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  Oct 2014 The Unbeliever
Let the wind hit me hard enough to pick me up.
Hard enough to make me forget.
Scoop me up.
Drop me low.
And rattle me hard through the air.
Remind me what it's like to really be free.
But don't let me go.
I might never come back.
The Unbeliever Oct 2014
Behind my eyes
Resides a beast
An animal
Barely controlled
On a thin leash

It looks at you
Through everyone
Past you
All you are
Just another meal

I see you
But you don't understand
With your
"My you have pretty eyes,"
I see you as flesh
Something to be devoured

My hands hook to claws
My fingers itch for blood
My mouth waters
For a taste of your meat

I lick my lips
And speak pretty
I fear my eyes betray me
But you'll lie
And be trapped
Old news for a past... Toy;)
She dances
A leg, her thigh
Her hips, move

She doesn't wear her clothes
Accenting those legs
Every move, shoulders, hips
Forcing imagination
Something primal

Fingers play her beat
Her breath shakes
There is a light in her eyes
A promise, a gift
It's almost lust
But it's more, Love
You're  the only one

Stomach, undulating
Muscles dancing
Control, yet not
Her being
A presence

Long lashes, framing eyes
Forcing attention
Fluid thoughts
Rack your mind
But that's Her power
Her eyes, they know
Sparkle with knowledge

Secret charms
Magical and hinting
Ancient, dark patterns
Her steps trace their patterns
Body creating lines in the mind

Her song plays
But it's unheard
The audience
With all my heart
I love you, with every beat
Every noise is yours
It drives me forward
You let me live

With my body
I love you, with every touch
Every sense is yours
It gives me pleasure
You allow me purpose

With my soul
I love you, with all that is
Every moment is yours
It builds my universe
You tend my world

Slender, long and graceful
Like a swan
Bringing beauty to a head
A neck of finest quality
But looped around,
Her lace of finest silk

If you mention it
Fingertips will gently brush
Its an unconscious thing
Not a word will touch her lips
She'll walk away
Leaving you with only a glance

Her eyes don't follow
Never really there
Each step she takes
Sees her a new place
As she walks, she floats
Toes never really touching ground

Ethereal, a creature of mist
Body hidden by veils,
Nearly see-through mists
Obscuring, almost everything
Revealing almost everything
Imagination makes her perfect

Strong, long limbs
An angel's grace
But the smile's its limit
For its a demon's smirk
Which leaves
A devil's kiss

An observer might say
She was possessed
Some ancient curse
Believing her innocence
Giving benefit and doubt
They wouldn't be wrong

If you could get close
Could feel her heat
Radiating, causing heads to turn
An unnatural warmth
Fills any room
Makes it hers

And no matter how she moved
The necklace wouldn't
Never slide, never wrinkle
Such was its curse
Burning her skin
Tanning her whole

The price of beauty
Vanity, a price of youth
Perpetually, her soul's on fire
And eternally it will stay
Trapped in that jewel
Suspended between her *******
  Sep 2014 The Unbeliever
I stood back, and simply silence..
as you went searching..
for me.

You searched everywhere,
high and low,
at every park,
in every bar,
through every store,
each passing car.

No stone did you leave
and I, stood back and
simply you searched
and searched..for me.

What you failed to
realize, as you
stepped all over reason,
and passed by every
was that I was there,
right there,
the whole entire time.

Always near,
never apart.

I was always there...
right under the surface
of your rhythmic,
beating heart.

-by Mercurychyld
For my Love. ~ ☀️ ~
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