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Ken Pepiton Jul 2019

if you can gnow

rants from reason
which, btw
once renamed notre dame,
to feed a blood-lusting mob,

to keep it from coming to reason;

if you can gnow all that good and evil can be,
then way past kipling, or shakenspears
du kennst find

a satisfied credible literal
peace during
virtual musings
keeping time with chaos in
sweet suasion so sweet almost too
sweet to be

but not. That's the key. Knowing
A high flow period. This seems...
Sean Hunt Mar 2016
We were wondering which theme to choose
For next week’s poetry
Whether to pick seasonal spring
The meteorological quirks of Cumbria
Or possibly the wintry ‘weather’
Ever present in Great Britain

I wondered whether 
‘Weather’ and ‘whether’
Held more personal appeal
Being a working man Wordsmith
With apron and hammer
And a slight Irish stammer

Soon I was wondering whether
Others had been seduced
By this knife-edge theme
Of ‘weather’ and ‘whether’

I knew I was not the first
To wonder about whether and weather
So I began wondering about others 
Who had wondered about whether and weather
Then I found myself wondering whether
Others had wondered 
Whether others had wondered
About whether and weather

Then I stopped

Sean Hunt  
Windermere March 2016

— The End —