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m Oct 2020
if you want customer service and a fake smile
go to mcdonalds
m Oct 2020
nice guys finish last
its the polite thing to do
.i'm not sure this is totally original but i heard someone say "nice guys finish last" today and the second line was what popped into my head
m Oct 2020
all the links in my chain
are the weakest
m Oct 2020
close your eyes
its the only way you'll truly be
in a place that's solely yours
m Oct 2020
i couldn't find my phone today
i could have made its whereabouts known with a simple ring
but i left the house anyways
i've unintentionally disconnected

what a great day
m Oct 2020
as the day comes to an end
i never feel more at peace
than the moment right before i fall asleep
to never wake up would be the greatest release
m Oct 2020
i wish i could have enjoyed the best day of my life
we drove a million miles to find
the smiles that kept us safe and sound
weren't where we left them

the further we drive together
the more i feel i'm driving away from you
the new devils revel in the anxiety forming
they know what's coming

and as much as id hate to admit it
so do i
m Oct 2020
remember the past
live it, revel in it
glorify those memories
embellish, just a little

it'll never get any better
m Oct 2020
the skeletons in my closet laugh at me
they've been there for years
to say they know all my secrets is an understatement
they can destroy me

i can keep them quiet
i've build so many rooms in my mind
some don't even know of the others exist
its a real mess

but sometimes, i visit
to see them makes them real
makes me remember that gut-wrenching
the days of tears that follow

they are my sentence and my salvation
they are the blood in my veins
the thoughts in my mind
they are who i am and who i'll continue to become
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