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Darryl M May 8
Little Pathetic.
The story of you and I.
Tears dried out, it feels like I can scratch my eye.

What we had was none, but a farce.
Ours was but a larceny.
We happened in a rush.
Even our talks were a gush.
I only aimed to make you blush.
No wonder we ended in a brush.
Just founded one another to push.
Even my little mush has surfaced.

I was caught in this lust,
Didn’t know it wouldn’t last.
Now it’s a thing of the past.
Coz time moves fast.
Always hated all these playas,
Now I’m part of the cast.
Sorry, I was blinded by the dust.

I left.
There’s no time to pick up back where we left.
You know, you’re far off behind.
Don’t turn your back on me.
I no longer want to see your behind.
It’s no longer in mind.

Little Pathetic.
The story of you and I.
A better use for a sigh.

— The End —