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Beleif Jul 2014
The Kingdoms of the Mountain Cross
Part IV

The light arose,
And the grass had blackened.
All of life has become a wasteland.
All my time, now dust
And ashes.

The searching was restless,
And many tears,
Have landed over the years.
Beleif Jul 2014
The Kingdoms of the Mountain Cross
Part III

Explosions bring death to my slumber,
What I see brings the death of my peace.
With saddened eyes;
I look at flames,
Spreading through fields in the east.
Beleif Jul 2014
The Kingdoms of the Mountain Cross
Part II

A household full of work and sleep,
The children play in the wheat.
I lower my head in the sunset,
How could my life be ever so sweet?
Beleif Jul 2014
The Kingdoms of the Mountain Cross
Part I

Praise to the king,
As light shows upon he.
Life can't be without
All the leaders we bring.
As part of the plan,
Divine rule underhand.
Life can't lack its choice,
As taught by the king.
Beleif Jul 2014
Part IV

I looked at Earth,
The people panicked;
In search of knowledge,
That I've founded.
What I could be,
If they could spot it.
What life might be,
If it was Gnostic.
Beleif Jul 2014
Part III

I wandered through stars in their flight.
I found a seat made out of gold.
I saw before me the ruler of  Heaven.
I noticed his life,
And praised him,
He showed.
Beleif Jul 2014
Part II

I lie at home,
My wondrous thinking.
I thought not for what I was feeling.
I saw a light that felt immortal,
And fell into a celestial coil.
Beleif Jul 2014
Part I

Entire cities blown through ages,
The people swarm,
In search of pages.
what life was within the garden,
Gnosticism was not pardoned.
Beleif Jul 2014
"I sit inside my home, with thoughts of the leaders' complete rejection. Was the beauty outside our walls only technological trickery? Or is there something more? I smelled the pollen, I felt the sun. The place was beautiful, although nothing is at the moment. The rain begins to pour, and the winds begin to blow faster."

Book IV: Destruction

Destruction of the windblown towers;
The storm has hit,
And twisted hours.
Bringing tears and missing child,

And sandbags flying many miles.

The leaders try to hold it back,
The storm destroyed what they most lacked,
The diamonds of the starving Kydl,
The cave was washing out,
For a while.

In sunlight,
And in debris,
The people rose,
To make a discovery.

The wall was broken down.

Their eyes lay high,
A broken crown.
The gems of Kydl sit around.

The people saw another light,
And saw the leaders were not right.
Isonomia was no more,
And Man's divide,
Therefore, set forth.
Beleif Jul 2014
"I saw outside the city of Isonomia; but I do not feel free, I feel all the more chained. Have the city leaders really hid such land for all these years? I used to believe in the leaders' wisdom, I used to praise them. But now I have different eyes, and a different mind."

Book III: Confrontation

How should I speak,
For you to understand?
I saw it.

Its beauty shines much more
Than twisting silver gears.
Its heavens free of black clouds,
And without fumes,
The skies were clear.

Why is this something you hide?

What you saw,
Is not at all,
And nothing more than works of steel,
That's all.

Forget your sights,
It's not your right,
To wander out to
Other lights,
It's not alright.

And not to anyone's delight.
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