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Megan Grace
At sea.
Kay Reed
ohio    not for the faint of heart
Sari Sups
With Strangers    Words fall through me, always fool me. If you want to read more unpublished shit of mine heres my blog
Canada [email protected]
Amber Daydreams
It seems I've been caught in the undertow with waves of apathy, ambivalence, and nihilism dragging me down. My collection varies in theme, style, and ...
Tim Knight
Andrew Wilson
Monique Olivier
23/F/South Africa    Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. -Dylan Thomas 23 years old. Appreciate art, love and ...
Ontario    I dig deep thoughts and deeper meaning ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am nothing but a sad adolescent with an overload of emotions that look best when written
Joplin, Mo    23. Weird. Critics very welcome.
Layne Joy
25/F/Chicago    This is my collection of unpublished poems.
Connecticut    Imagination; where stories are born and bred.
Boise Idaho    I actually suck at writing.
Sam Moore
Los Angeles    Small queer kid from LA. Sometimes I write.
Timothy Brown
27/M/America    Have the courage to speak. I will have the patience to listen.
Two Parts of a Broken Heart
"Love is a cunning weaver of fantasy and fables." when you die someone will read to you all the things you almost said.
David Prince
I suppose I'm a philosopher, a Pagan, and a dreamer waiting for the world to change
Fluffy Genocide
my own personal hell   
Alex Goodrich
Los Angeles    I love the sea, I hope she loves me. I love the sea, so entirely.

— The End —