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I have a story in my mind
The broken walls
They two sided They stand side ways
Greave in the shadow for days
A chapter erased teared is the verse we heard
From zero to one
From the beginning to the continuation
For the will to seal determination
Loose ends seeks attention of
A broken siren
A set off

A rough climb virginity it broke
The last time a fall was a mock
A walk wasn't the talk
Boundaries reshaped
Heights reformed
The standard is high it needs restored
A sigh of disappointment
That's a far cry
A soldier lost the army
Shooting blanks with a
Broken pistol
A bang off

Is standing a better option
A knock on the floor is owning
Circular rhythm
It's not deep
It's sharp
Gave up on hope yet hoped not to give up
Yawning is stretching it feels home
The walls looks distant the grip is gone
How to knit and grind
The walk of shame is blind
Pains paints mourning of sound
That's round
That's loud
These walls drives rotation
heard a summon of a
Broken siren
A set off

A day worse time is the same
The remainder remains in the game
What's right wasn't the main
What's left is blood of the injector
Holding hope realising surrender
Human gender possesses agenda
Behind A smile of a
Broken accent
A sad love

A call of duty logic is the reason
A set on surely is a mission
Hugged by notion
]Blinded by passion
Faith is an assassin
In hunt for action
Thunders are landing
The script is fading
The radius is raising
A few who stands up
Amending the loudness of the sound of a
Broken siren.
A set off

Deep instruments it feels
A few walks it needs
From a wall to another
From the first to another
Slow steps of a driver
A siren destroys
Like a scratchy record
Complement is an effort
Optical is optional
The centre is original
Initial Destination of a
Broken Siren
A set on.

A year old storage written optimal
Expressed gratitude reflect optical
Formal extensions remained original
Developed to produce the instrumental
A record tender date functionality
Insanity holes to cleanse reality
Envious entries are a good ally
knocked actions were a rally

Handbill desire a drag is a release
Deep in my forest the pulse at ease
The centre complimented the list of big deals
You squeeze it breaks the cover ream
You flip the odds outcome you lean
A battle portrays a chance we deem
Behind names covered with uncaptured scenes

Thought birth life time is a read
It happened to be 10 minute clip
Flat and round a compulsive skip
Then it went pause, a mute visit
Pulled is the face dual denials
A manly ignorance the tune with arrivals
Good gestures initiates an approach to gold
A verified platinum boxed thinking is sold
Barcode erased its value is old
Pricetags hanging the cost is bold

Sincere request tuning crowd pullers
Fans remained stationery movers
A scratch is a deep cut laser
Petty formulas binary is a dancer
A skip stops I need a CD changer
Perfect pitch opportunities are a major
Locating is loading an unloading radar
It never alerts an approach to danger
Circle the intro the rest for later

The centre of death initiates middle first
The last line concludes the middle third
180° middle separated
A mourn and a sin liberated
Comparison fathered demos emancipated
Bow down to the theory of the pirated
Clay cemented mistaken for friendship
Heavy a rotation is a power gift

I heard a smell of a burning Tar
An owl clapping from a distance afar
The voice of slavery grants an alter
Events less compatible to time yet late was an arrival
Condolences to efforts
The event was a puking method.
Empty shadows lifts functions
The smell made me float
Exhaling the memory
Matters of the adventure
Until I remembered, I'm an Old Soul.
Time Travel.
My friend gave me a bonus question.
When was the last time
I did something for the first time that I never did before.
My mind travelled and defined its gender.
I begin asking myself.
When was the last time I dig tragic I can handle.
When was the last time I focused on the sound of my voice and listened to the journey of transformed tones in a series of intensive teachable attitudes.
Cracked memories shallow presence and ticks clockwise.
When was the last time I understood what rituals are.
What set of events is Culture.
What makes Paradoxical Religion conquer brains.
How inevitable is Tradition.

When was the last Time I employed mechanism that heals and shares experiences.
When was the last time I asked the meaning of last time is it really the idea of last time having a meaning of time travel.
Does time last.
When was the last time I spit hope and hold onto lies because reality is an illusion to our attention.
When was the last time clock coordinated along with space since everything is given as a hint.
When was the last time you begin initiating start up points since life moves as a set of transforming events.

When was the last time you begin mentally challenging
your Sight to abilities
Your right to wisdom
Your ticket to knowledge
Your perseverance to success
Your Introspection to vision
Your mind for Matter.

When was the last time you created something to nurture lesser to nature because everything co exist and it's intertwined.
When was the last time you had intelligence as a friend since ignorance is a useless companion.
When was the last time you picked up a book for information since education is a restricted system.
When was the last time you designed a system to ponder thoughts and monitor behaviour since stupidity takes undisclosed locations.
When was the last time you stand for what you believe in because those who takes higher grounds their stands are low.

When was the last time we created a victorious moment to split the difference between the domains of our minds.
When was the last time we understood the creation of the universe and how mutually exclusive does the location exist and build palindromes within our area.
When was the last time we stood in timeless barriers creating unity worthy of names.
When was the last time we both declared political ideology as a waste of time.

When was the last time we asked ourselves.
Who are we.
What is the Poetry of our architecture.
When was the last time we asked ourselves when is the next time we stop asking when last but how long would all these useless questions come to an end.
When was the last time we pass Useless inquisition since they parallel a perfect system to estimate time but it's never accurate.
The last time we asked when was the last time is exactly last time ago.
It’s very easy to stay in a thought, It’s An inspiration for your vision
The hard part begins when you have to decide to let your brain knot
We all looped to regimes we claim to be ours
We keep fighting until we lose ourselves again.
While we deprive human kind to exist,
Winnig losing battles
To all unborn heroines, You cannot see day or night,
you all managed to skip a loop that precluded your death on earth
Do me a favor now:
Breathe not, hid existence, cease forwardness silently
Sleep the long sleep, The world in which you awaken
will be the one incapable of sustaining human life
it would be ridiculous to let you feel the scent of disappointment
Yet, time turns our moaningtunes to fear.
Remember that dear.

Rejoice, how the people of earth manipulate and kills
when greetings die, laughter fails, getting hope out of their system
what we think is all you’d have to live by, numb enthusiasm
it would have been someone else’s philosophy
a template of quotes, irrelevant notes and
on that note, it’s hard to recover from the demons controlling us
faith waste away, final approval of all questions you would have had

Have I saw the death of wombed souls in pretty faces
facing the very same thought that would have to be perceived a mistake
while it takes another innocent soul’s soul.
Before another chart of infections unzip all ends
and it would be an end, for your existence
unfed ******, yet we haven’t made any better
to cease, or be, I would have told all my tales.
The cause of your death could have been an unfortunate mistake
the despicable scenarios that destroys the very existence of a woman
in every soul who cries when bitter and loves when affection rules over
overwhelming frustration of **** memories.

never lay a blame, vow now, because I hid every hidden hint
let the beauty of birth be the master of the universe.
If not, such as your case, groomed unborn ******
Locked sense no one cares to trade with would have been a color crime
This life’s pending plan is yet to be explained.
I hope my group of words are bright enough to be easily heard
Never be sad, fain interest because surely in silence, there is wisdom
stumbling in the right direction, there is one tear and a single cause.
No man can change the routine,
it’s money, affection and we all subjects.
Yet if you can dream there.
O poor unformed yet human
Dream fatal, bazar fantasies.
Bestow them upon your murderers,
The health system, Who sends a reminder that
money is in medication not on cures
And nature is set to be the cause.
Of course, no matter how many poor souls turned into obstacles
Observation prevents loss, You lost a chance to
Let the error of your Mind dwell in salvation.
Listen to Reason, Love is just a mental concept.

We all loathe love.
It’s a belief thus we act selfishly and declare paperless legally binding routines that misunderstands every detail Between order and chaos, then we in love.
right ?
Is that love ?
What is the truth in everything we do ?
What if all we have is just a bunch of rules and a group of words, but I still need to know What is it about love that we despise so much ?
Love is like Vector, my imaginary *****-ed straight line segment whose length is magnitude and whose orientation in space is direction. I acknowledge its existence.

Wouldn’t the world be better without rules or love without prescribed guide for action ?
because we afraid to tell the truth.
Such as how we feel.
What we want in every situation we attach ourselves to.
We then Build a system we travel to just to listen to ourselves complaining, losing family values because people need to buy or sell apologies through how love is portrayed.
We recognise economic slavery.
A scrap of evidence in every argument or fight clings on is like a sky that rains with no confidence!
Until we resign on earth, or when the error of our ways leads us to a coma, then the full stop.
Why do we fight so much to shield from reality of who we are, or fighting who we are under false appearances.
Given history we judge then we blame,
during days that whispers rain.

I had smiles and deeper love from my ants and being ignored by my rabbit, that’s pure love.
It makes you different and realise all hate and evil is just a symbol, like colour Red, the heart shaped affections mistaken for love and we fight easily to be in control, so we can avoid everything.
A sound louder as the silence of all the untold judgements and hidden chuckles, coping with comfort Because the difference is the sum of all divided products that equals great depression.
The energy of personal management cut out and the defection is just beneath our minds
Where things bigger than we are, are the ones in control, depriving ourselves of freedom
No more death or crying, how come everything beautifully started ends with abomination ?

Brutal moments, like when someone asks if you have a moment or would you like to buy a valentine card or a compilation of western good times.
Our knowledge does not relate and the confusion seems Exactly like That deep feeling of losing a lover and love, our heart just pumps more blood. How do we loose what does not exist ?
While our minds are just paralysed and right answers analysed yet they turn out to be wrong.
Covering all the tracks, sometimes we the tracks.
Case in point, like the journey we take, sometimes we the journey of our relationships
That will never stop reality from migrating to a less factual state, The final destination.
Love can elude us but we’ll never know what we know when hidden in simple sight.
A dash in our focus is a dent in our hope
Until death do us apart, who’s death would it be ?
Mr Dreams and his fiancé, Miss Hope.
Can our concept of methods recover from that overwhelming of fear and anxiety ?
Borrow me your consciousness, I do wish it would listen to my cousin.
When the constant hatred does no longer settle, it has its own area. Ask yourself, is it worth it ?

Exclusive companies created to manage control through paid messages, "Who wants to marry a Millionaire" or "Desperate house wives" and all we have left behind are victims Addicted behind every romantic trip and candles with special treatments, soothing music and a land full of celebrities. Analogies!
Maybe we all stumbling from the right assumptions to the wrong questions yet we end up with the right answers.
Just like female human, we really never want the answers do we ?

A terminal of complaints is all we need, we hate every soul we ever loved.
We compile and with error, we codes that runs.
Running from reality due to years of loath to opposite ***
My question still stands. Was it ever love ?
Isn't love is a misconception from affection ?
When we find what’s good,
we always look for a better one.
Who is a variable ?

— The End —