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Yenson Jul 2019
As all you WASP should know
in our manor of east London in Blighty
when a white crooked family infamous in the manor
burgles their neighbor who are hardworking and law-abiding
These family of thieves and burglars are the underdogs
and deserves all support to cover their crimes
Furthermore all should be done to discredit
and ruin these neighbors who are victims
We WASP know blacks have no right
to live decently and comfortably
so they should be persecuted
hounded, terrorized
slandered, hated
humiliated and
isolated, and
like we used
to do in the
Deep South
Please bear in mind we are the Superior race
and we are the only ones entitled to anything
Please remember, persistence is the key
    ( As you were, WASP brothers and sisters )
Master and servant are names as old as history, but given to those of far different condition; for a freeman makes himself a servant to another, by selling him, for a certain time, the service he undertakes to do, in exchange for wages he is to receive: and though this commonly puts him into the family of his master, and under the ordinary discipline thereof: yet it gives the master but a temporary power over him, and no greater than what is contained in the contract between them. But there is another sort of servants, which by a peculiar name we call slaves, who being captives taken in a just war, are by the right of nature subjected to the [387] absolute dominion and arbitrary power of their masters. These men having, as I say, forfeited their lives, and with it their liberties, and lost their estates; and being in the state of slavery, not capable of any property, cannot in that state be considered as any part of civil society; the chief end whereof is the preservation of property
Yenson Jul 2019
In a feather-fine alcove with muted hymns
a gentle brook rains water over Chrystal rocks
that sways a rippling  flow down to a place unseen
overhead a leafy veil in brilliant emerald canopy loomed
as incandescent rays of sunlight glimpse by in curious peeps
here I sit in favored repose and in deft homage I see the grace
for in a sojourn of a remembrance of past times and days endings
the voice of my soul in reverent hush uttered calmly unflinchingly
Do you know, you have never intentionally harmed a fellow being
neither, I say, have you done a bad deed to another or failed to assist
Do you know I fathom no ill will in you or see the darkness of hate
you smile readily in good disposition, a cheery warmth a light heart
pray do furnish me with a knowledge of where all this breezed from
I laughed quietly in repose as my mind traverse within searchingly
From you, I replied, all from you and the Creator that made you
I am grateful!
Yenson Oct 2019
In real time
in my real days
I always seek and find
the real realities of the real
and more often than not, they're cold and blunt
glaring and snarling it stares you in the face unflinching
vividly truthful and a hard taskmaster it lays it bare and real
take it or leave it, buy it or run its up to you for I'm always here

So in real time
and in real days
I stood my ground and faced it
show me all as the are I want to know
Reality yanked me in and laid it out bare
open your eyes it commanded and see me for real
this here ain't no bed of roses and we don't deal in lies
we see things for real ain't no dressing up or sugar coating here

Well in real time
and all ******* days
I became a disciple of reality
see all as they are and says all as it is
but I immediately realized in great surprise
that most out there don't do reality but worship delusions
foolhardy in tinted goggles they lie, hide, avoid, deny or reject
in staunch weaknesses they see what they want to see regardless

And in real world
in real dos and don'ts
nothing but nothing is as real shows
peoples, child, enemies, friends lovers, cats and dogs
meeting, living yet bending realities in each and which ways
thieves are heroes, deceivers are true lovers, liars popular sages
wrongs spun to rights, lights dimmed an reality messengers killed
and all in ankle chains and handcuffs see hear take and give as they see their realities..........
When your reality is distorted and your moral compass is confused, remember
One does not have to operate with great malice to do great harm. The absence of empathy and absence of understanding are sufficient (Charles M. Blow)
The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. (Albert Einstein)
All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent (Thomas Jefferson)
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. (Martin Luther King Jr)
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere (Martin Luther King Jr)
In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends (Martin Luther King Jr)
There are times when silence becomes an accomplice to injustice (Ayaan Hirsi Ali)
I chose to defend human rights because I cannot maintain my silence in the face of injustice (Chen Guangcheng)
The more you answer the injustice of others, the more you heal your own soul (Julia Post)
Yenson Aug 2019
I am not a Benefactor
from the legacies of the warped insider-traders
who **** their onyx thumbs as the write with crayons
sharing their chewing gum from mouth to mouth in foaming spittle
the panto-villain has been fingered and the village idiots aroused
see them run around the stage with picture cards and Aide-mémoire
the pillocks of bring down rule and Baldricks ' I have a cunning plan'
why isn't the Guardian on stage when mindful knows Low scale only
not a mediocre buying into the opera of pedestrians' mundanities
the programming of the programmed air-heads in the deluded camp
where the fun is let see how many we can blind and control
I am not a Benefactor from the legacies of nonsensical damp squids
Yenson Oct 2018
What if they had a War and nobody came !
my sentiment all along

Actions so transparent and telegraphed a mile long
absurd anchoring, even more absurd triggering
so absurd as to be meaningless
the hotchpotch logic of simpletons on acid
The banal manifestations of the anodyne retards with advanced hysteria

Think unruly kids on Colombian marching powder
think advanced psychosis with total stage ten delusions
Watch mass hysteria contagion
Logic was never there, rationality bolted beating Usain Bolt
Inveterate liars and fantasists now control maddened throngs

Oh dear! they decided I am madly in love with acquaintance
neither I or poor acquaintance know this
But let not the truth get in the way of a soap opera by the insanes
After All meaningless triggers and Delusionary prompts
keep the sheeples busy in People's Power utopia

They are all having a war, nobody has told me about it
I don't understand their language yet they are very eloquent
Deep in their imagined Neuro-linguistic Programming or mental pygmies playing Pavlov Dog theory of the semi-illiterates  

I just realized why cancer is prevalent amongst them
They carry so much poison and emotional ******* in their beings
It pollutes and eat away at them internally, they get cancer!

Never have been interested in little minds and liars and thieves
Have little time for dumb people, the toxics and the sheeples
What makes cretins think I take anything of theirs to mind
what can I learn or gain from contemptibles
I don't feel inferior so why would I want to learn
how to slander and defame others to bring them down
'Slander is the GREAT LEVELLER voiced one of them
poor inadequate soul, poor pathetic degenerate

I look twenty years younger than my years, no wrinkles
Just slightly greying, mind as sharp as razor
Because I don't carry acidic *******, hate or foul nonsense
in my head,
Because my mind is full of worthy knowledge
because I am not an ignoramus with attitude
because I am not a shameless coward or an empty headed nonentity
Because I am not amongst the madding crowd
I am not an insignificant pointless HATER with cancer in waiting!

I am NOT a SHAMELESS RACIST white THIEF discrediting the
Victim I STOLE from
an OBNOXIOUS gang of SOCIALIST crazed subhumans cancerized
by jealousy and envy
Yenson Mar 2019
The record is stuck on a track titled Opposing
as the turntable whirled around and around
lyrics of unrequited love and a dying heart dozing
illusions of an Angel that glides in secret underground

The tune is of opening memories and *******
rubbing salt and pepper on raw scars and wounds
retelling a fantasy of woe they wish is depressing
leaving trails of green, pink and gold that hounds

But what is a world without make believe to cheer
do you tell the clouds they're trillions droplets of water
when it hangs so vividly in blue skies delightfully sheer
that a rainmaker knows the alchemy to be a blue plotter

What you think you see is merely going East to reach West
a journey where destination is reached before departure
romance never inclined as the genius sat a ****** test
vibes of past angels had shown this here not a true picture

Forewarned and forearmed the rest is merely theatre
good grace and humanity demands fair play and civility
walk on and present personably in this dramatic sphere
keep in mind an end game that holds fine mental agility

The record is stuck on a track titled Opposing
as the turntable whirled in and out around and around
know that omerta demands you have no heart exposing
in dark days your enemies will know where to take you down
Yenson Jul 2019
If the mill laborers know what I know
about celestial being as known in jestful pun
these clowns of the roving feral s casting lore of dubious yarns
thinking imbecility resides in all as they resides in it
the assumptions of wishful vacuous to fester mind
if the opaque laborers know what I know
their aims redundant as always eggs would wear faces
and pointless endeavors will carry owned banners
the over thirty years jokers still blinded to the reverse
Hail the laborers at the mill, hail the jokers with witless tastes
they sabotaged lifts and all walked but nothing was gained
they huffed and puffed and blew themselves to absurdity
they planned and plotted only to see boredom engulfed the crowd
theirs is to do the foot-slog, ours is to laugh at the Wigan pier
what is idle rest, I laid my hay long ago and made my peace
If the mill laborers know what I know
they will see wasters working hard to make more waste
for theirs is to work and fret, fret and work
from birth till death to ghosts already pale from .....
Yenson Sep 2019
Where's my Italian Stallion.....
In the late night
the lady rose and asked
where is that wild buck new to the stable
Not there anymore the night air in waiting replied
then don't just stand there the lady said
Go fetch me me my faithful Italian stallion quick
for I must ride tonight and he is mine

Look at me can you not see
I have toiled in the greens  and tilled gardens
have fetched woods for seven sisters
and walked in hissy fit down the lane
my lips are sore and my fingers ache a times
so now go fetch me my Italian stallion and let me ride
he's mine and I can do as I please

That buck in hue of regal coal is wild and strong
an Arab king mare, big and mean, if ever there;s one
with flanks like rocks and a back straight and hard
oh! to ride him over the hills in wanton abandon delight
galloping up and down with my thighs gripping that smooth skin
Alas I fear I may do damage to my fair and tender laps
go fetch me my Italian stallion, my trained and gentle mare

Yes, he will do as told and he's always there
tells me only what I want to hear and never bite or nip
his mane I like and his neigh makes me laugh like a drain
he's not an Arabian mare and enjoys backing in and backing up
grease up the flanks and tell that Italian mare to come give it to me
that wild buck I fear will be too wild, that unbroken Arab Charger
cost too much and will take so much space I fear I may tear and die......
Yenson Aug 2019
and they huffed and puffed
and sang sad songs
and it was all in their heads
for they are sad people
with sad things and sad lives
Yenson Sep 2019
I play the oiks like a fiddle
know the tattles would tittle
as morons dying to display brotherhood
of hoods in simpletons grape-vine
morons orders younger maidens
in their foolishness to deter contact
where contact is not forthcoming
asinine do delusions to claim they are ruling
I play the morons like Clapton on BB Lucy
just to tease them like I don't know nofinks
and set the morons on another hither thither
give the grape-vine of commoners a twang
just to **** a snoop I don't give a flying ****
Yenson Nov 2019
When hate gives oxygen to publicity
you surprisingly realize
that obscurity is the killer
for obscurity is bland, unworthy, pedestrian, not notable
just another one in ten, fifty, six hundred,
just a ***, actually *** is very appropriate
wild, uncouth, mindless bellicose nothing itching to rumble and vent
that's the place the asinine bully originates
so sit back and dissect the nonentities bullies

obscure, insignificant...defo not please with their lives
Defo not a fulfilling rewarding work leaves no time
to mess around looking for attention or validation
Immature, not well read or intelligent...OBVIOUSLY!. intelligence
at least real intelligence offers confidence, balance, self assurance
Talent-less and unexceptional...OBVIOUSLY...creative talented people find better and right outlets  than trolling or venting or hating
Most likely ugly with no  personality...YES!...most bullies are exactly that, the fat ugly ******* at checkouts, the long nosed hag at the store the weedy fellows, the unkempt, yeah, mostly they are not visually nice in appearance
No strength of Character...OBVIOUSLY, bullies are alway weak, insecure, inadequate cowards.
Confident secure people in a good place emotionally would never dream of bullying
Juvenile mentality, feral, unsociable, dorkish...that almost a staple for bullies, just some no mark simpleton looking for attention, they think it booster them amongst others

Imagine the thoughts of all these hapless nonentities
making one the target of their neurosis or sad happenstance
actually taking the time and making the effort to troll and do ****
Man..that's some serious ****, can make a lesser person big-headed
I don't even write Fan letters to Artists I appreciate
( I should really write and praise Stormzy for his Charitable work )
much less sit and bother some other human with hate and bullying
that to me is as low as you can get.
If you're good I try to learn from you not Hate!
Its really sad to be insignificant, no mark, pathetic drones
worst still, appears the only distractions to their pained obscurities
is Bullying...and look what bullies are, little wonder they talk of going in vicious circles.....
Yenson Sep 2019
Poor Dovers
its a tough town where a ******
has a Rolls and wears Gucci and Fiarucci
and Dovers and mates are shoplifting aftershaves
brothers our lives are hard and where is our birthright
why do we suffer when darkies are smiling and drinking champagne
never mind momentum are on their way to wreck havoc and chaos
we'll paint the town red and make their lives hell for we own the land
No ****** ain't gonna live better than us, we and the devil will see to this
we will ru around like mad dogs
we will lie through out front teeth and then some more
we will hound and harass and bring down the fires of hell
we are Dovers and our empty fragile egos
cannot bear this
the rich Jews have monopolized the economy
the clever Asains are everywhere now even in charge of our Finances
the Blacks are making millions in football and Sports
and now this Darky thinks he's Royalty
No, no, no we can't take this suffering anymore
we are reduced to stealing to get by
we can't take this humiliation anymore
Arise comrades the revolution is here
satire about the entitled Nights that never does any work leaving the sun to do all the work. believe that you'll believe anything!
Yenson Aug 2018
What can the spawns of Ahriman say, that hasn't been said before
What can  Angra Mainyu linage do that hasn't been done
Children of Jahi the ***** fathered by The Opposer himself
When the Ghost of ghosts spawned his offsprings in Hades
Did he not promise them the world and declared it his
Did he not remove the dusts of damnation from them
And send them down to continue his dominion of fire

Once the second exalted but twisted from his arrogance
He faced down the Omnipotent Light and sought to usurp
From thence on banished in eternal shame he remains
The Ghost of Ghosts spawning his demons and ghouls
The pretenders without light or hues washed in satyr's milk
Disciples of extraction of the purity of the sinless inoncents

Henceforth they seek ******* over the joys of Creation
Killers that **** with all deeds and actions the Glories of Light
Ghosts who opened Pandora before Pandora came alive
Who plundered and ravaged as their master solely intended
To destroy all the Magnificence of the Omnipotent Creator
Who stands unequalled Pure and Mighty in His Golden Realm

Ghost of ghosts fights on earth with his spawns multiplying
Master of wickedness doling out false knowledge to ghosts
Covering them with false beauty and riches in ****** minds
Take your poisoned rewards and destroy to live like kings
For I make you children of destruction and ghosts without souls
Soon you will all come and burn forever in undying molten fire
Yenson Oct 2019
The real lovers are entwine in blissful glows
birth in heady warmth and utopia hearts

Real happy people are soothe in contented calm
all is well within and joyous passion is never afar

Enlightened people rest in the arms of Nirvana
seeking and finding paths to enrich us and our world

Pious devoted people praise and plea to their God or Temples
fervently in spiritual glow and comforting grace to lift souls

The industrious toil at their tasks hoping successes gangs fruition
and honest endeavors rewards and offers betterment to enjoy

The carers and givers selflessly work and give in good grace
at home, at work, everywhere and anywhere to do and give for others

The genuine Creatives in artistic ambiance nurture society cultures
in Arts, in Music, in Writings and various pursuits to lift and sooth us

The Damaged, toxic and Psychopaths, these sad broken and diseased
look for other people to make broken, damaged and weak like them
Ill in body mind and soul they can only spread their pain and miseries
Its cruel to laugh at the pained and afflicted, who honestly spend time hallucinating and dreaming up negativity, lies, delusions and garbage. What sort of mind sees the creation of nonsensical ******* as a laudable achievement to be proud off. Its so laughable it never ceases to amuse.
Yenson Apr 2019
Too intelligent and matured
to be swayed or polluted
by the unsophisticated minds
used to the trivialities of their stations.

what person of note and decorum
conducts life in such limitations
values of the unsound juveniles
expectations of the crass and the backwards

oh, they do take themselves seriously
but unfortunately we are worlds different
and I was never able to learn their language
and avoided experiencing them at close quarters
quite honestly the narrow minded are always so so boring
values, life's view and perceptions all rather limited, you know!
Yenson Oct 2019
Where are the thoughtful s, the brilliants
those young Turks of mine times with tomes ablaze
the searing searches for wisdom in flights of discoveries
soaring into heightened ideas and dives in Philosophy pools
sparring with edifices of futures past and present yet to show

The magic of minds invigorated anew
knowledge incoming and endless forays in disciplines testings
midnight oils burning as brains are lit and wonders founds in old
new skills come in and in growth and understandings you dance
versatility you embrace in bloom of maturity and richness in minds

Talk Shakespeare and see Homer with Sartre
ratios and equations take on compounds and Periodic Tables
the ***** in biology makes ******* covers even more relate-able
Byron says it sweetly and Solzhenitsyn talks Gulag in Mein Kampf
one day in Imperialism while another in Totalitarianism all ideas

My kingdom for knowledge and the trained minds
oh such joy the vista of erudition and peace of understanding
the harvesting of a million lights to banish fears and shame duds
confidence of the unconfined thoughts and enamored teachers
the august seat in a world where diversity is undreaded  and calm

Thus never a war of minds or feigned stances
nothing akin to the posturing fakes and usurpers dim et vacant
or them charlatans lacking gainful foundations in pretentious airs
bovine bullies coated in ignorance manifesting idiocies a la pride
sham laughable buffoons strangling Art for art sake, dopes for free    

So look below and see the infertile minds in fallow  
 base and dank coarse and idle with the occasional sprouts
incapable in essence limited in orientations like a pack of jackals
ignorant and belligerent or puffed up in fear like a capon in anger
nothing enlightened, positive, constructive or gainful just angst
mired in the blame game with limited senses and ignorance raving
Yenson Mar 2019
Good thing.......the TRUTH
                    put it in Gucci or some rags
               from the thrift stores
                             paint it any colour or batter
                it to kingdom come
                             TRUTH still sees itself as it is
                ONLY THE TRUTH,
                       unchanged, dignified, enduring

           That's why it frightens the bejesus out of some people
                  That's why they are agitated, weak and aggressive
                  That's why they are hateful, ignorant and mindless
           That's why they hide and can't operate openly in plain sight
Yenson Jan 1
You cannot have the best
because you all know nothing compares
You know you do not possess qualities required
so like the fox and sour grapes you cast aspersions
Singing of the greatest love with Mr and Mrs Make-do
whilst both of you know its all just a matter of convenience
Just to be seen to have and be like all those other settlers around
make out like your lives are brilliant and you are living the dream
When in actual fact you hate your self and your sad poxy existence
You talk of friends, your great social lives partying and having fun
deep down you know the're all fake and you all just use each other
You are weak, insecure, fearful and under-confident but you hide it
and poke fun at others trying to get it in first before you're sussed
You have secrets that torments you so you invade others privacy
looking for dirt just to seek refuge from your fears and pains
You are neither bright or smart and you know it too well
But pretending is your game as you point fingers away
calling others names and trying to bring them down
You are yellow belly cowards hiding in sick shame
on Twitter and social media you rant and troll
You are talent-less and cannot be the best
at anything but bullying and picking
We know you and your game
You are Mr and Ms Nobody
Never can be the Best
you don't have
the qualities
it takes
Yenson Sep 2018
Listen to the slivering  paths of the Autumn breeze
The coming velvety skies drenched in ink reflecting silver stars
Wave goodbyes to the elusive flawed brown stone with pensive eyes
A heart will gasp years ahead for callousness past shown now in tears
Remember those golden sunsets for now woeful days are never azure
Watery eyes and wrinkled mask lament a time you could have shared
A King's ransom at your feet twined with an  honest heart assured

Hear the whisperings of the mockingbirds and muted cold choruses
Rainbow starlights betrays pots of gold hidden never to be found
Maidens dance retro and the harpist pluck for painters with brushes
By sunkissed shores blends of contrasts joyous in customary ponds
Smiles pure from honeyed caves same when as waxed spears plunges
Save me a place in the delights of Troy and tell Helen to send a sound
Bring me home to peace and love, rescue me from lions in golden cages

Yenson Aug 2019
I felt it, I felt it, yes, yes!
Look, see it went right up there
it was a big smooth shiny black dolphin
shiny with a dark gloss and pithy hard frame
wow, it was warm  and I was wet as it arrowed into the sea
I reached out and stroked it as it glided in, it felt hot and firm
I could feel its movement, if felt so big as it swam, leaving ripples
I moved to give it more room to swim and it seem to get even bigger
It was so exciting, I shouted, screamed, never seen a dolphin that big
yet as it swam, it was so tender and gentle, graceful and so rhythmic
one could feel its power, a certain vibe to a force so Pulsatingly good
and that dark glossy velvety smooth skin skimming in milky sprays
just made it so magical, making me think I know why dolphins smile
I felt it and it deeply touched me, I really felt it, there was connection
I will defo go swimming with that dolphin again and again and again
Yenson Apr 2019
Intelligent, self-assured, confident and up-standing
good education, honest, hard working and charming
wise, matured, emotionally intelligent, suave and polite
balanced, wholesome, loving and caring......
an adequate man of all season
a man of impeccable character
what's not to hate, tell me

Show me another one like him
show me nobility at its best
show me a man that children ad animals take to instinctively
show me a smile and sense of fun that's so disarming
show me his attentiveness and riveting conversation
an adequate man of all season
a man of impeccable character
what's not to hate, tell me

oh, how we hate, hate, hate
talent-less and mediocre
inflicted and conflicted, moronic simpletons
cowardly, ignorant with no charm or grace
plain, ordinary, unimportant and insignificant
What's to love about such mediocrity, what's not to love about us.

inadequate s with little saving grace
characterless or dodgy petty criminals
asinine, imbecilic with programmed default minds
incapable and unthinking puppets
what's not to love about us, tell me, what's not to love about us

Any victims of bullying please I beg you, never ever let them intimidate you, they are the ones with the problem, they suffer more than you ever could, so please see that, no one who feels adequate and secure sets out to torment or hurt another, except they are  insane. Bullies are inadequate, pathetic, under-confident, jealous and envious people, talent-less losers who want to drag others down because they don't have qualities and talents you may have or have that puts you ahead. Claim your talents, stand tall and make then know they are the losers, not you and if they dare try to use violence, go straight to an adult or call helplines and seek help. NEVER BE AFRAID OF THEM, they are ***** who know they are ***** and want to make you a **** like them. Please NEVER fear them, never let them intimidate YOU.
Yenson Sep 2019
I can be reminded a millions times and more
it does nothing to stir my real emotions
for my emotions were on  a vacation
the few moments you were around
and they never met or knew you
my eyes remember the old you
not that you of latter days
that was a stranger to me
now all's indifference
cause my feelings
never met you
then, today
and now
Yenson Jul 2019
You have your world in you
and all things of the world contained
the pain, the corruption, the darkness and death's songs
you have the world in you, cause it's all your mind can see and take
usurping, you swallow all, fashionin' as your desires and greed allow

I have a life in me
its about Joy, Gratitude, Peace, Blessings and Love to share
Graced in Savior's light and triumph of  Divine Truths and Light
In calmness my spirit rejoices, in my life I see Glory and the Promises
I earned in honesty, give my tithes and shared harvests with praises

Deep in you, hangs your your world
fears, worries, pains are yours, as black secrets torments you
The life in me sees the world in you, you haul chains in lost minds
we speak the language, but you hear not cause your world is in you
Grandiose arid cursed witless lands, of those who think they are gods
Yenson Aug 2019
I know why the caged snow sings
in envious laboured pain and frozen tones
its because it sees the brightest sun shinning
snow in fear knows it will soon be nowt but a puddle
As it seeps in its natural home the ***** ground to turn to mud
so mud it makes, mud it throws at that hot illumination shaming
the complex crystalline glow to show just a density of mere water
important but lacking form and solidity, a fluid malleable as sheep
Do you see why the caged snow sings knowing it cannot match the sun
Yenson Aug 2019
Baser thoughts, baser scripts from baser life for baser deeds
live and do by numbers as regimented primal fodders
programmed legions marching in primed unison
hence the ideology of data generally applicable
un-programmed a crime meriting expulsion
demand is one track minds for one track
do as we say not do you think is right
say as we tell you not say yours
see what's shown no discerning
we are your Nannies, hear us
yours is not to wonder why
yours is to do just as told
so living ghosts march
vacuously purposeful
in all colors and shades
bland empty entities
to their masters' voices
to the command of...
and mirrors
Yenson Jan 26
And in your Glory dear Lord

you bestowed on your humble servant

the Light that shine forth reaching hearts and minds

that otherwise have no defined purposes other than align with evil

And in wondrous ways you showed them a beacon

anointed noble edifice of blood and flesh

who by being stirred their torments

lance their pains and miseries

troubled and restless are they

disgraced and shamed they recoil

snarling and gnashing their fangs

spitting venom and aberrations

sliding in gore and disfavor

the victims of victims

languishing in white fire

And in your Divine Glory

Your humble servant

praises You
Yenson May 2019
Look not to the west-winds in tornado swirls
see not the fierce gales tormenting the sandy coves
in passive leisurely breeze a shimmering gossamer leaf unfurls
scripted in its veins the truth of lies to the lies of truth about loves

Show me borders and boundaries to realness
when the highway flows for two and a leap year unneeded
for maidens to follow heart melodies destined to find in calmness
a reach to out pure and true intentions would not adverse unheeded

Why doth sit among-st duplicitous haze and fancies
while errant messengers pull curtains and play conjurers
trampling silk letters in matters unconcerned like agile fencers
when able light are held in lips and given in person not by non-jurors

So search no more neither look further for the truth
the song is known to all who have strolled down cupids clouds
for the real heart knows its way home and needs not wait to go forth
lover real gives no signs to air clowns dancing the Maypole in crowds
Yenson Mar 2019
With the magical banner held high
invoking the crocodile rain of oppression by elites
of greed by leeches and bacteria, amoebas and suckers
oh come all come one, join our revolution against dark powers

Oh.. who in rightful mind could refuse
off she went to hear hot propaganda of those high and mighty folks
who took food from baby's mouth  and live likes kings in our homes
fed in Le Cordon Bleu a'la Rouge with lashings of aspic fabrications

Without hesitation she swallowed all up,
I'm in and I am an Activist show me the culprit, what can I do
all for one, one for all, that parasite deserves miseries and doom
Easy comrade sister, get to know him and help us do his head in  

It's a sport for us that elitist blood sucker
just get under his skin for us, let's play his mind and infest his head
report back to us, inner knowledge is power and we're fighting a war
comrade sister, our hot Activist marched forth on with vim and vigor

comrade sister wholly followed her brief
though soon saw things weren't as the revolutionaries  presented
conflicted and confused she felt pity for a rare icon held in gallows
but the majority carries the vote and all is fair in love and red war

At her cost and with a wretched heart she gave her all
did as she was told and played her part as a true comrade in line
Solidarity she give to the fight, was mean and nasty as demanded
It's them or us they say and see comrades I give my services to you

No medals for Comrade sister, no epaulette yet earned
rather at her cost her privacy invaded and smears throws at her
tales of dark deeds and loose morals hung on her in dark corners
yet that poor heroine fought and gave so much blood for the cause

where is the honour amongst thieves and knaves
she did all that was required of her
told the lies she was made to tell and played the game as taught
stood at the barricades and ****** her guilt and conscience
yet they still don't trust her for paranoia rules them all
Yenson Sep 2019
A Colossus stretches and smiles
as the fire in Rome spits and peters dimly
a horde of barbarians cower in hidden lights
scribbling incantations to a hidden deity smite in disgrace
all can now see the fallibility of the uncouth couchers webs of deceits
as the jokers become the joke and vainglorious platitudes cough out
in the talking chambers the words are drying up save the heartiest
too ill to see that they are below decks manning the oars to the beat
the beat of the beaten who row as their fathers and fore-fathers did
a colossus stretches and smile and knows Olympus awaits in a far land
Yenson Sep 2019
Commoners told of a ferocious bull
all given red scarfs to wave and mantras to sing
in the caged arena of their lives mundane and miserable
obedient as the chains on their unsure feet and yokes on necks
they hobbled around waving their stuck- on red scarfs without fail

Commoners told of a ferocious bull
there exist no bull to bait and taunt but a mirage floated in
yet they swarm around like bees drunk on fermented pollen
all ploy of their deceiving masters testing obedience of the mindless
in pained ignorance the peasants run round the ways of unreasoning

Commoners told of a ferocious bull
look there is the bull coming to this arena very soon
go to the hunts-master for today's red scarfs and get into pits
you of the little minds and manipulable bourgeoisie cannon planks
do as drunken rulers orders and make good entertainment for supper

Commoners told of a ferocious bull
come to the Colosseum, take your place, here's your red scarfs
voices arose and the masses started a scripted drama waving scarfs
I see no bull in this arena says a passing sage as he was duly pointed it
All I see is the bravest man amongst you without chains round his ankles
Yenson Aug 2019
See the harbinger of doom
see the  Ripper with scythes at ready
see the pro-claimer of dastard dirges
see the Rainmaker at joyful parade
see the twister of twist twisting away
see the Babylonian alchemist mixing miseries
to share with fellow convicts in their house of strays
see the ruler without a kingdom but rule from Armageddon
see the sad deranged replicant hyped up and ready in maladroit
see them who have become mere Cliché and useless pawns in neon's
see the joke of today, tomorrow, next week giving hemlocks to air
Yenson Oct 2019
Hear me ears of Caves
Some play at life in zealots fare
away from the deep they trundle in fenced valleys
picking stops of choice and running with like minded
set adrift on pastures near or afar following the cheer leaders

I live life for the gift of life
in mindful presence of the time and moment
neither past or future is preordained but merely perchance
therefore the truth of reality in sacred dimensional pivots hold firm
ours is to seek quests and strive answers that the oracles do not tell us

I do not play at life
the child in me played but the seasons put hairs on my face
a man appeared and put away child things as the eyes scales fell
in stark Light clear its reads you do not own the world and all therein
you have through what you give truly an honestly bound ethically so

Paradise lost in eons gone
down this lonely plant lies a battle field that angels fear to trod
chances plenty misfortunes so, in absurd sky waits a thing called luck
wicked trick, throw of the dice or luck the choice is never really yours
know to play keeps you fenced in as mind body and spirit chases all
to live life is to chance outside the fence and with honesty face the wilderness beyond
To live in the moment come hell or high water or all black in the roulette least you lived in interesting times!
Yenson Aug 2019
Walk down that road
called the Positive Lane
show me truth, Wisdom and knowledge
they are all trusted companions and brave warriors
wear integrity, honesty, kindness, honor and sincerity
these ennobling robes should never fail to fit in grandest style
now go outside and walk on burning coal but keep steady feet
remind yourself that in journeys you will meet fire and frost on paths
avoid any wrong doing or unjust ways for any negativity has a price
now drink from this cup of brew made by our afore-mentioned above
a soothing drink called confidence and it will abide gamely with you
now look yourself in a mirror and look right in your eyes unshakably
you will see a person loved, balanced, calm and unafraid and strong
walk with that person as a friend and life-long companion
go meet Life, respect in hand, walk the hills and valleys
You have nothing to fear, nothing to fear
Yenson Aug 2019
They are spinning in their bunkers
while reciting the gripes of wrath in self limitations
being bolshie forecasters and white oracles in green slime
they know the know of nothing and chorusing from flat *****
a revolution by pumpkins in barracks of unused opportunities
while chasing their tails and spinning yarns in vain all to no avail
snowflakes snowing the wisdom of those without depths in sorrows
mahogany is the priciest, unfazed and worthy of all attention noteworthy
what have you achieved if not parading that many are ignoramuses
that your paymasters are liars
that many does not mean strength or even unity
but merely symbolizes the cowardly minds of fakers
who sing themselves to sleep while cream quietly rises always
while you all spin in a tizzy barring things I do not want or crave
you...are the prisoners of your needs and wants, you are the jailers
in jails
trapped in your mindless freedom, sharing your diseases 'freely'
I am glad to be left out, glad to be my own person, my own counsel
Yenson Feb 2019
Rabid wolf in white fur
why do you hide in the arctic wilderness
Is it because you are a coward
Afraid to show yourself without camouflage

You're not real or true
just another odious scavenger
with no valour or skill
Just an affront to the tribe

Your red eyes weeps blood
for cowards die many times a day
your cover is your only strength
strength in invincibility no
just a rancid white *****
that's all you are
Yenson Jul 2019
Your demonstrations
are indications of my exaltation's
your asinine molestation's
are confirmations of my valuation
your cowardly confrontations
is a sure signs of your deep frustrations
that even in numbers you are still in damnation
puerile and insignificant in dire mindless infestations
serfs and drones struggling stakes-less in foolish protestations
the opaques and transparents burning in hate and sad destitution
Yenson Aug 2018
Bony small fingers wrapped round the cup and lifted it to pale dry lips
she took a sip and lowered cup
Sat opposite I looked at a face that was once to me the most
beautiful face ever
Now for the first time in my life I had undoubted confirmation
that beauty does fade
And those that say 'beauty is only skin deep were right all along

I was never in love with her, I liked her, liked her a lot, but right
now I sat broken hearted
Heartbroken because to me God's magnificence has been defaced,
the Divine work of The Most Divine has been destroyed
How could this be, how can this happen
Is evil such a powerful force, powerful enough to obliterate the face
of an Angel.

Yes, I know the prettiest Rose will one day wither and die
Yes I know nothing last for ever in our world
Yes I know we will all grow old and die
Yes I know night turns to daylight
Yes I know we all return to dust

It hurt, it hurt, it hurt, for how can Aphrodite turn into Medussa
within the course of a year
To twist the dagger in me more, it seem as if all the changes were by her deliberate design and welcomed by her
How can one blessed as such decide I want to alter myself and look
the most unattractive I can be
It was as if Lucifer stood there, saying 'you see my power, anything
you consider worthy, proper, Holy or beautiful, I can *******, mess up or destroy'...

Small bony claws put down the cup after the final sip, internally I was in stunned disbelief, how cruel is evil, how can an Angel be
thus disfigured. Where is God, why allow this.

I was never in love with her, I liked her but never had any reason
to think we could be an item. But her beauty always reminded me of God's magnificence and induced praise to God anytime I saw her. Now the hurts burnt so deeply into my soul, that I don't believe in the beauty of humans anymore. I was shallow somewhat
Now I know only Inner Beauty matters and everything happens for a reason
Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust
Yenson Apr 2019
His mind is all over the place
emotions up and down
he's confused
he's mixed up
he's having nightmares
he's crying and raining
he's brokenhearted
he's twisting
he's spinning
he's a kiwi-fruit
with three legs
and lives in
the minds
of idiots
brains full
of fish and chips
Egalitarians please note:  “No one else has access to the world you carry around within yourself; you are its custodian and entrance. No one else can see the world the way you see it. No one else can feel your life the way you feel it. Thus it is impossible to ever compare two people because each stands on such different ground. When you compare yourself to others, you are inviting envy into your consciousness; it can be a dangerous and destructive guest.”
Yenson Sep 2018
The clone walks and enjoys such wrongful adulation,
Urban myths, falsehoods, lies, such awful fabrications
Knowledge is power make sure its transmogrification
Smears and stench is vital to put our clone in isolation
Defamation and slander in abundance not in moderation

The real man looks awestruck at this nefarious transformation
Sees truth murdered and honesty and decency held in toxic strangulation
Humans have a greater propensity for lies, its has much richer fascination
Lower minds desires basic mental gratification not tedious logical education
They want no news about joy and do-gooders, more about sick disfiguration

The Real Man sees his unblemished life soiled and tainted to sorrowful extinction
To look innocently becomes wantonly ******* women and gals, a ridiculous insinuation
Innocent speech to primed recipients takes on salacious unintended
bent and corrosive modifications
His just and precise actions mangled and their gross interpretations begets their erroneous  illustrations
Clone now walks with character traits and form  far from nothing like The Real Man's true disposition

Then news by lovers now state the Man is the best ever ***** passions without constatation
Not one or two or three ex loves now talks of a smooth hard soft Dolphin and swimming in hot magical elation
Passion, style, rhythm, rock and roll unsurpassed in lustful cool sexxy celebrations
Alas, We can't damage this real prowess so just demonize and ******* and ruin his physical reputation
Talk dirt, turds, talk stupidly about water and no *****, angry little men scream  and stomped in exasperations

Well, Clone shares same as the Man's famed ding ****, and even though hated lives in some females imaginations
And became a guilty secrets and fantasy lover for some knowing ladies when in relaxations
Think of that Charismatic clone with that  magnificent hard pole close and tight in amourous actions
All ready a bone of envy and dread for their menfolk, their worst fears now lives in their women's vivid minds realisations
My clone now makes sweet passionate love with my tool to different moisty **** ladies with my deft cool moves in delightful motions.
While the real Man is banned to loneliness and sentenced to involuntary abstention
My lucky clone is rampantly *******, licking and ******* in fantasy lands from imaginations to vivid imaginations

There you go Clone..Yeah!..move it..darling, yah! move it!....that's it! Wow!!...Oh..Oh...Oh.....,!
Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.

The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.

It’s not the strength of the body that counts, but the strength of the spirit.

You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.
Yenson Feb 12
White thieves, Extortionists and Gangsters
declare me a grass for standing up to them
they said they were going to ruin and destroy me
I refused to be intimidated
Do your worst I replied I've done nothing wrong
Now I'm jobless and a pariah
isolated, harassed and hounded
made untouchable like a *****
they tell me gleefully
A criminal grass will be killed
A non criminal Grass will be made to **** himself
They said they'll make my life hell
We will wreck your mind with terrors and nightmares
make you a void of nothing but emotional pain and sorrow
each and every hour of each and every day
No help or support, no progress no joy
Just absolute miseries till you top yourself
We rule this manor they said, we have connections
No one will dare come to your aid or rescue
We are the gods and goddesses in this Nation
If anyone help you they become like you
we can find secrets to make offers they daren't refuse
We know the pedos, the secret thieves and the adulterers
We know the sins they all hide from their neighbours
from the Preachers to the Politicians to the man on the Square
And if by chance we can't find any dirt, we'll make it up
and cake you in mud like a Michelangelo's David
and make it stick, like we do with you, innocent stainless man
Your days are numbers, just go top yourself
In dire straits, alone and without support anywhere
No I say, I am not frighten of you ad stand in truth
I know and have someone more powerful than you all
He is called GOD.....come do your worst......
Yenson May 2019
A dense fog
hangs overhead in clammy sooty mass
turgid polluted disparaging, insipid cloudy irrelevance
harbinger of hails and storms and those muck seeps in drains

A diamond peers from its granite home
from it emits dazzling rays of pristine brightness
multifaceted hues of amazing colors in lustrous splendor
in quiet dominance its radiates the wonders of a creator divine

Look, says the dense fog hung in languid bleak recess
there's a diamond high on that mountain pinnacle peering through
Diamond, says dense fog, you don't look so well, I can see from here
you are burning, you're ablaze, you have a very high temperature
you look so pale and appear to be changing colours by the seconds
you must be jaundiced as I can now see you turning yellow and green
My, my, you must be in the most awful pain, you really are blazing
you really must go seek help immediately, you are dying!

" I am fine " says the Diamond quietly.............
A foggy dense cloud is always a foggy dense cloud, thank God for the sun and beautiful blue clouds. Some never quite know how to handle reality or confront what is real under their noses.  A polluted brain never sees the light. What a pitiful way to be...
Yenson Apr 2019
A maelstrom of the fiercest
pitiless, uncompromising and heinous in extreme
a rampage of the most calamitous wickedness
the extreme annihilation begging a hanging extermination
But where, oh where did that calmness in midst traverse from
when bigger mortals would have chosen a rope or a leap from high
knowing God's man was not so designed to **** air in radioactivity
yet he stood where all would've have solaced to sleep till judgement
But where, oh where did that calmness in midst traverse from
the warm blooded are adverse to grotesque horrors and pain
the cushioned mind is not immune to Hades dissembling
or stand in duel with the wrath with a thousand guns
or watched unmoved as sinews are brutally hatched
and ****** is poured on glorious builds and deeds
scorched and grounded like microbes to worms
while hideous subhumans laugh in grave glee
oh where did that calmness stem from
he stood and looked within deeply
dug deep to very core
where Adam resided
and saw clearly
Nothing there
all that
happening around him
his soul had no
to link
Yenson Aug 2018
So it came to pass at last and sad to know a Timber has fallen
It stood in strength tall and strong for over seven decades
Resplendently toned it spread an uncompromising foliage
Masterly in domain magical in reach attaining untold grades
Humble in origins yet grew with endeavour and knowledge
Distinguishably it cut sway in tundra and in lush green glades

Son of sons of the Land held roots countenancing no crawling
It reached for the stars and danced reasons with every shades
Ran with the sun and sat with owls and vipers for tutelage
Sweeping the very highs and the lows in communal trades
In the jungle of sharks and vipers it be known who's in Charge
A Timber has fallen while the rains falls and blue clouds fades

There's now a mighty hole in the earth and rivers are swollen
Leaves scatter and branches beckon hundreds of onward bridges
Leaving best Princess, flowers and saplings for love and largesse
A notable trunk laid supine free to roam without worldly cages
Odes will enter dancing in guises and tears flow without finesse
A Timber has fallen and dirges will ring out for a man of all ages

Yemessia bows and says Adieu My Senior, we will meet again.....

Yenson Jul 2018
Be it not me to tell a fool he is a fool

Does he know he dances naked in Red square

Caked in white ochre he twirls around like in a weaving spool

Spouting delusions nonsensically, he lays his befuddled simple mind bare

As he jumps up then he spins, sways, bends, twists, then pirouette like its cool

Be it not me to say he has a stub for a tool

For many are crazed by this affliction of what's down there

Becoming tin gods, tyrants and oppressors, in a cruel merciless rule

Heaven helps the gifted, for the thimble oppressor becomes riddled with fear

Hurling anger and loathing, envy and jealousy, whilst enraptured with the mind of a ghoul

Be it not me to give credence to the antics of a fool

Plainly, we do not dance to same tune, nor have similar tunics to wear

For even in our world of plenty, many hapless lives are shut down by a little tool

Be it with wicked slander or iron sharpened or blazing fire, smallness knows little cheer

Clothed, naked or dancing in white ochre, a stub can cause insanity not taught in Medical school.
Yenson Oct 2018
“Ordinarily, people are anxious to test their theories in practice, to learn from experience, but those who wield power are so anxious to establish the myth of their own infallibility that they turn back on truth as squarely as they can. Politics mean nothing to me. I don't like people who are indifferent to the truth.”

“People think that a liar gains a victory over his victim. What I’ve learned is that a lie is an act of self-abdication, because one surrenders one’s reality to the person to whom one lies, making that person one’s master, condemning oneself from then on to faking the sort of reality that person’s view requires to be faked…The man who lies to the world, is the world’s slave from then on…There are no white lies, there is only the blackest of destruction, and a white lie is the blackest of all.”
― Ayn Rand,

― Boris Pasternak
If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it--always.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

“Above all, don't lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.”
― Fyodor Dostoevsky,

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world...would do this, it would change the earth.”
― William Faulkner

“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
― George Orwell

“I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I'm a human being, first and foremost, and as such I'm for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.”
― Malcolm X

“Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart
“Do what is right, not what is easy nor what is popular.”
“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).”
― Mark Twain
Yenson Aug 2019
Go teach your papas to **** eggs
tell your mamas where babies come from
for if they had told you how the winds blows
you won't sing tuneless songs or copy ostriches
for that big bird hides by burying its head in sands

Tell a looker one and one is twenty-four
and it is so because you know its just so possible
garb a barb and spit in the wind you defer gravity
folklore and lies banter in the muds of urban myths
the spirit-leveler of the lost orphans in parental loses

Been there and seen the lessons taught
while the moves to commotions via in motion aghast
save your references for that cheetar's been and gone
and basement dormitory rearing traumatizes puppies
the incessant barking reflects the unwell unhappy pups

Papas never ****** eggs as granny did
mamas had babies before they knew what canal was
now the dogs run ravage seeking handlers and grub
fleas infected and cosy mange in city suits and genes
I hear poor dogs  bawling, barking and shrieking in angst
But I do not lay with dogs,
Yenson Dec 2018
You see dearie
When you want to show imbeciles the moon
and you point a finger upwards
Our imbeciles will look at your finger

So don't bother wasting your time
Let them look at the finger
Let them see their moon on your finger
that's Auntie Mona Kists for you

They say life is full of questions
and idiots are full of answers
So they know the law of Diminishing returns
means anodyne harassments is yielding great rewards
Is thirty years of Blackpool a happy life in Whitehaven
Ask Auntie Mona Kists and our persistent gaggle of imbeciles

Alexandre Dumas says " I prefer rogues to imbeciles,
because they sometimes take a rest"
I forget who said "My very existence seems to offend and upset imbeciles. Which thrills me."…
Imagine the laughter induced to know they where on point
even on Xmas day, talk about dedication of the stupefied

Of all human weakness Obsession is the most dangerous
And the silliest.
East end Criminals and the lunatics fringe in cohorts have
infected vigilante mob and demented Racists.
That's Auntie Mona Kists for you.........

More, more, more please!

Copyright@Kisma Aryse
Yenson Jan 19
The shameless comes to blow their horns
and dud jocks in Brandy vapour extol hot air
lowlifes from highlands pulling putrid thorns
for thistles and barbs in drunken heads has no flair
running from the busies hiding in mainland by the noos
on burns night the soot will still hang high unfazed by lies
the black and tan and all know you all and whats in your lair
the shameless held in contempt has no draw and still lives in dire
An old shanty song by sailors and vagabond of old when they've had too much to drink and are missing home....
Yenson May 2019
Gamboling little sheep skip and hop in mindless animation
paint lives and deeds in vivid invisible sobriety
a heady brew of manufactured artificiality
where they play hide and seek of the low mentality
In the village of ignorance where post truth reigns

I do not live in your village of make believe and shadow dancing
did not come with strings attached and legs with bells on
conjure up your phantoms deeds and notions
post scripts from mad authors and demented conductors
its your world not mine and I haven't sold my mind
because I am exclusive, not one of a pack of sheep
Yenson Jan 2019
Say it once say it again
It is the worth, status and dignity of a speaker
that lends authority and validity to their views
and opinion

Flood?.....what flood

Doubts.....what doubts

Confusion......what confusion

It is not the quantity but the quality of knowledge
which determines the mind's dignity.

A fool thinks himself to be wise,
but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

Where is the wisdom in the public display of

stupidity, ignorance and wit-less-ness
who drinks in the offerings
of those lacking in wit or dignity?
Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.
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