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Sitting in a restaurant
Over a cup of coffee
And silently having our dinner
With hardly anything exciting
Either to brag or blather
My eyes got hooked
On the occupants of the table, next

Two kids, seated on small chairs
A boy and a girl, obviously a pair of twins
Adorably cute, their father, so young
Who having placed the order
Were in wait for their turn

Carrying a tray, as the waiter arrived
With something of the plainest kind,
Small cartons of French fries,
Bottles of sauce and plain ice cream
The little faces gleamed in excitement
Their beaded eyes riveted,
And their heads bobbed in happy approval

As their Dad opened the carton
And placed before them
French fries sprinkled with some sauce
The children, sprang to their feet
With an upsurge of delight,
Jumping up and down,
Clapping their hands and shouting!

At a small distance, sat we
‘Solemnly’ consuming our meal
With nothing to titillate our palette
Or excite our toned nerves

I thought;
How, in course of time,
Everything becomes a routine ritual
And what stark difference
Between our subdued composure
And the overwhelming excitement of kids!
They haven’t learned yet
That such open expression of emotions,
Is not in keeping with accepted norms

To what peaks of joy, they get catapulted
With mere trifles and silly baubles
While we remain ever at the bottom
Unable to be lifted up

Is this what we call aging?

Or is it

The death of spring
The summer’s dirge
Autumn’s mellowing
Or the chill wave of winter’s blast??
I don't know if it is a poem or a simple narration! But this can be read like a story. Life presents so many such interesting scenes if we are watchful ! Observing children's artless behavior is always a pleasure!
i owe someone something,
Some  thing to someone is what i owe.
i don't how to pay my payments,but maybe i should pay attention.
i owe somebody,i owe someone,
i  owe him something,something so big,something so real!!!!
i feel a very unusual sensation,
if it is not indigestion it must be gratitude.
All that he had done,just to see me happy.
i owe him,my darling,admirer,lover,something.
He is like a BRA,,,
Hard to find the one that fits me well
But always provides support and
Holds me tight and always close to my heart.
please come to my rescue?Am confused on how to sends words of gratitudes ...
When the crowd leaveth,
We seeith who the real ones art...
Everywhere you go,
Here i am Facebook,YouTube, and Twitter
Is me this and that.
So here we go ,

What is social?  mmmm you understand it better,
so will i be wrong if i say  SOCIAL  means SO SHY?
So shy to express in mouth...
Then YouTube? nice you correct.
And i think is YOU  TABE.

So FACEBOOK? Yeah you right
In my book is FACE BLOCK.
You always block people to see your face by nodding your head down.

All the answers was based on how we use social medias.
They are very helpful in a way that i cannot talk to my room wall
But FACEBOOK is the only place where it's acceptable to talk to a  wall.
It is very good to socialize,not to sacrifies our sleep.
Too much time on social medias IS NOT GOOD!!!
The focus should be on how to be SOCIAL,not on how to SOCIAL,
One day  YOUtube,TWITter and FACEbook will combine and be called
Better be safe than sorry!!
Avoid being ashamed...
thanxxx for being my follower by reading this!!!!!!
Creator creates men
Then men creates problem
Did you notice that all of our problems begin with men?
Men-tal Anxiety
Men-tal   Breakdown
Men-strual cramps
Where the is a men the is a problem
The is a problem where the is man!!!
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