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KIERAN1369 Sep 2017

I want to believe that fighting will stop
I want to believe that peace will surface to the top
I want to believe we should love every human on earth
I want to believe people will respect each other regardless of birth

I want to believe blue skies and green fields are sacred things
I want to believe there is nothing better when a little bird sings
I want to believe that living on the streets will soon disappear
I want to believe that people should not descriminate the poor and the queer

I want to believe the streets will be free of all crime
I want to believe all these things will happen in my lifetime
Am I dreaming ....
KIERAN1369 Sep 2017
At 8:56pm my life would be changed forever more
When the German soldiers knocked upon my door
I would be taken to who knows where
These German soldiers did not seem to care

Outside a truck was waiting on this cold winter's night
Hundreds of Jews  huddled together was not a pretty sight
Each of us speaking not knowing what to do
Looking for an answer and looking for a clue

Then what seemed forever we arrived at our destination
We all got off at Auschwitz station
More trucks and soldiers greeted us there
Again the soldiers did not seem to care

The history books will show what fate had in store
At 8.56pm my life would be changed forever more
The horrors of being a Jew in WW2
KIERAN1369 Sep 2017
I got involved in a fight at Cradley Heath
Resulted in losing my two front teeth
Then another fight and a loss of my left eye
Got into a argument on the high street at Ross - on-Wye

A bus accident followed and I lost both feet
I was running for a bus at Birmingham New Street
After this it was the time I lost my hair
It happened in Scotland I think it was in Ayr

My next body part to lose was my dear old *****
Caused by a jealous Welsh husband at Caerphilly
I was talking too much in the town of Louth
Yep you've guessed it I lost my lips and mouth

Please don't pity me I still have my heart and brain
Actually that's a lie as today I got hit by a train
The day just got worse ....
KIERAN1369 Sep 2017
I went to war at the age of 22
Not sure of what I was going to do
**** or be killed my sergeant said
And I didn't want to end up by being dead
Sorry I killed your daddy

My 23rd birthday and I was given a gun
**** the enemy or be killed my son
So I was left with no choice but to ****
As my fellow comrades and I went over that hill
Sorry I killed your daddy

Your daddy was in the same position as me I'm sure
Not a pleasant way to die at the age of 24
Little child please don't weep
As you settle off to sleep
Sorry I killed your daddy
The reality of war
KIERAN1369 Sep 2017
At 8.20am on the District Line this morning
A bomb went off without any warning
The bombers target was Parsons Green
A leafy suburb of London not far from SW19

Parsons Green is usually a quiet place
Welcomes all people regardless of race
Today though it will be making all the news
Terrorist experts will be called in to give their views

Ensuing panic as people fled
Thankfully everyone is alive and nobody is dead
Bombers why did you choose Parsons Green ?
Your acts are cowardly, callous and mean
Based on real life events

— The End —