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m Oct 2020
i was too young to care
i'm old enough now to never forget
i miss you
m Oct 2020
they say to delete social media from our phones
i threw out the phone today
no one needs be reached at all times
i'm free of my leash
m Oct 2020
i'm having conversations with myself
does the voice inside my head have my best interests at heart
i feel i'm always fighting an uphill battle
and that voice is bringing me down

what is that voice?
is it me?
am i arguing with myself?
is it...are you?

i feel the divide
its not speaking now but when it does i cant control it
it must not be

and what of him
in heated conversations he does stop debating at some points
is he conversing with someone else?
who does he consult with?

is someone else in there?!

he's quiet now
the both are
they all are?
m Oct 2020
you've ask me to pray with you
but your god isn't listening
look around
we, make our own fortunes
we, carve our own paths
we, sleep in the beds we've made
we, dig our own graves
m Oct 2020
show me
show me you're wonderful
we've argued till our vocals fry
but haven't moved forward

i picture your immaculate
radiating power
a sight to behold and hold forever
but my minds eye lies to me

i wish
i wish i could yell at you
to tear it off the bone
but it would be too polite

we use to play
but now i'm stalked as pray
and with every hopeful vibe
the pressure rises

you'll tear me down again
as you'll grin through your modesty
i find myself loosing every hand
i've lost what i've never had
m Oct 2020
i watched you burn
pathetic fool when will you learn
this life isn't catered just for you
isn't that a shame

open the front door to your freedoms
a step away but always out of reach
you were only meant to believe you could grasp at nothing
and produce something of yourself
m Oct 2020
intelligence visits those with the patience to lend their ears
its only fitting you should know you'll never make it out of here
to reconnect on a level of trust, impossible
so far away from mending a broken soul
as you cry over the parts you have sold
this path you've chosen isn't set in stone
m Oct 2020
this world is never what it seems
even for fucken drama queens
who live their lives like storybooks
but in the end they always look
the other side so welcoming
tricked into giving up their dreams
and all they'll have to sells their soul
can keep their minds its full of holes
m Oct 2020
i find myself alone today
i can plan my day how i see fit
a rarity these days
but i wont get anything accomplished

i'll just float downstream
the slow current takes me to where i need to be
nothing planned in advance
i'll end up where i'm needed

but today its not a stream
but a calming peaceful lake
i'm alone here too
ill float in place

i guess no one need me
m Oct 2020
its hard to get my mornings started
but mondays are mondays
and and my brain know it
so ill pretend its a tuesday
even though i have mondays off
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