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 Aug 2019 typhany
A new day has dawned
and I must decide what
to bring with me from yesterday.
 Dec 2017 typhany
David Prince
 Dec 2017 typhany
David Prince
He is Venus incarnate on this mortal plane

Yet finds nothing in himself plagued by darkness and pain

Every passing day is a constant fight in his mind 

Every lonely night is a hell with no light to find

If only he could see through to his warm glowing core

So he could see that beneath his flesh there is more

Underneath the flaws that I can’t see but he fears

That light that’s been buried by the burden of the years

If I could rip away the lovely flesh that holds you bound

I'd show you that beneath it all is where your beauty is found
 Sep 2017 typhany
it feels like the skin is at war with itself,
fingernails as artillery,
and i hear them whispering like these pinprick bullet wounds
aren't critical until i can feel the pain-
but there is a bomb that will go off inside of me

i can feel the clock ticking down inside of me so loud i am vibrating,
it's so loud you can see my hands shaking

and bruises bloom like flowers on the cemetery my body is becoming
and i can feel my blood being replaced with embalming fluid

"stop this" i moan,
and she says back, "just stop yourself"
 Sep 2017 typhany
for two years
every day had a purpose:
get more ******.
weeks became punctuated with
Narcan in mcdonalds bathrooms
and breaking your ribs
trying to make you breathe again-
when my hands come down on your chest
i go back to the seventh grade
someone is explaining that birds' bones are hollow because they were born to fly-

why is there such sick pleasure in this?
it was never as simple as wanting to get high-
first day: i can't think of the baby that died I need to get high
second day: I can't think about the boy that ***** me I need to get high
over and over and over
we would make love on the ******,
forgive our faults as soon as we found a vein
sharing a needle, you've been deeper inside of me than anyone-

i'm sober now. moved thirty miles north.
they took you away from me and the ******
my days aren't marked with purpose anymore
it's been fourteen days since I finally thought of the child I'm still scared to mourn
and the boy whose name I am too scared to whisper when I am alone

I have not left my house in fourteen days
and i can't breathe deeply;
I broke my rib on day one
i woke up this morning
with cyanide in my eyes,
ghosts between my teeth,
and the devil in my stomach.
i looked at the clock
and it read 16:34.
though i slept for 18 hours
it felt like i hadn't slept in 18 days.
i was trying to get up
but the blankets were wrapped
around my neck,
choking me,
and my pillow
was stifling air from my lungs.
my sheets calmed me down
and told me
that 25 lines of shakespeare
were too much to memorize anyway.
 May 2017 typhany
Megan Grace
 May 2017 typhany
Megan Grace
i am trying to remind myself that
i am the one who has always held
my skin together on the worst days,
the one who has sewed myself back
up time and time again. i have picked
my own body off the bathroom floor
more 4am's than there are numbers,
taken myself to bed. no one has cared
for me like i have cared for me and
yet i don't know when i stopped
thinking i was my own home.
i'm trying, i swear.
 Apr 2017 typhany
Megan Grace
 Apr 2017 typhany
Megan Grace
but what do you do when you're
a shell
a shell
a shell
of the being you used to be
i swear i thought i was the world
now i look at my hands and i
don't know them
don't know these freckles or those lines
i remember i used to tell my reflection
that she was strong and deserved
something good
but i don't know those eyes anymore
so how can i tell that to a stranger
tell them they're loved
how can i when she and i are all we have
and i don't love her
i'm not sure how much longer i can do this ****
 Apr 2017 typhany
Megan Grace
 Apr 2017 typhany
Megan Grace
i do not know how to love
i walk across this ocean like
i am from heaven
but my feet keep slipping through
the surface,
i try to hold my bones inside my body
but i have gotten used to the way
they look on the outside,
i hold my own heart with my hands
because i cannot trust anyone else but,
too too tight.
but do not tell anyone, megan
do not tell anyone.
i wish i could have loved you,
 Apr 2017 typhany
Tammy Cusick
And if she were my world,
she'd be right in the center,
between the soil,
where our skin would suffice a splinter,
I tried to call death but heaven already sent her.
Her stinging euphoria exhilarates my touch,
her body against mine has never felt so cold,
I've never felt a lifeless hold,
until I looked into her shimmered, crevassed eye's.

Not until she embraced my souls walls,
I listened to her indigenous call,
now I'm trapped in her concrete noose,
and I wouldn't wanna hold on any tighter to her recluse,
her voices music is my only muse.

I'm coiled up, tattered, and blue.
Now tell me,
where the **** are you?
a corpse has never been my reluctant seal,
but sometimes disgust brings the prettiest of deals.

Edging down these thick gray slabs,
the inebriating smell of your stench takes hold and grabs,
down my jaw-line,
her favorite feature,
and around my neck paperless and thin,
then tightened at the top,
She was holding the lever the second before I dropped.

Now I subdue into this henchman's knot,
fading into her chaos I decay,
death and I will go far away,
where the luminous meadows enrich our souls,
and my body forever in her rotting lifeless hold,
we'll float away onto burning coals,
'cause life ain't nothin' but gold when you've got a noose around your neck,
and nothin' to hold.
I rarely post onto this site anymore. So let me know what you think and I might share more!
 Jul 2014 typhany
I could feel every single color
known to man and I could
hear even the slightest creak
in the floor that night.
Even with Pink Floyd
blaring in the background,
I could still feel every bone
inside of me vibrate and the
walls began to move and it
was euphoric, the way air
blowing across your face felt
like a storm raging across
your dark room. Your touch
felt even more electric and I
couldn't tell if I was calm or
excited or just completely in
love with you.

I think you were getting
annoyed with me, but I can't
really remember. I just remember
colors and laughing and wanting
to reach for the stars more than
I already do. I just remember not
wanting anything more than that
moment, because the feelings I
felt were perfect and the sight I
held of you was perfect and
everything was absolutely
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