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Air keeps scampering away
and i'm chasing after it
Running in circles
Around you
Still you don't see me

Im screaming
But still you don't see me

I'm on my knees
Tugging at my hair
Bloodied fingers
Scratching my skin
But still you don't see me

I've given up
Air escapes me
The light is fading
The back of your head
The last thing I see
And what if
I say
I know you
Without knowing you
Since ancient time

And what if
I say
I see more than just
You let
Through calming vibes

And what if
I believe
You are one of
The kind
Peace of mind

And what if
I say
What you mean to me
Beside the dreams
And the reality

And what if
There is more to say
Being a dreamer
When you are a dream
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: The inspiring soul
Winning at all costs
Usually means
Losing everything in the process
moonlight tumbling over
the crest of a wave

as quickly as it comes
it goes

as suddenly as it lives
it dies
I feel safe from the things hurting inside when I am with you.

I feel safe when you are around me.

I feel safe when you hold me tightly.

I feel safe when you hug me.

I feel safe when I have my best half with me.

I feel safe when you say you are mine.

I feel safe when I hear your heartbeat.

I feel safe from everything when you are with me . You are my everything.

I love you dear..
I weave night from memory
and imagination and it reclaims me
as a soverign nation.  
There are laws here as tender and transcript as dusk
and like breath it names
So where do the next seconds take us in their fizzy stream
Me in my pajamas rowing from the seams
The stars flicker as their sleep,
they dream Of
eyes forged from captured seas
Of me,
Bonded by true love
United forever in love,
I realize my dreams and fantasies have finally come true, I'm loving you,
A forever love in life,
As she stay's in your arms.
And forever in my heart,
Our life's fulfilled with true love,
As I open my eyes
I see how beautiful you are,
Your beauty touches my heart
Your my everything in life
And your the beat to my heart.....
True Love
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