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Sally A Bayan Nov 2017
The lamp glows brightly now
i sit by my  pine table
the old fan quivers as it blows...sending
sheets of paper........fluttering...
mind, pen, paper, and hand
work side by side without end,
to bring out unspoken feelings
especially on long starry nights,
like tonight.

towards the table, I now lean,
my shadow slowly rises
it shields me as i start.

while tapping pen on paper,
the strong scent of "Dama de noche,"
swims through the dark atmosphere, slowly
penetrating my nostrils.........i hear the song
of the leaves.............a calming rustle,
a soft  touching of each other,
paving the way, for
pleasant thoughts to start streaming,
gentle musings long held inside
and kept alive...all now come into being
this sleepless night
......a poem's birthing, is nigh......

chest rises and falls,
on a peaceful rhythm
the soft touching of the leaves
my own breathing,
the old fan blowing,
sheets of paper fluttering,
and on paper...........pen tapping,
all these sounds, create my poetry's

at length, i get weary
from writing my poems of thee,
outside, i watch dark shadows of trees swaying
a soulful music comes to mind
the sweetest hymn
ever hummed to me,
reminding me, it is time
to "take five...."


Copyright 2013
:::Please listen to Dave Brubeck's "Take Five.":::
(take five take a break)

— The End —