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Aug 2017
It’s very easy to stay in a thought, It’s An inspiration for your vision
The hard part begins when you have to decide to let your brain knot
We all looped to regimes we claim to be ours
We keep fighting until we lose ourselves again.
While we deprive human kind to exist,
Winnig losing battles
To all unborn heroines, You cannot see day or night,
you all managed to skip a loop that precluded your death on earth
Do me a favor now:
Breathe not, hid existence, cease forwardness silently
Sleep the long sleep, The world in which you awaken
will be the one incapable of sustaining human life
it would be ridiculous to let you feel the scent of disappointment
Yet, time turns our moaningtunes to fear.
Remember that dear.

Rejoice, how the people of earth manipulate and kills
when greetings die, laughter fails, getting hope out of their system
what we think is all you’d have to live by, numb enthusiasm
it would have been someone else’s philosophy
a template of quotes, irrelevant notes and
on that note, it’s hard to recover from the demons controlling us
faith waste away, final approval of all questions you would have had

Have I saw the death of wombed souls in pretty faces
facing the very same thought that would have to be perceived a mistake
while it takes another innocent soul’s soul.
Before another chart of infections unzip all ends
and it would be an end, for your existence
unfed ******, yet we haven’t made any better
to cease, or be, I would have told all my tales.
The cause of your death could have been an unfortunate mistake
the despicable scenarios that destroys the very existence of a woman
in every soul who cries when bitter and loves when affection rules over
overwhelming frustration of **** memories.

never lay a blame, vow now, because I hid every hidden hint
let the beauty of birth be the master of the universe.
If not, such as your case, groomed unborn ******
Locked sense no one cares to trade with would have been a color crime
This life’s pending plan is yet to be explained.
I hope my group of words are bright enough to be easily heard
Never be sad, fain interest because surely in silence, there is wisdom
stumbling in the right direction, there is one tear and a single cause.
No man can change the routine,
it’s money, affection and we all subjects.
Yet if you can dream there.
O poor unformed yet human
Dream fatal, bazar fantasies.
Bestow them upon your murderers,
The health system, Who sends a reminder that
money is in medication not on cures
And nature is set to be the cause.
Of course, no matter how many poor souls turned into obstacles
Observation prevents loss, You lost a chance to
Let the error of your Mind dwell in salvation.
Kgotsofalang Naha I-NTP
Written by
Kgotsofalang Naha I-NTP  26/M/Cape Town,Western Cape,SA
(26/M/Cape Town,Western Cape,SA)   
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