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Aug 2017
I have a story in my mind
The broken walls
They two sided They stand side ways
Greave in the shadow for days
A chapter erased teared is the verse we heard
From zero to one
From the beginning to the continuation
For the will to seal determination
Loose ends seeks attention of
A broken siren
A set off

A rough climb virginity it broke
The last time a fall was a mock
A walk wasn't the talk
Boundaries reshaped
Heights reformed
The standard is high it needs restored
A sigh of disappointment
That's a far cry
A soldier lost the army
Shooting blanks with a
Broken pistol
A bang off

Is standing a better option
A knock on the floor is owning
Circular rhythm
It's not deep
It's sharp
Gave up on hope yet hoped not to give up
Yawning is stretching it feels home
The walls looks distant the grip is gone
How to knit and grind
The walk of shame is blind
Pains paints mourning of sound
That's round
That's loud
These walls drives rotation
heard a summon of a
Broken siren
A set off

A day worse time is the same
The remainder remains in the game
What's right wasn't the main
What's left is blood of the injector
Holding hope realising surrender
Human gender possesses agenda
Behind A smile of a
Broken accent
A sad love

A call of duty logic is the reason
A set on surely is a mission
Hugged by notion
]Blinded by passion
Faith is an assassin
In hunt for action
Thunders are landing
The script is fading
The radius is raising
A few who stands up
Amending the loudness of the sound of a
Broken siren.
A set off

Deep instruments it feels
A few walks it needs
From a wall to another
From the first to another
Slow steps of a driver
A siren destroys
Like a scratchy record
Complement is an effort
Optical is optional
The centre is original
Initial Destination of a
Broken Siren
A set on.
Kgotsofalang Naha I-NTP
Written by
Kgotsofalang Naha I-NTP  26/M/Cape Town,Western Cape,SA
(26/M/Cape Town,Western Cape,SA)   
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