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Emma Hill Oct 2015
I fell in love with distance disappearing drifters
The way his eyes dance across me sometimes, other times lay to rest
I gave him my ***** in the hopes that he would make a home there
Said "my body is a temple" then let him desecrate me
He worshiped inside, slapped prayers into my flushed cheeks
When he goes away I am endeared to him I hate him
I curl up in his abandonment, in the silky sheets
I wrap his scent around my shoulders and touch myself, send whispers to the universe to
Please oh please remain, don't stay away for too long
I close my eyes and imagine the moment he walks back into my reality
The quiet way he will open the door, pass the threshold with a soft scent of smoke and whiskey
He will sit down beside me where I will have decided to be angry at him
To walk from him with the same ease he achieves so easily
When his spring leaf eyes meet mine however I am once again wrapped in love
I am once again resigned to be in love with a ghost

— The End —