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Jun 2020 · 386
I might end up in ashes
BrokenPieces Jun 2020
Darling, loving you
feels like holding fire in my hands
the only way to stop burning
is to let go
Jun 2020 · 417
BrokenPieces Jun 2020
I hide......
The demons I am resisting  
The battles I am fighting inside
because I don't have the energy or the will
to explain to people who don't want to understand
My heart is a battlefield
May 2020 · 259
My partner in life
BrokenPieces May 2020
I don't know
who you are
or even where
but I am sure
the wait is worth it
our Lord will make us meet
when the time is right
and we are ready for each other
until then I will pray for you
Oct 2019 · 39
A day will come
BrokenPieces Oct 2019
A day will come
when the thought of you
will be the last thing on my mind
and my heart won't skip a beat
when I hear your name on someone's tongue
A day will come
when you will be a stranger
on this road of life
It won't matter if you hold another's hand
and name yourself theirs
A day will come
I won't love you
nor will I hate you
I would have moved
too far in life
for you
or the things you did
to matter
Oct 2019 · 123
Covered in love
BrokenPieces Oct 2019
You dripped all over me
like ink on paper
covering every inch
on my body
with love
Oct 2019 · 66
BrokenPieces Oct 2019
You slowly drip
from my hand
into someone else's cup
Oct 2019 · 759
My last words
BrokenPieces Oct 2019
My heart aches for you
but you are nowhere to be found
I will put pen to paper
and write of my love
if you return too late
you can read my last words
Oct 2019 · 119
One brave beast
BrokenPieces Oct 2019
I am ready
Put this heart to rest
This beast in a cage
Impressed by its courage
Lest we forget its mistakes
Making sure it never neglects
Doesn't dare beat
for someone
that someone I am trying to forget
Oct 2019 · 80
Kinder words
BrokenPieces Oct 2019
If no one hasn't told you yet

The list goes on...
Oct 2019 · 57
Hard lessons
BrokenPieces Oct 2019
I have learned to embrace myself
to hold myself close
when the night is long
and the next day filled with uncertainty
I have learned to wear my scars
as badges honouring the wars and battles fought
I have learned to walk alone
in the roads that no one dares, hold my hand  
I have learned to wipe my own tears
when I silently cry in my bed
I have learned to love myself
in every way possible
I have learnt it all
the hard way
Life teaches us many lessons but one we need to remember is to love and care for ourselves before anyone else.
Oct 2019 · 254
Pleased to have known you
BrokenPieces Oct 2019
I am happy
We are under the same sky
even if miles away

I am satisfied
We are looking at the same stars
even if they don't remind you of me anymore

I am joyful
We walked the same paths
even if it was for a while

I am grateful
We were each other's happy place
even if it was a passing moment

I am pleased
to have known you
Oct 2019 · 149
Note to my Lover (6)
BrokenPieces Oct 2019
Have I left traces on your heart
Because every corner I turn
There is a mark of you there
Oct 2019 · 201
I set you free
BrokenPieces Oct 2019
You like saying you love me too
but it is just words

My lover
I set you free
You can choose the distance
I know you don't love me
and you never will
I set you free
Sep 2019 · 299
Never good at goodbyes
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
It took courage for her
to let go
to give up on him

She was never good at goodbyes
but life thought her otherwise
Sep 2019 · 278
Note to my lover (3)
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
No matter how far I run
I can't escape the thought of you
Sep 2019 · 56
What do you do?
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
What do you do for someone
whose lost a beloved
to death

Do you pat them in the back
tell me they will get through this

Do you say you share their grieve
and try to bandage their wounds

Do you give them flowers
hope they feel alright
and come into terms with the death

Do you give them a hug
wishing that brings together
their broken pieces

or do you just give them space
and pray they find their way out
of the darkness

Tell me please
How do you make the pain go away
or at least make it hurt a little less
Sep 2019 · 144
Love in, Love out
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
Falling in love,
Staying in love,
Falling out of love,
Sep 2019 · 210
Temporary Love
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
Please don't let temporary people
teach you love
they are temporary
don't expect them to educate you
about forevers
about long night conversations
about sticking around no matter the hardship

They will only teach you
temporary love
Sep 2019 · 167
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
I saw the knife
in your hand
I saw the hate
in your eyes
I saw the smile
slowly creep up
as you put the blade in me
I saw the blood
drip down
I am a witness to it all
Sep 2019 · 72
Too much
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
Its not that I didn't love him enough
I loved him too much
Sep 2019 · 217
Note to my lover
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
I couldn't confess my love to you
while you were busy
looking into her eyes
holding her hands  
dreaming a forever with her
but I will whisper it to the wind
maybe it will tell you instead
Sep 2019 · 238
Poison and Nectar
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
He was the poison
Seemed more like the cure
He was stabbing me inside, out
Felt more like being stitched back together
He was poison mixed with sweet nectar

He was
the poison
the antidote
A snake containing both

I was intoxicated by his loving looks
Addicted to his welcoming smile
Don't blame me
He was Hypnotic
Sep 2019 · 344
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
It's not that you were perfect
I loved you so much
I welcomed you with all your flaws
I wanted both
The good
The bad
And everything in between
I was willing to love every crack in your heart
and cherish every scar on your skin
Sep 2019 · 32
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
From an ocean of love
you claimed to have  
not a single drop is left

Spare me your lies
I can read your eyes
They have been looking at someone else
Sep 2019 · 253
My temporary moments
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
It all seems like a sweet dream
Not meant for reality
Sep 2019 · 89
Dear Poet,
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
I pray for you
good health
everlasting love
and a tonne of bliss

I play
you go through life
enjoying every moment
embracing every opportunity  

I pray  
you write more
about blue skies and perfect days
not lonely nights and depressing thoughts
Dear poet, I can see the goodness that reflects from your poems.
Sep 2019 · 66
Dear Allah
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
Speak to me
Let your words fill me with wisdom
Shine your light on me
Let me become a reflection of your goodness
Show me the way
Let me become a server of your will
Sep 2019 · 75
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
I saw you
New Year's eve
My resolution to forget you
Guess that isn't happening
anytime soon
Sep 2019 · 160
I can
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
I can drown
In your ocean blue eyes
I can put everything down
just to have you in my arms
I can lose myself
In the rhythm of your laugh
Sep 2019 · 511
Pieces of me
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
Pieces of me
That I gave to you
Keep them safe
Pieces of me
That you took
Don’t return them

I don’t want anything back
Smell like your perfume
Remind me of those temporary moments
Sep 2019 · 159
I can't forgive myself
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
I am sorry
for the nights I didn't sleep
because I was too busy thinking about you
for the people I rejected
because I was still hanging on to you
for the tears I shed
because I was missing you really bad
Sep 2019 · 71
Lethal disease
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
Your love slowly crept up on me  
Like cancer
Steadily invading
My whole being
Once I was infected
I couldn't be cured
Sep 2019 · 112
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
You were an illusion
I blinked once
You were gone forever
Sep 2019 · 160
Remember me
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
Poetry is my heart
stitched on a piece of paper
word by word
tear by tear
it is written
so that when I am no longer
people may remember me through these words
Sep 2019 · 227
Eternal loneliness....
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
Tell me your sweet lies
Sing me your lullabies

Let me....
Get lost in your fragrance
Print your face in my heart
Drown in your eyes one last time
Let me rest in your arms for just one night  
For I know that you will gone before the next sunrise
Sep 2019 · 564
Beauty at its finest....
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
You are the perfect definition of beauty
Your eyes hold the entire universe in them
Your hands contain a world of kindness
Your smile is just contagious

Every detail breathtaking
God took his time creating you

When I lay eyes on you
I lose track of time
I get lost in the ecstasy of your beauty

From the way your lips curve up in a smile
to your electrifying fragrance  
Everything drives me crazy
I have lost control
I can only go deeper
drowning in you
Sep 2019 · 79
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
I live for the day
that we meet again

A place that feels like home
Where time cease to exist

Destiny is what we make of it
and our love is not bounded by any limits
Where I can finally call out to you without fear

Where heartbreak is not in the dictionary
and one-sided love doesn't exist  
Where all we know of love is happyily ever afters that come true

Where I am yours
and you are mine
A place where Us exists forever
Sep 2019 · 890
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
Loving you
A poison I would drink with pleasure
Any day of the week
Sep 2019 · 243
Drop by drop
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
One drop...
Two drops....
Three drops.....
My heart was filled with an ocean of love for you
Sep 2019 · 259
One last favour...
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
Keep my heart safe
I can’t take it back
It only beats beside you
Sep 2019 · 47
I love You
BrokenPieces Sep 2019
I love you
With its many definitions
I love you
In every live form
I love you
With all that I know of love
Aug 2019 · 119
BrokenPieces Aug 2019
In this world of
perfect selfies
with hiding agonies
We have become Perfection lovers

I am addicted  
You are high on it  
But isn’t perfection
Another severe infection

Cause: Fear of rejection
For what we think will never be enough
Cure: not available
or out of supply
Aug 2019 · 104
I let you in
BrokenPieces Aug 2019
I let my heart
Become the canvas
I let my blood
Become the ink
I let myself
Write your name on every page
Aug 2019 · 249
After you left
BrokenPieces Aug 2019
After you left
Only emptiness resides in me
So much sorrow is present
That flowers don’t grow anymore
After you left
I let go of singing
For my voice utters your name in every song
After you left
I lost the spark in my eyes
The joy in my heart
After you left
I stopped loving
Hoping it will stop the pain
To find out that I can’t un-love you
May 2019 · 126
Dear Mr Player
BrokenPieces May 2019
Dear Mr player,
I know you want the best for your self
But please don’t forget you must become the best to get the best
I know you are just playing by your desires
But please don’t overlook the number of people you have made in need of yourself
I know you can’t just wait for the right one
But please don’t underestimate the fact that the right one might have left while you were busy with others
I know you just think of the opposite gender as toys
But please don’t think that everyone will play by your rules.
Aug 2018 · 155
True love
BrokenPieces Aug 2018
True love
What a mysterious word
Just like a rare bird
I lay in bed for hours trying to figure it out
How it is always a different turnout
I am confused
Yet still amused
I rather break than not feel it
Preferring to misfit but still commit
It has become my dream to have someone
Not knowing that it can’t be just anyone
Aug 2018 · 470
For that someone
BrokenPieces Aug 2018
They say it is wrongful of me to love you
But I would choose to love you
In every parallel universe
In every time era
In every life
You are not perfect but I have come to love your imperfections
I may not know a lot
But I know one thing
If I cannot have you
Then I desire no one
My heart is burning from the flames
And my tears are making my sight blurry
My mind has become incapable of thinking
And my heart understands no logic
They say it is wrong
To love you
To think about you
To dream about the things we could do together
But love this **** love doesn’t get sense
It remains like a child
Stubborn yet determined

— The End —