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14.0k · Nov 2015
• Depression •
ThePoet Nov 2015
They don't know how it feels

to awake every morning,
and all they can wonder is
why they had even awoken.

They don't know how it feels

to pick up all of their pieces,
and put them back together
but still feel like they're broken.

They don't know how it feels

to say all that they can say,
and still feel like there's more
but every word has been spoken.

They don't know how it feels

to go to sleep every night,
and the only hope they have
is that their eyes will not open.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
7.6k · Aug 2015
• Born •
ThePoet Aug 2015
I don't wish
for myself to die,
but I wish that
I was never born.
I wouldn't die
after I'm broken,
but I'd be dead
before I'm torn.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
Thank you everyone for the support.
7.6k · Mar 2015
• Oppression •
ThePoet Mar 2015
It is an oppression to keep me alive,

a mercy to let me die.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
7.5k · Mar 2016
• Who Are We To Judge? •
ThePoet Mar 2016
Who are we to say,
that a love is not to be?
That a love does not belong,
and can never be set free?

Who are we to think,
that a kind is not our people?
That a kind is far beneath us,
and will never be as equal?

Who are we to feel,
that a face can look unusual?
That a face must be a canvas,
and be painted to be beautiful?

Who are we to judge?
To say love is prohibited?
To think below of others?  
To feel minds can be limited?

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
Thank you everyone for all the support, I really appreciate it!
ThePoet Oct 2015
Staring at the world with a watchful eye
I would do anything for time to not go by 
Buy another second to add to this hour
Our lives are subjected to its cruel power 

What I learned from the seconds I threw
Through all of the debts that I had due 
Do all the things that will help you know
No one can stop the inevitable time to go

**© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
Inspired by Gary's homophone loop poems.
5.5k · Aug 2015
• Freewill •
ThePoet Aug 2015
I was compelled to confide
to a world of murderous ****,
so that I would never fall low
as to say my eyes cannot see.

I was enforced to reside
among those helplessly ill,
so that I would never let grow
the prideful ego in me.

I was astray with no guide
lacking a purpose to fulfill,
so that I would someday go
where I'm designated to be.

I was imprisoned inside
and stripped of my freewill,
so that I would someday know
what it truly meant to be free.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
5.0k · Jul 2017
• Left Behind •
ThePoet Jul 2017
I'm scared of the tears

that I don't cry

The days like this

that I don't die

I'm scared of the pain

that slips my mind

It comes back harder

than what I left behind

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
Feels good to write again.

Thank you everyone for your support. (:
3.6k · Apr 2016
• Bipolar •
ThePoet Apr 2016
Rushing ecstasy
Intensive flow
Rising high
Crashing low
Raging apathy
Falling apart
Chaotic outbreak
Back to the start

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
3.6k · Oct 2015
• Innocence •
ThePoet Oct 2015
The innocence in my
nature robbed me 
of all that I ever had.

My pure intentions 
always left me alone 
and misunderstood.

I used to be a good 
person afraid of all
that was deemed bad.

But now I'm a bad
person afraid of all
that was deemed good. 

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
3.3k · Nov 2015
• Rose •
ThePoet Nov 2015
You are the shimmering rose
As I am the thorns of dismay
And not a hand can come close
Without me prickling it away

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
3.2k · Nov 2015
• Imagination •
ThePoet Nov 2015
There are no limits within a dream
Insanity at its most extreme
Imagination aged the child
It made me strong, it made me wild

I have ocean secrets growing deep
They're mine to ponder, mine to keep
Creativity taught and raised the kid
It gave me hopes in the places I hid

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
3.1k · Dec 2014
• Grudges •
ThePoet Dec 2014
You hold grudges,
as if you've
never wronged anyone

You bear grudges,
as if you
don't know how
much it hurts
to have one
against yourself.

Remember what you've done.
Remember how it feels.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
3.0k · Dec 2016
• The Darkness •
ThePoet Dec 2016
I'm running out of time
And the clock is ticking fast
But I'm trying to repair
All the damage in my past

I'm running out of time
And these minutes never last
But the darkness that I live
Is the shadow that I cast

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
Not finished editing this.
2.9k · Aug 2016
• Unconditional •
ThePoet Aug 2016
In the softness
of my heart
In the hardness
of my mind
I'm searching
for my hate of
you, but love
is all I find

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
2.9k · Sep 2015
• Paradox •
ThePoet Sep 2015
I've only been affected 
by anything other 
than affection
The only plan made
was to never have 
anything planned
I've only been 
perfect at living as 
an imperfection
The only thing I
understood was how 
much I didn't understand

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
2.9k · Mar 2015
• Prison •
ThePoet Mar 2015
"Definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
-Albert Einstein

What if there's nothing else that you can say or that you can do? What if you're in a position where there's no one you can look to? You find yourself doing the same things over and over again. You think things have changed, when in fact you're right where you began. Why? Because you're stuck in a prison of your own making. You knew it was wrong, but it was your only way to cope through breaking. You tried to succeed, but all you ever did was fail. Your past's freedom has turned out to be your present's jail. In spite of being warned of your consequences, you found yourself creating it. Now you stare at it in contempt, resenting and hating it. You didn't know you were sentencing yourself to a life of misery. You were scared at the moment and did anything that made you feel free. But the more you ran away, the more you restricted opportunities. Your temporary escape had thrown away all your keys. Like a cancerous disease that ate away at every bit of your life. That you feel is so incredibly painful, you'd rather be stabbed with a knife. They say every problem has a solution, but some take longer to find. What if you never find it, because you're so far behind? You had grown up mostly dependent on the ones who neglected you. You only respected the ones who never respected you. You were told that others had it worse, so you never mentioned your pain. You were ignored to a point, where the silence made you insane. Now your suffering has conformed to a consuming rage. A rage that abducted your humanity and locked it up in a cage. Now your mind is mixed up, and this mess has started to confuse you. You think the ones that care about you will eventually abuse you. There's no one left in the world who you could possibly trust. You're weak and insecure, living in a world far too unjust. So now you wake up, wondering why you're alive another day. You want to start all over, but you just can't find a way. Every time you approach a new path, you know you'll get lost and stray. You know it will all be the same, another hope leading you astray. The day comes to an end, a day you can never buy back. Your life knows no colours, but the darkest shades of black. You've fallen so hard, you'll never get back on your feet. Tomorrow is the same ritual, your days are played on repeat. The only difference is your pain will increasingly exalt. Knowing the key to your prison has been locked in a vault. Knowing you're so lost in the world, you can never fix the faults. Some can only sit, staring at the clock, expecting different results.....

*© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
2.9k · Sep 2014
• Ocean •
ThePoet Sep 2014
Cry me an ocean,

not a river.

I like depth,

not flow.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
ThePoet Sep 2014
His soul would cringe seeing harm to his people
He was the man who was seen as the finest of equal
He left much behind for all of us to remember
Born in his clan and I've been blessed as a member

Never following deception, but rather was leading
Begging and pleading and always then interceding
Undoubtedly speaking on all his people's behalf
His hands raised to the heavens and his heart broken in half

Fighting for the rights of his dying nation
Asking God to save us and to grant us salvation
Asking God to spare us from eternal damnation
But his ways have been buried and shown no appreciation

To the day he died he would pray day and night
And the tears he cried were of shimmering light
He had dignity and pride and taught all that was right
With a smile to guide every blind in sight

Assuring God to consider any sincerely done deed
Even if it were equal to a small mustard seed
Never would he proceed without providing our need
Then remember without him, we would never succeed

Have we now reached such a point where we've sadly forgotten?
Every blessing we've received and the treatment we've gotten?
He was always in prostration making countless requests
For God to help his people on their journeys and quests

The ****** of his blood would be in front of his eyes
Forgiveness to his enemies and mercy to his ties
Without a second thought and without a hesitation
He would show love to God's most deadliest ungrateful creation

He still remained the man of power after bidding farewell
So speak ill of him as you like until you die and dispel
You will never understand the noble man that he was
Because you died to **** him while he lived for us

**© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
2.8k · Oct 2017
• Bearable •
ThePoet Oct 2017
Just because
I bear
the pain,
it doesn’t
mean it’s

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
2.6k · Feb 2016
• One •
ThePoet Feb 2016
Be the weakness

of my hardened soul

Be the dominance

of my lost control

Hold onto me tight

and never let me go

And let us be one in

the midnight glow

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
2.5k · Oct 2015
• Reverse •
ThePoet Oct 2015
If only I had erased my thoughts 
before I could think,

and suffocated myself 
before I could sink.

If only I had undone my knots 
before I was twisted,

and ended my existence 
before I existed.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
2.5k · Jan 2015
• Love > Lust •
ThePoet Jan 2015
Your eyes are my weakness.

Your scent is my proneness.

Your lips are my vulnerability.

Your hair is my susceptibility.

Your voice is my instability.

Your touch is my humility.

Your **** is my inferiority.

Your love is my superiority.
The twin poem for "Equations". Love is greater than ***.
2.3k · Dec 2015
• Broken Soul •
ThePoet Dec 2015
I could never be calmed
by one who's in control

I could never be taught
by one who's learnt it all

I could never be filled
by one whose heart is whole

But I could only be healed
by another broken soul

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
2.2k · Oct 2015
• Trade •
ThePoet Oct 2015
I would dry your eyes if it
meant drowning in your tears

I would **** your demons if it
meant falling with your fears

I would fight your struggles if it
meant suffering your strife

I would trade your death if it
meant giving you my life

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
2.2k · Jul 2016
• The Words Will Come •
ThePoet Jul 2016
The words will come
when you're sound asleep
And you've lost it all
and have nothing to keep

When your mind is shallow
and your pain is deep
And your eyes resemble
the clouds that weep

The words will come.....

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
2.2k · Jan 2015
• Death, Not Sleep •
ThePoet Jan 2015

I'm going to cry myself to death,

not sleep.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
2.1k · Sep 2015
• Soul •
ThePoet Sep 2015
I had more love for the
reflection of your shadow,
than you had ever had
for the entirety of my soul.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
2.1k · Jul 2016
• Belonging •
ThePoet Jul 2016
I walked once
through this door

But the door
remains never open

I felt belonging
here once before

But the before
remains now broken

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
Last stanza from my poem "Belonging", which serves as a poem on its own. (:
2.1k · Apr 2015
• Death's Promise •
ThePoet Apr 2015
Death whispered to Life,

"I promise, no matter
how convincing you seem
to them, they will
always run back to
me in the end."

**© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
2.0k · Nov 2016
• Red Ink •
ThePoet Nov 2016
Bound by

this rule

In this

chaos I think

My pain is

my fuel

And my blood

is my ink

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
2.0k · Sep 2015
• Closet •
ThePoet Sep 2015
I feared the mirror on my closet
as I feared my very mind
Drawn away by who I am
with a terror in my reflection  
But I feared the closet more
that had been secretly behind
Where I have hidden who I was
by every flaw and imperfection

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
I'm scared of who I am, but more scared of who I was. (:
2.0k · Jan 2015
• The Granted (10W) •
ThePoet Jan 2015
The more we're granted,

the more we take for granted.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
2.0k · Sep 2015
• Trend •
ThePoet Sep 2015
Love, ***,
death, depression,
the only themes that
are worthy to trend.
They're never teaching
us a valuable lesson,
only convincing us to
give up in the end.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
I find myself very negative in my writings, but I personally like it that way. I like poems that are relatable to my situation, not poems about rainbows and butterflies promising me a bright future I know is too far out of my reach. Let's be realistic here.
2.0k · May 2016
• The Rush of Greed •
ThePoet May 2016
I feel the selfishness beginning to sprout
Growing vast in a world already at stake
I can only see two hands reaching out
The right will give as the left will take

The world thirsts for the rush of greed
If we had it all we would still want more
We claim we care for the ones in need
When all of our riches feed off the poor

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
1.9k · Nov 2015
• Pretend •
ThePoet Nov 2015
A sadness I had

created for myself

that only killed my

heart in the end,

was I never had you

to have lost you

and I can't blame you

for my pretend.

**© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
1.9k · May 2015
• Debt •
ThePoet May 2015
I'm in
debt feeding
illness and
I'm too
mentally broke.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
1.9k · May 2017
• Wanting •
ThePoet May 2017
My desire
of wanting you
was greater
than my
pleasure of
having you.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
1.9k · May 2016
• Contrast •
ThePoet May 2016
The dusk made up of darkness
The dawn contained of light
As you were the break of day
I was the shadow of night

The bad made up of blackness
The good contained of white
As I was everything wrong 
You were everything right

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
1.8k · Jul 2015
• Rest •
ThePoet Jul 2015
My bed was
into a grave,
my blanket
was fabricated
out of dirt,
and now my
sleep is calm
as a wave,
I rest in a
place where I'll
never be hurt.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
1.8k · Feb 2015
• Fixing •
ThePoet Feb 2015
You cannot fix yourself with what

you destroyed yourself with.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
1.7k · Sep 2014
• Karma •
ThePoet Sep 2014
Karma is simply not a concept you
believe in, or a concept you disbelieve

It is not a matter of faith or sorcery.

Karma is the outcome of your actions and your words.

And the results of your actions and your words can occur today or in an infinite amount of years.

A cycle of your making.

That is Karma.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
What goes around, comes around.
You reap what you sow.
1.7k · Feb 2017
• Numb •
ThePoet Feb 2017
I have oceans of
but my heart
is numb
These shallow
lines of
my words have

I've been strong
for so long,
but it's made
me weak
And these
screams in
my dreams,
are the
I speak

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
1.6k · Sep 2015
• Infinite Deaths •
ThePoet Sep 2015
I can't handle
another death,
leaving me out here
cold and alone.

And I can't handle
another mourn,
leaving me lifeless
as a hollow stone.

I can't handle
another grievance,
letting you go to
a world unknown.

Because to save
your precious life,
I would give infinite
deaths of my own.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
1.6k · Sep 2015
• Distance •
ThePoet Sep 2015
I took a step
back, and I
watched as
you cried,
because if I
took a step
forth, I would
have watched
as you died.

© Sarah Ahmed  (ThePoet)
Sometimes being away from someone will hurt them, but being with them will **** them.
1.6k · Jun 2015
• Breached •
ThePoet Jun 2015
I spent
my life
designing a
between myself
and the
world of
But the
border was
breached by
a world
so sick,
with hearts
of stone
and minds
of brick.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
1.6k · Feb 2016
• Nothingness •
ThePoet Feb 2016
You gave

strength to my


power to my


purpose to my


something to my


© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
1.6k · Sep 2015
• Beat •
ThePoet Sep 2015
I'm physically
in pain,
and I'm

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
1.6k · Oct 2015
• Immune •
ThePoet Oct 2015
I attempt to grip 
what damage leaks,
and tempt myself
to die for weeks.

And drink what 
my demise will pour,
then sink in pain
and wait for more.

I embrace the terror 
inside my cries,
and face my hurt
with gentle eyes.

And to some it's
found to be insane,
to become immune
to all my pain.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
ThePoet Apr 2015
I told you I would
leave, but I never
said goodbye.
I told you it
would end, but I
never said it'd die.
I deleted you out
of my life, but I
never had you blocked.
I closed the door
to you, but I
never had it locked.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
1.6k · Dec 2014
• How? •
ThePoet Dec 2014
How much do you have to hate life,

to not be scared of death?

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
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