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Sukhman May 2018
I want to thank you
for all you
But still that seems less
As you made my life bless

Your arms were always open
Your heart as big as a ocean
You always make sure
That I always secure

You always love me
No matter how stubborn I be
Your love has no limit
You care for me every second

You never tire or bother
Of your job as a mother
You always work endesslessly
Your salary is to see me happy
Please let me know if their are
Any grammatical mistakes in the poem.
Britty Bruce Jun 2015
By my side.
was always you.
even when i would hide.
you knew exactly what to do.

actions speak louder then words.
you once told me.
now you fly high like a bird.
your finally able to be free.

I know mommy.
here with us is were you want to stay.
when we say no you become balmy.
i'll always talk to you when i pray.

I wish this was a dream.
Mommy im your really gonna be missed.
i can hear myself begin to scream.
your new life will always be blissed.

Mommy i love you.
I know you'll always love me.
even when i dont know what to do.
ill think of you while i sit under a tree.
for my dying mother that is so loved and precious
J Ray Jun 2014
She cries at night as she tries to sleep                     c. 6.13.14 J.Ray
A victim of the life she tries to keep
She lives her life inside her own mind
She looks for the things she cannot find
Trapped inside, she just lost her way
She is someone new each and every day
Takes meds today, so tomorrow she’s fine
But the Doctor says that she’s Borderline
Silence the quiet whispers and deny all your pain
The voices in your head have all come back again
The doctors and the nurses say that you’re insane
We can make her better they always seem to claim
But we know better ‘cause they’re the one to blame
Sleeping so well now and the time sure flies
When your mind goes away a part of me dies
Nothing but finest pills the nurses will bring
Effects can **** you but you won’t feel a thing
She’s here today, so tomorrow she’s fine
But the Doctor says she’s just Borderline
Thanks for reading and as always comments and critique are always appreciated!
Honesty with Mom—
Telling her my secret fears—
Nothing is better.

— The End —