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Jul 2017
Listen to Reason, Love is just a mental concept.

We all loathe love.
It’s a belief thus we act selfishly and declare paperless legally binding routines that misunderstands every detail Between order and chaos, then we in love.
right ?
Is that love ?
What is the truth in everything we do ?
What if all we have is just a bunch of rules and a group of words, but I still need to know What is it about love that we despise so much ?
Love is like Vector, my imaginary *****-ed straight line segment whose length is magnitude and whose orientation in space is direction. I acknowledge its existence.

Wouldn’t the world be better without rules or love without prescribed guide for action ?
because we afraid to tell the truth.
Such as how we feel.
What we want in every situation we attach ourselves to.
We then Build a system we travel to just to listen to ourselves complaining, losing family values because people need to buy or sell apologies through how love is portrayed.
We recognise economic slavery.
A scrap of evidence in every argument or fight clings on is like a sky that rains with no confidence!
Until we resign on earth, or when the error of our ways leads us to a coma, then the full stop.
Why do we fight so much to shield from reality of who we are, or fighting who we are under false appearances.
Given history we judge then we blame,
during days that whispers rain.

I had smiles and deeper love from my ants and being ignored by my rabbit, that’s pure love.
It makes you different and realise all hate and evil is just a symbol, like colour Red, the heart shaped affections mistaken for love and we fight easily to be in control, so we can avoid everything.
A sound louder as the silence of all the untold judgements and hidden chuckles, coping with comfort Because the difference is the sum of all divided products that equals great depression.
The energy of personal management cut out and the defection is just beneath our minds
Where things bigger than we are, are the ones in control, depriving ourselves of freedom
No more death or crying, how come everything beautifully started ends with abomination ?

Brutal moments, like when someone asks if you have a moment or would you like to buy a valentine card or a compilation of western good times.
Our knowledge does not relate and the confusion seems Exactly like That deep feeling of losing a lover and love, our heart just pumps more blood. How do we loose what does not exist ?
While our minds are just paralysed and right answers analysed yet they turn out to be wrong.
Covering all the tracks, sometimes we the tracks.
Case in point, like the journey we take, sometimes we the journey of our relationships
That will never stop reality from migrating to a less factual state, The final destination.
Love can elude us but we’ll never know what we know when hidden in simple sight.
A dash in our focus is a dent in our hope
Until death do us apart, who’s death would it be ?
Mr Dreams and his fiancé, Miss Hope.
Can our concept of methods recover from that overwhelming of fear and anxiety ?
Borrow me your consciousness, I do wish it would listen to my cousin.
When the constant hatred does no longer settle, it has its own area. Ask yourself, is it worth it ?

Exclusive companies created to manage control through paid messages, "Who wants to marry a Millionaire" or "Desperate house wives" and all we have left behind are victims Addicted behind every romantic trip and candles with special treatments, soothing music and a land full of celebrities. Analogies!
Maybe we all stumbling from the right assumptions to the wrong questions yet we end up with the right answers.
Just like female human, we really never want the answers do we ?

A terminal of complaints is all we need, we hate every soul we ever loved.
We compile and with error, we codes that runs.
Running from reality due to years of loath to opposite ***
My question still stands. Was it ever love ?
Isn't love is a misconception from affection ?
When we find what’s good,
we always look for a better one.
Who is a variable ?
Kgotsofalang Naha I-NTP
Written by
Kgotsofalang Naha I-NTP  26/M/Cape Town,Western Cape,SA
(26/M/Cape Town,Western Cape,SA)   
   Divya Kaushik
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