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Tracey Oct 2023
Primal energies weave through as the ocean meets the sea. Calm waters with mad minds.
Ever-changing tides, churning the depths up and out as an unheard scream gets lost in the winds.

Towards an expanse vacant as the feelings that no longer exist yet, we strain to maintain this facade praying none may view the cracks.

Falling into each wave, begging the universe to cradle the demons within, or just aid in the escape, or simply, just simply cast them into the depths of the void.

As we await what may never return, at candlelit tables apart in spirit, occupied in form only.
The requiem of a night’s promise gone sour.

The tides move delicately, yet ever haunting is the music to resonate the wind’s continued dance of strained existence.

Etched in time, in the shadows people seek to see, the witch holds the ****** memories in a clasped hand for all eternity. The bitterness will never yield to forgiveness.

Deadlights and false fronts in a hollow seaport the light exudes as equal a warning of its inhabitants as its rocky shore’s embrace.

What was, will certainly bleed, trapped in photographs of a town.

Now, forever, out of time.
Tracey Oct 2023
Consequential damage accumulated within multiple sorrows has that eternal clock left with permafrost, binding the impactful moments to each cell.

Confusion sets in as the soul screams for redemption, wanting to be free of the “sins” of the masses, including the mass within.

Staying in vigil of my own essence, my own love, each step takes me further into the abyss.

Falling upon broken knees,  broken from years of repent, tears fall as the body quakes in release.

Again, a journey into the dark night of the soul.  A space where a stamp on the frequent flyer card would be nice for a bonus ascension.

Rising within the etheric realm, shedding the mud and negativity is the goal.

Why isn’t it mainstream to want to rise above?

This space, this damnable space is ours alone to navigate.  No pill fixes it, no substance numbs it.

It’s that journey we signed up for which is ironic.  So the basic message?

Stay in your own lane, rise and shine, **** or get off the ***, rot and die.

Impregnable choice isn’t it?

Ironically it’s on us…cheers.
Tracey May 2023
The shadows have been cleared
through watery eyes

A soul well fed by creativity beyond measure
…you fed me well my friend with grace, ease and peace

As the sun cleared the rain I ceased breathing
the sorrow poured from my depths

I honor the words, the love…dark and light
you are the bearer of many truths

I honor you and our words.
Eternal peace Friar⭐️

From your TLC💜🙏🏻
In memory and honor of my friend.
Tracey Sep 2020
Lemon honey in tea, with a swirl of cream. Inhale the morning.  
Cats are lying in the beams of light that shine through  
the old farmhouse glass. Being the Queens that they are.  
In the distance smoke from the neighbor’s chimney rises through the woods  
and fades like a sweet dance.  
In this peace filled space of mine I wonder.  
Wonder where you are, what you are doing, if you  
ever feel my true heart from here to there?  
The heart where countless of hours were spent in your arms  
laughing like children experiencing the innocent, the new.  

Now sitting on the front porch with an old embroidered shawl  
my grandmother made I slide into the moment of sigh.  
Content in being alone, in the center of nature’s universe.  
The crisp air filling my lungs and clearing my thoughts.  
While the depths of silence allow me to engage in a new  
day free form.    
No rules anymore, no guilt or shame.  No  
feeling the loss of you from my every moment.    

You see, the real you.  The one you so wanted to be was embedded  
inside this space deep within me.  A place where I will always hope  
and dream with you.  A place where love was born before  
the Armageddon of truth hit us both.  

~The bouquet of fresh flowers I cut for the day, are cut for me, and loved  
for the precious moments shared and lost by our selfishness.  A breath of fresh air  
on a misplaced grave.  
I pray for those we hurt and hope they found their space to shine in this world.  

It’s then that I place my tea down on my desk…open my journal and etch upon  
paper,  to dream inside the places only fools go.  

It’s my life…my day…my selfless simplicity.
Tracey Sep 2020
Saints bow to the hell that rides inside her veins
sinking teeth deep within white weak flesh
licking the coma from lifeless blank eyes

Dying to consume the succulent
his **** gets hard...while ***** fill
with ache and memory

Sip from the lava of Kali
wet your mouth while drinking her in
and you will never thirst again

All she wants is for you to spread her legs
force her hips up and ****** hard into her secrets
****** hair in hand while the smell of blood and sweat fills the air

Wet ******* glisten...
teasing you, tempting you
begging for release of that warm seed
fantom touch

...She walks on fire just for you
could you throw the ***** some water~
Tracey Sep 2020
Somethings in the air tonight
hungry hands grasp for it only
to watch it as it eludes every grip

Electric smoke dances around me
rising like Kundalini
until it lands on my full wet lips

On instinct an inhale takes it deep
pulling it into every heart beat
every pulsing cell

Aware of the rapture being born
within me I let control slip away
while it touches me where butterflies take flight

Spirits combine becoming one
while touch engages my body
in a ancient rhythmic rise and fall

Scent captures every sense
making me want to taste the me and you
quickened breaths and shallow moans escape

Tell me...tell me when
my eyes are closed
my hands clenched
my thighs scream with desire

Tell me...tell me when
I'm with you...
Tracey Sep 2020
When love masks sorrow
peace survives on lips of gold
Pools of surrender swim in my eyes

Sorrow never knew the beauty it held inside its own divinity
while sounds of chains dragging behind feet torn and battered still motion forward

Spores of gold spatter over my face on inhale as I breathe the you into me...the dusting of your Lily

Foraging through crevices of lingering thoughts I emerge triumphant by just knowing you and your love

Unified like webbed twigs we have known the exquisite...the divine
Along with the madness of hell

We promised forever
No one...not one
Can **** those words from our souls

Always-your Sunshine
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