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bear Aug 2014
Its amazing how fast the world can change.
Its astonishing how something so similar
to a peace corps,
can turn into a firing squad
without even knowing about it.
how it can go from caring and understand,
to demanding and humiliating.
It has grown to extreme to control.
The fear of being shot to death if an argument starts,
and a strong chance you'll never get up.

Something so simple,
that might not even involve you,
can get you taken to the shooting range.
begging for forgiveness
or trying to rebel.
the firing squad knows no mercy.
not any more, anyways.

A man with little to no power
will stay with the peace corps.
will be there with open arms.
A man who demands power
will BE the firing squad.
will be there to break arms.

A man who asks himself the wrong questions.
Asking "why won't the corps help or stay with me ?"
As he continues to demand from others.

selfish. selfish man.

Why doesn't he ask himself the honest question:
"why did I leave?"

— The End —