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Misfired Mar 2018
Some say they are stuck in a rut
They know one day they will be free
Free of the same old still old days on repeat
But a rut can be wedged out of
Mr rut is a never ending pit
And I during a leap of faith triped and now I just keep falling
Until I let myself think I hit the bottom
Which is an ocean of despair
Yet from that despair comes these instructions
When you thing you hit bottom don’t swim down down is the direction that you can always go
Try to climb
Watch it though the rocks on the walls of this pit are slippery
When you almost reach the top you will slip
So this is my directions
Go up
However the higher you go the greater you can fall
The greater you fall is the key to taking that leap of faith
Step one: a leap of faith is ******* no other way to put it if you have to leap so should they meet me halfway
Step two: if a leap of faith is over a pit but you need to jump take a second look that pit is your trampoline if you fall
Step three: life gives you a void to fall in write a way out
Last but not least my way out is to stop looking into the void instead look into the fact while you may be falling forever you feel as though you are flying
Extra step only If needed : try reaching for a rope to pull you out of the depths someone can pull you up from the depths it only takes the strength to take a leap of faith.
shower idea so I don’t know if it’s good Decided it was better left said than unsaid

— The End —