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The conscience reserves its right
The mind and the heart abide
I am the most treasured paper,
New and crispy,
I am adored.
Old ,crumpled and smelly,
I still count.
I am value,
Coins or notes,
For me people have hots,
I am their need and more their wants.
With me people are thrifty or spend thrifts,
I go for spend thrifts,
Cause with them I travel,
Not lie in a murky safe.
I make and break relationship,
People and countries fight for me,
I fluctuate economies and descend to recession,
Or ascend to being Super power.
I am in your destiny,
As fortune, lottery, inheritance .
I can give you respect or attitude,
Ego or humility,
Use me wisely.
You hurt me,
I don't hold any grudge against you,
I don't even despise you,
I forgive you,
But,if you expect me to renew what was between us again,
I am not that foolish.
Self wanted loneliness is peaceful and a bliss,
But, loneliness gifted to you hurts deeply.
Human desires to
Lust for ***,
Not normal.
Try to control this
I forgive others,
I forgive myself,
I thank God for another new day,
I try to make one difference to someone,
Touch one soul,
Encourage and hold a hand,
For one new day means one more chance to live life.
Attachment and expectations  are killer weeds in your life,
Pull them out and let your garden of life blossom.
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