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BLJ May 2018
Thoughts of you without me
force overflowing sorrow filled tears
soaking my warm skin in cold misery
Worthless visions chased by pain
as a tear rolls down my chest
where you once rest your head
to listen to a strong loving heart.
Tears rest there now
on an emptied somber space
encasing weak flutters of reality.
fair enough to remind me
your head may never rest
over this heart again.
BLJ Apr 2018
U never wanted me
U didn’t need me
U didn’t hear me
U barely called me
U rarely saw me
U laid with me
U held me
U kissed me
U smiled at me
U laughed with me
U slept on me
U caressed all of me
U wrote to me
U said u loved me
U played me
U left me
U lost me
U didn't deserve me
U have replaced me
U didn’t respect me
U won't own me
U won't destroy me
U will yearn for me
U will cry for me
U will see me laugh
at U
BLJ Apr 2018
True love fails but never dies.
BLJ Apr 2018
A heart was lost
held captive to dreams
full of sweetness.
woke with a smile
for days, weeks, months
a year and more.
to a day here or there,
to nothing as before.
a heart once sated simply
by smooth tones
laced with sensuous visions
transformed into longing
for a renewed friendship,
fueled now with joy and love.
distance created an awkward quiet
sense of used. yet,
we are missed
this known by He
who allowed our time.
time to hurt
until love is renewed again.
a heart knows
love cannot transfer
Nor erase.
mature infinite love
will not submit to complication.
this true love
is full of hope
enough to have overwhelmed
one feeble soul.
Love is often forsaken
by immature hearts.
we know,
pure love overflows from ours.
There is silence,
There is lost time
with much space between.
a heart is lost no more.
for she is safe now,
deep within yours

— The End —