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What had always been an exchange business
Now turned into a Full Moon’s beam
Gleaming on the faces of all, reposting to glimmer mine.

Things that once were precious to me
had imbued me with self-esteem and
heaped in the hope of happiness only to get
through my head the futility of sipping from
a cup containing capricious juice of joy.

How relaxing and joyous is the way of
giving away the adored agglomeration!
Just as a flower blossom when it gives off
its nectar for a bumblebee to slurp and survive

How did this ecstasy of altruism seep in?
Maybe I became receptive to the wind of
Grace that always knocks at the doors
of deaf, dumb, and blind - blowing away
the boundaries of the self and the heart that
I knew in illusion -
As if everyone and everything is mine
And I dissolve my very being into them.

🥰 भैरवी जय भैरवी 🥰
When the wish is to become 'Shoonya' so that nothing of self remains, Joy is just one more consequence.

— The End —