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This government made a loser out of me once Once
had a wife and for twenty years of my life with my wife first time I felt a like winner but
government made a loser out me when Helen away they didn't give the time of day very little respect shown for loss of my  
all they wanted was money I hadn't got and one year past and It just the same they still carry on making demands each day through my
even to point of threats of 3 weeks In prison this government has sure made a loser out of me but this guy who once
winner but won't let break me so hitting back through my poetry and
this government
who turned me from winner to
who hit me every day now that I'm down but they'll
never break my spirit nor will stop me standing
up for all the other poor soul
also suffering from a government who's made loser's out of us all
This government has made a loser out of us all

— The End —