they finish with me I will wish I was dead
They stated a campaign of intimidation. break into our home
and stole our properties, they killed one of our dogs, left racist leaflets out side our door and even spat on me at times

they called in their contacts, they were connected people
they had the Criminal gangstalking crew and the grape vine
they began their insidious campaign
The local East End Mafia were called in, the Racists fronted the show.....he scene was set for staging and framing—or B&B!

The intent is to destroy the target’s reputation and thereby destroy the target’s relationships with family and friends, employers, co-workers, doctors, teachers, therapists, and others. The intent may even be to force the target to leave the community, put the target in prison, or even **** the target. As with so many things involving Psychos and their typical inability to understand or respect boundaries, there really are no limits. They will use basically any means available to them to cause damage to their target, including denigration, endless disparaging remarks, fabrication, false accusations, and even teaching others (including their children!) to lie on their behalf as part of their vilification campaign.


Denial – playing innocent, refusing to admit they have done something harmful.
Selective Inattention – playing dumb, or acting oblivious; refusing to pay attention to anything that might divert them from achieving their goal.
Rationalization – making excuses or justifying their behavior, often in very convincing ways.
Diversion – changing the subject, dodging the issue, distracting us from the real problem.
Lying – deliberately telling untruths, concealing the truth, lying by omission.
Covert Intimidation – intimidation through veiled threats; hints that “it’s a tough out there.”Terror campaign organised
Guilt-tripping – using the conscientiousness of their victim against them to keep them self-doubting and anxious.
Shaming – using subtle sarcasm and put-downs to make the victim feel inadequate, unworthy, and anxious.
Playing the Victim Role – playing the innocent victim to elicit compassion; convincing the victim that he/she is hurting in some way so that the victim will try to relieve their distress.
Vilifying the Victim – making the victim the “bad guy”; pretending he’s only defending himself.
Playing the Servant Role – disguising their personal agendas as service to a nobler cause.
Seduction – flattering and overtly supporting others to get them to lower their defenses and be trusting.
Projecting the Blame (blaming others) – shifting the blame, scapegoating.
Minimization – a combination of denial and rationalization, “making a molehill out of a mountain”.
They are discrediting the TRUTH.....inflamed by GUILT and SHAME, they are trying to silence the truth and destroy me.
Dec 2019 · 43
Idlers obsessed...
Yenson Dec 2019
The unproven reality of ghosts

absent power of nothingness power

regurgitating chews of bellicose vapid foam hosts

the wishful warped soliloquies of shamed ivories with distemper

Faustian ghosted cowards in Quixotic warfare in indentured coasts

vainglorious boast of patched lepers playing rulers in minds addled

charlatans self mockery in full arousal mimicking gods of jam toasts
Dec 2019 · 84
They fight Teachers......
Yenson Dec 2019
Fresh from Elementary classes
in the Urban Ghetto Comprehensives
the zero minded ragamuffins and one parent urchins
stuttered they were playing mind games and NLP manipulations
I asked the pathetic witless simpletons to explain all about it to me
" that's silly "
they replied,
"how are we supposed to know, when we have no minds of our own
we just do as they tell us,
we are never taught to use our minds
just another brick in the wall....."

That's the way its always been......!!!
Boris Johnson....Eton, Oxford University, *** laude Student
Scholarship winner. Someone please explain why the Elites and Ruling class are always highly educated and always end up superior to the commoners. Do they know something we don't know, afterall we are the majority and majority always win or are we only capable of obstructing only one black man. Why are we always losers? Anyway back to the Revolution, solidarity comrades....Down with the Black Prince!!!
Hey, lets get him to **** a sixteen year old girl...!
Yenson Dec 2019
Dud snowflakes fall in haha amusement

same ole same ole echos from frozen cadavers

an ermine clad prince surveys the dregs and the wets

the seasonal drips and drabs of the famished serfs and robins

snow covered minds in arid white snow-scape idled in blankness

the sentries  all occupied in their thankless duties in lowly stations

blowing hot air and composing dirges for their future-less imaginings

in puddles of slosh and **** ermine boots renounce gawking toe-rags

the belligerent squawkings of serfs an kin merely brings them scurvy

its a same ole same ole echos from minds frozen cadavers

falling in haha amusement
Yenson Dec 2019
Pond lives in the murky gutters
tadpoles, worms, maggots, amoebas in muddy slime
a mess of microscopic inane entities in septic unity aroused
solidarity of low-lives in putrid dis-composition and toxic malaise  
bleachers in bleach twirling and squirming in dark benign iodine trap

Germs warfare by sightless malingerers
society's malignant wasters and losers of racists bents
damaged fodders, hoods and maintained western non-achievers
rail on best of the best, the strongest, the smartest the most capable
in ants minds and ant speak and anodyne group-think flowing froth

Watch them drowning in the cream
of a consistency alien to Arachnids, maggots and the spineless
hear the narcissistic Schreeching and contemptible scratchings of lice
mired frenzied angst an impoverished acumen garnered in stupidities
the asinine revolt of termites orchestrated in the neon stench of anthill

The Red sea once again is dammed
its momentum diverted by the blue legions in broad-church
its about fair opportunities and gainful endeavors not hate and lies
murkiness. deceits, lies, chicanery do not fool all in all ways and times
infamy, pond lives infamy known to all even if not told to your disgraced faces
the Anti-Semites and haters know themselves, they always hate strong, intelligent smart and capable people. These toxic haters hate honest endeavors, success and progress, they want all in the gutters with them.
Dec 2019 · 36
Promises, promises.......
Yenson Dec 2019
Was it a momentum moment

when they saw the momentum go begging

in the chill of a rainy night when voices spoke

and screamed we know losers but do not tell them

laugh behind their backs, offer them momentum to lie in shame

let rabble of maladroit s find saviors in gin houses and ***** downs

the common people do not buy madness from assassins and cowards

your mothers love you but never told you're mistakes from the get-go
Yenson Dec 2019
lies, hatred, fake news, smears....
if this is labour in opposition
what on earth would they be like
in power.

it was Donald trump who popularized
the term "fake news"
but it is the labour party that has turned
misinformation and lies into an art form

ian austen  

Exremists that shore up Money Extortionists and Gangsters
that victimized an innocent blackman for standing up to Local area Criminals, and turned a hardworking decent law-abiding man
into a jobless, isolated, demonized outcast, for daring to tell crooks to go get a job and better themselves rather than burglarizing those that work.

In his 2018 speech to members at the Labour Party conference, he encouraged them to go online and attack journalists: “The free press has far too often meant the freedom to spread lies and half-truths, and to smear the powerless, not take on the powerful. You challenge their propaganda of privilege by using the mass media of the 21st century: social media”.

That could be why journalists are routinely booed at Labour press conferences and BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenss-berg needed security guards when she covered the party’s annual conference in 2017.

In an interview the same year, Corbyn even admitted to being a reader of The Canary, described by one left-wing writer as “running a sexist hate campaign against Laura Kuenssberg”.

Of the controversial site, Corbyn said: “I think it’s good that people go to all the alternative sites and check out what they want. I’ve read The Canary quite a bit.”

Corbyn was infamously a member of an extremist Facebook group, too, in which he defended a blatantly anti-Semitic mural depicting Jews as greedy bankers, while his staff were found to be members of several others.

The Facebook groups set up in his name reveal the ugly face of the hard Left that now controls Labour.

That’s why his faction of extremists can’t be allowed anywhere near No10.

If this is what they are like in opposition, can you imagine how bad they’d be in power?

Ian Austin is a former Labour MP and chair of Mainstream, the campaign against extremism.
No one uses fake news more effectively than Jeremy Corbyn and his friends on the hard Left of the Labour Party.
It is directed at Labour MPs as well as Conservative ministers. Anyone who does not demonstrate total loyalty to Jeremy Corbyn is attacked or vilified. If a member of a group is brave enough to query some of the more extreme language, they will quickly find themselves ejected.

Anyone who attacks Corbyn’s enemies, often in the most graphic terms, is rewarded by hundreds or thousands of Facebook “likes”.

Ugly and offensive language is celebrated and encouraged but anyone who stands up to it is either attacked or removed.

It is a form of mob rule that is no less frightening because it takes place online.

Defending Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s comments attacking Esther McVey after she defended benefit cuts, a member of Jeremy Corbyn Leads Us To VICTORY wrote: “John McDonnell does not need to apologise for anything — THIS F****** COW NEEDS LYNCHING!”

On Jeremy Corbyn Will Be Prime Minister, one follower wrote: “I am not anti-semitic but tell the Jews go and get f*****.”
Dec 2019 · 33
Yet, all for what.....
Yenson Dec 2019
He walks in their midst
" yet never amongst them as he is not of them
they quake and shiver and then tremble shake
for before them walks he they can never be
he of the conscience they do not possess
the sighted to their plucked eyes
the voice regale to the waking deaf and dumb
the one that marries courage and bravery in holy wedlock
and can sit in the temple of wisdom that is beyond their unknowns
and in smooth charismatic glow he hauls out their innards
for in spirit he has returned them to base truth in fallacies
coated them in the shame of their lame high horses
and sang to them the hymns of the un-redeemed usurpers
and the knuckle-draggers in Levi and trainers howl in pain
while the serpents crawl around hissing in fevered furies and bile
dispensing ***** cakes and mind altering smoke screens
the rich currency of hate wrapped in jealous envelopes
back-handers and hand-jobs and calloused massages
" get him " they all invoke for there's a fire in that man
its unlike the fire that castigate our beings
its near righteous and all consuming
watch its plumes holds no hazy reflections
it shows us for what we are in hideous glare
**** the fire **** the flames for we know no truths
for to know him is to fear him
he walks in our midst
but he is not one of us "
Nov 2019 · 30
Never fit to rule.....
Yenson Nov 2019
Pol *** died of painful cancer
from pouring gasoline to achieve his scotched earth
of razzing the land
destroying all in its wake
villages, people, the intelligentsia
the professionals, buildings, temples the lot
and as his regime crumble
he poured all the oil he could find
in fear and desperation
and stood breathing in the arid poisonous smoke
filling his lungs
killing himself in grand socialist power
the power of fools in delusion
Nov 2019 · 75
chill white-walkers....
Yenson Nov 2019
Winter is coming

and in faded light the white-walkers cry

the drifts are in the drift of things melting

without substance and core agog-ed in chilled flippancy

heads hung in drivel they cast aimless spells in gauze satin

Shapeshifting maiden sacrificed to appease the white walls of pain

inchoate minds drums and beat hides in soundless menace and sins

the salt goddesses pine for fire logs within caves and stallions to ride

feeble and ungainly the white-walkers hurl spittle and bile in rancour

the lickers are licked in mind body and soul in chaste snow-blindness

the black knight in amour an ermine brandishes the sword of swords

and burns the hottest of flames in a kiln so rare and fine

all around the hot air of squawking swirls to nothing

the drifts of drifts hankers in igloos fermenting

winter is coming
Nov 2019 · 38
little minds locked......
Yenson Nov 2019
Do they know
that minds can override repetitions
and flexibility and adaptability are qualities that work
and obsession is mostly more a problem for the obsessives
rather than the receiver
Do they know that remembrance
of what is not impressionable
has no impact whatsoever
Does seeing a tub of yogurt everywhere
remind you of the yogurt
you had for breakfast
all the time
Nov 2019 · 39
Done doing done
Yenson Nov 2019
How would you know
as you do
that you are being done
when you have never done
what you should do
cause you have always been done
so your doing is you done doing
as you are being done
how can you know
how can you know
you are but done beings
unknown to yourselves
Nov 2019 · 140
Since when can you think...
Yenson Nov 2019
When you seek to hijack a royal brain

make sure you know the size of the royal crown

if you do not know the size you will not have the Royal brain

and then you will will discover  a very important secret

there is no size to a royal crown
Nov 2019 · 38
payment for leisure.....
Yenson Nov 2019
The childish yokels
carrying stub pistols
with dud triggers and flaky heads
look as they chase their tails in vain drama
and the foreigners laugh at them behind their backs
Its a first world problem to occupy first rate simpletons
where you get paid without working you have time to befriend
Nov 2019 · 35
Its our Land.........
Yenson Nov 2019
And the bleachers in rampant psychosis
unfurled their Black flags
march ahead of the protection money Racketeers
and the thieves and crooks of East London
This is Solidarity they all dribbled slack-jawed
and red in the faces
and Red in the mindless-es
disgruntles mired in racism, envy, jealousy and hate
To war we march ** ** **
we have a Black Prince to destroy and ****
how dandy and poetic they thought
Unfurl the Black Flag for a Black Prince
who says the English don't have a sense of humour!!
** ** **, ha ha ha
get out the sickle to cut down the succulent nobleman
bring the hammers to do his brains in for chaos we bring
and blackness covers all the evils of whiteness
and blackness covers all that is decent progressive and bright
see the might of the Black flag, hail the anarchist and Reds
who says Black Power, hey! who said Black power
oh! I mean the flag, the flag!
ha ha ha ** ** **  ha  ha ha
Please remember they know best, they have written the rules for over 3,000 years. they decide who can live and thrive and who should be destroyed.
Nov 2019 · 26
your guilty secret....
Yenson Nov 2019
I'm in them

It grips them like no other

tightly they grip and clenched

too enmeshed unwilling to let go

none like this has occupied their being

filled them so fully they cannot let go or abate

in their narrow minds in the deep depth of their psyche

they think about me all day long, that obsession whose attention

they just crave and cannot ignore so they writhe and write and moan

how they flutter and squirm and hide behind hate to open themselves
Nov 2019 · 56
Say you, say me.....
Yenson Nov 2019
story of the tape is in the measurement

proof of the pie resides without doubt in the eating

wisdom knows the difference betwixt the fools and the wise

thus it's prime fools that takes strays to drink up the Pacific Ocean

or stand before the Roman Colosseum and calls it a derelict stone pile

Truly earned confidence is never a bargaining chip to saps vagaries

neither do the hyenas stay on same start to race the tigers

it been known that beggars do not wear silk tunics

and shortened arms seeks the longest staffs

while impostor goddesses *** up tales

and writhe in rancour at nobleness

spiteful spittle from ivory gutters

not in my mind nor in my names

as edicts knows impeachment

avows the stained consciences

the turbulence's rages afire

t'is theirs, t'is theirs all

in their rags un tatters

and their ragged minds
Nov 2019 · 20
Mr Bluesky.........
Yenson Nov 2019
Hello! how's do, I haven't seen you at the park in a while

Oh hi! oh I stopped coming here

Why is that

Have you noticed the dog **** all over the lovely lawn
some seem to just come here to **** all over the place

Yeah, I noticed, but I now just walk around the perimeters of the park
I don't bother going in, better to leave the ******* to their ****

she flashed a broad grin across a pleasant attractive face

That's just like me and social media these days
I do post my bits when I have to but I don't read what the crazies,
the  moaners, the professional complainers and the senseless have-a-go's with nothing better to do, have to say

Now, that's wise

We both laughed raucously, kissed and walked away still smiling

Overhead the grey autumnal sky hung laden, a bit like the laden uneased minds of the harbingers of doom

I see blue sky and inhale the fresh vibrant winds
Nov 2019 · 34
do it right....
Yenson Nov 2019
The visage yawns so loudly
even climbers on Everest can hear it
it dazzles so brightly like the sun on days uncloudy
so why are the dramatists in stupor and the singers with tonsillitis
for its up to the picker to gather the roses and tenderly share howdie
We can ease tensions or we can get rowdy
So I'ma keep it on the love and do my Duty like Howdie
from a poem by Swollen members titled Bottle Pockets
Nov 2019 · 147
You can call me Al......
Yenson Nov 2019
Our Protection Money Racketeers
was refused the extortion money demanded
OK, me and mi young daughter are game
just bring the ***** and a little gift for a good time
that's crazy said I, no thank you think you better than us, all ladida

they subsequently burgled us
vandalized our car and stole the four radial wheels
off the poor car
then told us in broad daylight
" We will ruin your life, hound you and make your life a misery"
I laughed, imagine a known area Crook who's just robbed you
saying that to you. To me this was a joke! a big big joke eh! haha

"You're laughing!" Mama Crook says with hateful eyes
"We are going to sling mud at you, you'd wish you're dead"
I laughed even more
Hey Al Capone, I thought
I'm blameless here, my reputation is pristine, no skeleton hidden
no crime ever. Never wronged anyone, always kind, friendly
and respectful to all..all round sound guy, this crook is deluded.
Anyway people can easily see the truth here, I confidently assumed
Yeah! more fool me...

Go to hell, you you nasty crook...say I,... imagine the cheek!

Well people
sad to report, how was I to know Mama Al capone was right
They had the connections, the nefarious know-how of these things
and they know their demography. they know their people! .

Mud slinging worked a treat...People believed everything,
every slander, defamation, fabrication, lies, everything
They delivered on their promises and then some
They told a fantastic story to their Socialist and Anachist connection, even those were fooled
Arrogant, the Big I Am, hidden riches, wife beater, domineering
et pompous, thinks he's high and mighty, the very opposite of me!
wow people...the heat is on
I became radioactive in one swift move..

For the first time in my life
I discovered real evil exist, not paper stuff

Now I know why there are never any witnesses in Inner city
Estates and a code of Omerta or Ali-baba or whatever its called
why some witnesses never reveal their faces or give their names,
when they talk to the media about some crimes or some faces
they recognized

and why thieves threateningly utter this infamous line

Acknowledgement to Paul Simon for the title
Nov 2019 · 98
Ah...I wish you well....
Yenson Nov 2019
When hate gives oxygen to publicity
you surprisingly realize
that obscurity is the killer
for obscurity is bland, unworthy, pedestrian, not notable
just another one in ten, fifty, six hundred,
just a ***, actually *** is very appropriate
wild, uncouth, mindless bellicose nothing itching to rumble and vent
that's the place the asinine bully originates
so sit back and dissect the nonentities bullies

obscure, insignificant...defo not please with their lives
Defo not a fulfilling rewarding work leaves no time
to mess around looking for attention or validation
Immature, not well read or intelligent...OBVIOUSLY!. intelligence
at least real intelligence offers confidence, balance, self assurance
Talent-less and unexceptional...OBVIOUSLY...creative talented people find better and right outlets  than trolling or venting or hating
Most likely ugly with no  personality...YES!...most bullies are exactly that, the fat ugly ******* at checkouts, the long nosed hag at the store the weedy fellows, the unkempt, yeah, mostly they are not visually nice in appearance
No strength of Character...OBVIOUSLY, bullies are alway weak, insecure, inadequate cowards.
Confident secure people in a good place emotionally would never dream of bullying
Juvenile mentality, feral, unsociable, dorkish...that almost a staple for bullies, just some no mark simpleton looking for attention, they think it booster them amongst others

Imagine the thoughts of all these hapless nonentities
making one the target of their neurosis or sad happenstance
actually taking the time and making the effort to troll and do ****
Man..that's some serious ****, can make a lesser person big-headed
I don't even write Fan letters to Artists I appreciate
( I should really write and praise Stormzy for his Charitable work )
much less sit and bother some other human with hate and bullying
that to me is as low as you can get.
If you're good I try to learn from you not Hate!
Its really sad to be insignificant, no mark, pathetic drones
worst still, appears the only distractions to their pained obscurities
is Bullying...and look what bullies are, little wonder they talk of going in vicious circles.....
Nov 2019 · 33
stuck in the mud.....
Yenson Nov 2019
the vainglorious indulgence of the echo chamber
who in inane vacuity
and reduced to stuck repetition of asinine absurdities
in a chalk cave
now simmers in the autistic trance of adherence delight
in hypnotic repetitions
and caustically embraces what is believed to be
the 'power' of white noise
who will tell a parrot its just a parrot
and that its squawking
are not original
and that it lacks the mental capacity
to be anything other than
a dumb fluffy echo box
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