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we were so poor
that we lived in the 80’s
throughout the 90’s
and couldn’t seem
to ever catch up

so we surrendered  
the mechanizations
of advancement
to watch the art
behind the dogs eyes
instead of the snow
from the television set,

it wasn’t pretty
but we could feel it,

careless and free spirited

as we took a step back
into a different era
that we never lived in
and laughed
on simpler times
Randy Mcpeek Nov 2017

Sometimes I reflect on in my life, and, what has held meaning to me.
The simplicity of my childhood is gone, because of grown up responsibility.
The carefree days of my youth have all passed, I look back at those days and I smile.
How I’d love to go back and revisit those times, if only for a little while.
The long summer days I spent at the beach, and late nights spent with a friend.
I wonder what ever happened to those days, when I thought the party wouldn’t end.
My life has made me stronger than I ever expected to be.
Was it worth all the effort I made and did I see everything I wanted to see?
I can't say I have the answer for that, nor I've done aIl that I wanted to do.
In the end it's about not having regrets, and holding fast to the dreams you pursue..

Randy McPeek


— The End —