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FD Doors Sep 2015
An tubig han sapa,
May iya iya man nga ganghaan,
uusa la an pag-lalagosan.
Tipakadto gud pakig-urusa
ha kabutngaan hiton dagat.

Ako in usa nga tubig han sapa.
Ikaw man in usa nga tubig han sapa.
Usa ini nga paglaom nga akon gugunitan.

An paglaom nga ikaw ug ako,
magigin' usa nga dagat
ha takna nga magkatarapo
kita -nga mga tubig han sapa.

(You, Me, And The River Water)

The river water
May each have their own separate passage
Will always find its way in a similar course
Going to that meeting
In the middle of the ocean

I am a river water
You are another river water
A hope, I will keep holding on

A hope, that you and I
Will be one ocean
Coming that moment of meeting
*Of us-the river waters
Translated by Estelle Deamor
FD Doors May 2016
Mamingaw, pero nakakabungol
Nakakabungol, pero diri mo nababatian
Diri mo nababatian, pero maaram ka
Maaram ka, pero nadiri ka pag yakan
Nadiri ka pag yakan, pero karuyag mo nga masab'tan ko
Karuyag mo nga masab'tan ko, pero nagpabilin ka nga mamingaw.
estelle deamor Dec 2014
Ha kamatuoran la,  gin-susumhan na gud ako,  
Diri ka pa ba gin-susumhan?  
Hin mga buhat nga balik-balik nala?  
Diri mo ba nahahalata?  
Nga utro-utro nala kita?  
Kun may napakiana ha imo, "Ano kumusta na?"  
An pirmi mo baton: "Adi asya la gihapon, waray pinagkaibahan han kakulop!"  
Ngan kontento ko na hito.

The truth is,  I am sick and tired.
Aren’t you sick and tired?  
Doing the same things over and over again?
Still haven’t noticed it?  
This has been like this again and again.
When somebody asks you, “How is everything with you?”  
Your usual reply is: “Oh nothing’s changed same as yesterday.”
And you’re happy as it is.

Usahay liwat nabati ako ha imo nga utro-utro an reklamo.  
Nga baga hin kadaan ngan guba nga plaka,  
Balik-balik an tukar, masakit ha talinga.  
Reklamo an imo pamahaw,  
Ngan amo la gihapon hasta panihapon.  
Kay kuno makuri.  
Kay kuno waray salapi.  
Kay kuno waray kapas.  
Kun may sweldo daw la an pag-rineklamo,
siguro maiha na unta nga nag-riko.

Sometimes, I will hear you complaining again and again.
Like an old and broken retro vinyl,
playing over and over again, it is hurting my ears.
Complaining is your breakfast,  
and it is your same meal for dinner.
Because it’s hard.  
Because we don’t have money.  
Because I am powerless.
If complaining will provide you a salary,
perhaps by now, you might quite be wealthy.

Nagkatapo kita kanina ha dalan han "Kada Adlaw"  
Asya la gihapon an imo sul-ot nga bado,
ngan an kabutang han imo buhok.  
Asya la gihapon an pagkakurumos han imo nawong,
Ngan an bubble gum nga hasta yana imo la gihap ginsisinamsam.  
Nangurog ako han kaluwad.
Tigda ako nahingasuka ha imo atubangan.  
Pasayloa, pero magpapadayon ka nala ba hito?
Diri ka pa ba ginsusumhan?  
Kay ha kamatuoran la,  Naamin ako Nga Oo.

*I came across you at the street called “Everyday”
You were wearing the same clothes,
And your hair was fixed the same way.
You were having the same wrinkled frown in your face,  
and was chewing the same bubble gum.
I cringe.
I suddenly felt vomiting in front of you.
I’m sorry, but will you keep on doing this?  
Aren't you sick and tired?
Because to be honest with you,  I think I am.
I have decided to put my entry to the 100 Thousand Poets for Change-Qatar last September 2014, as my very first submission here at HP. Hopefully you will enjoy my poetry in two tongues, Waray-Waray and English. This is my call for change.

— The End —