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Sukhman Jul 2018
I wonder what would heaven be like
As if someone heard me
I was suddenly there
What a scene I saw
Books Books everywhere
All colors all sizes
And all shapes
Some reading by themselves
Some shining in the dark
Some telling their story
In one corner
Was a cosy chair
I sit on there
Coffee in hand
Book in lap
Hair on bun
I sat reading
Ah.. This is heaven
To me heaven will always be a library
Sukhman Jun 2018
What are books
are those dreams
that make your eye gleam
are a sort of time machine
takes you to the places you've never been
are the workout for mind
ready to make you unwind
are the way to buy to delight
bringing a big smile
are a service of immigration
that takes you to another dimension
are an immortal treat
again and again you can eat!!!!!
Sukhman Jun 2018
They discovered many types of pollution
But still not discovered any solution
Yet they suggest preventions that are countless
But they usually prove to be a messand not a bless

Can't we ever change this system
And free our earth from the tag of victim
Can't the dream never be fulfilled
Where tress are planted and not killed
Poems like this come everyday
But acting on them seems out of the way
Can't we all collaborate and build a nation
Where words are less and more is action

Well offcourse we can
We are the human
The most intelligent species on the world
But why this intelligence is all curled
In a blanket of ignority
Killing everyone through its insensitivity

Please stop all this nonsense
And regain your commonsense
This is our earth
We have to protect it
It gave us birth
We have to respect it
Sukhman Jun 2018
Sitting under the rain
Splashing the water
Smiling to myself
This is the moment
Looking up and
Feeling raindrops
On my face
This is the moment
Standing up and
Dancing like an idiot
Then slipping
And falling down
This is the moment
Getting up and
Laughing loudly
And start dancing again
This is the moment
When I forget
All my worries
All the stupid things
that ruined my day
This is the moment
When I realise
How beautiful life is.....
Life is beautiful enjoy it!!
Sukhman May 2018
An ideal groom
He should be handsome
And like 6 feet tall.
Must have lots of money
To pay for her shopping.
Should own a Fabulous house
For her to live in
A 6 figure salary
To fulfil her wishes
Should be well settled
To make her comfortable
Must have guts
Great courage
Contacts with high society.

An ideal wife
She must have a flawless beauty.
Thats it.
Sukhman May 2018
I want to thank you
for all you
But still that seems less
As you made my life bless

Your arms were always open
Your heart as big as a ocean
You always make sure
That I always secure

You always love me
No matter how stubborn I be
Your love has no limit
You care for me every second

You never tire or bother
Of your job as a mother
You always work endesslessly
Your salary is to see me happy
Please let me know if their are
Any grammatical mistakes in the poem.
Sukhman Apr 2018
Who got 90
And who got 90.2
Is that how they'll
Measure my knowledge
Did I remember the year in
Which Henry gave his law?
Did I know the trajectory
Of electron
These over hyped exams
(Which get leaked)
are going to decide
whether my dreams
Will come true.?????
Well  of course
Yessss! They will
I hate this grade system
And yet I have to get
Good grades so that one day
I can change it
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